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Friends of the Jepson Herbarium

The Jepson Herbarium is the epicenter of research and education on the native and naturalized plants of California. Your gift will support our mission—to study and conserve the flora of California.

Gifts to the Annual Fund - all gifts of $45 or more qualify as an annual membership

Basic Membership ($45 individual, $60 family)
Basic members receive The Jepson Globe, discounts on Weekend Workshops, and a one week window of priority registration when the workshop schedule is announced.

Sustaining Membership ($200)
Receive basic membership benefits plus acknowledgement in the Jepson eFlora.

Lifetime Membership ($5,000 total, or pledge a minimum of $250/year)
Demonstrate your dedication and commitment to the Jepson Herbarium with a lifetime membership. Gain recognition for your support in The Jepson Globe and the Jepson eFlora. Share your ideas with the Director and Curator at special, invitation-only events.

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     To send a check, please print and mail in the Member form.

Membership gifts benefit specific projects including:

The Weekend Workshops
A series of workshops, conducted around the state, that provides educational opportunities for a broad audience on the topics of basic botany, plant identification, regional floras, and more.

The Jepson eFlora
The foremost authority on the native and naturalized vascular plants of California that contains taxonomic treatments, distribution maps, illustrations, and photographs.

The Jepson Videos
A YouTube series of short plant identification videos designed for anyone interested in learning more about the plants of California and the areas where they occur.

Gifts to Endowment Funds help support the Herbaria in perpetuity.

Gifts of any size may be designated to one of the endowment funds of the herbaria. Support the infrastructure and care of the collections with a gift to Herbaria Futures (please use the Member form).

For gifts to other endowment funds, please contact Staci Markos.

For more information on how to contribute with IRA distributions, beneficiary designations, and estate gifts, please contact Staci Markos.

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More information about the Jepson Herbarium can found at:

All gifts are tax deductible as prescribed by law.

UC Berkeley Foundation tax ID#: 94-6090626

For more information call Staci Markos at (510) 643-7008 or e-mail