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The Ecological Flora of California (EFCal) is a new component of the Jepson Flora Project that will provide ecological information on the California flora. EFCal will serve as a comprehensive database of ecological characteristics including life history, phenology, morphology and other traits for the California flora. Data entry and database design are now underway, and we hope to have a preliminary version of the database available by January, 2006.

The Ecological Flora project has two goals:

  1. Identify a set of core traits that capture essential ecological information, and obtain a high level of coverage for these traits across the entire California flora.
  2. Design a flexible database structure to facilitate entry of other data sets, making EFCal a comprehensive online repository of ecological information.

As a component of the Jepson Flora Project, EFCal will be closely coordinated with the ongoing revisions of theJepson eFlora, ensuring a high level of taxonomic quality and consistency.

Initial funding for EFCal has been provided by the California Biodiversity Center and the Committee on Research of UC Berkeley.

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