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Clicking on a name will take you to the report from the Jepson Online Interchange

Baccharis JFP-15
Baccharis brachyphylla JFP-1
Baccharis douglasii JFP-1a
Baccharis emoryi JFP-1a
Baccharis glutinosa JFP-1
Baccharis malibuensis JFP-1
Baccharis pilularis JFP-1
Baccharis pilularis subsp. consanguinea JFP-1
Baccharis pilularis subsp. pilularis JFP-1
Baccharis plummerae JFP-1
Baccharis plummerae subsp. glabrata JFP-1
Baccharis plummerae subsp. plummerae JFP-1
Baccharis salicifolia JFP-1
Baccharis salicifolia subsp. salicifolia JFP-1
Baccharis salicina JFP-1
Baccharis sarothroides JFP-1
Baccharis sarothroides var. pluricephala JFP-1a
Baccharis sergiloides JFP-1
Baccharis vanessae JFP-1
Bacopa JFP-15
Bacopa eisenii JFP-1
Bacopa monnieri JFP-2
Bacopa nobsiana JFP-2a
Bacopa repens JFP-4
Bacopa rotundifolia JFP-2
Baeria burkei JFP-1a_t
Baeria chrysostoma f. crassa JFP-1a_t
Baeria fremontii var. heterochaeta JFP-1a_t
Bahia JFP-15
Bahia dissecta JFP-1a
Bahia neomexicana JFP-1a
Bahiopsis laciniata JFP-1
Bahiopsis parishii JFP-1
Bahiopsis reticulata JFP-1
Bahiopsis tomentosa JFP-3
Baileya JFP-15
Baileya multiradiata JFP-1
Baileya multiradiata var. multiradiata JFP-1a
Baileya pauciradiata JFP-1
Baileya pleniradiata JFP-1
Balsaminaceae JFP-16
Balsamita major JFP-4a_t
Balsamorhiza JFP-15
Balsamorhiza X terebinthacea JFP-unresolved
Balsamorhiza deltoidea JFP-1
Balsamorhiza hirsuta JFP-1
Balsamorhiza hookeri JFP-1
Balsamorhiza hookeri var. hirsuta JFP-1a
Balsamorhiza hookeri var. lagocephala JFP-unresolved
Balsamorhiza hookeri var. lanata JFP-1a
Balsamorhiza hookeri var. neglecta JFP-1a
Balsamorhiza incana JFP-unresolved
Balsamorhiza lanata JFP-1
Balsamorhiza macrolepis JFP-1
Balsamorhiza macrolepis var. macrolepis JFP-1a
Balsamorhiza macrolepis var. platylepis JFP-1a
Balsamorhiza sagittata JFP-1
Balsamorhiza sericea JFP-1
Balsamorhiza serrata JFP-1
Barbarea JFP-15
Barbarea orthoceras JFP-1
Barbarea verna JFP-2
Barbarea vulgaris JFP-2
Basellaceae JFP-16
Bassia JFP-15
Bassia hyssopifolia JFP-2
Bassia scoparia JFP-2a
Bataceae JFP-16
Batis JFP-15
Batis maritima JFP-1
Bauhinia JFP-15
Bauhinia galpinii JFP-9
Bauhinia variegata JFP-9
Bebbia JFP-15
Bebbia juncea JFP-1
Bebbia juncea var. aspera JFP-1
Beckmannia JFP-15
Beckmannia syzigachne JFP-1
Beckwithia austiniae JFP-unresolved
Bellardia JFP-15
Bellardia trixago JFP-2
Bellis JFP-15
Bellis perennis JFP-2
Benitoa occidentalis JFP-1
Bensoniella JFP-15
Bensoniella oregona JFP-1
Berberidaceae JFP-16
Berberis JFP-15
Berberis amplectens JFP-1a
Berberis aquifolium JFP-1
Berberis aquifolium var. aquifolium JFP-1
Berberis aquifolium var. dictyota JFP-1
Berberis aquifolium var. repens JFP-1
Berberis californica JFP-1a
Berberis darwinii JFP-2
Berberis dictyota JFP-1a
Berberis fremontii JFP-1
Berberis haematocarpa JFP-1
Berberis harrisoniana JFP-1
Berberis higginsiae JFP-1
Berberis nervosa JFP-1
Berberis nevinii JFP-1
Berberis pinnata JFP-1
Berberis pinnata subsp. insularis JFP-1
Berberis pinnata subsp. pinnata JFP-1
Berberis piperiana JFP-1a
Berberis pumila JFP-1a
Berberis repens JFP-1a
Berberis vulgaris JFP-2
Bergerocactus JFP-15
Bergerocactus emoryi JFP-1
Bergia JFP-15
Bergia texana JFP-1
Bermudiana bella JFP-1a
Bermudiana californica JFP-1a
Bermudiana grandiflora JFP-1a
Bernardia JFP-15
Bernardia incana JFP-1
Bernardia myricifolia JFP-8
Berteroa JFP-15
Berteroa incana JFP-2
Berula JFP-15
Berula erecta JFP-1
Beta JFP-15
Beta macrocarpa JFP-3a
Beta vulgaris JFP-2
Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima JFP-2
Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris JFP-3
Betula JFP-15
Betula glandulosa JFP-1
Betula nana JFP-8
Betula occidentalis JFP-1
Betula occidentalis f. inopina JFP-1a
Betula pumila JFP-8
Betula pumila var. glandulifera JFP-8a
Betulaceae JFP-16
Bidens JFP-15
Bidens bigelovii JFP-unresolved
Bidens bipinnata JFP-unresolved
Bidens cernua JFP-1
Bidens cernua var. cernua JFP-1a
Bidens frondosa JFP-1
Bidens laevis JFP-1
Bidens pilosa JFP-2
Bidens pilosa var. pilosa JFP-2a
Bidens tripartita JFP-2
Bidens vulgata JFP-2
Bigelowia brachylepis JFP-1a_t
Bigelowia cooperi JFP-1a_t
Bigelowia parishii JFP-1a_t
Bigelowia veneta var. decumbens JFP-1a_t
Bigelowia veneta var. sedoides JFP-1a_t
Bignoniaceae JFP-16
Billardiera heterophylla JFP-2
Biolettia riparia JFP-1a
Bistorta JFP-15
Bistorta bistortoides JFP-1
Bistorta officinalis JFP-9
Bituminaria JFP-15
Bituminaria bituminosa JFP-2
Blechnaceae JFP-16
Blechnum JFP-15
Blechnum spicant JFP-1a
Blennosperma JFP-15
Blennosperma bakeri JFP-1
Blennosperma nanum JFP-1
Blennosperma nanum var. nanum JFP-1
Blennosperma nanum var. robustum JFP-1
Blepharidachne JFP-15
Blepharidachne kingii JFP-1
Blepharipappus JFP-15
Blepharipappus nutans JFP-1a_t
Blepharipappus scaber JFP-1
Blepharipappus scaber subsp. laevis JFP-1a
Blepharipappus scaber subsp. scaber JFP-1a
Blepharizonia JFP-15
Blepharizonia laxa JFP-1
Blepharizonia plumosa JFP-1
Blepharizonia plumosa subsp. plumosa JFP-1a
Blepharizonia plumosa subsp. viscida JFP-1a
Bloomeria JFP-15
Bloomeria clevelandii JFP-1
Bloomeria crocea JFP-1
Bloomeria crocea var. aurea JFP-1
Bloomeria crocea var. crocea JFP-1
Bloomeria crocea var. montana JFP-1
Bloomeria humilis JFP-1
Bloomeria montana JFP-1a
Boechera JFP-15
Boechera acutina JFP-1
Boechera arcuata JFP-1
Boechera bodiensis JFP-1
Boechera breweri JFP-1
Boechera breweri subsp. breweri JFP-1
Boechera breweri subsp. shastaensis JFP-1
Boechera calderi JFP-1
Boechera californica JFP-1
Boechera cobrensis JFP-1
Boechera constancei JFP-1
Boechera covillei JFP-1
Boechera davidsonii JFP-1
Boechera demissa var. pendulina JFP-1a
Boechera depauperata JFP-1
Boechera dispar JFP-1
Boechera divaricarpa JFP-1
Boechera elkoensis JFP-1
Boechera evadens JFP-1
Boechera glaucovalvula JFP-1
Boechera hirshbergiae JFP-1a
Boechera hoffmannii JFP-1
Boechera holboellii var. pendulocarpa JFP-1a
Boechera howellii JFP-1
Boechera inyoensis JFP-1
Boechera johnstonii JFP-1
Boechera koehleri JFP-1
Boechera lemmonii JFP-1
Boechera lincolnensis JFP-1
Boechera lyallii JFP-1
Boechera parishii JFP-1
Boechera pauciflora JFP-1
Boechera paupercula JFP-1
Boechera peirsonii JFP-1
Boechera pendulina JFP-1
Boechera pendulocarpa JFP-1
Boechera perennans JFP-1
Boechera pinetorum JFP-1
Boechera pinzliae JFP-1
Boechera platysperma JFP-1
Boechera pratincola JFP-1
Boechera puberula JFP-1
Boechera pulchra JFP-1
Boechera pygmaea JFP-1
Boechera rectissima JFP-1
Boechera repanda JFP-1
Boechera repanda var. greenei JFP-1a
Boechera retrofracta JFP-1
Boechera rigidissima JFP-1
Boechera rollei JFP-1
Boechera rubicundula JFP-1
Boechera selbyi var. inyoensis JFP-1a
Boechera serpenticola JFP-1
Boechera shevockii JFP-1
Boechera shockleyi JFP-1
Boechera sparsiflora JFP-1
Boechera stricta JFP-1
Boechera subpinnatifida JFP-1
Boechera suffrutescens JFP-1
Boechera tiehmii JFP-1
Boechera tularensis JFP-1
Boechera ultraalsa JFP-1
Boechera xylopoda JFP-1
Boechera yorkii JFP-1
Boehmeria JFP-15
Boehmeria cylindrica JFP-2
Boehmeria nivea JFP-8
Boerhavia JFP-15
Boerhavia coccinea JFP-1
Boerhavia coulteri JFP-1
Boerhavia coulteri var. coulteri JFP-1
Boerhavia coulteri var. palmeri JFP-1
Boerhavia diffusa JFP-2
Boerhavia intermedia JFP-1a
Boerhavia triquetra JFP-1
Boerhavia triquetra var. intermedia JFP-1
Boerhavia wrightii JFP-1
Boisduvalia campestris JFP-1a
Boisduvalia densiflora var. montana JFP-unresolved
Boisduvalia macrantha JFP-1a
Bolandra JFP-15
Bolandra californica JFP-1
Bolboschoenus JFP-15
Bolboschoenus fluviatilis JFP-1
Bolboschoenus glaucus JFP-2
Bolboschoenus maritimus JFP-1
Bolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosus JFP-1
Bolboschoenus robustus JFP-1
Bolelia cuspidata JFP-1a_t
Bolelia humilis JFP-1a_t
Bommeria JFP-15
Bommeria hispida JFP-8
Boraginaceae JFP-16
Borago JFP-15
Borago officinalis JFP-2
Boschniakia JFP-15
Boschniakia hookeri JFP-1a
Boschniakia strobilacea JFP-1a
Bothriochloa JFP-15
Bothriochloa barbinodis JFP-1
Bothriochloa exaristata JFP-unresolved
Bothriochloa ischaemum JFP-3
Bothriochloa ischaemum var. songarica JFP-2a
Bothriochloa laguroides JFP-2
Bothriochloa laguroides subsp. torreyana JFP-2
Botrychium JFP-15
Botrychium ascendens JFP-1
Botrychium crenulatum JFP-1
Botrychium lanceolatum JFP-8
Botrychium lanceolatum var. lanceolatum JFP-8
Botrychium lineare JFP-1
Botrychium lunaria JFP-1
Botrychium minganense JFP-1
Botrychium montanum JFP-1
Botrychium multifidum JFP-1a
Botrychium paradoxum JFP-1
Botrychium pinnatum JFP-1
Botrychium pumicola JFP-1
Botrychium simplex JFP-1
Botrychium simplex var. compositum JFP-1
Botrychium simplex var. fontanum JFP-1b
Botrychium simplex var. simplex JFP-1
Botrychium tunux JFP-1
Botrychium virginianum JFP-1a
Botrychium yaaxudakeit JFP-1
Botrypus virginianus JFP-1
Boussingaultia cordifolia JFP-4a
Bouteloua JFP-15
Bouteloua aristidoides JFP-1
Bouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoides JFP-1
Bouteloua barbata JFP-1
Bouteloua barbata var. barbata JFP-1
Bouteloua curtipendula JFP-1
Bouteloua curtipendula var. caespitosa JFP-unresolved
Bouteloua curtipendula var. curtipendula JFP-unresolved
Bouteloua eriopoda JFP-1
Bouteloua gracilis JFP-1
Bouteloua trifida JFP-1
Bouteloua trifida var. trifida JFP-1a
Bowlesia JFP-15
Bowlesia incana JFP-1
Boykinia JFP-15
Boykinia major JFP-1
Boykinia occidentalis JFP-1
Boykinia rotundifolia JFP-1
Brachyactis ciliata var. carnosula JFP-1a_t
Brachychiton populneum JFP-3
Brachypodium JFP-15
Brachypodium distachyon JFP-2
Brachypodium hybridum JFP-2_p
Brachypodium phoenicoides JFP-unresolved
Brachypodium pinnatum JFP-3
Brachypodium stacei JFP-2_p
Brachypodium sylvaticum JFP-2
Brandegea JFP-15
Brandegea bigelovii JFP-1
Brasenia JFP-15
Brasenia schreberi JFP-1
Brassica JFP-15
Brassica fruticulosa JFP-2
Brassica geniculata JFP-2a
Brassica juncea JFP-2
Brassica napus JFP-2
Brassica nigra JFP-2
Brassica oleracea JFP-2
Brassica rapa JFP-2
Brassica rapa var. amplexicaulis JFP-3_t
Brassica rapa var. rapa JFP-2a
Brassica tournefortii JFP-2
Brassicaceae JFP-16
Braya pectinata JFP-1a_t
Brayulinea densa JFP-3a_t
Brickellia JFP-15
Brickellia arguta JFP-1a
Brickellia arguta var. arguta JFP-1a
Brickellia arguta var. odontolepis JFP-1a
Brickellia atractyloides JFP-1
Brickellia atractyloides var. arguta JFP-1
Brickellia atractyloides var. atractyloides JFP-1
Brickellia atractyloides var. odontolepis JFP-1
Brickellia californica JFP-1
Brickellia californica var. californica JFP-unresolved
Brickellia californica var. jepsonii JFP-unresolved
Brickellia desertorum JFP-1
Brickellia frutescens JFP-1
Brickellia grandiflora JFP-1
Brickellia greenei JFP-1
Brickellia incana JFP-1
Brickellia knappiana JFP-1
Brickellia longifolia JFP-1
Brickellia longifolia var. longifolia JFP-1
Brickellia longifolia var. multiflora JFP-1
Brickellia microphylla JFP-1
Brickellia microphylla var. microphylla JFP-1
Brickellia microphylla var. scabra JFP-1
Brickellia microphylla var. watsonii JFP-1a
Brickellia multiflora JFP-1a
Brickellia nevinii JFP-1
Brickellia oblongifolia JFP-1
Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia JFP-1
Brickellia watsonii JFP-1a
Briza JFP-15
Briza maxima JFP-2
Briza media JFP-3
Briza minor JFP-2
Brodiaea JFP-15
Brodiaea appendiculata JFP-1
Brodiaea californica JFP-1
Brodiaea californica subsp. californica JFP-1a
Brodiaea californica subsp. leptandra JFP-1a
Brodiaea californica var. californica JFP-1a
Brodiaea californica var. leptandra JFP-1a
Brodiaea coronaria JFP-1
Brodiaea coronaria subsp. coronaria JFP-1a
Brodiaea coronaria subsp. rosea JFP-1a
Brodiaea elegans JFP-1
Brodiaea elegans subsp. elegans JFP-1
Brodiaea elegans subsp. hooveri JFP-8
Brodiaea elegans var. australis JFP-1a
Brodiaea filifolia JFP-1
Brodiaea insignis JFP-1
Brodiaea jolonensis JFP-1
Brodiaea kinkiensis JFP-1
Brodiaea laxa var. nimia JFP-1a_t
Brodiaea laxa var. tracyi JFP-1a_t
Brodiaea leptandra JFP-1
Brodiaea matsonii JFP-1
Brodiaea minor JFP-1
Brodiaea modesta JFP-1a_t
Brodiaea nana JFP-1
Brodiaea orcuttii JFP-1
Brodiaea pallida JFP-1
Brodiaea purdyi JFP-1a
Brodiaea rosea JFP-1
Brodiaea rosea subsp. rosea JFP-1
Brodiaea rosea subsp. vallicola JFP-1
Brodiaea santarosae JFP-1
Brodiaea sierrae JFP-1
Brodiaea stellaris JFP-1
Brodiaea synandra var. insignis JFP-1a
Brodiaea terrestris JFP-1
Brodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensis JFP-1
Brodiaea terrestris subsp. terrestris JFP-1
Brodiaea venusta JFP-1a
Bromeliaceae JFP-16
Bromus JFP-15
Bromus alopecuros JFP-8
Bromus anomalus JFP-8
Bromus arenarius JFP-2
Bromus arizonicus JFP-1
Bromus arvensis JFP-3
Bromus berteroanus JFP-2
Bromus briziformis JFP-2
Bromus carinatus JFP-1a
Bromus carinatus var. carinatus JFP-1
Bromus carinatus var. marginatus JFP-1
Bromus carinatus var. maritimus JFP-1a
Bromus caroli-henrici JFP-2
Bromus catharticus JFP-2
Bromus catharticus var. catharticus JFP-2
Bromus catharticus var. elatus JFP-2
Bromus ciliatus JFP-1
Bromus ciliatus var. ciliatus JFP-1a
Bromus ciliatus var. richardsonii JFP-1a
Bromus commutatus JFP-2
Bromus diandrus JFP-2
Bromus emarginatus JFP-2b
Bromus erectus JFP-8
Bromus grandis JFP-1
Bromus hallii JFP-1
Bromus hordeaceus JFP-2
Bromus hordeaceus subsp. divaricatus JFP-unresolved
Bromus hordeaceus subsp. hordeaceus JFP-2a
Bromus hordeaceus subsp. molliformis JFP-2b
Bromus inermis JFP-2
Bromus inermis subsp. inermis JFP-2a
Bromus inermis var. inermis JFP-2a
Bromus japonicus JFP-2
Bromus laevipes JFP-1
Bromus luzonensis JFP-1a
Bromus madritensis JFP-2
Bromus madritensis subsp. madritensis JFP-2a
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens JFP-2a
Bromus marginatus JFP-1a
Bromus marginatus var. seminudus JFP-1a_t
Bromus maritimus JFP-1a
Bromus orcuttianus JFP-1
Bromus pacificus JFP-8
Bromus polyanthus JFP-1a
Bromus polyanthus var. polyanthus JFP-1a
Bromus porteri JFP-1
Bromus porteri var. assimilis JFP-1a
Bromus pseudolaevipes JFP-1
Bromus racemosus JFP-2
Bromus richardsonii JFP-1
Bromus rigidus JFP-8
Bromus rubens JFP-2
Bromus scoparius JFP-8
Bromus secalinus JFP-2
Bromus sitchensis JFP-1
Bromus sitchensis var. carinatus JFP-1
Bromus sitchensis var. marginatus JFP-1
Bromus sitchensis var. maritimus JFP-1
Bromus sitchensis var. polyanthus JFP-1
Bromus sitchensis var. sitchensis JFP-1
Bromus squarrosus JFP-2
Bromus stamineus JFP-2a
Bromus sterilis JFP-2
Bromus suksdorfii JFP-1
Bromus tectorum JFP-2
Bromus trinii JFP-2a
Bromus vulgaris JFP-1
Bryanthus breweri JFP-1a_t
Bryonia JFP-15
Bryonia cretica JFP-8
Bryonia cretica subsp. dioica JFP-3a
Bryonia dioica JFP-3
Buddleja JFP-15
Buddleja davidii JFP-2
Buddleja saligna JFP-2
Buddleja utahensis JFP-1
Buglossoides arvensis JFP-1a
Bulbine semibarbata JFP-3
Bulbostylis JFP-15
Bulbostylis barbata JFP-5
Bulbostylis capillaris JFP-1
Bulbostylis capillaris subsp. capillaris JFP-1a
Bupleurum JFP-15
Bupleurum lancifolium JFP-4
Bursera JFP-15
Bursera hindsiana JFP-8
Bursera microphylla JFP-1
Burseraceae JFP-16

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