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Wahlenbergia marginata JFP-2_p
Washingtonia JFP-15
Washingtonia filifera JFP-1
Washingtonia robusta JFP-2
Watsonia JFP-15
Watsonia bulbillifera JFP-2a
Watsonia marginata JFP-3
Watsonia meriana JFP-2
Wedelia incarnata subsp. nudata JFP-1a_t
Whipplea JFP-15
Whipplea modesta JFP-1
Whitneya JFP-15
Whitneya dealbata JFP-1a
Wigandia caracasana JFP-2a
Wigandia urens JFP-2
Wigandia urens var. caracasana JFP-2a
Wislizenia JFP-15
Wislizenia refracta JFP-1
Wislizenia refracta subsp. californica JFP-1
Wislizenia refracta subsp. palmeri JFP-1
Wislizenia refracta subsp. refracta JFP-1
Wolffia JFP-15
Wolffia arrhiza JFP-2
Wolffia borealis JFP-1
Wolffia brasiliensis JFP-1
Wolffia columbiana JFP-1
Wolffia globosa JFP-1
Wolffiella JFP-15
Wolffiella lingulata JFP-1
Wolffiella oblonga JFP-1
Woodsia JFP-15
Woodsia oregana JFP-1
Woodsia oregana subsp. cathcartiana JFP-unresolved
Woodsia oregana subsp. oregana JFP-unresolved
Woodsia plummerae JFP-1
Woodsia scopulina JFP-1
Woodsia scopulina subsp. laurentiana JFP-unresolved
Woodsia scopulina subsp. scopulina JFP-unresolved
Woodsiaceae JFP-16
Woodwardia JFP-15
Woodwardia fimbriata JFP-1
Woodwardia radicans JFP-8
Wyethia JFP-15
Wyethia angustifolia JFP-1
Wyethia angustifolia var. solanensis JFP-unresolved
Wyethia bolanderi JFP-1
Wyethia elata JFP-1
Wyethia foliosa JFP-1a_t
Wyethia glabra JFP-1
Wyethia helenioides JFP-1
Wyethia invenusta JFP-1
Wyethia longicaulis JFP-1
Wyethia mollis JFP-1
Wyethia ovata JFP-1
Wyethia ovata var. funerea JFP-1a
Wyethia reticulata JFP-1

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