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Clicking on a name will take you to the report from the Jepson Online Interchange

Machaeranthera JFP-15
Machaeranthera arida JFP-1a
Machaeranthera asteroides JFP-1a
Machaeranthera asteroides var. asteroides JFP-1a
Machaeranthera asteroides var. lagunensis JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens subsp. canescens JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens var. canescens JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens var. incana JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens var. leucanthemifolia JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens var. shastensis JFP-1a
Machaeranthera canescens var. ziegleri JFP-1a
Machaeranthera carnosa JFP-1a
Machaeranthera carnosa var. intricata JFP-1a
Machaeranthera gracilis JFP-1a
Machaeranthera juncea JFP-1a
Machaeranthera montana JFP-1a_t
Machaeranthera pinnatifida JFP-1a
Machaeranthera pinnatifida subsp. gooddingii JFP-1a
Machaeranthera pinnatifida var. gooddingii JFP-1a
Machaeranthera tanacetifolia JFP-1
Maclura JFP-15
Maclura pomifera JFP-2
Macronema imbricata JFP-1a_t
Madaria elegans var. depauperata JFP-1a_t
Madia JFP-15
Madia anomala JFP-1
Madia bolanderi JFP-1a
Madia citrigracilis JFP-1
Madia citriodora JFP-1
Madia doris-nilesiae JFP-1a
Madia elegans JFP-1
Madia elegans subsp. densifolia JFP-1a
Madia elegans subsp. elegans JFP-1a
Madia elegans subsp. vernalis JFP-1a
Madia elegans subsp. wheeleri JFP-1a
Madia exigua JFP-1
Madia glomerata JFP-1
Madia gracilis JFP-1
Madia hallii JFP-1a
Madia madioides JFP-1a
Madia minima JFP-1a
Madia nutans JFP-1a
Madia radiata JFP-1
Madia rammii JFP-1a
Madia sativa JFP-1
Madia stebbinsii JFP-1a
Madia subspicata JFP-1
Madia yosemitana JFP-1a
Madronella ledifolia JFP-1a_t
Madronella neglecta JFP-1a_t
Madronella oblonga JFP-1a_t
Mahonia aquifolium JFP-1a
Mahonia dictyota JFP-1a
Mahonia fremontii JFP-1a
Mahonia haematocarpa JFP-1a
Mahonia nervosa JFP-1a
Mahonia nevinii JFP-1a
Mahonia pinnata JFP-1a
Mahonia pinnata subsp. insularis JFP-1a
Mahonia pinnata subsp. pinnata JFP-1a
Mahonia repens JFP-1a
Maianthemum JFP-15
Maianthemum dilatatum JFP-1
Maianthemum racemosum JFP-1
Maianthemum racemosum subsp. amplexicaule JFP-1a
Maianthemum stellatum JFP-1
Malacothamnus JFP-15
Malacothamnus abbottii JFP-1
Malacothamnus aboriginum JFP-1
Malacothamnus arcuatus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus clementinus JFP-1
Malacothamnus davidsonii JFP-1
Malacothamnus densiflorus JFP-1
Malacothamnus densiflorus var. densiflorus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus densiflorus var. viscidus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus fasciculatus JFP-1
Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. catalinensis JFP-1
Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. fasciculatus JFP-1
Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. laxiflorus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. nesioticus JFP-1
Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. nuttallii JFP-1
Malacothamnus foliosus JFP-unresolved
Malacothamnus fremontii JFP-1
Malacothamnus gracilis JFP-1a
Malacothamnus hallii JFP-1
Malacothamnus helleri JFP-1a
Malacothamnus jonesii JFP-1
Malacothamnus marrubioides JFP-1
Malacothamnus mendocinensis JFP-1a
Malacothamnus niveus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus orbiculatus JFP-1
Malacothamnus palmeri JFP-1
Malacothamnus palmeri var. involucratus JFP-1
Malacothamnus palmeri var. lucianus JFP-1a
Malacothamnus palmeri var. palmeri JFP-1
Malacothamnus parishii JFP-1a
Malacothrix JFP-15
Malacothrix altissima JFP-1a
Malacothrix blairii JFP-1a
Malacothrix californica JFP-1
Malacothrix clevelandii JFP-1
Malacothrix coulteri JFP-1
Malacothrix coulteri var. cognata JFP-1a
Malacothrix floccifera JFP-1
Malacothrix foliosa JFP-1
Malacothrix foliosa subsp. crispifolia JFP-1
Malacothrix foliosa subsp. foliosa JFP-1
Malacothrix foliosa subsp. philbrickii JFP-1
Malacothrix foliosa subsp. polycephala JFP-1
Malacothrix glabrata JFP-1
Malacothrix incana JFP-1
Malacothrix indecora JFP-1
Malacothrix junakii JFP-1
Malacothrix phaeocarpa JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis var. arachnoidea JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis var. commutata JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis var. implicata JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis var. saxatilis JFP-1
Malacothrix saxatilis var. tenuifolia JFP-1
Malacothrix similis JFP-1
Malacothrix sonchoides JFP-1
Malacothrix squalida JFP-1
Malacothrix stebbinsii JFP-1
Malacothrix torreyi JFP-1
Malaxis JFP-15
Malaxis brachypoda JFP-1a
Malaxis monophyllos JFP-1
Malaxis monophyllos subsp. brachypoda JFP-1a
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda JFP-1
Malcolmia JFP-15
Malcolmia africana JFP-2a
Malcolmia graeca JFP-2_t
Malephora JFP-15
Malephora crocea JFP-2
Malosma JFP-15
Malosma laurina JFP-1
Malperia JFP-15
Malperia tenuis JFP-1
Malus JFP-15
Malus fusca JFP-1
Malus pumila JFP-2
Malus pumila var. domestica JFP-2a
Malus sylvestris JFP-8
Malva JFP-15
Malva arborea JFP-2
Malva assurgentiflora JFP-1
Malva assurgentiflora subsp. assurgentiflora JFP-1b
Malva assurgentiflora subsp. glabra JFP-1b
Malva crispa JFP-4a
Malva dendromorpha JFP-1b
Malva linnaei JFP-2a
Malva moschata JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Malva multiflora JFP-2
Malva neglecta JFP-2
Malva nicaeensis JFP-2
Malva parviflora JFP-2
Malva rotundifolia JFP-2b
Malva sylvestris JFP-2
Malva verticillata JFP-4
Malva verticillata var. crispa JFP-4
Malvaceae JFP-16
Malvastrum capense JFP-4a
Malvastrum densiflorum JFP-1a_t
Malvastrum fremontii var. cercophorum JFP-unresolved
Malvastrum gabrielense JFP-1a_t
Malvastrum hallii JFP-1a_t
Malvastrum multiflorum JFP-unresolved
Malvastrum palmeri JFP-1a_t
Malvastrum parishii JFP-1a_t
Malvella JFP-15
Malvella leprosa JFP-1
Malveopsis arcuata JFP-unresolved
Mammillaria JFP-15
Mammillaria dioica JFP-1
Mammillaria grahamii JFP-1
Mammillaria grahamii var. grahamii JFP-1
Mammillaria milleri JFP-1a
Mammillaria tetrancistra JFP-1
Mantisalca salmantica JFP-3
Marah JFP-15
Marah fabacea JFP-1
Marah fabacea var. agrestis JFP-1a
Marah fabacea var. fabacea JFP-1a
Marah horrida JFP-1
Marah macrocarpa JFP-1
Marah macrocarpa var. macrocarpa JFP-1a
Marah macrocarpa var. major JFP-1a
Marah macrocarpa var. micrantha JFP-1a
Marah oregana JFP-1
Marah watsonii JFP-1
Marica californica JFP-1a
Marina JFP-15
Marina orcuttii JFP-1
Marina orcuttii var. orcuttii JFP-1
Marina parryi JFP-1
Mariposa argillosa JFP-1a_t
Mariposa clavata var. pallida JFP-1a_t
Mariposa simulans JFP-1a_t
Marrubium JFP-15
Marrubium vulgare JFP-2
Marsdenia carterae JFP-8a
Marsilea JFP-15
Marsilea drummondii JFP-4
Marsilea mutica JFP-4
Marsilea oligospora JFP-1
Marsilea vestita JFP-1
Marsilea vestita subsp. vestita JFP-1
Marsileaceae JFP-16
Martyniaceae JFP-16
Matelea JFP-15
Matelea parvifolia JFP-1
Matricaria chamomilla JFP-2
Matricaria discoidea JFP-1
Matricaria globifera JFP-2a
Matricaria inodora JFP-2a
Matricaria maritima JFP-8a
Matricaria matricarioides JFP-8
Matricaria occidentalis JFP-1
Matthiola JFP-15
Matthiola incana JFP-2
Matthiola longipetala JFP-9
Maurandella antirrhiniflora JFP-1
Maurandya JFP-15
Maurandya antirrhiniflora JFP-1a
Maurandya antirrhiniflora subsp. antirrhiniflora JFP-1a
Maurandya petrophila JFP-1a
Mauranthemum paludosum JFP-3
Maytenus boaria JFP-2
Mazus japonicus JFP-4
Meconella JFP-15
Meconella californica JFP-1
Meconella denticulata JFP-1
Meconella linearis JFP-1a
Meconella oregana JFP-1
Medicago JFP-15
Medicago arabica JFP-2
Medicago lupulina JFP-2
Medicago minima JFP-2
Medicago muricata JFP-8b
Medicago orbicularis JFP-4
Medicago polymorpha JFP-2
Medicago praecox JFP-2
Medicago rigidula JFP-2
Medicago sativa JFP-2
Medicago sativa subsp. falcata JFP-2a
Medicago sativa subsp. sativa JFP-2a
Medicago scutellata JFP-2
Medicago tornata JFP-8
Medicago truncatula JFP-2
Melaleuca citrina JFP-3
Melaleuca viminalis JFP-2
Melampodium perfoliatum JFP-3_t
Melanthiaceae JFP-16
Melia JFP-15
Melia azedarach JFP-2
Meliaceae JFP-16
Melianthaceae JFP-16
Melianthus major JFP-9
Melica JFP-15
Melica aristata JFP-1
Melica bulbosa JFP-1
Melica bulbosa var. bulbosa JFP-unresolved
Melica bulbosa var. inflata JFP-unresolved
Melica californica JFP-1
Melica californica var. californica JFP-unresolved
Melica californica var. nevadensis JFP-unresolved
Melica frutescens JFP-1
Melica fugax JFP-1
Melica geyeri JFP-1
Melica geyeri var. aristulata JFP-1a
Melica geyeri var. geyeri JFP-1a
Melica harfordii JFP-1
Melica imperfecta JFP-1
Melica poaeoides var. inflata JFP-unresolved
Melica spectabilis JFP-1
Melica stricta JFP-1
Melica stricta var. albicaulis JFP-1a
Melica stricta var. stricta JFP-1a
Melica subulata JFP-1
Melica subulata var. subulata JFP-1a
Melica torreyana JFP-1
Melilotus JFP-15
Melilotus albus JFP-2
Melilotus indicus JFP-2
Melilotus officinalis JFP-2
Melinis repens JFP-2
Melinis repens subsp. repens JFP-2
Melissa JFP-15
Melissa officinalis JFP-2
Menodora JFP-15
Menodora scabra JFP-1
Menodora scabra var. glabrescens JFP-1
Menodora scabra var. scabra JFP-1
Menodora scoparia JFP-1a
Menodora spinescens JFP-1
Menodora spinescens var. mohavensis JFP-1
Menodora spinescens var. spinescens JFP-1
Mentha JFP-15
Mentha X gracilis JFP-2
Mentha X piperita JFP-2
Mentha X rotundifolia JFP-2
Mentha X smithiana JFP-2
Mentha X villosa JFP-2
Mentha aquatica JFP-2
Mentha arvensis JFP-2
Mentha canadensis JFP-1
Mentha longifolia JFP-2
Mentha pulegium JFP-2
Mentha spicata JFP-2
Mentha spicata var. spicata JFP-2a
Mentha suaveolens JFP-2
Mentzelia JFP-15
Mentzelia affinis JFP-1
Mentzelia albicaulis JFP-1
Mentzelia arenaria JFP-1b
Mentzelia californica JFP-unresolved
Mentzelia congesta JFP-1
Mentzelia crocea JFP-1
Mentzelia deserticola JFP-1b
Mentzelia desertorum JFP-1
Mentzelia dispersa JFP-1
Mentzelia dispersa var. compacta JFP-1a
Mentzelia dispersa var. dispersa JFP-1a
Mentzelia dispersa var. latifolia JFP-1a
Mentzelia dispersa var. obtusa JFP-1a
Mentzelia eremophila JFP-1
Mentzelia gracilenta JFP-1
Mentzelia hirsutissima JFP-1
Mentzelia involucrata JFP-1
Mentzelia involucrata var. involucrata JFP-1a
Mentzelia involucrata var. megalantha JFP-1a
Mentzelia inyoensis JFP-1
Mentzelia jonesii JFP-1
Mentzelia laevicaulis JFP-1
Mentzelia laevicaulis var. laevicaulis JFP-1a
Mentzelia lindleyi JFP-1
Mentzelia lindleyi var. eremophila JFP-1a
Mentzelia longiloba JFP-1
Mentzelia micrantha JFP-1
Mentzelia mojavensis JFP-unresolved
Mentzelia monoensis JFP-1_p
Mentzelia montana JFP-1
Mentzelia multiflora JFP-8
Mentzelia multiflora subsp. longiloba JFP-1a
Mentzelia multiflora var. longiloba JFP-1a
Mentzelia multiflora var. multiflora JFP-8a
Mentzelia nitens JFP-1
Mentzelia nitens var. nitens JFP-1a
Mentzelia obscura JFP-1
Mentzelia oreophila JFP-1
Mentzelia pectinata JFP-1
Mentzelia peirsonii JFP-1a
Mentzelia pinetorum JFP-1a
Mentzelia polita JFP-1
Mentzelia pterosperma JFP-1
Mentzelia puberula JFP-1
Mentzelia ravenii JFP-1
Mentzelia reflexa JFP-1
Mentzelia torreyi JFP-1
Mentzelia torreyi var. torreyi JFP-1a
Mentzelia tricuspis JFP-1
Mentzelia tricuspis var. brevicornuta JFP-1a
Mentzelia tridentata JFP-1
Mentzelia veatchiana JFP-1
Menyanthaceae JFP-16
Menyanthes JFP-15
Menyanthes trifoliata JFP-1
Menziesia JFP-15
Menziesia ferruginea JFP-1
Mercurialis JFP-15
Mercurialis annua JFP-2
Mertensia JFP-15
Mertensia bella JFP-1
Mertensia ciliata JFP-1
Mertensia ciliata var. ciliata JFP-8
Mertensia ciliata var. stomatechoides JFP-1
Mertensia cusickii JFP-1
Mertensia franciscana JFP-8
Mertensia longiflora JFP-1
Mertensia oblongifolia JFP-1
Mertensia oblongifolia var. amoena JFP-1
Mertensia oblongifolia var. nevadensis JFP-1
Mertensia oblongifolia var. oblongifolia JFP-1
Mesembryanthemum JFP-15
Mesembryanthemum cordifolium JFP-2a
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum JFP-2
Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum JFP-2
Mesembryanthemum speciosum JFP-9
Mesoreanthus fallax JFP-1a_t
Mesoreanthus vimineus JFP-1a_t
Micranthes aprica JFP-1
Micranthes bryophora JFP-1
Micranthes californica JFP-1
Micranthes californica subsp. fallax JFP-unresolved
Micranthes ferruginea JFP-1
Micranthes fragosa JFP-1
Micranthes howellii JFP-1
Micranthes integrifolia JFP-1
Micranthes marshallii JFP-1
Micranthes nidifica JFP-1
Micranthes odontoloma JFP-1
Micranthes oregana JFP-1
Micranthes tolmiei JFP-1
Micromonolepis pusilla JFP-1
Micropus JFP-15
Micropus amphibolus JFP-1
Micropus californicus JFP-1
Micropus californicus var. californicus JFP-1
Micropus californicus var. subvestitus JFP-1
Microseris JFP-15
Microseris acuminata JFP-1
Microseris aphantocarpha var. mariposana JFP-1a_t
Microseris bigelovii JFP-1
Microseris borealis JFP-1
Microseris campestris JFP-1
Microseris douglasii JFP-1
Microseris douglasii subsp. douglasii JFP-1
Microseris douglasii subsp. platycarpha JFP-1
Microseris douglasii subsp. tenella JFP-1
Microseris douglasii var. platycarpha JFP-1a
Microseris elegans JFP-1
Microseris heterocarpa JFP-1a
Microseris indivisa JFP-1a_t
Microseris laciniata JFP-1
Microseris laciniata subsp. detlingii JFP-1
Microseris laciniata subsp. laciniata JFP-1
Microseris laciniata subsp. leptosepala JFP-1
Microseris laciniata subsp. siskiyouensis JFP-1
Microseris laciniata var. siskiyouensis JFP-1b
Microseris leucocarpha JFP-1a_t
Microseris lindleyi JFP-1a
Microseris linearifolia JFP-1a
Microseris nutans JFP-1
Microseris paludosa JFP-1
Microseris proxima JFP-1a_t
Microseris sylvatica JFP-1
Microsisymbrium lasiophyllum var. integrifolium JFP-1a_t
Microsteris JFP-15
Microsteris gracilis JFP-1
Microsteris gracilis subsp. gracilis JFP-1a
Microsteris gracilis subsp. humilior JFP-1b
Microsteris gracilis subsp. humilis JFP-1a
Microsteris gracilis var. gracilis JFP-1a
Microsteris gracilis var. humilior JFP-1a
Miltitzia glandulifera var. californica JFP-1a_t
Mimetanthe JFP-15
Mimetanthe pilosa JFP-1
Mimulus JFP-15
Mimulus acutidens JFP-1a
Mimulus alsinoides JFP-1a
Mimulus androsaceus JFP-1a
Mimulus angustatus JFP-1a
Mimulus arenarius JFP-1a
Mimulus aridus JFP-1a
Mimulus arvensis JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus subsp. australis JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus subsp. lompocensis JFP-11c
Mimulus aurantiacus var. aridus JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacus JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorus JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus var. parviflorus JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus var. pubescens JFP-1a
Mimulus aurantiacus var. puniceus JFP-1a
Mimulus bakeri JFP-1a
Mimulus barbatus JFP-1a
Mimulus bicolor JFP-1a
Mimulus bifidus JFP-1a
Mimulus bifidus subsp. fasciculatus JFP-1a
Mimulus bigelovii JFP-1a
Mimulus bigelovii var. bigelovii JFP-1a
Mimulus bigelovii var. cuspidatus JFP-1a
Mimulus bigelovii var. panamintensis JFP-1a
Mimulus biolettii JFP-1a
Mimulus bolanderi JFP-1a
Mimulus bolanderi var. brachydontus JFP-1a_t
Mimulus brachiatus JFP-1a
Mimulus brandegeei JFP-1a
Mimulus breviflorus JFP-1a
Mimulus brevipes JFP-1a
Mimulus breweri JFP-1a
Mimulus cardinalis JFP-1a
Mimulus cleistogamus JFP-unresolved
Mimulus clevelandii JFP-1a
Mimulus coccineus JFP-1a
Mimulus coccineus var. wolfii JFP-1a
Mimulus congdonii JFP-1a
Mimulus constrictus JFP-1a
Mimulus cupriphilus JFP-1a
Mimulus cusickii JFP-8a
Mimulus decurtatus JFP-1a
Mimulus densus JFP-1a
Mimulus dentatus JFP-1a
Mimulus diffusus JFP-1a
Mimulus discolor JFP-1a
Mimulus douglasii JFP-1a
Mimulus dudleyi JFP-1a
Mimulus eisenii JFP-unresolved
Mimulus evanescens JFP-1a
Mimulus exiguus JFP-1a
Mimulus filicaulis JFP-1a
Mimulus filicifolius JFP-1a
Mimulus flemingii JFP-1a
Mimulus floribundus JFP-1a
Mimulus floribundus var. subulatus JFP-1a
Mimulus fremontii JFP-1a
Mimulus fremontii var. fremontii JFP-1a
Mimulus fremontii var. vandenbergensis JFP-1a
Mimulus glabratus JFP-unresolved
Mimulus glabratus subsp. utahensis JFP-1a
Mimulus glabratus var. glabratus JFP-unresolved
Mimulus glareosus JFP-1a
Mimulus glaucescens JFP-1a
Mimulus glutinosus JFP-1a
Mimulus gracilipes JFP-1a
Mimulus grayi JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus subsp. arenicola JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus var. cupriphilus JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus var. depauperatus JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus var. insignis JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus var. pardalis JFP-1a
Mimulus guttatus var. platycalyx JFP-1a
Mimulus hooveri JFP-1b
Mimulus inconspicuus JFP-1a
Mimulus inconspicuus var. latidens JFP-1a
Mimulus jepsonii JFP-1a
Mimulus johnstonii JFP-1a
Mimulus kelloggii JFP-1a
Mimulus laciniatus JFP-1a
Mimulus langsdorffii var. californicus JFP-1a
Mimulus langsdorffii var. insignis JFP-1a
Mimulus latidens JFP-1a
Mimulus latifolius JFP-1a
Mimulus layneae JFP-1a
Mimulus leptaleus JFP-1a
Mimulus lewisii JFP-1a
Mimulus longiflorus JFP-1a
Mimulus longiflorus subsp. calycinus JFP-1a
Mimulus longiflorus var. rutilus JFP-1a
Mimulus mephiticus JFP-1a
Mimulus microphyllus JFP-1a
Mimulus modestus JFP-1a_t
Mimulus mohavensis JFP-1a
Mimulus montioides JFP-1a
Mimulus moschatus JFP-1a
Mimulus moschatus var. longiflorus JFP-1a
Mimulus moschatus var. moniliformis JFP-1a
Mimulus moschatus var. moschatus JFP-1a
Mimulus moschatus var. sessilifolius JFP-1a
Mimulus nanus JFP-1a
Mimulus nanus subsp. nanus JFP-1a
Mimulus nanus var. jepsonii JFP-1a
Mimulus nanus var. mephiticus JFP-1a
Mimulus nanus var. nanus JFP-1a
Mimulus norrisii JFP-1a
Mimulus nudatus JFP-1a
Mimulus palmeri JFP-1a
Mimulus parishii JFP-1a
Mimulus parryi JFP-1a
Mimulus parviflorus JFP-8
Mimulus pictus JFP-1a
Mimulus pilosus JFP-1a
Mimulus platycalyx JFP-1a
Mimulus platylaemus JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides subsp. linearifolius JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides subsp. primuloides JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides var. linearifolius JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides var. pilosellus JFP-1a
Mimulus primuloides var. primuloides JFP-1a
Mimulus pulchellus JFP-1a
Mimulus pulsiferae JFP-1a
Mimulus puniceus JFP-1a
Mimulus purpureus JFP-1a
Mimulus purpureus var. pauxillus JFP-1a
Mimulus purpureus var. purpureus JFP-1a
Mimulus pygmaeus JFP-1a
Mimulus rattanii JFP-1a
Mimulus rattanii subsp. decurtatus JFP-1a
Mimulus rattanii var. decurtatus JFP-1a
Mimulus rattanii var. rattanii JFP-1a
Mimulus ringens JFP-1
Mimulus ringens var. ringens JFP-1a
Mimulus rubellus JFP-1a
Mimulus rupicola JFP-1a
Mimulus shevockii JFP-1a
Mimulus spissus JFP-1a
Mimulus stamineus JFP-1a
Mimulus subsecundus JFP-1a
Mimulus subsecundus var. constrictus JFP-1a
Mimulus suksdorfii JFP-1a
Mimulus tilingii JFP-1a
Mimulus tilingii var. corallinus JFP-1a
Mimulus tilingii var. tilingii JFP-1a
Mimulus torreyi JFP-1a
Mimulus traskiae JFP-7a
Mimulus tricolor JFP-1a
Mimulus trisulcatus JFP-1a_t
Mimulus viscidus JFP-1a
Mimulus viscidus subsp. constrictus JFP-1a
Mimulus viscidus subsp. viscidus JFP-1a
Mimulus viscidus var. compactus JFP-1a
Mimulus viscidus var. viscidus JFP-1a
Mimulus whipplei JFP-1a
Mimulus whitneyi JFP-1a
Minuartia JFP-15
Minuartia californica JFP-1
Minuartia cismontana JFP-1
Minuartia decumbens JFP-1
Minuartia douglasii JFP-1
Minuartia howellii JFP-1
Minuartia nuttallii JFP-1
Minuartia nuttallii subsp. fragilis JFP-1a
Minuartia nuttallii subsp. gracilis JFP-1a
Minuartia nuttallii subsp. gregaria JFP-1a
Minuartia nuttallii var. fragilis JFP-1
Minuartia nuttallii var. gracilis JFP-1
Minuartia nuttallii var. gregaria JFP-1
Minuartia obtusiloba JFP-1
Minuartia pusilla JFP-1
Minuartia pusilla var. diffusa JFP-1a
Minuartia pusilla var. pusilla JFP-1a
Minuartia rosei JFP-1
Minuartia rubella JFP-1
Minuartia stolonifera JFP-1
Minuartia stricta JFP-1
Mirabilis JFP-15
Mirabilis albida JFP-1
Mirabilis alipes JFP-1
Mirabilis aspera JFP-1a_t
Mirabilis bigelovii JFP-1a
Mirabilis bigelovii var. bigelovii JFP-1a
Mirabilis bigelovii var. retrorsa JFP-1a
Mirabilis californica JFP-1a
Mirabilis californica var. californica JFP-1a
Mirabilis californica var. cedrosensis JFP-1a
Mirabilis californica var. cordifolia JFP-1a
Mirabilis coccinea JFP-1
Mirabilis comata JFP-1a
Mirabilis greenei JFP-1
Mirabilis jalapa JFP-2
Mirabilis jalapa var. jalapa JFP-2
Mirabilis laevis JFP-1
Mirabilis laevis var. crassifolia JFP-1
Mirabilis laevis var. retrorsa JFP-1
Mirabilis laevis var. villosa JFP-1
Mirabilis linearis JFP-2
Mirabilis linearis var. linearis JFP-2
Mirabilis longiflora JFP-8
Mirabilis longiflora var. longiflora JFP-8
Mirabilis multiflora JFP-1
Mirabilis multiflora var. glandulosa JFP-1
Mirabilis multiflora var. pubescens JFP-1
Mirabilis nyctaginea JFP-3
Mirabilis oblongifolia JFP-1a
Mirabilis polyphylla JFP-8a
Mirabilis pumila JFP-1a
Mirabilis retrorsa JFP-1a_t
Mirabilis tenuiloba JFP-1
Miscanthus JFP-15
Miscanthus sinensis JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Misopates orontium JFP-3a
Mitella JFP-15
Mitella breweri JFP-1a
Mitella caulescens JFP-1a
Mitella diversifolia JFP-1a
Mitella ovalis JFP-1a
Mitella pentandra JFP-1a
Mitella trifida JFP-1a
Mitella trifida var. trifida JFP-1a
Mitellastra caulescens JFP-1
Modiola JFP-15
Modiola caroliniana JFP-2
Moehringia JFP-15
Moehringia macrophylla JFP-1
Moenchia JFP-15
Moenchia erecta JFP-2
Moenchia erecta subsp. erecta JFP-2
Mohavea JFP-15
Mohavea breviflora JFP-1a
Mohavea confertiflora JFP-1a
Molluginaceae JFP-16
Mollugo JFP-15
Mollugo cerviana JFP-2
Mollugo verticillata JFP-2
Moluccella JFP-15
Moluccella laevis JFP-3
Monanthochloe JFP-15
Monanthochloe littoralis JFP-1a
Monarda JFP-15
Monarda citriodora JFP-3
Monarda pectinata JFP-1
Monarda punctata JFP-8
Monarda punctata subsp. punctata JFP-8
Monarda punctata var. punctata JFP-8
Monardella JFP-15
Monardella antonina JFP-1a
Monardella antonina subsp. antonina JFP-1a
Monardella antonina subsp. benitensis JFP-1a
Monardella australis JFP-1
Monardella australis subsp. australis JFP-1
Monardella australis subsp. cinerea JFP-1
Monardella australis subsp. jokerstii JFP-1
Monardella beneolens JFP-1
Monardella boydii JFP-1
Monardella breweri JFP-1
Monardella breweri subsp. breweri JFP-1
Monardella breweri subsp. glandulifera JFP-1
Monardella breweri subsp. lanceolata JFP-1
Monardella breweri subsp. microcephala JFP-1
Monardella candicans JFP-1
Monardella cinerea JFP-1a
Monardella crispa JFP-1a
Monardella diaboli JFP-1b
Monardella douglasii JFP-1
Monardella douglasii subsp. douglasii JFP-1a
Monardella douglasii subsp. venosa JFP-1a
Monardella douglasii var. parryi JFP-1a
Monardella eremicola JFP-1
Monardella exilis JFP-1
Monardella follettii JFP-1
Monardella franciscana JFP-1a
Monardella frutescens JFP-1a
Monardella glauca JFP-1a
Monardella hypoleuca JFP-1
Monardella hypoleuca subsp. hypoleuca JFP-1
Monardella hypoleuca subsp. intermedia JFP-1
Monardella hypoleuca subsp. lanata JFP-1
Monardella lanata JFP-1a
Monardella lanceolata JFP-1
Monardella lanceolata var. glandulifera JFP-1a
Monardella lanceolata var. lanceolata JFP-1a
Monardella lanceolata var. microcephala JFP-1a
Monardella leucocephala JFP-7
Monardella linoides JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. anemonoides JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. erecta JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. linoides JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. oblonga JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. sierrae JFP-1
Monardella linoides subsp. stricta JFP-unresolved
Monardella linoides subsp. viminea JFP-1a
Monardella macrantha JFP-1
Monardella macrantha subsp. hallii JFP-1
Monardella macrantha subsp. macrantha JFP-1
Monardella macrantha var. arida JFP-1a
Monardella macrantha var. hallii JFP-1a
Monardella macrantha var. longiloba JFP-1a_t
Monardella macrantha var. pinetorum JFP-1a
Monardella mojavensis JFP-1
Monardella nana JFP-1
Monardella nana subsp. arida JFP-1a
Monardella nana subsp. leptosiphon JFP-1a
Monardella nana subsp. nana JFP-1a
Monardella nana subsp. tenuiflora JFP-1a
Monardella odoratissima JFP-1
Monardella odoratissima subsp. glauca JFP-1
Monardella odoratissima subsp. odoratissima JFP-unresolved
Monardella odoratissima subsp. pallida JFP-1
Monardella odoratissima subsp. parvifolia JFP-unresolved
Monardella odoratissima var. follettii JFP-1a
Monardella pallida JFP-1a
Monardella palmeri JFP-1
Monardella pringlei JFP-7
Monardella purpurea JFP-1
Monardella robisonii JFP-1
Monardella rubella JFP-unresolved
Monardella saxicola JFP-1
Monardella sheltonii JFP-1
Monardella sinuata JFP-1
Monardella sinuata subsp. nigrescens JFP-1
Monardella sinuata subsp. sinuata JFP-1
Monardella siskiyouensis JFP-1a
Monardella stebbinsii JFP-1
Monardella stoneana JFP-1
Monardella undulata JFP-1
Monardella undulata subsp. arguelloensis JFP-1
Monardella undulata subsp. crispa JFP-1
Monardella undulata subsp. undulata JFP-1
Monardella venosa JFP-1
Monardella villosa JFP-1
Monardella villosa subsp. franciscana JFP-1
Monardella villosa subsp. globosa JFP-1a
Monardella villosa subsp. obispoensis JFP-1
Monardella villosa subsp. villosa JFP-1
Monardella villosa var. interior JFP-1a_t
Monardella villosa var. obispoensis JFP-1a
Monardella villosa var. subglabra JFP-unresolved
Monardella villosa var. villosa JFP-1a
Monardella viminea JFP-1
Monardella viridis JFP-1
Monardella viridis subsp. saxicola JFP-1a
Monardella viridis subsp. viridis JFP-1a
Moneses JFP-15
Moneses uniflora JFP-1
Monochoria JFP-15
Monochoria vaginalis JFP-2
Monolepis JFP-15
Monolepis nuttalliana JFP-1
Monolepis pusilla JFP-1a
Monolepis spathulata JFP-1
Monolopia JFP-15
Monolopia bahiifolia JFP-1a
Monolopia bahiifolia var. pinnatifida JFP-1a
Monolopia congdonii JFP-1
Monolopia gracilens JFP-1
Monolopia lanceolata JFP-1
Monolopia major JFP-1
Monolopia minor JFP-1a
Monolopia stricta JFP-1
Monoptilon JFP-15
Monoptilon bellidiforme JFP-1
Monoptilon bellioides JFP-1
Monotropa JFP-15
Monotropa hypopitys JFP-1
Monotropa uniflora JFP-1
Montia JFP-15
Montia alpina JFP-1a
Montia chamissoi JFP-1
Montia dichotoma JFP-1
Montia diffusa JFP-1
Montia fontana JFP-1
Montia fontana subsp. amporitana JFP-1a
Montia fontana subsp. chondrosperma JFP-1a
Montia fontana subsp. fontana JFP-1a
Montia fontana subsp. variabilis JFP-1a
Montia howellii JFP-1
Montia linearis JFP-1
Montia parvifolia JFP-1
Montia parvifolia subsp. parvifolia JFP-1a
Montia rosulata JFP-1a
Montiaceae JFP-16
Moraceae JFP-16
Moraea collina JFP-6
Moraea polystachya JFP-9
Morella californica JFP-1
Mortonia JFP-15
Mortonia utahensis JFP-1
Morus JFP-15
Morus alba JFP-2
Mucronea JFP-15
Mucronea californica JFP-1
Mucronea perfoliata JFP-1
Muehlenbeckia JFP-15
Muehlenbeckia complexa JFP-2
Muehlenbeckia hastulata JFP-2
Muehlenbeckia hastulata var. hastulata JFP-2_t
Muhlenbergia JFP-15
Muhlenbergia alopecuroides JFP-1
Muhlenbergia andina JFP-1
Muhlenbergia appressa JFP-1
Muhlenbergia arsenei JFP-1
Muhlenbergia asperifolia JFP-1
Muhlenbergia californica JFP-1
Muhlenbergia dumosa JFP-unresolved
Muhlenbergia filiformis JFP-1
Muhlenbergia fragilis JFP-1
Muhlenbergia glauca JFP-unresolved
Muhlenbergia jonesii JFP-1
Muhlenbergia mexicana JFP-1
Muhlenbergia microsperma JFP-1
Muhlenbergia minutissima JFP-1
Muhlenbergia montana JFP-1
Muhlenbergia pauciflora JFP-1
Muhlenbergia porteri JFP-1
Muhlenbergia richardsonis JFP-1
Muhlenbergia rigens JFP-1
Muhlenbergia schreberi JFP-3
Muhlenbergia thurberi JFP-unresolved
Muhlenbergia utilis JFP-1
Muilla JFP-15
Muilla clevelandii JFP-1a
Muilla coronata JFP-1
Muilla maritima JFP-1
Muilla transmontana JFP-1
Mulgedium oblongifolium JFP-1a
Mulgedium pulchellum JFP-1b
Munroa JFP-15
Munroa squarrosa JFP-1
Muntingia calabura JFP-5_t
Munzothamnus blairii JFP-1
Muscari JFP-15
Muscari botryoides JFP-3
Myoporum JFP-15
Myoporum laetum JFP-2
Myosotis JFP-15
Myosotis azorica JFP-8
Myosotis discolor JFP-2
Myosotis latifolia JFP-2
Myosotis laxa JFP-1
Myosotis micrantha JFP-2
Myosotis scorpioides JFP-2
Myosotis stricta JFP-3_t
Myosotis sylvatica JFP-8
Myosotis verna JFP-3
Myosurus JFP-15
Myosurus apetalus JFP-1
Myosurus apetalus var. apetalus JFP-8
Myosurus apetalus var. borealis JFP-1
Myosurus apetalus var. montanus JFP-1
Myosurus cupulatus JFP-1
Myosurus minimus JFP-1
Myosurus minimus subsp. apus JFP-11a
Myosurus minimus subsp. minimus JFP-1a
Myosurus sessilis JFP-1
Myrica JFP-15
Myrica californica JFP-1a
Myrica hartwegii JFP-1
Myricaceae JFP-16
Myriophyllum JFP-15
Myriophyllum aquaticum JFP-2
Myriophyllum hippuroides JFP-1
Myriophyllum quitense JFP-1
Myriophyllum sibiricum JFP-1
Myriophyllum spicatum JFP-2
Myriophyllum verticillatum JFP-1
Myriopteris JFP-15
Myriopteris X fibrillosa JFP-11
Myriopteris X parishii JFP-11
Myriopteris clevelandii JFP-1
Myriopteris cooperae JFP-1
Myriopteris covillei JFP-1
Myriopteris gracilis JFP-1
Myriopteris gracillima JFP-1
Myriopteris intertexta JFP-1
Myriopteris newberryi JFP-1
Myriopteris parryi JFP-1
Myriopteris viscida JFP-1
Myriopteris wootonii JFP-1
Myrsinaceae JFP-16
Myrtaceae JFP-16
Myrtus communis JFP-3

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