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Cabomba caroliniana JFP-2
Cabombaceae JFP-16
Cacaliopsis JFP-15
Cacaliopsis nardosmia JFP-1
Cactaceae JFP-16
Cactus radiosus JFP-unresolved
Caesalpinia JFP-15
Caesalpinia gilliesii JFP-2
Caesalpinia mexicana JFP-8
Caesalpinia pulcherrima JFP-8
Caesalpinia spinosa JFP-2
Caesalpinia virgata JFP-1a
Cakile JFP-15
Cakile californica JFP-2a
Cakile edentula JFP-2
Cakile edentula subsp. edentula JFP-2a
Cakile edentula var. edentula JFP-2a
Cakile maritima JFP-2
Calais aphantocarpha JFP-1a_t
Calais eriocarpha JFP-1a_t
Calais kelloggii JFP-1a_t
Calamagrostis JFP-15
Calamagrostis bolanderi JFP-1
Calamagrostis breweri JFP-1
Calamagrostis canadensis JFP-1
Calamagrostis canadensis var. canadensis JFP-1
Calamagrostis canadensis var. langsdorffii JFP-1
Calamagrostis canadensis var. scabra JFP-1a
Calamagrostis crassiglumis JFP-1a
Calamagrostis foliosa JFP-1
Calamagrostis koelerioides JFP-1
Calamagrostis lactea JFP-unresolved
Calamagrostis muiriana JFP-1
Calamagrostis nutkaensis JFP-1
Calamagrostis ophitidis JFP-1
Calamagrostis purpurascens JFP-1
Calamagrostis purpurascens var. purpurascens JFP-1a
Calamagrostis rubescens JFP-1
Calamagrostis stricta JFP-1
Calamagrostis stricta subsp. inexpansa JFP-1
Calamagrostis stricta subsp. stricta JFP-1
Calamagrostis stricta var. stricta JFP-1a
Calamagrostis sylvatica var. longifolia JFP-1a
Calamintha chandleri JFP-1a_t
Calamintha sylvatica subsp. ascendens JFP-3a
Calandrinia JFP-15
Calandrinia ambigua JFP-1a
Calandrinia breweri JFP-1
Calandrinia ciliata JFP-8
Calandrinia maritima JFP-1a
Calandrinia menziesii JFP-1
Calendula JFP-15
Calendula arvensis JFP-2
Calendula officinalis JFP-2
Calia JFP-15
Calia secundiflora JFP-3
Calibrachoa parviflora JFP-1a
California macrophylla JFP-1
Calla palustris JFP-8
Calliandra JFP-15
Calliandra eriophylla JFP-1
Calliandra eriophylla var. eriophylla JFP-1a
Calligonum canescens JFP-1a
Calliscirpus JFP-15
Calliscirpus brachythrix JFP-1
Calliscirpus criniger JFP-1
Callistemon viminalis JFP-2a
Callitriche JFP-15
Callitriche autumnalis var. bicarpellaris JFP-1a_t
Callitriche fassettii JFP-1
Callitriche hermaphroditica JFP-8
Callitriche heterophylla JFP-1
Callitriche heterophylla subsp. bolanderi JFP-1a
Callitriche heterophylla subsp. heterophylla JFP-1a
Callitriche heterophylla var. bolanderi JFP-1
Callitriche heterophylla var. heterophylla JFP-1
Callitriche longipedunculata JFP-1
Callitriche marginata JFP-1
Callitriche palustris JFP-1
Callitriche stagnalis JFP-2
Callitriche trochlearis JFP-1
Callitriche verna JFP-1a
Callitropsis JFP-15
Callitropsis abramsiana JFP-1a
Callitropsis bakeri JFP-1a
Callitropsis forbesii JFP-1a
Callitropsis goveniana JFP-1a
Callitropsis macnabiana JFP-1a
Callitropsis macrocarpa JFP-1a
Callitropsis nevadensis JFP-1a
Callitropsis nootkatensis JFP-1
Callitropsis pygmaea JFP-1a
Callitropsis sargentii JFP-1a
Callitropsis stephensonii JFP-1a
Calocedrus JFP-15
Calocedrus decurrens JFP-1
Calochortus JFP-15
Calochortus albus JFP-1
Calochortus albus var. albus JFP-unresolved
Calochortus albus var. rubellus JFP-unresolved
Calochortus amabilis JFP-1
Calochortus amoenus JFP-1
Calochortus argillosus JFP-1
Calochortus bruneaunis JFP-1
Calochortus catalinae JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus subsp. clavatus JFP-1a
Calochortus clavatus subsp. pallidus JFP-1a
Calochortus clavatus subsp. recurvifolius JFP-1a
Calochortus clavatus var. arcuatus JFP-1b
Calochortus clavatus var. avius JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus var. clavatus JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus var. gracilis JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus var. pallidus JFP-1
Calochortus clavatus var. recurvifolius JFP-1
Calochortus coeruleus JFP-1
Calochortus collinus JFP-1a_t
Calochortus concolor JFP-1
Calochortus dunnii JFP-1
Calochortus elegans JFP-1
Calochortus elegans var. elegans JFP-unresolved
Calochortus elegans var. nanus JFP-1a
Calochortus elegans var. oreophilus JFP-unresolved
Calochortus excavatus JFP-1
Calochortus fimbriatus JFP-1
Calochortus flexuosus JFP-1
Calochortus greenei JFP-1
Calochortus invenustus JFP-1
Calochortus kennedyi JFP-1
Calochortus kennedyi var. kennedyi JFP-1
Calochortus kennedyi var. munzii JFP-1
Calochortus leichtlinii JFP-1
Calochortus longebarbatus JFP-1
Calochortus longebarbatus var. longebarbatus JFP-1
Calochortus luteus JFP-1
Calochortus macrocarpus JFP-1
Calochortus macrocarpus var. macrocarpus JFP-1a
Calochortus maculatus JFP-1a_t
Calochortus minimus JFP-1
Calochortus monanthus JFP-7
Calochortus monophyllus JFP-1
Calochortus nudus JFP-1
Calochortus obispoensis JFP-1
Calochortus palmeri JFP-1
Calochortus palmeri var. munzii JFP-1
Calochortus palmeri var. palmeri JFP-1
Calochortus panamintensis JFP-1
Calochortus persistens JFP-1
Calochortus plummerae JFP-1
Calochortus pulchellus JFP-1
Calochortus raichei JFP-1
Calochortus rustvoldii JFP-1_p
Calochortus simulans JFP-1
Calochortus splendens JFP-1
Calochortus striatus JFP-1
Calochortus superbus JFP-1
Calochortus syntrophus JFP-1
Calochortus tiburonensis JFP-1
Calochortus tolmiei JFP-1
Calochortus umbellatus JFP-1
Calochortus uniflorus JFP-1
Calochortus venustus JFP-1
Calochortus vestae JFP-1
Calochortus weedii JFP-1
Calochortus weedii var. intermedius JFP-1
Calochortus weedii var. vestus JFP-1a
Calochortus weedii var. weedii JFP-1
Calochortus westonii JFP-1
Calotropis JFP-15
Calotropis procera JFP-4
Caltha JFP-15
Caltha leptosepala JFP-1
Caltha leptosepala subsp. howellii JFP-1a
Caltha leptosepala var. biflora JFP-1a
Caltha palustris JFP-2
Caltha palustris var. palustris JFP-2a
Calycadenia JFP-15
Calycadenia ciliosa JFP-1a
Calycadenia fremontii JFP-1
Calycadenia hispida subsp. reducta JFP-1a_t
Calycadenia hooveri JFP-1
Calycadenia micrantha JFP-1
Calycadenia mollis JFP-1
Calycadenia multiglandulosa JFP-1
Calycadenia multiglandulosa subsp. robusta JFP-1a
Calycadenia oppositifolia JFP-1
Calycadenia pauciflora JFP-1
Calycadenia spicata JFP-1
Calycadenia tenella JFP-1a
Calycadenia truncata JFP-1
Calycadenia truncata subsp. microcephala JFP-1a
Calycadenia truncata subsp. scabrella JFP-1a
Calycadenia truncata subsp. truncata JFP-1a
Calycadenia villosa JFP-1
Calycanthaceae JFP-16
Calycanthus JFP-15
Calycanthus occidentalis JFP-1
Calycoseris JFP-15
Calycoseris parryi JFP-1
Calycoseris wrightii JFP-1
Calycoseris wrightii var. californica JFP-1a_t
Calypso JFP-15
Calypso bulbosa JFP-1
Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis JFP-1
Calyptridium JFP-15
Calyptridium arizonicum JFP-1
Calyptridium monandrum JFP-1
Calyptridium monospermum JFP-1
Calyptridium parryi JFP-1
Calyptridium parryi var. arizonicum JFP-1a
Calyptridium parryi var. hesseae JFP-1
Calyptridium parryi var. nevadense JFP-1
Calyptridium parryi var. parryi JFP-1
Calyptridium pulchellum JFP-1
Calyptridium pygmaeum JFP-1
Calyptridium quadripetalum JFP-1
Calyptridium roseum JFP-1
Calyptridium umbellatum JFP-1
Calyptridium umbellatum var. caudiciferum JFP-1a
Calyptridium umbellatum var. umbellatum JFP-1a
Calystegia JFP-15
Calystegia atriplicifolia JFP-1
Calystegia atriplicifolia subsp. buttensis JFP-1
Calystegia collina JFP-1
Calystegia collina subsp. apicum JFP-1_p
Calystegia collina subsp. collina JFP-1
Calystegia collina subsp. oxyphylla JFP-1
Calystegia collina subsp. tridactylosa JFP-1
Calystegia collina subsp. venusta JFP-1
Calystegia felix JFP-1_p
Calystegia longipes JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. amplissima JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. arida JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. cyclostegia JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. intermedia JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. macrostegia JFP-1
Calystegia macrostegia subsp. tenuifolia JFP-1
Calystegia malacophylla JFP-1
Calystegia malacophylla subsp. malacophylla JFP-1
Calystegia malacophylla subsp. pedicellata JFP-1
Calystegia malacophylla var. berryi JFP-unresolved
Calystegia malacophylla var. malacophylla JFP-1a
Calystegia occidentalis JFP-1
Calystegia occidentalis subsp. fulcrata JFP-1
Calystegia occidentalis subsp. occidentalis JFP-1
Calystegia occidentalis var. occidentalis JFP-1a
Calystegia occidentalis var. tomentella JFP-unresolved
Calystegia peirsonii JFP-1
Calystegia purpurata JFP-1
Calystegia purpurata subsp. purpurata JFP-1
Calystegia purpurata subsp. saxicola JFP-1
Calystegia purpurata subsp. solanensis JFP-1a
Calystegia sepium JFP-1
Calystegia sepium subsp. binghamiae JFP-1
Calystegia sepium subsp. limnophila JFP-1
Calystegia silvatica JFP-2
Calystegia silvatica subsp. disjuncta JFP-2
Calystegia soldanella JFP-1
Calystegia stebbinsii JFP-1
Calystegia subacaulis JFP-1
Calystegia subacaulis subsp. episcopalis JFP-1
Calystegia subacaulis subsp. subacaulis JFP-1
Calystegia vanzuukiae JFP-1_p
Camassia JFP-15
Camassia leichtlinii JFP-1
Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii JFP-1
Camassia quamash JFP-1
Camassia quamash subsp. breviflora JFP-1
Camassia quamash subsp. linearis JFP-1a
Camassia quamash subsp. quamash JFP-8
Camelina JFP-15
Camelina microcarpa JFP-2
Camissonia JFP-15
Camissonia andina JFP-1a
Camissonia arenaria JFP-1a
Camissonia benitensis JFP-1
Camissonia bistorta JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. alyssoides JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. boothii JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. condensata JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. decorticans JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. desertorum JFP-1a
Camissonia boothii subsp. intermedia JFP-1a
Camissonia brevipes JFP-1a
Camissonia brevipes subsp. arizonica JFP-1a
Camissonia brevipes subsp. brevipes JFP-1a
Camissonia brevipes subsp. pallidula JFP-1a
Camissonia californica JFP-1a
Camissonia campestris JFP-1
Camissonia campestris subsp. campestris JFP-1
Camissonia campestris subsp. obispoensis JFP-1
Camissonia cardiophylla JFP-1a
Camissonia cardiophylla subsp. cardiophylla JFP-1a
Camissonia cardiophylla subsp. robusta JFP-1a
Camissonia chamaenerioides JFP-1a
Camissonia cheiranthifolia JFP-1a
Camissonia cheiranthifolia subsp. cheiranthifolia JFP-1a
Camissonia cheiranthifolia subsp. suffruticosa JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. aurantiaca JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. claviformis JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. cruciformis JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. funerea JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. integrior JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. lancifolia JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. peirsonii JFP-1a
Camissonia claviformis subsp. yumae JFP-1a
Camissonia confusa JFP-1a
Camissonia contorta JFP-1
Camissonia graciliflora JFP-1a
Camissonia guadalupensis JFP-1a
Camissonia guadalupensis subsp. clementina JFP-1a
Camissonia hardhamiae JFP-1a
Camissonia heterochroma JFP-1a
Camissonia hirtella JFP-1a
Camissonia ignota JFP-1a
Camissonia integrifolia JFP-1
Camissonia intermedia JFP-1a
Camissonia kernensis JFP-1
Camissonia kernensis subsp. gilmanii JFP-1
Camissonia kernensis subsp. kernensis JFP-1
Camissonia lacustris JFP-1
Camissonia lewisii JFP-1a
Camissonia luciae JFP-1a
Camissonia micrantha JFP-1a
Camissonia minor JFP-1a
Camissonia munzii JFP-1a
Camissonia ovata JFP-1a
Camissonia pallida JFP-1a
Camissonia pallida subsp. hallii JFP-1a
Camissonia pallida subsp. pallida JFP-1a
Camissonia palmeri JFP-1a
Camissonia parryi JFP-unresolved
Camissonia parvula JFP-1
Camissonia pterosperma JFP-1a
Camissonia pubens JFP-1
Camissonia pusilla JFP-1
Camissonia refracta JFP-1a
Camissonia robusta JFP-1a
Camissonia sierrae JFP-1
Camissonia sierrae subsp. alticola JFP-1
Camissonia sierrae subsp. sierrae JFP-1
Camissonia strigulosa JFP-1
Camissonia subacaulis JFP-1a
Camissonia tanacetifolia JFP-1a
Camissonia tanacetifolia subsp. quadriperforata JFP-1a
Camissonia tanacetifolia subsp. tanacetifolia JFP-1a
Camissonia walkeri JFP-1a
Camissonia walkeri subsp. tortilis JFP-1a
Camissoniopsis JFP-15
Camissoniopsis bistorta JFP-1
Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia JFP-1
Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia subsp. cheiranthifolia JFP-1
Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia subsp. suffruticosa JFP-1
Camissoniopsis confusa JFP-1
Camissoniopsis guadalupensis JFP-1
Camissoniopsis guadalupensis subsp. clementina JFP-1
Camissoniopsis hardhamiae JFP-1
Camissoniopsis hirtella JFP-1
Camissoniopsis ignota JFP-1
Camissoniopsis intermedia JFP-1
Camissoniopsis lewisii JFP-1
Camissoniopsis luciae JFP-1
Camissoniopsis micrantha JFP-1
Camissoniopsis pallida JFP-1
Camissoniopsis pallida subsp. hallii JFP-1
Camissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallida JFP-1
Camissoniopsis robusta JFP-1
Campanula JFP-15
Campanula angustiflora JFP-1
Campanula californica JFP-1
Campanula exigua JFP-1
Campanula griffinii JFP-1
Campanula medium JFP-4
Campanula prenanthoides JFP-1a
Campanula rotundifolia JFP-1
Campanula scabrella JFP-1
Campanula scouleri JFP-1
Campanula sharsmithiae JFP-1
Campanula shetleri JFP-1
Campanula wilkinsiana JFP-1
Campanulaceae JFP-16
Campsis radicans JFP-3
Canbya JFP-15
Canbya candida JFP-1
Cannabaceae JFP-16
Cannabis JFP-15
Cannabis sativa JFP-2
Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa JFP-2a
Cannabis sativa var. sativa JFP-2a
Capnorea campanulata JFP-1a_t
Caprifoliaceae JFP-16
Capsella JFP-15
Capsella bursa-pastoris JFP-2
Capsicum annuum JFP-3
Caragana JFP-15
Caragana arborescens JFP-9
Cardamine JFP-15
Cardamine angulata JFP-1
Cardamine bellidifolia JFP-1
Cardamine bellidifolia var. pachyphylla JFP-1a
Cardamine breweri JFP-1
Cardamine breweri var. breweri JFP-1a
Cardamine breweri var. orbicularis JFP-1a
Cardamine californica JFP-1
Cardamine californica var. californica JFP-1a
Cardamine californica var. cardiophylla JFP-1a
Cardamine californica var. cuneata JFP-1a
Cardamine californica var. integrifolia JFP-1a
Cardamine californica var. sinuata JFP-1a
Cardamine cordifolia JFP-1
Cardamine cordifolia var. lyallii JFP-1a
Cardamine debilis JFP-unresolved
Cardamine flexuosa JFP-2_p
Cardamine hirsuta JFP-2
Cardamine nuttallii JFP-1
Cardamine nuttallii var. covilleana JFP-1a
Cardamine nuttallii var. dissecta JFP-1a
Cardamine nuttallii var. gemmata JFP-1a
Cardamine nuttallii var. nuttallii JFP-1a
Cardamine occidentalis JFP-1
Cardamine oligosperma JFP-1
Cardamine oligosperma var. oligosperma JFP-1a
Cardamine pachystigma JFP-1
Cardamine pachystigma var. dissectifolia JFP-1a
Cardamine pachystigma var. pachystigma JFP-1a
Cardamine pensylvanica JFP-1
Cardaria JFP-15
Cardaria chalepensis JFP-2a
Cardaria draba JFP-2a
Cardaria draba var. repens JFP-unresolved
Cardaria pubescens JFP-2a
Cardionema JFP-15
Cardionema ramosissimum JFP-1
Carduus JFP-15
Carduus acanthoides JFP-2
Carduus acanthoides subsp. acanthoides JFP-2
Carduus nutans JFP-2
Carduus nutans subsp. leiophyllus JFP-2a
Carduus nutans subsp. nutans JFP-2a
Carduus pycnocephalus JFP-2
Carduus pycnocephalus subsp. pycnocephalus JFP-2
Carduus tenuiflorus JFP-2
Carex JFP-15
Carex abrupta JFP-1
Carex acutina JFP-1a
Carex adusta var. congesta JFP-1a_t
Carex aequa JFP-1a_t
Carex albida JFP-1a
Carex albonigra JFP-8
Carex alma JFP-1
Carex amplectens JFP-1a
Carex amplifolia JFP-1
Carex angustata JFP-1
Carex aquatilis JFP-1
Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis JFP-1
Carex aquatilis var. dives JFP-1
Carex arcta JFP-1
Carex atherodes JFP-1
Carex athrostachya JFP-1
Carex aurea JFP-1
Carex barbarae JFP-1
Carex bella JFP-8_t
Carex bifida JFP-1a_t
Carex bolanderi JFP-1
Carex brainerdii JFP-1
Carex brevicaulis JFP-1
Carex breweri JFP-1
Carex breweri var. breweri JFP-1a
Carex brunnescens JFP-8
Carex brunnescens subsp. brunnescens JFP-8
Carex buxbaumii JFP-1
Carex californica JFP-1
Carex canescens JFP-1
Carex canescens subsp. canescens JFP-1
Carex capillaris JFP-8
Carex capitata JFP-1
Carex capitata subsp. arctogena JFP-1a
Carex capitata subsp. capitata JFP-1a
Carex cephalophora JFP-8
Carex comosa JFP-1
Carex concinnoides JFP-1
Carex congdonii JFP-1
Carex constanceana JFP-1a
Carex cusickii JFP-1
Carex cyrtostachya JFP-1
Carex davyi JFP-1
Carex deflexa JFP-1
Carex deflexa var. boottii JFP-1
Carex densa JFP-1
Carex deweyana JFP-8
Carex deweyana subsp. leptopoda JFP-1a
Carex diandra JFP-1
Carex disperma JFP-1
Carex divulsa JFP-2
Carex divulsa subsp. divulsa JFP-2
Carex douglasii JFP-1
Carex dudleyi JFP-1a
Carex duriuscula JFP-1
Carex echinata JFP-1
Carex echinata subsp. echinata JFP-1
Carex echinata subsp. phyllomanica JFP-1
Carex eleocharis JFP-1a
Carex engelmannii JFP-unresolved
Carex epapillosa JFP-1a
Carex exserta JFP-1a
Carex exsiccata JFP-1
Carex festiva var. gracilis JFP-1a
Carex festivella JFP-1a
Carex festucacea JFP-unresolved
Carex feta JFP-1
Carex filifolia JFP-1
Carex filifolia var. erostrata JFP-1
Carex filifolia var. filifolia JFP-1
Carex fissuricola JFP-1
Carex fracta JFP-1
Carex garberi JFP-8
Carex geophila JFP-8
Carex geyeri JFP-1
Carex gianonei JFP-1b
Carex gigas JFP-1a
Carex globosa JFP-1
Carex gracilior JFP-1
Carex gynodynama JFP-1
Carex halliana JFP-1
Carex hallii JFP-8a
Carex harfordii JFP-1
Carex hassei JFP-1
Carex haydeniana JFP-1
Carex helleri JFP-1
Carex hendersonii JFP-1
Carex heteroneura JFP-1
Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa JFP-1a
Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura JFP-1a
Carex hirtissima JFP-1
Carex hoodii JFP-1
Carex hystericina JFP-1
Carex idahoa JFP-1
Carex illota JFP-1
Carex incurviformis JFP-1
Carex incurviformis var. danaensis JFP-1a
Carex infirminervia JFP-1
Carex inops JFP-1
Carex inops subsp. inops JFP-1
Carex integra JFP-1
Carex interior JFP-1
Carex interrupta var. impressa JFP-1a_t
Carex inversa JFP-2
Carex invisa JFP-1a_t
Carex jacintoensis JFP-1a_t
Carex jepsonii JFP-1a_t
Carex jonesii JFP-1
Carex klamathensis JFP-1
Carex laeviculmis JFP-1
Carex lancifructus JFP-1a_t
Carex lanuginosa JFP-8
Carex lasiocarpa JFP-1
Carex lasiocarpa var. americana JFP-unresolved
Carex lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpa JFP-1a
Carex leavenworthii JFP-4
Carex lemmonii JFP-1
Carex lenticularis JFP-1
Carex lenticularis var. impressa JFP-1
Carex lenticularis var. limnophila JFP-1
Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa JFP-1
Carex leporina JFP-1
Carex leporinella JFP-1
Carex leptalea JFP-1
Carex leptalea subsp. leptalea JFP-1a
Carex leptopoda JFP-1
Carex limosa JFP-1
Carex lithophila JFP-unresolved
Carex livida JFP-6
Carex livida var. radicalis JFP-unresolved
Carex longii JFP-2
Carex luzulifolia JFP-1
Carex luzulina JFP-1
Carex luzulina var. ablata JFP-1a
Carex luzulina var. luzulina JFP-1a
Carex lyngbyei JFP-1
Carex mariposana JFP-1
Carex mendocinensis JFP-1
Carex mertensii JFP-1
Carex mesochorea JFP-4
Carex micropoda JFP-8
Carex microptera JFP-1
Carex molesta JFP-3
Carex monile JFP-1a_t
Carex monile var. pacifica JFP-1a_t
Carex multicaulis JFP-1
Carex multicostata JFP-1
Carex muricata var. confixa JFP-1a_t
Carex nardina JFP-1
Carex nebrascensis JFP-1
Carex nervina JFP-1
Carex neurophora JFP-1
Carex nigricans JFP-1
Carex norvegica JFP-8
Carex norvegica subsp. inferalpina JFP-unresolved
Carex nudata JFP-1
Carex obispoensis JFP-1
Carex obnupta JFP-1
Carex occidentalis JFP-1
Carex olympica JFP-1a_t
Carex orestera JFP-1
Carex ovalis JFP-1a
Carex pachycarpa JFP-1
Carex pachystachya JFP-1
Carex pansa JFP-1
Carex parryana JFP-8
Carex parryana var. hallii JFP-8a
Carex parryana var. unica JFP-8
Carex paucicostata JFP-1a_t
Carex paucifructus JFP-1a_t
Carex pellita JFP-1
Carex pendula JFP-2
Carex petasata JFP-1
Carex phaeocephala JFP-1
Carex phyllomanica JFP-1a_t
Carex pityophila JFP-8
Carex praeceptorum JFP-1
Carex praegracilis JFP-1
Carex prairea JFP-8
Carex praticola JFP-1
Carex preslii JFP-1
Carex proposita JFP-1
Carex pyrenaica JFP-8
Carex pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica JFP-8
Carex quadrifida JFP-1a_t
Carex raynoldsii JFP-1
Carex retroflexa JFP-8
Carex retroflexa var. texensis JFP-4a
Carex rossii JFP-1
Carex salina var. minor JFP-1a_t
Carex saliniformis JFP-1
Carex sartwelliana JFP-1
Carex scabriuscula JFP-1
Carex schottii JFP-1
Carex scirpoidea JFP-1
Carex scirpoidea subsp. pseudoscirpoidea JFP-1
Carex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea JFP-1a
Carex scoparia JFP-1
Carex scoparia var. fulva JFP-1a_t
Carex scoparia var. scoparia JFP-1
Carex scopulorum JFP-1
Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa JFP-1
Carex senta JFP-1
Carex serpenticola JFP-1
Carex serratodens JFP-1
Carex sheldonii JFP-1
Carex simulata JFP-1
Carex sonomensis JFP-1a_t
Carex specifica JFP-1
Carex spectabilis JFP-1
Carex spissa JFP-1
Carex stenoptera JFP-1a_t
Carex stevenii JFP-1
Carex stipata JFP-1
Carex stipata var. stipata JFP-1
Carex straminea var. congesta JFP-1a_t
Carex straminea var. mixta JFP-1a_t
Carex straminiformis JFP-1
Carex subbracteata JFP-1
Carex subbracteata var. subbracteata JFP-1a
Carex subfusca JFP-1
Carex subnigricans JFP-1
Carex tahoensis JFP-1
Carex teneriformis JFP-1a
Carex texensis JFP-2
Carex tiogana JFP-1
Carex tompkinsii JFP-1
Carex tracyi JFP-1a_t
Carex triquetra JFP-1
Carex tumulicola JFP-1
Carex unilateralis JFP-1
Carex utriculata JFP-1
Carex utriculata var. globosa JFP-1a_t
Carex vallicola JFP-1
Carex vallicola var. vallicola JFP-1a
Carex vernacula JFP-1
Carex vesicaria JFP-1
Carex vesicaria var. major JFP-1a
Carex vesicaria var. vesicaria JFP-1a
Carex viridula JFP-1
Carex viridula subsp. viridula JFP-1
Carex viridula var. viridula JFP-1a
Carex vulgaris var. bracteosa JFP-1a_t
Carex vulpinoidea JFP-2
Carex vulpinoidea var. vulpinoidea JFP-2a
Carex whitneyi JFP-1
Carex xerophila JFP-1
Carlowrightia JFP-15
Carlowrightia arizonica JFP-1
Carlquistia JFP-15
Carlquistia muirii JFP-1
Carnegiea JFP-15
Carnegiea gigantea JFP-1
Carpenteria JFP-15
Carpenteria californica JFP-1
Carpobrotus JFP-15
Carpobrotus chilensis JFP-2
Carpobrotus edulis JFP-2
Carrichtera JFP-15
Carrichtera annua JFP-3
Carsonia JFP-15
Carsonia sparsifolia JFP-1
Carthamus JFP-15
Carthamus baeticus JFP-2a
Carthamus creticus JFP-2
Carthamus lanatus JFP-2
Carthamus lanatus subsp. baeticus JFP-2a
Carthamus lanatus subsp. lanatus JFP-2a
Carthamus leucocaulos JFP-6
Carthamus oxyacantha JFP-3
Carthamus tinctorius JFP-3
Carum lemmonii JFP-1a
Carya illinoinensis JFP-2
Caryophyllaceae JFP-16
Cascadia nuttallii JFP-1
Cassia JFP-15
Cassia artemisioides JFP-2a_t
Cassia didymobotrya JFP-2a
Cassia eremophila JFP-2a
Cassiope JFP-15
Cassiope mertensiana JFP-1
Cassiope mertensiana subsp. californica JFP-unresolved
Cassiope mertensiana subsp. ciliolata JFP-unresolved
Cassiope mertensiana subsp. mertensiana JFP-unresolved
Cassiope mertensiana var. mertensiana JFP-1a
Castela JFP-15
Castela emoryi JFP-1
Castela erecta JFP-8
Castela erecta subsp. erecta JFP-8
Castilleja JFP-15
Castilleja affinis JFP-1
Castilleja affinis subsp. affinis JFP-1
Castilleja affinis subsp. litoralis JFP-1
Castilleja affinis subsp. neglecta JFP-1
Castilleja ambigua JFP-1
Castilleja ambigua subsp. ambigua JFP-1
Castilleja ambigua subsp. humboldtiensis JFP-1
Castilleja ambigua subsp. insalutata JFP-1
Castilleja ambigua var. meadii JFP-1_p
Castilleja angustifolia JFP-8
Castilleja applegatei JFP-1
Castilleja applegatei subsp. disticha JFP-1
Castilleja applegatei subsp. martinii JFP-1
Castilleja applegatei subsp. pallida JFP-1
Castilleja applegatei subsp. pinetorum JFP-1
Castilleja arachnoidea JFP-1
Castilleja attenuata JFP-1
Castilleja brevilobata JFP-1
Castilleja brevistyla JFP-1
Castilleja breweri JFP-1a
Castilleja campestris JFP-1
Castilleja campestris subsp. campestris JFP-1
Castilleja campestris subsp. succulenta JFP-1
Castilleja chromosa JFP-1
Castilleja chrymactis JFP-8
Castilleja cinerea JFP-1
Castilleja clementis JFP-1a_t
Castilleja densiflora JFP-1
Castilleja densiflora subsp. densiflora JFP-1
Castilleja densiflora subsp. gracilis JFP-1
Castilleja densiflora subsp. obispoensis JFP-1
Castilleja douglasii JFP-1a_t
Castilleja exserta JFP-1
Castilleja exserta subsp. exserta JFP-1
Castilleja exserta subsp. latifolia JFP-1
Castilleja exserta subsp. venusta JFP-1
Castilleja foliolosa JFP-1
Castilleja fruticosa JFP-8
Castilleja gleasoni JFP-1
Castilleja grisea JFP-1
Castilleja hispida JFP-8
Castilleja hispida subsp. brevilobata JFP-1a
Castilleja hololeuca JFP-1
Castilleja inflata JFP-unresolved
Castilleja jepsonii JFP-1a
Castilleja lacera JFP-1
Castilleja lanata JFP-8
Castilleja lanata subsp. hololeuca JFP-1a
Castilleja lasiorhyncha JFP-1
Castilleja latifolia JFP-1
Castilleja lemmonii JFP-1
Castilleja linariifolia JFP-1
Castilleja lineariloba JFP-1
Castilleja mendocinensis JFP-1
Castilleja miniata JFP-1
Castilleja miniata subsp. elata JFP-1
Castilleja miniata subsp. miniata JFP-1
Castilleja minor JFP-1
Castilleja minor subsp. minor JFP-1
Castilleja minor subsp. spiralis JFP-1
Castilleja mollis JFP-1
Castilleja montigena JFP-1
Castilleja nana JFP-1
Castilleja parviflora JFP-8
Castilleja parviflora var. parviflora JFP-unresolved
Castilleja peirsonii JFP-1
Castilleja pilosa JFP-1
Castilleja pilosa var. pilosa JFP-1a
Castilleja pinetorum var. fragilis JFP-1a_t
Castilleja plagiotoma JFP-1
Castilleja praeterita JFP-1
Castilleja pruinosa JFP-1
Castilleja quibellii JFP-1a_t
Castilleja rubicundula JFP-1
Castilleja rubicundula subsp. lithospermoides JFP-1
Castilleja rubicundula subsp. rubicundula JFP-1
Castilleja schizotricha JFP-1
Castilleja subinclusa JFP-1
Castilleja subinclusa subsp. franciscana JFP-1
Castilleja subinclusa subsp. subinclusa JFP-1
Castilleja succulenta JFP-1a
Castilleja tenuis JFP-1
Castilleja trisecta JFP-1a_t
Castilleja uliginosa JFP-unresolved
Castilleja wightii JFP-1
Catalpa bignonioides JFP-2
Catalpa speciosa JFP-2
Catharanthus JFP-15
Catharanthus roseus JFP-3
Caulanthus JFP-15
Caulanthus amplexicaulis JFP-1
Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. amplexicaulis JFP-1a
Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. barbarae JFP-1a
Caulanthus anceps JFP-1
Caulanthus californicus JFP-1
Caulanthus cooperi JFP-1
Caulanthus coulteri JFP-1
Caulanthus coulteri var. coulteri JFP-1
Caulanthus coulteri var. lemmonii JFP-1a
Caulanthus crassicaulis JFP-1
Caulanthus crassicaulis var. crassicaulis JFP-1a
Caulanthus crassicaulis var. glaber JFP-1a
Caulanthus flavescens JFP-1
Caulanthus glaucus JFP-1
Caulanthus hallii JFP-1
Caulanthus heterophyllus JFP-1
Caulanthus heterophyllus var. heterophyllus JFP-1a
Caulanthus heterophyllus var. pseudosimulans JFP-1b
Caulanthus inflatus JFP-1
Caulanthus lasiophyllus JFP-1
Caulanthus lemmonii JFP-1
Caulanthus major JFP-1
Caulanthus major var. major JFP-1a
Caulanthus major var. nevadensis JFP-1a
Caulanthus pilosus JFP-1
Caulanthus sierrae JFP-1b
Caulanthus simulans JFP-1
Caulostramina JFP-15
Caulostramina jaegeri JFP-1a
Ceanothus JFP-15
Ceanothus X arcuatus JFP-1b
Ceanothus X bakeri JFP-11
Ceanothus X connivens JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X flexilis JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X lobbianus JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X lorenzenii JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X mendocinensis JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X otayensis JFP-1a
Ceanothus X regius JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X rugosus JFP-11
Ceanothus X vanrensselaeri JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus X veitchianus JFP-11
Ceanothus arboreus JFP-1
Ceanothus arboreus var. arboreus JFP-1a
Ceanothus arboreus var. glaber JFP-1a
Ceanothus arboreus var. glabra JFP-1b
Ceanothus arcuatus JFP-1
Ceanothus confusus JFP-1
Ceanothus connivens JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus cordulatus JFP-1
Ceanothus crassifolius JFP-1
Ceanothus crassifolius var. crassifolius JFP-1
Ceanothus crassifolius var. planus JFP-1
Ceanothus cuneatus JFP-1
Ceanothus cuneatus var. cuneatus JFP-1
Ceanothus cuneatus var. dubius JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus cuneatus var. fascicularis JFP-1
Ceanothus cuneatus var. ramulosus JFP-1
Ceanothus cuneatus var. rigidus JFP-1a
Ceanothus cyaneus JFP-1
Ceanothus decornutus JFP-1
Ceanothus dentatus JFP-1
Ceanothus divaricatus var. laetiflorus JFP-1a
Ceanothus divergens JFP-1
Ceanothus diversifolius JFP-1
Ceanothus ferrisiae JFP-1
Ceanothus floribundus JFP-1a
Ceanothus foliosus JFP-1
Ceanothus foliosus var. foliosus JFP-1
Ceanothus foliosus var. medius JFP-1
Ceanothus foliosus var. viejasensis JFP-1
Ceanothus foliosus var. vineatus JFP-1
Ceanothus fresnensis JFP-1
Ceanothus gloriosus JFP-1
Ceanothus gloriosus var. exaltatus JFP-1
Ceanothus gloriosus var. gloriosus JFP-1
Ceanothus gloriosus var. porrectus JFP-1
Ceanothus greggii JFP-8
Ceanothus greggii var. perplexans JFP-1a
Ceanothus greggii var. vestitus JFP-1a
Ceanothus griseus JFP-1a
Ceanothus griseus var. griseus JFP-1a
Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus hearstiorum JFP-1
Ceanothus impressus JFP-1
Ceanothus impressus var. impressus JFP-1
Ceanothus impressus var. nipomensis JFP-1
Ceanothus incanus JFP-1
Ceanothus incanus f. spinosissimus JFP-1a_t
Ceanothus integerrimus JFP-1
Ceanothus integerrimus var. californicus JFP-1a
Ceanothus integerrimus var. integerrimus JFP-1
Ceanothus integerrimus var. macrothyrsus JFP-1
Ceanothus integerrimus var. peduncularis JFP-1a
Ceanothus integerrimus var. puberulus JFP-1a
Ceanothus jepsonii JFP-1
Ceanothus jepsonii var. albiflorus JFP-1a
Ceanothus jepsonii var. jepsonii JFP-1a
Ceanothus lemmonii JFP-1
Ceanothus leucodermis JFP-1
Ceanothus maritimus JFP-1
Ceanothus masonii JFP-1
Ceanothus megacarpus JFP-1
Ceanothus megacarpus var. insularis JFP-1
Ceanothus megacarpus var. megacarpus JFP-1
Ceanothus megacarpus var. pendulus JFP-1a
Ceanothus oliganthus JFP-1
Ceanothus oliganthus var. oliganthus JFP-1
Ceanothus oliganthus var. orcuttii JFP-1
Ceanothus oliganthus var. sorediatus JFP-1
Ceanothus ophiochilus JFP-1
Ceanothus otayensis JFP-1
Ceanothus palmeri JFP-1
Ceanothus papillosus JFP-1
Ceanothus papillosus var. papillosus JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus papillosus var. regius JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus papillosus var. roweanus JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus parryi JFP-1
Ceanothus parvifolius JFP-1
Ceanothus pauciflorus JFP-1
Ceanothus pendletonensis JFP-1
Ceanothus perplexans JFP-1
Ceanothus pinetorum JFP-1
Ceanothus prostratus JFP-1
Ceanothus prostratus var. laxus JFP-1a
Ceanothus prostratus var. occidentalis JFP-1
Ceanothus prostratus var. profugus JFP-1a
Ceanothus prostratus var. prostratus JFP-1
Ceanothus pumilus JFP-1
Ceanothus purpureus JFP-1
Ceanothus ramulosus var. fascicularis JFP-1a_t
Ceanothus rigidus JFP-1
Ceanothus roderickii JFP-1
Ceanothus sanguineus JFP-1
Ceanothus serrulatus JFP-11
Ceanothus sonomensis JFP-1
Ceanothus sorediatus JFP-1a
Ceanothus spinosus JFP-1
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus JFP-1
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. chandleri JFP-1a
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. griseus JFP-1
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. obispoensis JFP-1
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens JFP-1a
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. thyrsiflorus JFP-1
Ceanothus tomentosus JFP-1
Ceanothus tomentosus var. olivaceus JFP-1a
Ceanothus tomentosus var. tomentosus JFP-1a
Ceanothus velutinus JFP-1
Ceanothus velutinus var. hookeri JFP-1b
Ceanothus velutinus var. laevigatus JFP-1a
Ceanothus velutinus var. lorenzenii JFP-unresolved
Ceanothus velutinus var. velutinus JFP-1a
Ceanothus verrucosus JFP-1
Ceanothus vestitus JFP-1a
Cedronella canariensis JFP-2_t
Cedrus libani JFP-9_t
Celastraceae JFP-16
Celtis JFP-15
Celtis australis JFP-2
Celtis laevigata JFP-8
Celtis laevigata var. reticulata JFP-1a
Celtis reticulata JFP-1
Celtis sinensis JFP-2
Cenchrus JFP-15
Cenchrus ciliaris JFP-2a
Cenchrus echinatus JFP-2
Cenchrus incertus JFP-2a
Cenchrus longispinus JFP-2
Cenchrus spinifex JFP-2
Centaurea JFP-15
Centaurea X moncktonii JFP-10b
Centaurea X pouzinii JFP-2a
Centaurea X pratensis JFP-10bb
Centaurea babylonica JFP-3
Centaurea benedicta JFP-2
Centaurea biebersteinii JFP-2_t
Centaurea calcitrapa JFP-2
Centaurea calcitrapoides JFP-unresolved
Centaurea cineraria JFP-2
Centaurea cyanus JFP-2
Centaurea debeauxii JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Centaurea debeauxii subsp. thuillieri JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Centaurea diffusa JFP-2
Centaurea diluta JFP-2
Centaurea eriophora JFP-3_t
Centaurea iberica JFP-2
Centaurea jacea JFP-2
Centaurea jacea nothosubsp. pratensis JFP-2
Centaurea jacea subsp. jacea JFP-2
Centaurea jacea subsp. nigra JFP-2
Centaurea maculosa JFP-2a
Centaurea melitensis JFP-2
Centaurea moschata JFP-9a
Centaurea muricata JFP-2a
Centaurea nigra JFP-2a
Centaurea pouzinii JFP-2
Centaurea repens JFP-2a
Centaurea salmantica JFP-3a
Centaurea solstitialis JFP-2
Centaurea squarrosa JFP-2a
Centaurea stoebe JFP-2
Centaurea stoebe subsp. australis JFP-2
Centaurea sulphurea JFP-2
Centaurea triumfettii JFP-8
Centaurea virgata JFP-2
Centaurea virgata subsp. squarrosa JFP-2
Centaurium JFP-15
Centaurium arizonicum JFP-6a_t
Centaurium calycosum JFP-8a
Centaurium davyi JFP-1a
Centaurium erythraea JFP-2
Centaurium exaltatum JFP-1a
Centaurium exaltatum var. davyi JFP-1a
Centaurium muehlenbergii JFP-1a
Centaurium namophilum JFP-1a
Centaurium namophilum var. namophilum JFP-1a
Centaurium pulchellum JFP-3
Centaurium tenuiflorum JFP-2
Centaurium trichanthum JFP-1a
Centaurium venustum JFP-1a
Centaurium venustum subsp. abramsii JFP-1a
Centaurium venustum subsp. venustum JFP-1a
Centranthus JFP-15
Centranthus ruber JFP-2
Centromadia JFP-15
Centromadia fitchii JFP-1
Centromadia parryi JFP-1
Centromadia parryi subsp. australis JFP-1
Centromadia parryi subsp. congdonii JFP-1
Centromadia parryi subsp. parryi JFP-1
Centromadia parryi subsp. rudis JFP-1
Centromadia pungens JFP-1
Centromadia pungens subsp. laevis JFP-1
Centromadia pungens subsp. maritima JFP-1a
Centromadia pungens subsp. pungens JFP-1
Centromadia pungens subsp. septentrionalis JFP-1a
Centrostegia JFP-15
Centrostegia thurberi JFP-1
Centrostegia thurberi var. macrotheca JFP-1a
Centrostegia thurberi var. thurberi JFP-1a
Centunculus JFP-15
Centunculus minimus JFP-1a
Cephalanthera JFP-15
Cephalanthera austiniae JFP-1
Cephalanthus JFP-15
Cephalanthus occidentalis JFP-1
Cephalanthus occidentalis var. californicus JFP-unresolved
Cephalaria syriaca JFP-3_t
Cerastium JFP-15
Cerastium arvense JFP-1
Cerastium arvense subsp. maximum JFP-1a
Cerastium arvense subsp. strictum JFP-1
Cerastium beeringianum JFP-1
Cerastium beeringianum subsp. earlei JFP-1a
Cerastium beeringianum var. capillare JFP-1a
Cerastium dichotomum JFP-2
Cerastium diffusum JFP-2
Cerastium fontanum JFP-2
Cerastium fontanum subsp. vulgare JFP-2
Cerastium glomeratum JFP-2
Cerastium semidecandrum JFP-8
Cerastium viride JFP-1
Ceratocephala testiculata JFP-2a
Ceratoides lanata JFP-1a
Ceratonia JFP-15
Ceratonia siliqua JFP-2
Ceratophyllaceae JFP-16
Ceratophyllum JFP-15
Ceratophyllum demersum JFP-1
Ceratopteris thalictroides JFP-3
Cercidium JFP-15
Cercidium floridum JFP-1a
Cercidium floridum subsp. floridum JFP-1a
Cercidium microphyllum JFP-1a
Cercis JFP-15
Cercis occidentalis JFP-1
Cercis orbiculata JFP-1a
Cercocarpus JFP-15
Cercocarpus betuloides JFP-1
Cercocarpus betuloides subsp. blancheae JFP-1a
Cercocarpus betuloides var. betuloides JFP-1
Cercocarpus betuloides var. blancheae JFP-1
Cercocarpus betuloides var. macrourus JFP-1
Cercocarpus intricatus JFP-1a
Cercocarpus ledifolius JFP-1
Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intercedens JFP-11a
Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intermontanus JFP-1
Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intricatus JFP-1
Cercocarpus ledifolius var. ledifolius JFP-1
Cercocarpus macrourus JFP-1a
Cercocarpus minutiflorus JFP-1
Cercocarpus montanus JFP-1a
Cercocarpus montanus var. blancheae JFP-1a
Cercocarpus montanus var. glaber JFP-1a
Cercocarpus montanus var. macrourus JFP-1a
Cercocarpus montanus var. minutiflorus JFP-1a
Cercocarpus traskiae JFP-1
Cereus munzii JFP-1a_t
Cestrum JFP-15
Cestrum elegans JFP-3
Cestrum fasciculatum JFP-8
Cestrum nocturnum JFP-2
Cestrum parqui JFP-3
Chaenactis JFP-15
Chaenactis alpigena JFP-1
Chaenactis artemisiifolia JFP-1
Chaenactis aurea JFP-1a_t
Chaenactis carphoclinia JFP-1
Chaenactis carphoclinia var. carphoclinia JFP-1
Chaenactis carphoclinia var. peirsonii JFP-1
Chaenactis douglasii JFP-1
Chaenactis douglasii var. alpina JFP-1
Chaenactis douglasii var. douglasii JFP-1
Chaenactis fremontii JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. glabriuscula JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. heterocarpha JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. lanosa JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. megacephala JFP-1
Chaenactis glabriuscula var. orcuttiana JFP-1
Chaenactis gracilenta JFP-1a_t
Chaenactis macrantha JFP-1
Chaenactis nevadensis JFP-1
Chaenactis parishii JFP-1
Chaenactis peirsonii JFP-1a
Chaenactis pumila JFP-1a
Chaenactis rubricaulis JFP-1a
Chaenactis santolinoides JFP-1
Chaenactis stevioides JFP-1
Chaenactis stevioides var. stevioides JFP-1a_t
Chaenactis suffrutescens JFP-1
Chaenactis tanacetifolia JFP-1a
Chaenactis tenuifolia var. orcuttiana JFP-1a
Chaenactis xantiana JFP-1
Chaenomeles sinensis JFP-unresolved
Chaetadelpha JFP-15
Chaetadelpha wheeleri JFP-1
Chaetopappa JFP-15
Chaetopappa ericoides JFP-1
Chamaebatia JFP-15
Chamaebatia australis JFP-1
Chamaebatia foliolosa JFP-1
Chamaebatiaria JFP-15
Chamaebatiaria millefolium JFP-1
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana JFP-1
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis JFP-1a
Chamaecytisus JFP-15
Chamaecytisus proliferus JFP-2
Chamaemelum JFP-15
Chamaemelum fuscatum JFP-2
Chamaemelum nobile JFP-3
Chamaesaracha JFP-15
Chamaesaracha coronopus JFP-1
Chamaesaracha nana JFP-1
Chamaesyce JFP-15
Chamaesyce abramsiana JFP-1a
Chamaesyce albomarginata JFP-1a
Chamaesyce arizonica JFP-1a
Chamaesyce aureola JFP-1a_t
Chamaesyce dendroides JFP-2b
Chamaesyce fendleri JFP-1a
Chamaesyce glyptosperma JFP-1a
Chamaesyce hirta JFP-4a
Chamaesyce hooveri JFP-1a
Chamaesyce humistrata JFP-8
Chamaesyce hypericifolia JFP-4a
Chamaesyce maculata JFP-2a
Chamaesyce melanadenia JFP-1a
Chamaesyce micromera JFP-1a
Chamaesyce nutans JFP-2a
Chamaesyce ocellata JFP-1a
Chamaesyce ocellata subsp. arenicola JFP-1a
Chamaesyce ocellata subsp. ocellata JFP-1a
Chamaesyce ocellata subsp. rattanii JFP-1a
Chamaesyce ocellata var. kirbyi JFP-unresolved
Chamaesyce parishii JFP-1a
Chamaesyce parryi JFP-1a
Chamaesyce pediculifera JFP-1a
Chamaesyce platysperma JFP-1a
Chamaesyce polycarpa JFP-1a
Chamaesyce polycarpa var. hirtella JFP-unresolved
Chamaesyce polycarpa var. polycarpa JFP-unresolved
Chamaesyce prostrata JFP-2a
Chamaesyce revoluta JFP-1a
Chamaesyce serpens JFP-2a
Chamaesyce serpillifolia JFP-1a
Chamaesyce serpillifolia subsp. hirtula JFP-1a
Chamaesyce serpillifolia subsp. serpillifolia JFP-1a
Chamaesyce setiloba JFP-1a
Chamaesyce vallis-mortae JFP-1a
Chamelaucium uncinatum JFP-3
Chamerion angustifolium JFP-1
Chamerion angustifolium subsp. angustifolium JFP-8
Chamerion angustifolium subsp. circumvagum JFP-1
Chamerion latifolium JFP-1
Chamomilla JFP-15
Chamomilla occidentalis JFP-1a
Chamomilla suaveolens JFP-2a
Chamomilla suffruticosa JFP-8
Chasmanthe JFP-15
Chasmanthe floribunda JFP-2
Cheilanthes JFP-15
Cheilanthes X fibrillosa JFP-11
Cheilanthes X parishii JFP-11b
Cheilanthes carlotta-halliae JFP-1a
Cheilanthes clevelandii JFP-1a
Cheilanthes cooperae JFP-1a
Cheilanthes covillei JFP-1a
Cheilanthes feei JFP-1a
Cheilanthes gracillima JFP-1a
Cheilanthes intertexta JFP-1a
Cheilanthes newberryi JFP-1a
Cheilanthes parryi JFP-1a
Cheilanthes viscida JFP-1a
Cheilanthes wootonii JFP-1a
Chenopodiaceae JFP-16
Chenopodium JFP-15
Chenopodium album JFP-2
Chenopodium album var. album JFP-2a
Chenopodium album var. missouriense JFP-2a
Chenopodium album var. stevensii JFP-unresolved
Chenopodium album var. striatum JFP-2b
Chenopodium ambrosioides JFP-2a
Chenopodium ambrosioides var. ambrosioides JFP-2a
Chenopodium ambrosioides var. suffruticosum JFP-2a
Chenopodium atrovirens JFP-1
Chenopodium berlandieri JFP-1
Chenopodium berlandieri var. berlandieri JFP-8
Chenopodium berlandieri var. sinuatum JFP-1
Chenopodium berlandieri var. zschackei JFP-1
Chenopodium botrys JFP-2a
Chenopodium californicum JFP-1
Chenopodium capitatum JFP-1
Chenopodium capitatum var. capitatum JFP-2
Chenopodium capitatum var. parvicapitatum JFP-1
Chenopodium carnosulum JFP-8
Chenopodium carnosulum var. patagonicum JFP-8
Chenopodium chenopodioides JFP-2
Chenopodium desiccatum JFP-1
Chenopodium foliosum JFP-2
Chenopodium fremontii JFP-1
Chenopodium fremontii var. fremontii JFP-1a
Chenopodium glaucum JFP-1
Chenopodium glaucum var. salinum JFP-1
Chenopodium hians JFP-1
Chenopodium humile JFP-1a
Chenopodium incanum JFP-1
Chenopodium incanum var. occidentale JFP-1
Chenopodium incognitum JFP-1a
Chenopodium leptophyllum JFP-1
Chenopodium littoreum JFP-1
Chenopodium macrospermum JFP-2
Chenopodium macrospermum var. farinosum JFP-2a
Chenopodium macrospermum var. halophilum JFP-2a
Chenopodium missouriense JFP-2
Chenopodium multifidum JFP-2a
Chenopodium murale JFP-2
Chenopodium nevadense JFP-1
Chenopodium opulifolium JFP-unresolved
Chenopodium overi JFP-1a
Chenopodium polyspermum JFP-3
Chenopodium polyspermum var. acutifolium JFP-8
Chenopodium pratericola JFP-1
Chenopodium pumilio JFP-2a
Chenopodium rubrum JFP-1
Chenopodium rubrum var. humile JFP-1
Chenopodium rubrum var. rubrum JFP-1
Chenopodium salinum JFP-1a
Chenopodium simplex JFP-1
Chenopodium strictum JFP-2
Chenopodium strictum var. glaucophyllum JFP-2
Chenopodium vulvaria JFP-2
Chenopodium watsonii JFP-1
Chilopsis JFP-15
Chilopsis linearis JFP-1
Chilopsis linearis subsp. arcuata JFP-1
Chilopsis linearis var. arcuata JFP-1a
Chimaphila JFP-15
Chimaphila menziesii JFP-1
Chimaphila umbellata JFP-1
Chimaphila umbellata subsp. occidentalis JFP-1a
Chloracantha JFP-15
Chloracantha spinosa JFP-1
Chloracantha spinosa var. spinosa JFP-1
Chloraea austiniae JFP-1a
Chloris JFP-15
Chloris distichophylla JFP-3a
Chloris gayana JFP-2
Chloris truncata JFP-2
Chloris verticillata JFP-2
Chloris virgata JFP-2
Chlorogalum JFP-15
Chlorogalum angustifolium JFP-1
Chlorogalum grandiflorum JFP-1
Chlorogalum parviflorum JFP-1a
Chlorogalum pomeridianum JFP-1
Chlorogalum pomeridianum var. divaricatum JFP-1
Chlorogalum pomeridianum var. minus JFP-1
Chlorogalum pomeridianum var. pomeridianum JFP-1
Chlorogalum purpureum JFP-1a
Chlorogalum purpureum var. purpureum JFP-1a
Chlorogalum purpureum var. reductum JFP-1a
Chlorophytum JFP-15
Chlorophytum capense JFP-3
Chloropyron JFP-15
Chloropyron maritimum JFP-1
Chloropyron maritimum subsp. canescens JFP-1
Chloropyron maritimum subsp. maritimum JFP-1
Chloropyron maritimum subsp. palustre JFP-1
Chloropyron molle JFP-1
Chloropyron molle subsp. hispidum JFP-1
Chloropyron molle subsp. molle JFP-1
Chloropyron palmatum JFP-1
Chloropyron tecopense JFP-1
Chondrilla JFP-15
Chondrilla juncea JFP-2
Chorisiva nevadensis JFP-1a
Chorispora JFP-15
Chorispora tenella JFP-2
Chorizanthe JFP-15
Chorizanthe andersonii JFP-1a
Chorizanthe aphanantha JFP-1
Chorizanthe biloba JFP-1
Chorizanthe biloba var. biloba JFP-1
Chorizanthe biloba var. immemora JFP-1
Chorizanthe blakleyi JFP-1
Chorizanthe brevicornu JFP-1
Chorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornu JFP-1
Chorizanthe brevicornu var. spathulata JFP-1
Chorizanthe breweri JFP-1
Chorizanthe clevelandii JFP-1
Chorizanthe corrugata JFP-1
Chorizanthe cuspidata JFP-1
Chorizanthe cuspidata var. cuspidata JFP-1
Chorizanthe cuspidata var. marginata JFP-1a
Chorizanthe cuspidata var. villosa JFP-1
Chorizanthe diffusa JFP-1
Chorizanthe douglasii JFP-1
Chorizanthe douglasii var. albens JFP-1a
Chorizanthe eastwoodiae JFP-1
Chorizanthe fimbriata JFP-1
Chorizanthe fimbriata var. fimbriata JFP-1
Chorizanthe fimbriata var. laciniata JFP-1
Chorizanthe howellii JFP-1
Chorizanthe insignis JFP-1a
Chorizanthe insularis JFP-1a
Chorizanthe leptotheca JFP-1
Chorizanthe membranacea JFP-1
Chorizanthe minutiflora JFP-1
Chorizanthe nortonii JFP-1a
Chorizanthe obovata JFP-1
Chorizanthe orcuttiana JFP-1
Chorizanthe palmeri JFP-1
Chorizanthe parryi JFP-1
Chorizanthe parryi var. fernandina JFP-1
Chorizanthe parryi var. parryi JFP-1
Chorizanthe polygonoides JFP-1
Chorizanthe polygonoides var. longispina JFP-1
Chorizanthe polygonoides var. polygonoides JFP-1
Chorizanthe procumbens JFP-1
Chorizanthe procumbens var. albiflora JFP-1a
Chorizanthe pungens JFP-1
Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegiana JFP-1
Chorizanthe pungens var. nivea JFP-1a
Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens JFP-1
Chorizanthe rectispina JFP-1
Chorizanthe rigida JFP-1
Chorizanthe robusta JFP-1
Chorizanthe robusta var. hartwegii JFP-1
Chorizanthe robusta var. robusta JFP-1
Chorizanthe spinosa JFP-1
Chorizanthe staticoides JFP-1
Chorizanthe staticoides var. elata JFP-1a
Chorizanthe stellulata JFP-1
Chorizanthe uniaristata JFP-1
Chorizanthe valida JFP-1
Chorizanthe ventricosa JFP-1
Chorizanthe villosa JFP-1a
Chorizanthe vortriedei JFP-1a
Chorizanthe watsonii JFP-1
Chorizanthe wheeleri JFP-1
Chorizanthe xanti JFP-1
Chorizanthe xanti var. leucotheca JFP-1
Chorizanthe xanti var. xanti JFP-1
Chrysanthemoides monilifera JFP-2
Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. monilifera JFP-2
Chrysanthemum JFP-15
Chrysanthemum balsamita JFP-4a_t
Chrysanthemum carinatum JFP-3a
Chrysanthemum coronarium JFP-2a
Chrysanthemum frutescens JFP-8a
Chrysanthemum segetum JFP-2a
Chrysolepis JFP-15
Chrysolepis chrysophylla JFP-1
Chrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophylla JFP-1
Chrysolepis chrysophylla var. minor JFP-1
Chrysolepis sempervirens JFP-1
Chrysoma merriamii JFP-unresolved
Chrysopsis breweri var. multibracteata JFP-unresolved
Chrysopsis camphorata JFP-1a_t
Chrysopsis fastigiata JFP-1a_t
Chrysopsis shastensis JFP-1a_t
Chrysosplenium JFP-15
Chrysosplenium glechomifolium JFP-1
Chrysothamnus JFP-15
Chrysothamnus albidus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus californicus JFP-unresolved
Chrysothamnus depressus JFP-1
Chrysothamnus gramineus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus greenei JFP-1
Chrysothamnus humilis JFP-1
Chrysothamnus nauseosus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. albicaulis JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. bernardinus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. ceruminosus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. consimilis JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. gnaphalodes JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. hololeucus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. leiospermus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. mohavensis JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. nauseosus JFP-8a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. viridulus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. viscosus JFP-unresolved
Chrysothamnus nauseosus subsp. washoensis JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. bernardinus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. macrophyllus JFP-unresolved
Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. nauseosus JFP-8a
Chrysothamnus paniculatus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. asper JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. bolanderi JFP-unresolved
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. imulus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. latior JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. nevadensis JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus parryi subsp. vulcanicus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus teretifolius JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus JFP-1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. axillaris JFP-1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. lanceolatus JFP-1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. latifolius JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. puberulus JFP-1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. pumilus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. stenophyllus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. viscidiflorus JFP-1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. latifolius JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. stenophyllus JFP-1a
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus var. viscidiflorus JFP-1a
Chylismia arenaria JFP-1
Chylismia brevipes JFP-1
Chylismia brevipes subsp. arizonica JFP-1
Chylismia brevipes subsp. brevipes JFP-1
Chylismia brevipes subsp. pallidula JFP-1
Chylismia cardiophylla JFP-1
Chylismia cardiophylla subsp. cardiophylla JFP-1
Chylismia cardiophylla subsp. robusta JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. aurantiaca JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. claviformis JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. cruciformis JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. funerea JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. integrior JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. lancifolia JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. peirsonii JFP-1
Chylismia claviformis subsp. yumae JFP-1
Chylismia heterochroma JFP-1
Chylismia lancifolia JFP-1a
Chylismia munzii JFP-1
Chylismia walkeri JFP-1
Chylismia walkeri subsp. tortilis JFP-1
Chylismiella pterosperma JFP-1
Cicendia JFP-15
Cicendia quadrangularis JFP-1
Cichorium JFP-15
Cichorium endivia JFP-3
Cichorium intybus JFP-2
Ciclospermum JFP-14
Ciclospermum leptophyllum JFP-14
Cicuta JFP-15
Cicuta douglasii JFP-1
Cicuta maculata JFP-1
Cicuta maculata var. angustifolia JFP-1
Cicuta maculata var. bolanderi JFP-1
Cicuta maculata var. maculata JFP-8
Cinna JFP-15
Cinna bolanderi JFP-1
Cinna latifolia JFP-1
Cinnamomum camphora JFP-2
Circaea JFP-15
Circaea alpina JFP-1
Circaea alpina subsp. pacifica JFP-1
Cirsium JFP-15
Cirsium andersonii JFP-1
Cirsium andrewsii JFP-1
Cirsium arizonicum JFP-1
Cirsium arizonicum var. arizonicum JFP-1
Cirsium arizonicum var. tenuisectum JFP-1
Cirsium arvense JFP-2
Cirsium brevistylum JFP-1
Cirsium canescens JFP-2
Cirsium canovirens JFP-1a
Cirsium ciliolatum JFP-1
Cirsium congdonii JFP-1a
Cirsium crassicaule JFP-1
Cirsium cymosum JFP-1
Cirsium cymosum var. canovirens JFP-1
Cirsium cymosum var. cymosum JFP-1
Cirsium douglasii JFP-1
Cirsium douglasii var. breweri JFP-1
Cirsium douglasii var. douglasii JFP-1
Cirsium fontinale JFP-1
Cirsium fontinale var. campylon JFP-1
Cirsium fontinale var. fontinale JFP-1
Cirsium fontinale var. obispoense JFP-1
Cirsium giganteum JFP-9
Cirsium hydrophilum JFP-1
Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum JFP-1
Cirsium hydrophilum var. vaseyi JFP-1
Cirsium inamoenum JFP-1
Cirsium inamoenum var. inamoenum JFP-1
Cirsium loncholepis JFP-1a
Cirsium mohavense JFP-1
Cirsium neomexicanum JFP-1
Cirsium nidulum JFP-8
Cirsium occidentale JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. californicum JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. candidissimum JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. compactum JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. coulteri JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. lucianum JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. occidentale JFP-1
Cirsium occidentale var. venustum JFP-1
Cirsium ochrocentrum JFP-2
Cirsium ochrocentrum var. ochrocentrum JFP-2
Cirsium praeteriens JFP-7
Cirsium quercetorum JFP-1
Cirsium remotifolium JFP-1
Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis JFP-1
Cirsium remotifolium var. remotifolium JFP-1
Cirsium remotifolium var. rivulare JFP-1
Cirsium rhothophilum JFP-1
Cirsium scabrum JFP-3b
Cirsium scariosum JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. americanum JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. citrinum JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. congdonii JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. loncholepis JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. robustum JFP-1
Cirsium scariosum var. scariosum JFP-1
Cirsium subniveum JFP-1a
Cirsium undulatum JFP-1
Cirsium undulatum var. undulatum JFP-1a
Cirsium vulgare JFP-2
Cirsium walkerianum JFP-1a
Cissus antarctica JFP-3
Cistaceae JFP-16
Cistanthe JFP-15
Cistanthe maritima JFP-1
Cistanthe monandra JFP-1a
Cistanthe monosperma JFP-1a
Cistanthe parryi JFP-1a
Cistanthe parryi var. hesseae JFP-1a
Cistanthe parryi var. nevadensis JFP-1a
Cistanthe parryi var. parryi JFP-1a
Cistanthe pulchella JFP-1a
Cistanthe pygmaea JFP-1a
Cistanthe quadripetala JFP-1a
Cistanthe rosea JFP-1a
Cistanthe umbellata JFP-1a
Cistanthe umbellata var. caudicifera JFP-1a
Cistanthe umbellata var. umbellata JFP-1a
Cistus JFP-15
Cistus creticus JFP-2a
Cistus incanus JFP-2
Cistus incanus subsp. corsicus JFP-2a
Cistus incanus subsp. creticus JFP-2a
Cistus incanus subsp. incanus JFP-2a
Cistus ladanifer JFP-2
Cistus monspeliensis JFP-2
Cistus psilosepalus JFP-4
Cistus salviifolius JFP-2
Citrullus JFP-15
Citrullus colocynthis JFP-8
Citrullus colocynthis var. lanatus JFP-3b
Citrullus lanatus JFP-2
Citrullus lanatus var. citroides JFP-2
Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus JFP-3
Cladium JFP-15
Cladium californicum JFP-1
Clarkia JFP-15
Clarkia affinis JFP-1
Clarkia amoena JFP-1
Clarkia amoena subsp. amoena JFP-1
Clarkia amoena subsp. huntiana JFP-1
Clarkia amoena subsp. lindleyi JFP-8
Clarkia amoena subsp. whitneyi JFP-1
Clarkia arcuata JFP-1
Clarkia australis JFP-1
Clarkia biloba JFP-1
Clarkia biloba subsp. australis JFP-1
Clarkia biloba subsp. biloba JFP-1
Clarkia biloba subsp. brandegeeae JFP-1
Clarkia borealis JFP-1
Clarkia borealis subsp. arida JFP-1
Clarkia borealis subsp. borealis JFP-1
Clarkia bottae JFP-1
Clarkia breweri JFP-1
Clarkia concinna JFP-1
Clarkia concinna subsp. automixa JFP-1
Clarkia concinna subsp. concinna JFP-1
Clarkia concinna subsp. raichei JFP-1
Clarkia cylindrica JFP-1
Clarkia cylindrica subsp. clavicarpa JFP-1
Clarkia cylindrica subsp. cylindrica JFP-1
Clarkia davyi JFP-1
Clarkia delicata JFP-1
Clarkia dudleyana JFP-1
Clarkia epilobioides JFP-1
Clarkia exilis JFP-1
Clarkia franciscana JFP-1
Clarkia gracilis JFP-1
Clarkia gracilis subsp. albicaulis JFP-1
Clarkia gracilis subsp. gracilis JFP-1
Clarkia gracilis subsp. sonomensis JFP-1
Clarkia gracilis subsp. tracyi JFP-1
Clarkia heterandra JFP-1
Clarkia imbricata JFP-1
Clarkia jolonensis JFP-1
Clarkia lassenensis JFP-1
Clarkia lewisii JFP-1
Clarkia lingulata JFP-1
Clarkia mildrediae JFP-1
Clarkia mildrediae subsp. lutescens JFP-1
Clarkia mildrediae subsp. mildrediae JFP-1
Clarkia modesta JFP-1
Clarkia mosquinii JFP-1
Clarkia mosquinii subsp. mosquinii JFP-1a
Clarkia mosquinii subsp. xerophila JFP-1a
Clarkia nitens JFP-1a
Clarkia parviflora JFP-1a
Clarkia prostrata JFP-1
Clarkia purpurea JFP-1
Clarkia purpurea subsp. purpurea JFP-1
Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera JFP-1
Clarkia purpurea subsp. viminea JFP-1
Clarkia rhomboidea JFP-1
Clarkia rostrata JFP-1
Clarkia rubicunda JFP-1
Clarkia similis JFP-1
Clarkia speciosa JFP-1
Clarkia speciosa subsp. immaculata JFP-1
Clarkia speciosa subsp. nitens JFP-1
Clarkia speciosa subsp. polyantha JFP-1
Clarkia speciosa subsp. speciosa JFP-1
Clarkia springvillensis JFP-1
Clarkia stellata JFP-1
Clarkia tembloriensis JFP-1
Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. calientensis JFP-1
Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. longistyla JFP-unresolved
Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. tembloriensis JFP-1
Clarkia unguiculata JFP-1
Clarkia virgata JFP-1
Clarkia virgata subsp. australis JFP-1a
Clarkia williamsonii JFP-1
Clarkia williamsonii var. incerta JFP-1a
Clarkia xantiana JFP-1
Clarkia xantiana subsp. parviflora JFP-1
Clarkia xantiana subsp. xantiana JFP-1
Claytonia JFP-15
Claytonia chenopodina JFP-1a
Claytonia cordifolia JFP-1
Claytonia exigua JFP-1
Claytonia exigua subsp. exigua JFP-1
Claytonia exigua subsp. glauca JFP-1
Claytonia gypsophiloides JFP-1
Claytonia lanceolata JFP-1
Claytonia lanceolata var. lanceolata JFP-1a
Claytonia lanceolata var. peirsonii JFP-1a
Claytonia lanceolata var. sessilifolia JFP-1a
Claytonia megarhiza JFP-1
Claytonia megarhiza var. bellidifolia JFP-1a
Claytonia nevadensis JFP-1
Claytonia palustris JFP-1
Claytonia parviflora JFP-1
Claytonia parviflora subsp. grandiflora JFP-1
Claytonia parviflora subsp. parviflora JFP-1
Claytonia parviflora subsp. utahensis JFP-1
Claytonia parviflora subsp. viridis JFP-1
Claytonia perfoliata JFP-1
Claytonia perfoliata subsp. intermontana JFP-1
Claytonia perfoliata subsp. mexicana JFP-1
Claytonia perfoliata subsp. perfoliata JFP-1
Claytonia perfoliata var. angustifolia JFP-1a
Claytonia rubra JFP-1
Claytonia rubra subsp. depressa JFP-1
Claytonia rubra subsp. rubra JFP-1
Claytonia saxosa JFP-1
Claytonia sibirica JFP-1
Claytonia sibirica var. bulbifera JFP-1a
Claytonia sibirica var. sibirica JFP-1a
Claytonia umbellata JFP-1
Claytonia washingtoniana JFP-1
Clematis JFP-15
Clematis biflora JFP-1a_t
Clematis drummondii JFP-8
Clematis lasiantha JFP-1
Clematis ligusticifolia JFP-1
Clematis ligusticifolia var. brevifolia JFP-1a
Clematis ligusticifolia var. californica JFP-1a
Clematis ligusticifolia var. ligusticifolia JFP-1a
Clematis pauciflora JFP-1
Clematis terniflora JFP-4_t
Clematis vitalba JFP-2_p
Cleomaceae JFP-16
Cleome JFP-15
Cleome hassleriana JFP-4
Cleome isomeris JFP-1a
Cleome lutea JFP-1a
Cleome lutea var. lutea JFP-1a
Cleome platycarpa JFP-1a
Cleome serrulata JFP-1a
Cleome sparsifolia JFP-1a
Cleomella JFP-15
Cleomella brevipes JFP-1
Cleomella hillmanii JFP-1
Cleomella hillmanii var. hillmanii JFP-1
Cleomella obtusifolia JFP-1
Cleomella obtusifolia var. florifera JFP-1a
Cleomella obtusifolia var. jonesii JFP-1a
Cleomella parviflora JFP-1
Cleomella plocasperma JFP-1
Cleomella plocasperma var. mojavensis JFP-1a
Cleomella plocasperma var. stricta JFP-1a
Clinopodium chandleri JFP-1
Clinopodium douglasii JFP-1
Clinopodium mimuloides JFP-1
Clintonia JFP-15
Clintonia andrewsiana JFP-1
Clintonia uniflora JFP-1
Clitoria JFP-15
Clitoria ternatea JFP-8
Cneoridium JFP-15
Cneoridium dumosum JFP-1
Cnicus JFP-15
Cnicus benedictus JFP-2a
Cochlearia JFP-15
Cochlearia groenlandica JFP-1
Cochlearia officinalis JFP-8
Cochlearia officinalis var. arctica JFP-1a
Cogswellia rigida JFP-1a
Coincya monensis JFP-2
Coincya monensis subsp. recurvata JFP-2
Coix lacryma-jobi JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Coldenia brevicalyx JFP-1a_t
Coleogeton JFP-15
Coleogeton filiformis JFP-1a
Coleogeton filiformis subsp. alpinus JFP-1a
Coleogeton pectinatus JFP-1a
Coleogeton striatus JFP-1a
Coleogyne JFP-15
Coleogyne ramosissima JFP-1
Coleosanthus argutus JFP-1a
Collinsia JFP-15
Collinsia antonina JFP-1
Collinsia antonina subsp. purpurea JFP-1a_t
Collinsia bartsiifolia JFP-1
Collinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifolia JFP-1
Collinsia bartsiifolia var. davidsonii JFP-1
Collinsia bartsiifolia var. hirsuta JFP-6
Collinsia bartsiifolia var. stricta JFP-1
Collinsia breviflora JFP-1a_t
Collinsia callosa JFP-1
Collinsia childii JFP-1
Collinsia concolor JFP-1
Collinsia corymbosa JFP-1
Collinsia grandiflora JFP-1
Collinsia greenei JFP-1
Collinsia heterophylla JFP-1
Collinsia heterophylla var. austromontana JFP-1
Collinsia heterophylla var. heterophylla JFP-1
Collinsia linearis JFP-1
Collinsia monticola JFP-1a_t
Collinsia multicolor JFP-1
Collinsia parryi JFP-1
Collinsia parviflora JFP-1
Collinsia parviflora var. collina JFP-1a
Collinsia rattanii JFP-1
Collinsia rattanii subsp. rattanii JFP-1a
Collinsia sparsiflora JFP-1
Collinsia sparsiflora var. arvensis JFP-unresolved
Collinsia sparsiflora var. bruceae JFP-unresolved
Collinsia sparsiflora var. collina JFP-1
Collinsia sparsiflora var. sparsiflora JFP-1
Collinsia stricta JFP-unresolved
Collinsia tinctoria JFP-1
Collinsia torreyi JFP-1
Collinsia torreyi var. brevicarinata JFP-1
Collinsia torreyi var. latifolia JFP-1
Collinsia torreyi var. torreyi JFP-1
Collinsia torreyi var. wrightii JFP-1
Collomia JFP-15
Collomia diversifolia JFP-1
Collomia gilioides JFP-1a_t
Collomia grandiflora JFP-1
Collomia heterophylla JFP-1
Collomia larsenii JFP-1
Collomia linearis JFP-1
Collomia rawsoniana JFP-1
Collomia tenella JFP-1
Collomia tinctoria JFP-1
Collomia tinctoria subvar. luxuriosa JFP-1a_t
Collomia tracyi JFP-1
Colubrina JFP-15
Colubrina californica JFP-1
Colutea JFP-15
Colutea arborescens JFP-2
Comandra JFP-15
Comandra californica JFP-1a
Comandra umbellata JFP-1
Comandra umbellata subsp. californica JFP-1
Comandraceae JFP-16
Comarostaphylis JFP-15
Comarostaphylis diversifolia JFP-1
Comarostaphylis diversifolia subsp. diversifolia JFP-1
Comarostaphylis diversifolia subsp. planifolia JFP-1
Comarostaphylis diversifolia var. planifolia JFP-1a
Comarum JFP-15
Comarum palustre JFP-1
Comastoma tenellum JFP-1
Comastoma tenellum var. tenellum JFP-1a
Commelina JFP-15
Commelina benghalensis JFP-2
Commelinaceae JFP-16
Conanthus multiflorus JFP-1a_t
Condalia JFP-15
Condalia globosa JFP-1
Condalia globosa var. pubescens JFP-1
Condalia lycioides var. canescens JFP-1a
Condalia parryi JFP-1a
Condea emoryi JFP-1
Congdonia pinetorum JFP-1a
Conicosia JFP-15
Conicosia pugioniformis JFP-2
Conioselinum JFP-15
Conioselinum gmelini JFP-1a_t
Conioselinum pacificum JFP-1
Conium JFP-15
Conium maculatum JFP-2
Conringia JFP-15
Conringia orientalis JFP-2
Consolida JFP-15
Consolida ajacis JFP-2
Consolida ambigua JFP-8a
Constancea JFP-15
Constancea nevinii JFP-1
Convolvulaceae JFP-16
Convolvulus JFP-15
Convolvulus althaeoides JFP-3
Convolvulus arvensis JFP-2
Convolvulus chartaceus JFP-1a
Convolvulus collinus JFP-1a
Convolvulus cyclostegius JFP-1a
Convolvulus equitans JFP-8
Convolvulus gracilentus JFP-1a
Convolvulus luteolus var. purpuratus JFP-1a
Convolvulus luteolus var. solanensis JFP-1a
Convolvulus saxicola JFP-1a
Convolvulus simulans JFP-1
Convolvulus subacaulis var. dolosus JFP-1a
Convolvulus tricolor JFP-3
Convolvulus villosus var. pedicellatus JFP-1a
Conyza JFP-15
Conyza bilbaoana JFP-8
Conyza bonariensis JFP-2a
Conyza canadensis JFP-1a
Conyza canadensis var. canadensis JFP-1a
Conyza canadensis var. glabrata JFP-unresolved
Conyza coulteri JFP-1a
Conyza floribunda JFP-2a
Conyza squamata JFP-2a
Coprosma repens JFP-3
Coptis JFP-15
Coptis laciniata JFP-1
Corallorhiza JFP-15
Corallorhiza maculata JFP-1
Corallorhiza maculata var. maculata JFP-1
Corallorhiza maculata var. occidentalis JFP-1
Corallorhiza mertensiana JFP-1
Corallorhiza striata JFP-1
Corallorhiza striata var. striata JFP-1a
Corallorhiza striata var. vreelandii JFP-1a
Corallorhiza trifida JFP-1
Corallorrhiza JFP-14
Cordylanthus JFP-15
Cordylanthus capillaris JFP-1a
Cordylanthus capitatus JFP-1
Cordylanthus carnulosus JFP-1a_t
Cordylanthus eremicus JFP-1
Cordylanthus eremicus subsp. eremicus JFP-1
Cordylanthus eremicus subsp. kernensis JFP-1
Cordylanthus hispidus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus kingii JFP-1
Cordylanthus kingii subsp. helleri JFP-1
Cordylanthus maritimus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus maritimus subsp. canescens JFP-1a
Cordylanthus maritimus subsp. maritimus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus maritimus subsp. palustris JFP-1a
Cordylanthus mollis JFP-1a
Cordylanthus mollis subsp. hispidus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus mollis subsp. mollis JFP-1a
Cordylanthus mollis var. viridis JFP-1a_t
Cordylanthus nevinii JFP-1
Cordylanthus nidularius JFP-1
Cordylanthus orcuttianus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus pallescens JFP-1a
Cordylanthus palmatus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus parviflorus JFP-1
Cordylanthus pilosus JFP-1
Cordylanthus pilosus subsp. hansenii JFP-1
Cordylanthus pilosus subsp. pilosus JFP-1
Cordylanthus pilosus subsp. trifidus JFP-1
Cordylanthus pilosus var. bolanderi JFP-1a_t
Cordylanthus pilosus var. brunneus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus pringlei JFP-1
Cordylanthus ramosus JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus subsp. brevibracteatus JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus subsp. littoralis JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus subsp. rigidus JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus subsp. setiger JFP-1
Cordylanthus rigidus var. compactus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus rigidus var. ferrisianus JFP-1a
Cordylanthus rigidus var. sylvaticus JFP-1a_t
Cordylanthus tecopensis JFP-1a
Cordylanthus tenuis JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. barbatus JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. brunneus JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. capillaris JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. pallescens JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. tenuis JFP-1
Cordylanthus tenuis subsp. viscidus JFP-1
Cordyline australis JFP-2
Coreopsis JFP-15
Coreopsis bigelovii JFP-1a
Coreopsis californica JFP-1a
Coreopsis californica var. californica JFP-1a
Coreopsis calliopsidea JFP-1a
Coreopsis douglasii JFP-1a
Coreopsis gigantea JFP-1a
Coreopsis grandiflora JFP-4
Coreopsis hamiltonii JFP-1a
Coreopsis lanceolata JFP-2
Coreopsis maritima JFP-1a
Coreopsis stillmanii JFP-1a
Coreopsis tinctoria JFP-2
Coreopsis tinctoria var. atkinsoniana JFP-2a
Coreopsis tinctoria var. tinctoria JFP-2a
Coreopsis wrightii JFP-8
Corethrogyne JFP-15
Corethrogyne californica JFP-1a
Corethrogyne californica var. californica JFP-1a
Corethrogyne californica var. lyonii JFP-1a
Corethrogyne californica var. obovata JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia JFP-1
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. bernardina JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. brevicula JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. filaginifolia JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. hamiltonensis JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. incana JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. latifolia JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. linifolia JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. pacifica JFP-unresolved
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. peirsonii JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. pinetorum JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. robusta JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. sessilis JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. virgata JFP-1a
Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. viscidula JFP-1a
Corethrogyne leucophylla JFP-1a
Corethrogyne viscidula var. greenei JFP-unresolved
Coriandrum JFP-15
Coriandrum sativum JFP-2
Corispermum JFP-15
Corispermum americanum JFP-1
Corispermum americanum var. americanum JFP-1
Corispermum hyssopifolium JFP-8
Cornaceae JFP-16
Cornus JFP-15
Cornus californica JFP-1a
Cornus californica var. nevadensis JFP-1a
Cornus canadensis JFP-1
Cornus costulata JFP-1a_t
Cornus glabrata JFP-1
Cornus greenei JFP-1a_t
Cornus nuttallii JFP-1
Cornus occidentalis JFP-1a
Cornus sericea JFP-1
Cornus sericea subsp. occidentalis JFP-1
Cornus sericea subsp. sericea JFP-1
Cornus sessilis JFP-1
Cornus unalaschkensis JFP-1a
Coronilla JFP-15
Coronilla valentina JFP-9
Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca JFP-3
Coronilla varia JFP-2
Coronopus JFP-15
Coronopus didymus JFP-2a
Coronopus squamatus JFP-2a
Cortaderia JFP-15
Cortaderia jubata JFP-2
Cortaderia selloana JFP-2
Corydalis JFP-15
Corydalis aurea JFP-1
Corydalis aurea subsp. aurea JFP-1a
Corydalis caseana JFP-1
Corydalis caseana subsp. caseana JFP-1
Corylus JFP-15
Corylus californica JFP-1a
Corylus cornuta JFP-1
Corylus cornuta subsp. californica JFP-1
Corylus cornuta var. californica JFP-1a
Corylus rostrata var. tracyi JFP-1a
Coryphantha alversonii JFP-1
Coryphantha chlorantha JFP-1
Coryphantha vivipara JFP-1
Coryphantha vivipara var. rosea JFP-1
Cosmos JFP-15
Cosmos bipinnatus JFP-2
Cosmos sulphureus JFP-4
Cota tinctoria JFP-3
Cotoneaster JFP-15
Cotoneaster franchetii JFP-2
Cotoneaster frigidus JFP-2
Cotoneaster hodjingensis JFP-2
Cotoneaster horizontalis JFP-2
Cotoneaster integrifolius JFP-2
Cotoneaster lacteus JFP-2
Cotoneaster microphyllus JFP-8
Cotoneaster pannosus JFP-2
Cotoneaster simonsii JFP-2
Cotula JFP-15
Cotula australis JFP-2
Cotula coronopifolia JFP-2
Cotula mexicana JFP-4
Cotyledon JFP-15
Cotyledon caespitosa var. paniculata JFP-1a
Cotyledon laxa var. setchellii JFP-1a
Cotyledon orbiculata JFP-2
Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga JFP-2
Cotyledon plattiana JFP-1a
Cotyledon saxosum JFP-1a
Cotyledon viscida JFP-1a
Cowania mexicana var. dubia JFP-unresolved
Crambe maritima JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Crassula JFP-15
Crassula aquatica JFP-1
Crassula argentea JFP-3a
Crassula colligata JFP-2
Crassula colligata subsp. lamprosperma JFP-2
Crassula connata JFP-1
Crassula connata var. connata JFP-1a
Crassula connata var. erectoides JFP-1a
Crassula connata var. eremica JFP-1a
Crassula connata var. subsimplex JFP-1a
Crassula multicava JFP-3
Crassula multicava subsp. multicava JFP-3
Crassula ovata JFP-3
Crassula saginoides JFP-1a
Crassula solieri JFP-1
Crassula tetragona JFP-2
Crassula tillaea JFP-2
Crassulaceae JFP-16
Crataegus JFP-15
Crataegus castlegarensis JFP-1
Crataegus columbiana JFP-1a
Crataegus douglasii JFP-1
Crataegus douglasii var. douglasii JFP-1a
Crataegus gaylussacia JFP-1
Crataegus monogyna JFP-2
Crataegus suksdorfii JFP-1a
Crepis JFP-15
Crepis acuminata JFP-1
Crepis acuminata subsp. acuminata JFP-1a
Crepis bakeri JFP-1
Crepis bakeri subsp. bakeri JFP-1
Crepis bakeri subsp. cusickii JFP-1
Crepis bakeri subsp. idahoensis JFP-1
Crepis bursifolia JFP-3
Crepis capillaris JFP-2
Crepis intermedia JFP-1
Crepis modocensis JFP-1
Crepis modocensis subsp. modocensis JFP-1
Crepis modocensis subsp. subacaulis JFP-1
Crepis monticola JFP-1
Crepis nana JFP-1
Crepis nana subsp. nana JFP-1a
Crepis nana subsp. ramosa JFP-1a
Crepis occidentalis JFP-1
Crepis occidentalis subsp. conjuncta JFP-1
Crepis occidentalis subsp. costata JFP-1
Crepis occidentalis subsp. occidentalis JFP-1
Crepis occidentalis subsp. pumila JFP-1
Crepis pleurocarpa JFP-1
Crepis pulchra JFP-2
Crepis rubra JFP-8
Crepis runcinata JFP-1
Crepis runcinata subsp. andersonii JFP-1
Crepis runcinata subsp. glauca JFP-8
Crepis runcinata subsp. hallii JFP-1
Crepis runcinata subsp. imbricata JFP-unresolved
Crepis runcinata var. andersonii JFP-1a
Crepis setosa JFP-2
Crepis tectorum JFP-2
Crepis vesicaria JFP-2
Crepis vesicaria subsp. taraxacifolia JFP-2
Cressa JFP-15
Cressa cretica JFP-8
Cressa truxillensis JFP-1
Crocanthemum JFP-15
Crocanthemum aldersonii JFP-1
Crocanthemum greenei JFP-1
Crocanthemum scoparium JFP-1
Crocanthemum scoparium var. scoparium JFP-1
Crocanthemum scoparium var. vulgare JFP-1
Crocanthemum suffrutescens JFP-1
Crocidium JFP-15
Crocidium multicaule JFP-1
Crocosmia JFP-15
Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora JFP-2
Crossosoma JFP-15
Crossosoma bigelovii JFP-1
Crossosoma californicum JFP-1
Crossosomataceae JFP-16
Crossostephium insulare JFP-1a_t
Croton JFP-15
Croton californicus JFP-1
Croton californicus var. californicus JFP-1a
Croton californicus var. tenuis JFP-1a
Croton setiger JFP-1
Croton wigginsii JFP-1
Crucianella JFP-15
Crucianella angustifolia JFP-2
Crupina JFP-15
Crupina vulgaris JFP-2
Crypsis JFP-15
Crypsis alopecuroides JFP-2
Crypsis niliaca JFP-2a
Crypsis schoenoides JFP-2
Crypsis vaginiflora JFP-2
Cryptantha JFP-15
Cryptantha abramsii JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha affinis JFP-1
Cryptantha alpicola JFP-1a
Cryptantha ambigua JFP-1
Cryptantha angustifolia JFP-1a
Cryptantha barbigera JFP-1
Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera JFP-1
Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniae JFP-1
Cryptantha brandegeei JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha catalinensis JFP-1
Cryptantha celosioides JFP-1a
Cryptantha cinerea JFP-8
Cryptantha cinerea var. abortiva JFP-1a
Cryptantha circumscissa JFP-1a
Cryptantha circumscissa var. circumscissa JFP-1a
Cryptantha circumscissa var. hispida JFP-1a
Cryptantha circumscissa var. rosulata JFP-1a
Cryptantha clementina JFP-1
Cryptantha clevelandii JFP-1
Cryptantha clevelandii var. clevelandii JFP-1
Cryptantha clevelandii var. dissita JFP-1a
Cryptantha clevelandii var. florosa JFP-1
Cryptantha clokeyi JFP-1
Cryptantha confertiflora JFP-1a
Cryptantha corollata JFP-1
Cryptantha costata JFP-1a
Cryptantha crinita JFP-1
Cryptantha crymophila JFP-1a
Cryptantha cycloptera JFP-1
Cryptantha decipiens JFP-1
Cryptantha dissita JFP-1
Cryptantha dumetorum JFP-1
Cryptantha echinella JFP-1
Cryptantha excavata JFP-1
Cryptantha fendleri JFP-1
Cryptantha flaccida JFP-1
Cryptantha flavoculata JFP-1a
Cryptantha ganderi JFP-1
Cryptantha geminata JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha glomeriflora JFP-1
Cryptantha gracilis JFP-1
Cryptantha hendersonii JFP-1
Cryptantha hispidissima JFP-1
Cryptantha hispidula JFP-1
Cryptantha hoffmannii JFP-1a
Cryptantha holoptera JFP-1a
Cryptantha hooveri JFP-1
Cryptantha incana JFP-1
Cryptantha intermedia JFP-1
Cryptantha intermedia var. hendersonii JFP-1a
Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia JFP-1
Cryptantha intermedia var. johnstonii JFP-1
Cryptantha kinkiensis JFP-1
Cryptantha leiocarpa JFP-1
Cryptantha leucophaea JFP-8
Cryptantha mariposae JFP-1
Cryptantha maritima JFP-1
Cryptantha maritima var. maritima JFP-1
Cryptantha maritima var. pilosa JFP-1
Cryptantha micrantha JFP-1a
Cryptantha micrantha var. lepida JFP-1a
Cryptantha micrantha var. micrantha JFP-1a
Cryptantha micromeres JFP-1
Cryptantha microstachys JFP-1
Cryptantha milobakeri JFP-1
Cryptantha mohavensis JFP-1
Cryptantha muricata JFP-1
Cryptantha muricata var. denticulata JFP-1
Cryptantha muricata var. jonesii JFP-1
Cryptantha muricata var. muricata JFP-1
Cryptantha nemaclada JFP-1
Cryptantha nevadensis JFP-1
Cryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensis JFP-1a
Cryptantha nubigena JFP-1a
Cryptantha oxygona JFP-1
Cryptantha pterocarya JFP-1
Cryptantha pterocarya var. cycloptera JFP-1a
Cryptantha pterocarya var. pterocarya JFP-1
Cryptantha pterocarya var. purpusii JFP-1
Cryptantha pterocarya var. stenoloba JFP-1
Cryptantha pumila JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha racemosa var. lignosa JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha rattanii JFP-1
Cryptantha recurvata JFP-1
Cryptantha roosiorum JFP-1a
Cryptantha rostellata JFP-1
Cryptantha rostellata var. rostellata JFP-1a
Cryptantha rostellata var. spithamaea JFP-1a
Cryptantha saxorum JFP-unresolved
Cryptantha schoolcraftii JFP-1a
Cryptantha scoparia JFP-1
Cryptantha seorsa JFP-1a_t
Cryptantha similis JFP-1a
Cryptantha simulans JFP-1
Cryptantha sobolifera JFP-1a
Cryptantha sparsiflora JFP-1
Cryptantha spiculifera JFP-8
Cryptantha spithamaea JFP-1
Cryptantha subretusa JFP-1a
Cryptantha torreyana JFP-1
Cryptantha torreyana var. calistogae JFP-1a
Cryptantha torreyana var. pumila JFP-1
Cryptantha torreyana var. torreyana JFP-1
Cryptantha traskiae JFP-1
Cryptantha trifurca JFP-1a
Cryptantha tumulosa JFP-1a
Cryptantha utahensis JFP-1
Cryptantha virginensis JFP-1a
Cryptantha watsonii JFP-1
Cryptantha wigginsii JFP-1
Cryptogramma JFP-15
Cryptogramma acrostichoides JFP-1
Cryptogramma cascadensis JFP-1
Cucumis JFP-15
Cucumis anguria JFP-4_t
Cucumis melo JFP-2
Cucumis melo var. dudaim JFP-2
Cucumis myriocarpus JFP-2
Cucurbita JFP-15
Cucurbita digitata JFP-1
Cucurbita ficifolia JFP-3_t
Cucurbita foetidissima JFP-1
Cucurbita palmata JFP-1
Cucurbita pepo JFP-2
Cucurbita pepo var. medullosa JFP-3
Cucurbita pepo var. pepo JFP-2
Cucurbitaceae JFP-16
Cuniculotinus gramineus JFP-1
Cupaniopsis anacardioides JFP-2_t
Cupressaceae JFP-16
Cupressus JFP-15
Cupressus abramsiana JFP-1a
Cupressus arizonica JFP-8
Cupressus arizonica subsp. arizonica JFP-8
Cupressus arizonica subsp. nevadensis JFP-1a
Cupressus arizonica subsp. stephensonii JFP-1a
Cupressus bakeri JFP-1a
Cupressus butanoensis JFP-1a
Cupressus forbesii JFP-1a
Cupressus goveniana JFP-1a
Cupressus goveniana subsp. goveniana JFP-1a
Cupressus goveniana subsp. pigmaea JFP-1a
Cupressus goveniana var. pigmaea JFP-1a
Cupressus guadalupensis JFP-8
Cupressus guadalupensis var. forbesii JFP-1a
Cupressus lawsoniana JFP-1a
Cupressus macnabiana JFP-1a
Cupressus macrocarpa JFP-1a
Cupressus nootkatensis JFP-1a
Cupressus revealiana JFP-1a
Cupressus sargentii JFP-1a
Cupressus sargentii var. duttonii JFP-1a
Cupressus stephensonii JFP-1a
Cuscuta JFP-15
Cuscuta approximata JFP-2
Cuscuta brachycalyx JFP-1
Cuscuta brachycalyx var. apodanthera JFP-1a
Cuscuta brachycalyx var. brachycalyx JFP-1a
Cuscuta californica JFP-1
Cuscuta californica var. apiculata JFP-1
Cuscuta californica var. apodanthera JFP-1a
Cuscuta californica var. breviflora JFP-1a
Cuscuta californica var. californica JFP-1
Cuscuta californica var. papillosa JFP-1
Cuscuta campestris JFP-1
Cuscuta ceanothi JFP-1a_t
Cuscuta cephalanthi JFP-1
Cuscuta cupulata JFP-2a
Cuscuta denticulata JFP-1
Cuscuta denticulata var. denticulata JFP-1a
Cuscuta denticulata var. veatchii JFP-8b
Cuscuta epithymum JFP-8
Cuscuta europaea JFP-8
Cuscuta howelliana JFP-1
Cuscuta indecora JFP-1
Cuscuta indecora var. indecora JFP-1
Cuscuta indecora var. neuropetala JFP-1a
Cuscuta japonica JFP-4
Cuscuta japonica var. formosana JFP-4
Cuscuta jepsonii JFP-1
Cuscuta nevadensis JFP-1
Cuscuta obtusiflora JFP-6
Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa JFP-6
Cuscuta occidentalis JFP-1
Cuscuta pacifica JFP-1
Cuscuta pacifica var. pacifica JFP-1
Cuscuta pacifica var. papillata JFP-1
Cuscuta pentagona JFP-8
Cuscuta pentagona var. pentagona JFP-8a
Cuscuta reflexa JFP-6
Cuscuta salina JFP-1
Cuscuta salina var. apoda JFP-1a
Cuscuta salina var. major JFP-1a
Cuscuta salina var. papillata JFP-1a
Cuscuta salina var. salina JFP-1a
Cuscuta suaveolens JFP-6
Cuscuta subinclusa JFP-1
Cuscuta suksdorfii JFP-1
Cuscuta suksdorfii var. subpedicellata JFP-1a
Cuscuta suksdorfii var. suksdorfii JFP-1a
Cuscuta umbellata JFP-8
Cuscuta veatchii JFP-6
Cuscuta vivipara JFP-1b
Cuscutaceae JFP-16
Cusickiella JFP-15
Cusickiella douglasii JFP-1
Cusickiella quadricostata JFP-1
Cutandia memphitica JFP-4
Cyanopsis muricata JFP-2a
Cyatheaceae JFP-16
Cyclachaena xanthiifolia JFP-4
Cycladenia JFP-15
Cycladenia humilis JFP-1
Cycladenia humilis var. humilis JFP-1
Cycladenia humilis var. jonesii JFP-1
Cycladenia humilis var. venusta JFP-1
Cycladenia venusta JFP-1a
Cycloloma JFP-15
Cycloloma atriplicifolium JFP-2
Cyclospermum JFP-15
Cyclospermum leptophyllum JFP-2
Cydonia oblonga JFP-2_t
Cydonia sinensis JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Cylindropuntia JFP-15
Cylindropuntia X fosbergii JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia X munzii JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia X wigginsii JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa JFP-1
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. acanthocarpa JFP-1
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. coloradensis JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. major JFP-8
Cylindropuntia bigelovii JFP-1
Cylindropuntia bigelovii var. bigelovii JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia californica JFP-1
Cylindropuntia californica var. californica JFP-1
Cylindropuntia californica var. parkeri JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia chuckwallensis JFP-1
Cylindropuntia echinocarpa JFP-1
Cylindropuntia fosbergii JFP-1
Cylindropuntia ganderi JFP-1
Cylindropuntia munzii JFP-1
Cylindropuntia prolifera JFP-1
Cylindropuntia ramosissima JFP-1
Cylindropuntia wigginsii JFP-1a
Cylindropuntia wolfii JFP-1
Cymbalaria JFP-15
Cymbalaria muralis JFP-2
Cymodoceaceae JFP-16
Cymopterus JFP-15
Cymopterus aboriginum JFP-1
Cymopterus alpinus JFP-8_t
Cymopterus cinerarius JFP-1
Cymopterus deserticola JFP-1
Cymopterus gilmanii JFP-1
Cymopterus globosus JFP-1
Cymopterus multinervatus JFP-1
Cymopterus panamintensis JFP-1
Cymopterus panamintensis var. acutifolius JFP-1
Cymopterus panamintensis var. panamintensis JFP-1
Cymopterus purpurascens JFP-1
Cymopterus ripleyi JFP-1
Cymopterus ripleyi var. saniculoides JFP-1a
Cymopterus terebinthinus JFP-1
Cymopterus terebinthinus var. californicus JFP-1
Cymopterus terebinthinus var. petraeus JFP-1
Cynanchum JFP-15
Cynanchum louiseae JFP-4
Cynanchum utahense JFP-1a
Cynara JFP-15
Cynara cardunculus JFP-2
Cynara cardunculus subsp. cardunculus JFP-2
Cynara cardunculus subsp. flavescens JFP-2
Cynara scolymus JFP-2a
Cynodon JFP-15
Cynodon dactylon JFP-2
Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon JFP-2a
Cynodon plectostachyus JFP-3
Cynodon transvaalensis JFP-3
Cynoglossum JFP-15
Cynoglossum austiniae JFP-1a_t
Cynoglossum grande JFP-1a
Cynoglossum occidentale JFP-1a
Cynoglossum officinale JFP-2
Cynosurus JFP-15
Cynosurus cristatus JFP-2
Cynosurus echinatus JFP-2
Cyperaceae JFP-16
Cyperus JFP-15
Cyperus acuminatus JFP-1
Cyperus albomarginatus JFP-2a
Cyperus bipartitus JFP-1
Cyperus diandrus var. castaneus JFP-1a_t
Cyperus difformis JFP-2
Cyperus eragrostis JFP-1
Cyperus erythrorhizos JFP-1
Cyperus esculentus JFP-1
Cyperus esculentus var. heermannii JFP-1
Cyperus esculentus var. leptostachyus JFP-1
Cyperus esculentus var. macrostachyus JFP-1
Cyperus flavescens JFP-2
Cyperus flavicomus JFP-2
Cyperus fuscus JFP-2
Cyperus gracilis JFP-4
Cyperus involucratus JFP-2
Cyperus iria JFP-2
Cyperus laevigatus JFP-1
Cyperus ligularis JFP-8
Cyperus melanostachyus JFP-1
Cyperus melanostachyus var. capitatus JFP-1
Cyperus niger var. capitatus JFP-1a
Cyperus odoratus JFP-1
Cyperus owanii JFP-4
Cyperus papyrus JFP-9
Cyperus parishii JFP-1
Cyperus prolifer JFP-2_p
Cyperus regiomontanus JFP-4
Cyperus retrorsus JFP-4
Cyperus rotundus JFP-2
Cyperus squarrosus JFP-1
Cyperus strigosus JFP-1
Cyperus virens JFP-4
Cypripedium JFP-15
Cypripedium californicum JFP-1
Cypripedium fasciculatum JFP-1
Cypripedium montanum JFP-1
Cypripedium parviflorum JFP-1
Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasin JFP-1
Cypselea JFP-15
Cypselea humifusa JFP-2
Cyrtomium JFP-15
Cyrtomium falcatum JFP-2
Cystopteridaceae JFP-16
Cystopteris JFP-15
Cystopteris fragilis JFP-1
Cytisus JFP-15
Cytisus X dallimorei JFP-11
Cytisus multiflorus JFP-2
Cytisus proliferus JFP-2
Cytisus scoparius JFP-2
Cytisus scoparius var. andreanus JFP-2a
Cytisus scoparius var. scoparius JFP-2a
Cytisus striatus JFP-2

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