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Laburnum JFP-15
Laburnum anagyroides JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Lactuca JFP-15
Lactuca biennis JFP-1
Lactuca canadensis JFP-2
Lactuca ludoviciana JFP-2
Lactuca saligna JFP-2
Lactuca sativa JFP-3
Lactuca serriola JFP-2
Lactuca tatarica JFP-1
Lactuca tatarica subsp. pulchella JFP-1
Lactuca tatarica var. pulchella JFP-1a
Lactuca virosa JFP-2
Ladeania JFP-15
Ladeania lanceolata JFP-1
Laennecia coulteri JFP-1
Lagophylla JFP-15
Lagophylla diabolensis JFP-1
Lagophylla dichotoma JFP-1
Lagophylla dichotoma subsp. minor JFP-1a
Lagophylla glandulosa JFP-1
Lagophylla minor JFP-1
Lagophylla ramosissima JFP-1
Lagophylla ramosissima subsp. congesta JFP-1a
Lagophylla ramosissima subsp. ramosissima JFP-1a
Lagunaria patersonia JFP-2
Lagurus JFP-15
Lagurus ovatus JFP-2
Lamarckia JFP-15
Lamarckia aurea JFP-2
Lamiaceae JFP-16
Lamiastrum galeobdolon JFP-3
Lamium JFP-15
Lamium amplexicaule JFP-2
Lamium purpureum JFP-2
Lamium purpureum var. purpureum JFP-2a
Lampranthus coccineus JFP-3
Lampranthus spectabilis JFP-2_t
Landoltia JFP-15
Landoltia punctata JFP-1
Langloisia JFP-15
Langloisia flaviflora JFP-1a_t
Langloisia setosissima JFP-1
Langloisia setosissima subsp. punctata JFP-1
Langloisia setosissima subsp. setosissima JFP-1
Lantana JFP-15
Lantana camara JFP-3
Lantana montevidensis JFP-3
Lantana urticoides JFP-unresolved
Laphamia JFP-15
Laphamia intricata JFP-1
Laphamia inyoensis JFP-1
Laphamia megalocephala JFP-1
Laphamia megalocephala var. intricata JFP-1a
Laphamia megalocephala var. megalocephala JFP-1
Laphamia megalocephala var. oligophylla JFP-1
Laphamia villosa JFP-1
Laportea aestuans JFP-5
Lappula JFP-15
Lappula californica var. mundula JFP-1a_t
Lappula coerulescens var. brevicula JFP-1a_t
Lappula floribunda var. geisiana JFP-1a_t
Lappula fremontii JFP-3a
Lappula occidentalis JFP-1a
Lappula occidentalis var. cupulata JFP-1a
Lappula occidentalis var. occidentalis JFP-1a
Lappula redowskii JFP-1
Lappula redowskii var. cupulata JFP-1
Lappula redowskii var. redowskii JFP-1
Lappula squarrosa JFP-3
Lapsana JFP-15
Lapsana communis JFP-2
Larrea JFP-15
Larrea tridentata JFP-1
Larrea tridentata var. arenaria JFP-1a
Larrea tridentata var. tridentata JFP-1a
Lasiospermum bipinnatum JFP-2
Lastarriaea JFP-15
Lastarriaea coriacea JFP-1
Lasthenia JFP-15
Lasthenia burkei JFP-1
Lasthenia californica JFP-1
Lasthenia californica subsp. bakeri JFP-1
Lasthenia californica subsp. californica JFP-1
Lasthenia californica subsp. macrantha JFP-1
Lasthenia chrysantha JFP-1
Lasthenia conjugens JFP-1
Lasthenia coronaria JFP-1
Lasthenia debilis JFP-1
Lasthenia ferrisiae JFP-1
Lasthenia fremontii JFP-1
Lasthenia glaberrima JFP-1
Lasthenia glabrata JFP-1
Lasthenia glabrata subsp. coulteri JFP-1
Lasthenia glabrata subsp. glabrata JFP-1
Lasthenia gracilis JFP-1
Lasthenia leptalea JFP-1
Lasthenia macrantha JFP-1a
Lasthenia macrantha subsp. bakeri JFP-1a
Lasthenia macrantha subsp. macrantha JFP-1a
Lasthenia maritima JFP-1
Lasthenia microglossa JFP-1
Lasthenia minor JFP-1
Lasthenia platycarpha JFP-1
Lathrocasis JFP-15
Lathrocasis tenerrima JFP-1
Lathyrus JFP-15
Lathyrus angulatus JFP-2
Lathyrus aphaca JFP-3
Lathyrus biflorus JFP-1
Lathyrus bijugatus JFP-8a
Lathyrus brownii JFP-1
Lathyrus cicera JFP-2
Lathyrus delnorticus JFP-1
Lathyrus glandulosus JFP-1
Lathyrus hirsutus JFP-2
Lathyrus hitchcockianus JFP-1
Lathyrus japonicus JFP-1
Lathyrus japonicus var. maritimus JFP-1a
Lathyrus jepsonii JFP-1
Lathyrus jepsonii subsp. californicus JFP-1a
Lathyrus jepsonii subsp. jepsonii JFP-1a
Lathyrus jepsonii var. californicus JFP-1
Lathyrus jepsonii var. jepsonii JFP-1
Lathyrus lanszwertii JFP-1
Lathyrus lanszwertii var. aridus JFP-1
Lathyrus lanszwertii var. brownii JFP-1a
Lathyrus lanszwertii var. lanszwertii JFP-1
Lathyrus lanszwertii var. tracyi JFP-1
Lathyrus latifolius JFP-2
Lathyrus littoralis JFP-1
Lathyrus nevadensis JFP-1
Lathyrus nevadensis subsp. lanceolatus JFP-1a
Lathyrus nevadensis subsp. nevadensis JFP-1a
Lathyrus nevadensis var. nevadensis JFP-1
Lathyrus nevadensis var. nuttallii JFP-1a
Lathyrus nevadensis var. pilosellus JFP-1a
Lathyrus odoratus JFP-2
Lathyrus palustris JFP-1
Lathyrus polyphyllus JFP-1
Lathyrus polyphyllus var. insecundus JFP-1a
Lathyrus rigidus JFP-1
Lathyrus sativus JFP-4
Lathyrus sphaericus JFP-2
Lathyrus splendens JFP-1
Lathyrus sulphureus JFP-1
Lathyrus sulphureus var. argillaceus JFP-1a
Lathyrus sulphureus var. sulphureus JFP-1a
Lathyrus tingitanus JFP-2
Lathyrus torreyi JFP-1
Lathyrus tracyi JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus JFP-1
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. alefeldii JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. bolanderi JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. laetiflorus JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. laevicarpus JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. vestitus JFP-1a
Lathyrus vestitus var. alefeldii JFP-1
Lathyrus vestitus var. ochropetalus JFP-1
Lathyrus vestitus var. vestitus JFP-1
Lauraceae JFP-16
Laurus nobilis JFP-3
Lavandula stoechas JFP-3_t
Lavatera JFP-15
Lavatera arborea JFP-2a
Lavatera assurgentiflora JFP-1a
Lavatera assurgentiflora subsp. assurgentiflora JFP-1a
Lavatera assurgentiflora subsp. glabra JFP-1a
Lavatera cretica JFP-2a
Lavatera olbia JFP-2
Lavatera trimestris JFP-3
Laxmanniaceae JFP-16
Layia JFP-15
Layia carnosa JFP-1
Layia chrysanthemoides JFP-1
Layia chrysanthemoides subsp. maritima JFP-1a_t
Layia discoidea JFP-1
Layia erubescens JFP-1
Layia fremontii JFP-1
Layia gaillardioides JFP-1
Layia glandulosa JFP-1
Layia heterotricha JFP-1
Layia hieracioides JFP-1
Layia jonesii JFP-1
Layia leucopappa JFP-1
Layia munzii JFP-1
Layia pentachaeta JFP-1
Layia pentachaeta subsp. albida JFP-1
Layia pentachaeta subsp. pentachaeta JFP-1
Layia platyglossa JFP-1
Layia platyglossa subsp. campestris JFP-1a
Layia septentrionalis JFP-1
Layia ziegleri JFP-1a
Ledum JFP-15
Ledum X columbianum JFP-10b_t
Ledum glandulosum JFP-1a
Ledum glandulosum var. australe JFP-1a_t
Leersia JFP-15
Leersia hexandra JFP-4_t
Leersia oryzoides JFP-1
Legenere JFP-15
Legenere limosa JFP-1
Legousia speculum-veneris JFP-8
Lembertia JFP-15
Lembertia congdonii JFP-1a
Lemmonia californica JFP-1a_t
Lemna JFP-15
Lemna aequinoctialis JFP-1
Lemna gibba JFP-1
Lemna minor JFP-1
Lemna minor var. obscura JFP-8a
Lemna minuscula JFP-1a
Lemna minuta JFP-1
Lemna trisulca JFP-1
Lemna turionifera JFP-1
Lemna valdiviana JFP-1
Lens JFP-15
Lens culinaris JFP-4
Lentibulariaceae JFP-16
Leonotis leonurus JFP-2_t
Leontodon JFP-15
Leontodon autumnalis JFP-unresolved
Leontodon autumnalis subsp. autumnalis JFP-unresolved
Leontodon hirtus JFP-unresolved
Leontodon muelleri JFP-4
Leontodon saxatilis JFP-2
Leontodon saxatilis subsp. longirostris JFP-2
Leontodon saxatilis subsp. saxatilis JFP-2
Leontodon taraxacoides JFP-2b
Leontodon taraxacoides subsp. longirostris JFP-2a
Leontodon taraxacoides subsp. taraxacoides JFP-2a
Leonurus sibiricus JFP-2_t
Lepechinia JFP-15
Lepechinia calycina JFP-1
Lepechinia cardiophylla JFP-1
Lepechinia fragrans JFP-1
Lepechinia ganderi JFP-1
Lepechinia rossii JFP-1
Lepidium JFP-15
Lepidium acutidens JFP-1
Lepidium acutidens var. cornigerum JFP-1a_t
Lepidium acutidens var. microcarpum JFP-1a_t
Lepidium appelianum JFP-2
Lepidium bernardinum JFP-1a_t
Lepidium campestre JFP-2
Lepidium chalepense JFP-2
Lepidium coronopus JFP-2
Lepidium densiflorum JFP-1
Lepidium densiflorum var. densiflorum JFP-1a
Lepidium densiflorum var. elongatum JFP-1a
Lepidium densiflorum var. macrocarpum JFP-1a
Lepidium densiflorum var. pubicarpum JFP-1a
Lepidium densiflorum var. ramosum JFP-1a
Lepidium dictyotum JFP-1
Lepidium dictyotum var. acutidens JFP-1a
Lepidium dictyotum var. dictyotum JFP-1a
Lepidium didymum JFP-2
Lepidium draba JFP-2
Lepidium draba subsp. chalepense JFP-2a
Lepidium draba subsp. draba JFP-2a
Lepidium flavum JFP-1
Lepidium flavum var. apterum JFP-1a_t
Lepidium flavum var. felipense JFP-1a
Lepidium flavum var. flavum JFP-1a
Lepidium fremontii JFP-1
Lepidium fremontii var. fremontii JFP-1a
Lepidium fremontii var. stipitatum JFP-1a
Lepidium heterophyllum JFP-2
Lepidium jaredii JFP-1
Lepidium jaredii subsp. album JFP-unresolved
Lepidium jaredii subsp. jaredii JFP-1a
Lepidium lasiocarpum JFP-1
Lepidium lasiocarpum subsp. lasiocarpum JFP-1
Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpum JFP-1a
Lepidium latifolium JFP-2
Lepidium latipes JFP-1
Lepidium latipes var. heckardii JFP-1a
Lepidium latipes var. latipes JFP-1a
Lepidium montanum JFP-1
Lepidium montanum var. canescens JFP-1a
Lepidium montanum var. cinereum JFP-1a
Lepidium montanum var. montanum JFP-1a
Lepidium nitidum JFP-1
Lepidium nitidum var. howellii JFP-1a
Lepidium nitidum var. nitidum JFP-1a
Lepidium nitidum var. oreganum JFP-1a
Lepidium oblongum JFP-1
Lepidium oblongum var. insulare JFP-1a
Lepidium oblongum var. oblongum JFP-1a
Lepidium oxycarpum JFP-1
Lepidium perfoliatum JFP-2
Lepidium pinnatifidum JFP-2
Lepidium ramosissimum JFP-1
Lepidium ramosissimum var. bourgeauanum JFP-1a
Lepidium ruderale JFP-8
Lepidium sativum JFP-3_t
Lepidium squamatum JFP-2a
Lepidium strictum JFP-2
Lepidium thurberi JFP-1
Lepidium virginicum JFP-1
Lepidium virginicum subsp. menziesii JFP-1
Lepidium virginicum subsp. virginicum JFP-1
Lepidium virginicum var. californicum JFP-1a_t
Lepidium virginicum var. medium JFP-1a
Lepidium virginicum var. menziesii JFP-1a
Lepidium virginicum var. pubescens JFP-1a
Lepidium virginicum var. robinsonii JFP-1a
Lepidium virginicum var. virginicum JFP-1a
Lepidospartum JFP-15
Lepidospartum latisquamum JFP-1
Lepidospartum squamatum JFP-1
Lepidospartum squamatum var. obtectum JFP-1a_t
Lepigonum tenue JFP-1a
Leptochloa JFP-15
Leptochloa dubia JFP-1
Leptochloa fascicularis JFP-1a
Leptochloa filiformis JFP-1a
Leptochloa fusca JFP-1
Leptochloa fusca subsp. fascicularis JFP-1
Leptochloa fusca subsp. fusca JFP-6
Leptochloa fusca subsp. uninervia JFP-1
Leptochloa mucronata JFP-1a
Leptochloa panicea JFP-1
Leptochloa panicea subsp. brachiata JFP-1
Leptochloa uninervia JFP-1a
Leptochloa viscida JFP-1
Leptodactylon JFP-15
Leptodactylon californicum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon californicum subsp. brevitrichomum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon californicum subsp. californicum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon californicum subsp. glandulosum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon californicum subsp. leptotrichomum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon californicum subsp. tomentosum JFP-1a
Leptodactylon jaegeri JFP-1a
Leptodactylon pungens JFP-1a
Leptodactylon pungens var. shastense JFP-1a
Leptodactylon pungens var. subflavidum JFP-1a
Leptosiphon acicularis JFP-1a
Leptosiphon ambiguus JFP-1
Leptosiphon androsaceus JFP-1
Leptosiphon androsaceus subsp. micranthus JFP-1a_t
Leptosiphon aureus JFP-1b
Leptosiphon bicolor JFP-1
Leptosiphon bolanderi JFP-1
Leptosiphon breviculus JFP-1
Leptosiphon chrysanthus JFP-1
Leptosiphon chrysanthus subsp. chrysanthus JFP-1
Leptosiphon chrysanthus subsp. decorus JFP-1
Leptosiphon ciliatus JFP-1
Leptosiphon croceus JFP-1
Leptosiphon filipes JFP-1
Leptosiphon floribundus JFP-1
Leptosiphon floribundus subsp. floribundus JFP-1
Leptosiphon floribundus subsp. glaber JFP-1
Leptosiphon floribundus subsp. hallii JFP-1
Leptosiphon grandiflorus JFP-1
Leptosiphon harknessii JFP-1
Leptosiphon jepsonii JFP-1
Leptosiphon latisectus JFP-1
Leptosiphon lemmonii JFP-1
Leptosiphon liniflorus JFP-1
Leptosiphon minimus JFP-1
Leptosiphon montanus JFP-1
Leptosiphon nudatus JFP-1
Leptosiphon nuttallii JFP-1
Leptosiphon nuttallii subsp. howellii JFP-1
Leptosiphon nuttallii subsp. nuttallii JFP-1
Leptosiphon nuttallii subsp. pubescens JFP-1
Leptosiphon oblanceolatus JFP-1
Leptosiphon pachyphyllus JFP-1
Leptosiphon parviflorus JFP-1
Leptosiphon pygmaeus JFP-1
Leptosiphon pygmaeus subsp. continentalis JFP-1
Leptosiphon pygmaeus subsp. pygmaeus JFP-1
Leptosiphon rattanii JFP-1
Leptosiphon rosaceus JFP-1
Leptosiphon septentrionalis JFP-1
Leptosiphon serrulatus JFP-1
Leptospermum JFP-15
Leptospermum laevigatum JFP-2
Leptosyne bigelovii JFP-1
Leptosyne californica JFP-1
Leptosyne calliopsidea JFP-1
Leptosyne douglasii JFP-1
Leptosyne gigantea JFP-1
Leptosyne hamiltonii JFP-1
Leptosyne maritima JFP-1
Leptosyne stillmanii JFP-1
Leptotaenia anomala JFP-1a_t
Leptotaenia californica var. platycarpa JFP-1a_t
Leptotaenia humilis var. denticulata JFP-1a_t
Leptotaenia leibergi JFP-1a
Lepturus bolanderi JFP-1a_t
Lesquerella JFP-15
Lesquerella bernardina JFP-1a
Lesquerella cordiformis JFP-1a
Lesquerella kingii JFP-1a
Lesquerella kingii subsp. bernardina JFP-1a
Lesquerella kingii subsp. kingii JFP-1a
Lesquerella kingii subsp. latifolia JFP-1a
Lesquerella kingii var. kingii JFP-1a
Lesquerella occidentalis JFP-1a
Lesquerella occidentalis subsp. occidentalis JFP-1a
Lesquerella tenella JFP-1a
Lessingia JFP-15
Lessingia arachnoidea JFP-1
Lessingia bakeri JFP-1a_t
Lessingia bicolor JFP-1a_t
Lessingia cymulosa JFP-1a_t
Lessingia filaginifolia JFP-1a
Lessingia filaginifolia var. californica JFP-1a
Lessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifolia JFP-1a
Lessingia germanorum JFP-1
Lessingia glandulifera JFP-1
Lessingia glandulifera var. glandulifera JFP-1
Lessingia glandulifera var. pectinata JFP-1a
Lessingia glandulifera var. peirsonii JFP-1
Lessingia glandulifera var. tomentosa JFP-1
Lessingia glomerata JFP-1a_t
Lessingia heterochroma JFP-1a_t
Lessingia hololeuca JFP-1
Lessingia imbricata JFP-1a_t
Lessingia lemmonii JFP-1a
Lessingia lemmonii var. lemmonii JFP-1a
Lessingia lemmonii var. peirsonii JFP-1a
Lessingia lemmonii var. ramulosissima JFP-1a
Lessingia leptoclada JFP-1
Lessingia mendocina JFP-1a_t
Lessingia micradenia JFP-1
Lessingia micradenia var. glabrata JFP-1
Lessingia micradenia var. micradenia JFP-1
Lessingia nana JFP-1
Lessingia nemaclada JFP-1
Lessingia nemaclada var. albiflora JFP-1a
Lessingia nemaclada var. mendocina JFP-1a
Lessingia nemaclada var. nemaclada JFP-1a
Lessingia occidentalis JFP-1a
Lessingia paleacea JFP-1a_t
Lessingia parvula JFP-1a_t
Lessingia pectinata JFP-1
Lessingia pectinata var. pectinata JFP-1
Lessingia pectinata var. tenuipes JFP-1
Lessingia ramulosa JFP-1
Lessingia ramulosa var. adenophora JFP-1a
Lessingia ramulosa var. glabrata JFP-1a_t
Lessingia ramulosa var. ramulosa JFP-1a
Lessingia ramulosa var. tenuis JFP-1a
Lessingia subspicata JFP-1a_t
Lessingia tenuis JFP-1
Lessingia tenuis var. jaredii JFP-1a_t
Lessingia tomentosa JFP-1a
Lessingia virgata JFP-1
Lessingia virgata var. glomerata JFP-unresolved
Lessingia virgata var. virgata JFP-unresolved
Leucanthemum JFP-15
Leucanthemum lacustre JFP-2
Leucanthemum maximum JFP-2
Leucanthemum paludosum JFP-3a
Leucanthemum vulgare JFP-2
Leucocrinum JFP-15
Leucocrinum montanum JFP-1
Leucojum aestivum JFP-3
Leucophysalis nana JFP-1a
Leucopoa kingii JFP-1a
Leucosyris JFP-15
Leucosyris arida JFP-1
Leucosyris carnosa JFP-1
Leucothoe JFP-15
Leucothoe cusickii JFP-1a_t
Leucothoe davisiae JFP-1
Lewisia JFP-15
Lewisia X whiteae JFP-10
Lewisia brachycalyx JFP-1
Lewisia cantelovii JFP-1
Lewisia columbiana JFP-8
Lewisia columbiana var. columbiana JFP-8a
Lewisia congdonii JFP-1
Lewisia cotyledon JFP-1
Lewisia cotyledon var. cotyledon JFP-1
Lewisia cotyledon var. heckneri JFP-1
Lewisia cotyledon var. howellii JFP-1
Lewisia disepala JFP-1
Lewisia glandulosa JFP-1
Lewisia kelloggii JFP-1
Lewisia kelloggii subsp. hutchisonii JFP-1
Lewisia kelloggii subsp. kelloggii JFP-1
Lewisia kelloggii subsp. yosemitana JFP-1a
Lewisia leeana JFP-1
Lewisia longipetala JFP-1
Lewisia nevadensis JFP-1
Lewisia oppositifolia JFP-1
Lewisia pygmaea JFP-1
Lewisia pygmaea var. sierrae JFP-unresolved
Lewisia rediviva JFP-1
Lewisia rediviva var. minor JFP-1
Lewisia rediviva var. rediviva JFP-1
Lewisia serrata JFP-1
Lewisia stebbinsii JFP-1
Lewisia triphylla JFP-1
Lewisia yosemitana JFP-1a
Leycesteria formosa JFP-3_t
Leymus JFP-15
Leymus X multiflorus JFP-1a
Leymus X vancouverensis JFP-1a
Leymus californicus JFP-1a_t
Leymus cinereus JFP-1a
Leymus condensatus JFP-1a
Leymus mollis JFP-1a
Leymus mollis subsp. mollis JFP-1a
Leymus pacificus JFP-1a
Leymus salina JFP-1a
Leymus salina subsp. mojavensis JFP-1a
Leymus simplex JFP-unresolved
Leymus triticoides JFP-1a
Libertia JFP-15
Libertia formosa JFP-3
Ligusticum JFP-15
Ligusticum apiifolium JFP-1
Ligusticum californicum JFP-1
Ligusticum cusickii JFP-1a_t
Ligusticum grayi JFP-1
Ligustrum japonicum JFP-2
Ligustrum lucidum JFP-2
Ligustrum ovalifolium JFP-2
Lilaea JFP-15
Lilaea scilloides JFP-1a
Lilaeopsis JFP-15
Lilaeopsis masonii JFP-1
Lilaeopsis occidentalis JFP-1
Liliaceae JFP-16
Lilium JFP-15
Lilium bolanderi JFP-1
Lilium columbianum JFP-1
Lilium humboldtii JFP-1
Lilium humboldtii subsp. humboldtii JFP-1
Lilium humboldtii subsp. ocellatum JFP-1
Lilium kelleyanum JFP-1
Lilium kelloggii JFP-1
Lilium maritimum JFP-1
Lilium occidentale JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pardalinum JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pitkinense JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum subsp. shastense JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum subsp. vollmeri JFP-1
Lilium pardalinum subsp. wigginsii JFP-1
Lilium parryi JFP-1
Lilium parryi var. kessleri JFP-1a
Lilium parryi var. parryi JFP-1a
Lilium parvum JFP-1
Lilium rubescens JFP-1
Lilium washingtonianum JFP-1
Lilium washingtonianum subsp. purpurascens JFP-1
Lilium washingtonianum subsp. washingtonianum JFP-1
Lilium washingtonianum var. purpurascens JFP-1a
Lilium washingtonianum var. washingtonianum JFP-1a
Lilium wigginsii JFP-1a
Limnanthaceae JFP-16
Limnanthes JFP-15
Limnanthes alba JFP-1
Limnanthes alba subsp. alba JFP-1
Limnanthes alba subsp. parishii JFP-1
Limnanthes alba subsp. versicolor JFP-1
Limnanthes alba var. detonsa JFP-unresolved
Limnanthes bakeri JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. candida JFP-unresolved
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. douglasii JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. nivea JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. ornduffii JFP-1_p
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. rosea JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. striata JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. sulphurea JFP-1
Limnanthes douglasii var. nivea JFP-1a
Limnanthes douglasii var. sulphurea JFP-1a
Limnanthes floccosa JFP-1
Limnanthes floccosa subsp. bellingeriana JFP-1
Limnanthes floccosa subsp. californica JFP-1
Limnanthes floccosa subsp. floccosa JFP-1
Limnanthes gracilis JFP-8a
Limnanthes gracilis subsp. gracilis JFP-8a
Limnanthes gracilis subsp. parishii JFP-1a
Limnanthes macounii JFP-unresolved
Limnanthes montana JFP-1
Limnanthes rosea var. candida JFP-unresolved
Limnanthes striata JFP-1a
Limnanthes versicolor var. parishii JFP-1a
Limnanthes vinculans JFP-1
Limnobium laevigatum JFP-8_t
Limnobium spongia JFP-2_t
Limnophila X ludoviciana JFP-4
Limonium JFP-15
Limonium arborescens JFP-2b
Limonium brassicifolium JFP-3
Limonium californicum JFP-1
Limonium duriusculum JFP-2
Limonium otolepis JFP-3
Limonium perezii JFP-2
Limonium preauxii JFP-3
Limonium ramosissimum JFP-2
Limonium ramosissimum subsp. provinciale JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Limonium sinuatum JFP-2
Limonium sventenii JFP-3
Limosella JFP-15
Limosella acaulis JFP-1
Limosella aquatica JFP-1
Limosella australis JFP-2
Limosella subulata JFP-2a
Linaceae JFP-16
Linanthastrum nuttallii subsp. pubescens JFP-1a
Linanthastrum pachyphyllum JFP-1a
Linanthus JFP-15
Linanthus acicularis JFP-1a
Linanthus ambiguus JFP-1a
Linanthus androsaceus JFP-1a
Linanthus androsaceus subsp. laetus JFP-1a
Linanthus arenicola JFP-1
Linanthus aureus JFP-1a
Linanthus aureus subsp. aureus JFP-1a
Linanthus aureus subsp. decorus JFP-1a
Linanthus bellus JFP-1
Linanthus bernardinus JFP-1
Linanthus bicolor JFP-1a
Linanthus bicolor subsp. bicolor JFP-1a
Linanthus bicolor subsp. minimus JFP-1a
Linanthus bigelovii JFP-1
Linanthus bigelovii subsp. johnsonii JFP-1
Linanthus bolanderi JFP-1a
Linanthus breviculus JFP-1a
Linanthus californicus JFP-1
Linanthus californicus subsp. californicus JFP-1
Linanthus californicus subsp. glandulosus JFP-1
Linanthus californicus subsp. tomentosus JFP-1
Linanthus campanulatus JFP-1
Linanthus ciliatus JFP-1a
Linanthus ciliatus var. ciliatus JFP-1a
Linanthus ciliatus var. neglectus JFP-1a
Linanthus concinnus JFP-1
Linanthus croceus JFP-1a
Linanthus demissus JFP-1
Linanthus dianthiflorus JFP-1
Linanthus dianthiflorus subsp. dianthiflorus JFP-1a
Linanthus dichotomus JFP-1
Linanthus dichotomus subsp. dichotomus JFP-1
Linanthus dichotomus subsp. meridianus JFP-1
Linanthus dichotomus subsp. pattersonii JFP-1
Linanthus filiformis JFP-1
Linanthus filipes JFP-1a
Linanthus floribundus JFP-1a
Linanthus floribundus subsp. floribundus JFP-1a
Linanthus floribundus subsp. glaber JFP-1a
Linanthus floribundus subsp. hallii JFP-1a
Linanthus grandiflorus JFP-1a
Linanthus harknessii JFP-1a
Linanthus harknessii subsp. condensatus JFP-1a
Linanthus inyoensis JFP-1
Linanthus jaegeri JFP-1
Linanthus jepsonii JFP-1a
Linanthus jonesii JFP-1
Linanthus killipii JFP-1
Linanthus latisectus JFP-1a
Linanthus lemmonii JFP-1a
Linanthus liniflorus JFP-1a
Linanthus liniflorus subsp. pharnaceoides JFP-1a
Linanthus liniflorus var. vallicola JFP-1a
Linanthus maculatus JFP-1
Linanthus maculatus subsp. emaculatus JFP-1
Linanthus maculatus subsp. maculatus JFP-1
Linanthus mariposanus JFP-1a
Linanthus mohavensis JFP-1a
Linanthus montanus JFP-1a
Linanthus nashianus JFP-1a
Linanthus nudatus JFP-1a
Linanthus nuttallii JFP-1a
Linanthus nuttallii subsp. howellii JFP-1a
Linanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttallii JFP-1a
Linanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescens JFP-1a
Linanthus oblanceolatus JFP-1a
Linanthus orcuttii JFP-1
Linanthus pachyphyllus JFP-1a
Linanthus pacificus JFP-1a
Linanthus parryae JFP-1
Linanthus parviflorus JFP-1a
Linanthus pungens JFP-1
Linanthus pungens subsp. hallii JFP-1
Linanthus pungens subsp. pulchriflorus JFP-1
Linanthus pygmaeus JFP-1a
Linanthus pygmaeus subsp. continentalis JFP-1a
Linanthus pygmaeus subsp. pygmaeus JFP-1a
Linanthus rattanii JFP-1a
Linanthus rosaceus JFP-1a
Linanthus septentrionalis JFP-1a
Linanthus serrulatus JFP-1a
Linaria JFP-15
Linaria bipartita JFP-2
Linaria canadensis JFP-8a
Linaria canadensis var. canadensis JFP-8a
Linaria canadensis var. texana JFP-1a
Linaria dalmatica JFP-2
Linaria dalmatica subsp. dalmatica JFP-2
Linaria genistifolia JFP-8
Linaria genistifolia subsp. dalmatica JFP-2a
Linaria maroccana JFP-2
Linaria pinifolia JFP-2
Linaria purpurea JFP-3
Linaria reticulata JFP-2a
Linaria supina JFP-8
Linaria vulgaris JFP-2
Lindernia JFP-15
Lindernia dubia JFP-1
Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea JFP-1a
Lindernia dubia var. dubia JFP-1a
Linnaea JFP-15
Linnaea borealis JFP-1
Linnaea borealis subsp. americana JFP-1a
Linnaea borealis var. longiflora JFP-1
Linnaeaceae JFP-16
Linosyris bolanderi JFP-unresolved
Linosyris ceruminosus JFP-1a_t
Linum JFP-15
Linum bienne JFP-2
Linum californicum var. confertum JFP-1a_t
Linum clevelandii JFP-1a
Linum clevelandii var. petrophilum JFP-unresolved
Linum congestum JFP-1a
Linum drymarioides JFP-1a
Linum grandiflorum JFP-2
Linum lewisii JFP-1
Linum lewisii var. alpicola JFP-1a
Linum lewisii var. lewisii JFP-1
Linum micranthum JFP-1a
Linum perenne subsp. lewisii JFP-1a
Linum puberulum JFP-1
Linum spergulinum JFP-1a
Linum trigynum JFP-2
Linum usitatissimum JFP-2
Lipocarpha JFP-15
Lipocarpha aristulata JFP-1
Lipocarpha drummondii JFP-8
Lipocarpha micrantha JFP-1
Lipocarpha occidentalis JFP-1
Lippia nodiflora JFP-1a
Lippia nodiflora var. nodiflora JFP-1a
Lippia nodiflora var. rosea JFP-1a
Liquidambar styraciflua JFP-9
Listera JFP-15
Listera banksiana JFP-1
Listera caurina JFP-1a
Listera convallarioides JFP-1
Listera cordata JFP-1
Listera cordata var. cordata JFP-1a
Listera cordata var. nephrophylla JFP-1a
Listera nephrophylla JFP-1a
Lithocarpus JFP-15
Lithocarpus densiflorus JFP-1a
Lithocarpus densiflorus var. densiflorus JFP-1a
Lithocarpus densiflorus var. echinoides JFP-1a
Lithophragma JFP-15
Lithophragma affine JFP-1
Lithophragma affine subsp. affine JFP-1a
Lithophragma affine subsp. mixtum JFP-1a
Lithophragma austromontanum JFP-1a_t
Lithophragma bolanderi JFP-1
Lithophragma campanulatum JFP-1
Lithophragma cymbalaria JFP-1
Lithophragma glabrum JFP-1
Lithophragma heterophyllum JFP-1
Lithophragma maximum JFP-1
Lithophragma parviflorum JFP-1
Lithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorum JFP-1
Lithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatum JFP-1
Lithophragma rupicola JFP-1a_t
Lithophragma scabrellum var. peirsonii JFP-1a_t
Lithophragma tenellum JFP-1
Lithospermum JFP-15
Lithospermum arvense JFP-2
Lithospermum californicum JFP-1
Lithospermum incisum JFP-1
Lithospermum ruderale JFP-1
Lithrea molleoides JFP-9
Loasaceae JFP-16
Lobelia JFP-15
Lobelia cardinalis JFP-1
Lobelia cardinalis var. pseudosplendens JFP-1
Lobelia dunnii JFP-1
Lobelia dunnii var. dunnii JFP-8
Lobelia dunnii var. serrata JFP-1
Lobelia erinus JFP-3
Lobularia JFP-15
Lobularia maritima JFP-2
Loeflingia JFP-15
Loeflingia squarrosa JFP-1
Loeflingia squarrosa subsp. artemisiarum JFP-1a
Loeflingia squarrosa subsp. squarrosa JFP-1a
Loeflingia squarrosa var. artemisiarum JFP-1a
Loeflingia squarrosa var. squarrosa JFP-1a
Loeselia tenuifolia JFP-1a_t
Loeseliastrum JFP-15
Loeseliastrum depressum JFP-1
Loeseliastrum matthewsii JFP-1
Loeseliastrum schottii JFP-1
Logfia JFP-15
Logfia arizonica JFP-1
Logfia californica JFP-1a
Logfia depressa JFP-1
Logfia filaginoides JFP-1
Logfia gallica JFP-2
Logfia minima JFP-8
Lolium JFP-15
Lolium arundinaceum JFP-1a
Lolium multiflorum JFP-2a
Lolium perenne JFP-2a
Lolium perenne subsp. multiflorum JFP-2a
Lolium perenne subsp. perenne JFP-2a
Lolium pratense JFP-2a
Lolium rigidum JFP-4a
Lolium strictum JFP-2a
Lolium temulentum JFP-2a
Lolium temulentum subsp. temulentum JFP-2a
Lomatium JFP-15
Lomatium alatum var. purpureum JFP-1a_t
Lomatium austiniae JFP-1
Lomatium bicolor JFP-1
Lomatium bicolor var. leptocarpum JFP-1
Lomatium californicum JFP-1
Lomatium canbyi JFP-1
Lomatium caruifolium JFP-1
Lomatium caruifolium var. caruifolium JFP-1
Lomatium caruifolium var. denticulatum JFP-1
Lomatium caruifolium var. erythropodum JFP-1a_t
Lomatium caruifolium var. solanense JFP-1a_t
Lomatium ciliolatum JFP-1
Lomatium ciliolatum var. ciliolatum JFP-1a
Lomatium ciliolatum var. hooveri JFP-1a
Lomatium congdonii JFP-1
Lomatium dasycarpum JFP-1
Lomatium dasycarpum subsp. dasycarpum JFP-1
Lomatium dasycarpum subsp. tomentosum JFP-1
Lomatium dasycarpum var. decorum JFP-1a_t
Lomatium dasycarpum var. medium JFP-1a_t
Lomatium dissectum JFP-1
Lomatium dissectum var. dissectum JFP-1a
Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum JFP-1a
Lomatium donnellii JFP-unresolved
Lomatium engelmannii JFP-1
Lomatium foeniculaceum JFP-1
Lomatium foeniculaceum subsp. fimbriatum JFP-1
Lomatium foeniculaceum subsp. inyoense JFP-1
Lomatium foeniculaceum subsp. macdougalii JFP-1
Lomatium foeniculaceum var. macdougalii JFP-1a
Lomatium fusiformis JFP-1
Lomatium giganteum JFP-1a_t
Lomatium grayi JFP-1
Lomatium hallii JFP-1
Lomatium hendersonii JFP-1
Lomatium hooveri JFP-1
Lomatium howellii JFP-1
Lomatium insulare JFP-1
Lomatium inyoense JFP-1a
Lomatium kogholiinii JFP-1
Lomatium lucidum JFP-1
Lomatium lucidum var. repostum JFP-1a
Lomatium macrocarpum JFP-1
Lomatium marginatum JFP-1
Lomatium marginatum var. marginatum JFP-1
Lomatium marginatum var. purpureum JFP-1
Lomatium martindalei JFP-1
Lomatium mohavense JFP-1
Lomatium mohavense subsp. longilobum JFP-1a
Lomatium mohavense subsp. mohavense JFP-1a
Lomatium multifidum JFP-1
Lomatium nevadense JFP-1
Lomatium nevadense var. holopterum JFP-1a
Lomatium nevadense var. nevadense JFP-1
Lomatium nevadense var. parishii JFP-1
Lomatium nudicaule JFP-1
Lomatium nudicaule var. puberulum JFP-1a
Lomatium observatorium JFP-1
Lomatium parryi JFP-1
Lomatium parvifolium JFP-1
Lomatium peckianum JFP-1
Lomatium piperi JFP-1
Lomatium plummerae JFP-1a
Lomatium plummerae var. helleri JFP-1a_t
Lomatium ravenii JFP-1
Lomatium ravenii var. paiutense JFP-1
Lomatium ravenii var. ravenii JFP-1
Lomatium repostum JFP-1
Lomatium rigidum JFP-1
Lomatium roseanum JFP-1
Lomatium shevockii JFP-1
Lomatium sonnei JFP-1a
Lomatium stebbinsii JFP-1
Lomatium tomentosum JFP-1a
Lomatium torreyi JFP-1
Lomatium tracyi JFP-1
Lomatium triternatum JFP-1
Lomatium triternatum var. macrocarpum JFP-1
Lomatium triternatum var. triternatum JFP-1
Lomatium utriculatum JFP-1
Lomatium utriculatum var. anthemifolium JFP-1a_t
Lomatium vaginatum JFP-1
Lonicera JFP-15
Lonicera caerulea JFP-8
Lonicera caerulea var. cauriana JFP-1a
Lonicera cauriana JFP-1
Lonicera ciliosa JFP-1
Lonicera conjugialis JFP-1
Lonicera etrusca JFP-2
Lonicera hispidula JFP-1
Lonicera hispidula var. hispidula JFP-1a
Lonicera hispidula var. vacillans JFP-1a
Lonicera interrupta JFP-1
Lonicera involucrata JFP-1
Lonicera involucrata var. involucrata JFP-1
Lonicera involucrata var. ledebourii JFP-1
Lonicera japonica JFP-2
Lonicera subspicata JFP-1
Lonicera subspicata var. denudata JFP-1
Lonicera subspicata var. johnstonii JFP-1a
Lonicera subspicata var. subspicata JFP-1
Lonicera tatarica JFP-2
Lorandersonia peirsonii JFP-1a
Lotus JFP-15
Lotus aboriginus JFP-1a
Lotus angustissimus JFP-2
Lotus argophyllus JFP-1a
Lotus argophyllus var. adsurgens JFP-1a
Lotus argophyllus var. argenteus JFP-1a
Lotus argophyllus var. argophyllus JFP-1a
Lotus argophyllus var. fremontii JFP-1a
Lotus argophyllus var. niveus JFP-1a
Lotus argyraeus JFP-1a
Lotus argyraeus var. argyraeus JFP-1a
Lotus argyraeus var. multicaulis JFP-1a
Lotus argyraeus var. notitius JFP-1a
Lotus benthamii JFP-1a
Lotus corniculatus JFP-2
Lotus crassifolius JFP-1a
Lotus crassifolius var. crassifolius JFP-1a
Lotus crassifolius var. otayensis JFP-1a
Lotus davidsonii JFP-1a
Lotus dendroideus JFP-1a
Lotus dendroideus var. dendroideus JFP-1a
Lotus dendroideus var. traskiae JFP-1a
Lotus dendroideus var. veatchii JFP-1a
Lotus denticulatus JFP-1a
Lotus douglasii JFP-1a
Lotus douglasii var. congestus JFP-1a_t
Lotus formosissimus JFP-1a
Lotus grandiflorus JFP-1a
Lotus grandiflorus var. grandiflorus JFP-1a
Lotus grandiflorus var. macranthus JFP-1a
Lotus hamatus JFP-1a
Lotus haydonii JFP-1a
Lotus heermannii JFP-1a
Lotus heermannii var. eriophorus JFP-1a
Lotus heermannii var. heermannii JFP-1a
Lotus heermannii var. orbicularis JFP-1a
Lotus hirtellus JFP-1a_t
Lotus humistratus JFP-1a
Lotus incanus JFP-1a
Lotus junceus JFP-1a
Lotus junceus var. biolettii JFP-1a
Lotus junceus var. junceus JFP-1a
Lotus leucophyllus var. jepsonii JFP-1a
Lotus micranthus JFP-1a
Lotus nevadensis JFP-1a
Lotus nevadensis var. davidsonii JFP-1a
Lotus nevadensis var. douglasii JFP-1a
Lotus nevadensis var. nevadensis JFP-1a
Lotus nuttallianus JFP-1a
Lotus oblongifolius JFP-1a
Lotus oblongifolius var. cupreus JFP-1a
Lotus oblongifolius var. oblongifolius JFP-1a
Lotus pedunculatus JFP-unresolved
Lotus pinnatus JFP-1a
Lotus procumbens JFP-1a
Lotus procumbens var. jepsonii JFP-1a
Lotus procumbens var. procumbens JFP-1a
Lotus purshianus JFP-1a
Lotus purshianus var. purshianus JFP-1a
Lotus rigidus JFP-1a
Lotus rubriflorus JFP-1a
Lotus salsuginosus JFP-1a
Lotus salsuginosus var. brevivexillus JFP-1a
Lotus salsuginosus var. salsuginosus JFP-1a
Lotus scoparius JFP-1a
Lotus scoparius var. brevialatus JFP-1a
Lotus scoparius var. perplexans JFP-1a_t
Lotus scoparius var. scoparius JFP-1a
Lotus stipularis JFP-1a
Lotus stipularis var. ottleyi JFP-1a
Lotus stipularis var. stipularis JFP-1a
Lotus strigosus JFP-1a
Lotus strigosus var. hirtellus JFP-1a
Lotus strigosus var. strigosus JFP-1a
Lotus strigosus var. tomentellus JFP-1a
Lotus sylvestris JFP-1b
Lotus tenuis JFP-2
Lotus uliginosus JFP-2
Lotus unifoliolatus JFP-unresolved
Lotus unifoliolatus var. unifoliolatus JFP-unresolved
Lotus wrangelianus JFP-1a
Lotus wrightii JFP-1a_t
Lotus wrightii var. multicaulis JFP-1a
Lotus yollabolliensis JFP-1a
Ludwigia JFP-15
Ludwigia grandiflora JFP-2
Ludwigia hexapetala JFP-2
Ludwigia palustris JFP-1
Ludwigia peploides JFP-1
Ludwigia peploides subsp. montevidensis JFP-2
Ludwigia peploides subsp. peploides JFP-1
Ludwigia repens JFP-1
Luetkea JFP-15
Luetkea pectinata JFP-1
Luina JFP-15
Luina hypoleuca JFP-1
Luma JFP-15
Luma apiculata JFP-3
Lunaria JFP-15
Lunaria annua JFP-2
Lupinus JFP-15
Lupinus X alpestris JFP-8
Lupinus X cymba-egressus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus X inyoensis JFP-1a
Lupinus abramsii JFP-1a
Lupinus adsurgens JFP-1
Lupinus adsurgens var. adsurgens JFP-unresolved
Lupinus adsurgens var. lilacinus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus adsurgens var. undulatus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus affinis JFP-1
Lupinus agardhianus JFP-1a
Lupinus albicaulis JFP-1
Lupinus albicaulis subsp. shastensis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus albicaulis var. albicaulis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus albicaulis var. shastensis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus albifrons JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. abramsii JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. albifrons JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. austromontanus JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. collinus JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. douglasii JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. eminens JFP-1a
Lupinus albifrons var. flumineus JFP-1a
Lupinus albifrons var. hallii JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. johnstonii JFP-1
Lupinus albifrons var. longifolius JFP-1a
Lupinus albifrons var. medius JFP-1
Lupinus andersonii JFP-1
Lupinus andersonii var. andersonii JFP-1a
Lupinus andersonii var. mariposanus JFP-1b
Lupinus angustiflorus JFP-1
Lupinus antoninus JFP-1
Lupinus apertus JFP-1
Lupinus arboreus JFP-1
Lupinus arboreus var. arboreus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus arboreus var. eximius JFP-unresolved
Lupinus arbustus JFP-1
Lupinus arbustus subsp. arbustus JFP-1a
Lupinus arbustus subsp. calcaratus JFP-1a
Lupinus arbustus subsp. silvicola JFP-1a
Lupinus arbustus var. montanus JFP-1a
Lupinus arenicola JFP-1a
Lupinus argenteus JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus subsp. argenteus JFP-1a
Lupinus argenteus var. argenteus JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus var. heteranthus JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus var. holosericeus JFP-8
Lupinus argenteus var. laxiflorus JFP-1a
Lupinus argenteus var. meionanthus JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus var. montigenus JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus var. palmeri JFP-1
Lupinus argenteus var. rubricaulis JFP-8_t
Lupinus aridus JFP-8
Lupinus aridus subsp. aridus JFP-8
Lupinus arizonicus JFP-1
Lupinus arizonicus subsp. arizonicus JFP-1a
Lupinus arizonicus subsp. setosissimus JFP-1a
Lupinus arizonicus subsp. sonorensis JFP-1a
Lupinus arizonicus var. arizonicus JFP-1a
Lupinus arizonicus var. barbatulus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus benthamii JFP-1
Lupinus benthamii var. benthamii JFP-1a
Lupinus benthamii var. opimus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor JFP-1
Lupinus bicolor subsp. bicolor JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor subsp. marginatus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor subsp. microphyllus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor subsp. pipersmithii JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor subsp. tridentatus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor subsp. umbellatus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor var. rostratus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor var. tetraspermus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor var. tridentatus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor var. trifidus JFP-1a
Lupinus bicolor var. umbellatus JFP-1a
Lupinus brevicaulis JFP-1
Lupinus brevior JFP-1a
Lupinus breweri JFP-1
Lupinus breweri var. breweri JFP-1
Lupinus breweri var. bryoides JFP-1
Lupinus breweri var. grandiflorus JFP-1
Lupinus breweri var. parvulus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus caeruleus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus caespitosus JFP-1a
Lupinus caespitosus var. utahensis JFP-1a
Lupinus caudatus JFP-1a
Lupinus caudatus subsp. caudatus JFP-1a
Lupinus caudatus subsp. montigenus JFP-1a
Lupinus cervinus JFP-1
Lupinus chamissonis JFP-1
Lupinus citrinus JFP-1
Lupinus citrinus var. citrinus JFP-1
Lupinus citrinus var. deflexus JFP-1
Lupinus concinnus JFP-1
Lupinus concinnus subsp. concinnus JFP-1a
Lupinus concinnus subsp. optatus JFP-1a
Lupinus concinnus subsp. orcuttii JFP-1a
Lupinus confertus JFP-1a
Lupinus congdonii JFP-1a
Lupinus constancei JFP-1
Lupinus corymbosus JFP-1a_t
Lupinus covillei JFP-1
Lupinus croceus JFP-1
Lupinus croceus var. croceus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus croceus var. pilosellus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus culbertsonii JFP-1a
Lupinus culbertsonii subsp. culbertsonii JFP-1a
Lupinus culbertsonii subsp. hypolasius JFP-1a
Lupinus dalesiae JFP-1
Lupinus danaus JFP-1a
Lupinus dasyphyllus JFP-1a_t
Lupinus densiflorus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. altus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. aureus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. austrocollium JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. crinitus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. densiflorus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. glareosus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. lacteus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. latidens JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. latilabris JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. palustris JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. persecundus JFP-1a
Lupinus densiflorus var. tracyi JFP-1a
Lupinus duranii JFP-1
Lupinus elatus JFP-1
Lupinus elmeri JFP-1
Lupinus eminens JFP-1a
Lupinus excubitus JFP-1
Lupinus excubitus var. austromontanus JFP-1a
Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus JFP-1
Lupinus excubitus var. hallii JFP-1a
Lupinus excubitus var. johnstonii JFP-1a
Lupinus excubitus var. medius JFP-1a
Lupinus eximius JFP-unresolved
Lupinus fallax JFP-1a
Lupinus flavoculatus JFP-1
Lupinus formosus JFP-1
Lupinus formosus var. bridgesii JFP-unresolved
Lupinus formosus var. formosus JFP-1
Lupinus formosus var. robustus JFP-1
Lupinus fragrans JFP-1a
Lupinus fulcratus JFP-1
Lupinus fulcratus var. undulatus JFP-1b
Lupinus gracilentus JFP-1
Lupinus gracilentus var. covillei JFP-1a
Lupinus grayi JFP-1
Lupinus guadalupensis JFP-1
Lupinus hesperius JFP-unresolved
Lupinus hirsutissimus JFP-1
Lupinus holmgrenianus JFP-1a
Lupinus holosericeus JFP-8a
Lupinus horizontalis JFP-1a
Lupinus horizontalis var. horizontalis JFP-1a
Lupinus horizontalis var. platypetalus JFP-1a
Lupinus hyacinthinus JFP-1
Lupinus hypolasius JFP-1a
Lupinus johannis-howellii JFP-8
Lupinus jucundus JFP-1a
Lupinus klamathensis JFP-1a
Lupinus lapidicola JFP-1
Lupinus lasiotropis JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius JFP-1
Lupinus latifolius subsp. dudleyi JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius subsp. latifolius JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius subsp. longipes JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius subsp. parishii JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius subsp. viridifolius JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius var. barbatus JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius var. columbianus JFP-8
Lupinus latifolius var. dudleyi JFP-1
Lupinus latifolius var. latifolius JFP-1
Lupinus latifolius var. leucanthus JFP-1a_t
Lupinus latifolius var. parishii JFP-1
Lupinus latifolius var. simplex JFP-1a
Lupinus latifolius var. viridifolius JFP-1
Lupinus laxiflorus JFP-1a
Lupinus lepidus JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. aridus JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. artulus JFP-1a
Lupinus lepidus var. confertus JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. constancei JFP-1a
Lupinus lepidus var. culbertsonii JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. lobbii JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. medius JFP-unresolved
Lupinus lepidus var. ramosus JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. sellulus JFP-1
Lupinus lepidus var. utahensis JFP-1
Lupinus leucophyllus JFP-1
Lupinus leucophyllus subsp. leucophyllus JFP-1a
Lupinus leucophyllus var. belliae JFP-unresolved
Lupinus leucophyllus var. canescens JFP-1a
Lupinus leucophyllus var. leucophyllus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus lilacinus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus littoralis JFP-1
Lupinus littoralis var. layneae JFP-1a_t
Lupinus littoralis var. littoralis JFP-1
Lupinus littoralis var. variicolor JFP-1
Lupinus longifolius JFP-1
Lupinus ludovicianus JFP-1
Lupinus luteolus JFP-1
Lupinus lyallii JFP-1a
Lupinus lyallii subsp. lyallii JFP-1a
Lupinus lyallii var. danaus JFP-1a
Lupinus lyallii var. lyallii JFP-1a
Lupinus lyallii var. villosus JFP-1a
Lupinus magnificus JFP-1
Lupinus magnificus var. glarecola JFP-1
Lupinus magnificus var. hesperius JFP-1
Lupinus magnificus var. magnificus JFP-1
Lupinus meionanthus JFP-1a
Lupinus microcarpus JFP-1
Lupinus microcarpus var. densiflorus JFP-1
Lupinus microcarpus var. horizontalis JFP-1
Lupinus microcarpus var. microcarpus JFP-1
Lupinus milobakeri JFP-1
Lupinus nanus JFP-1
Lupinus nanus subsp. latifolius JFP-1a
Lupinus nanus subsp. menkerae JFP-1a
Lupinus nanus subsp. nanus JFP-1a
Lupinus navicularis JFP-1a
Lupinus nevadensis JFP-1
Lupinus nipomensis JFP-1
Lupinus obtusilobus JFP-1
Lupinus odoratus JFP-1
Lupinus odoratus var. odoratus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus odoratus var. pilosellus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus onustus JFP-1
Lupinus pachylobus JFP-1
Lupinus padrecrowleyi JFP-1
Lupinus pallidus JFP-1a
Lupinus palmeri JFP-1a
Lupinus peirsonii JFP-1
Lupinus persistens JFP-1a
Lupinus polycarpus JFP-1a
Lupinus polyphyllus JFP-1
Lupinus polyphyllus subsp. bernardinus JFP-1a
Lupinus polyphyllus subsp. polyphyllus JFP-1a
Lupinus polyphyllus subsp. superbus JFP-1a
Lupinus polyphyllus var. burkei JFP-1
Lupinus polyphyllus var. grandifolius JFP-1a
Lupinus polyphyllus var. humicola JFP-1
Lupinus polyphyllus var. pallidipes JFP-1
Lupinus polyphyllus var. polyphyllus JFP-1
Lupinus polyphyllus var. saxosus JFP-1
Lupinus pratensis JFP-1
Lupinus pratensis var. eriostachyus JFP-1
Lupinus pratensis var. pratensis JFP-1
Lupinus propinquus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus proximus JFP-1a
Lupinus prunophilus JFP-1_p
Lupinus punto-reyesensis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus purpurascens JFP-1a
Lupinus pusillus JFP-1
Lupinus pusillus subsp. intermontanus JFP-1a
Lupinus pusillus var. intermontanus JFP-1
Lupinus rivularis JFP-1
Lupinus rostratus JFP-1a
Lupinus ruber JFP-1a
Lupinus sabulosus JFP-1a
Lupinus saxosus JFP-1a
Lupinus saxosus var. saxosus JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus subsp. sellulus JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus subsp. ursinus JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus var. artulus JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus var. lobbii JFP-1a
Lupinus sellulus var. medius JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sellulus var. sellulus JFP-1a
Lupinus sericatus JFP-1
Lupinus shastensis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus shockleyi JFP-1
Lupinus silvicola JFP-1a
Lupinus sitgreavesii JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sonomensis JFP-1a
Lupinus sparsiflorus JFP-1
Lupinus sparsiflorus subsp. inopinatus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sparsiflorus subsp. mohavensis JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sparsiflorus subsp. pondii JFP-8
Lupinus sparsiflorus subsp. sparsiflorus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sparsiflorus var. brevior JFP-1a
Lupinus sparsiflorus var. inopinatus JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sparsiflorus var. sparsiflorus JFP-1a
Lupinus spectabilis JFP-1
Lupinus stiversii JFP-1
Lupinus sublanatus JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus var. albilanatus JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus var. insularis JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus var. phoeniceus JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus var. subvexus JFP-1a
Lupinus subvexus var. transmontanus JFP-1a
Lupinus succulentus JFP-1
Lupinus succulentus var. layneae JFP-unresolved
Lupinus sulphureus JFP-8_t
Lupinus superbus JFP-1a
Lupinus sylvestris JFP-1a
Lupinus tegeticaulatus JFP-1a
Lupinus tidestromii JFP-1
Lupinus tidestromii var. layneae JFP-unresolved
Lupinus tidestromii var. tidestromii JFP-unresolved
Lupinus tracyi JFP-1
Lupinus truncatus JFP-1
Lupinus umbellatus JFP-1a
Lupinus uncialis JFP-1
Lupinus vallicola JFP-1a
Lupinus vallicola subsp. apricus JFP-1a
Lupinus vallicola subsp. vallicola JFP-1a
Lupinus variicolor JFP-1a
Lupinus versicolor JFP-1a
Lupinus violaceus JFP-1a
Lupinus viridifolius JFP-1a
Luzula JFP-15
Luzula campestris var. comosa JFP-1a
Luzula cascadensis JFP-1
Luzula comosa JFP-1
Luzula comosa var. comosa JFP-1
Luzula comosa var. laxa JFP-1
Luzula divaricata JFP-1
Luzula fastigiata JFP-1a_t
Luzula glabrata JFP-8
Luzula hitchcockii JFP-8_t
Luzula macrantha JFP-1
Luzula multiflora JFP-unresolved
Luzula multiflora subsp. frigida JFP-unresolved
Luzula orestera JFP-1
Luzula parviflora JFP-1
Luzula parviflora subsp. fastigiata JFP-1a
Luzula parviflora subsp. parviflora JFP-1a
Luzula parviflora var. melanocarpa JFP-1a
Luzula piperi JFP-1
Luzula spicata JFP-1
Luzula spicata subsp. saximontana JFP-1a
Luzula spicata subsp. spicata JFP-1
Luzula spicata var. nova JFP-1a
Luzula subcongesta JFP-1
Luzula subsessilis JFP-1
Lychnis JFP-15
Lychnis coronaria JFP-2
Lycianthes rantonnetii JFP-3
Lycium JFP-15
Lycium andersonii JFP-1
Lycium andersonii f. deserticola JFP-1a
Lycium andersonii var. andersonii JFP-1a
Lycium andersonii var. deserticola JFP-1a
Lycium barbarum JFP-2
Lycium brevipes JFP-1
Lycium brevipes var. brevipes JFP-1
Lycium brevipes var. hassei JFP-1
Lycium californicum JFP-1
Lycium chinense JFP-3_t
Lycium cooperi JFP-1
Lycium ferocissimum JFP-2_t
Lycium fremontii JFP-1
Lycium halimifolium JFP-2a
Lycium hassei JFP-1a
Lycium pallidum JFP-1
Lycium pallidum var. oligospermum JFP-1
Lycium pallidum var. pallidum JFP-8
Lycium parishii JFP-1
Lycium richii JFP-1a
Lycium spencerae JFP-1a
Lycium torreyi JFP-1
Lycium verrucosum JFP-7
Lycopersicon JFP-15
Lycopersicon esculentum JFP-2
Lycopersicon peruvianum JFP-2
Lycopodiaceae JFP-16
Lycopodiella JFP-15
Lycopodiella inundata JFP-1
Lycopodium JFP-15
Lycopodium clavatum JFP-1
Lycopus JFP-15
Lycopus americanus JFP-1
Lycopus asper JFP-1
Lycopus uniflorus JFP-1
Lycopus uniflorus var. uniflorus JFP-1a
Lycurus JFP-15
Lycurus phleoides JFP-8
Lycurus phleoides var. phleoides JFP-8
Lycurus setosus JFP-8
Lyonothamnus JFP-15
Lyonothamnus floribundus JFP-1
Lyonothamnus floribundus subsp. aspleniifolius JFP-1
Lyonothamnus floribundus subsp. floribundus JFP-1
Lyrocarpa JFP-15
Lyrocarpa coulteri JFP-1
Lyrocarpa coulteri var. coulteri JFP-1a
Lyrocarpa coulteri var. palmeri JFP-1a
Lysichiton JFP-15
Lysichiton americanus JFP-1
Lysimachia JFP-15
Lysimachia arvensis JFP-2
Lysimachia europaea JFP-1
Lysimachia foemina JFP-8
Lysimachia latifolia JFP-1
Lysimachia maritima JFP-1
Lysimachia minima JFP-1
Lysimachia monelli JFP-2_p
Lysimachia nummularia JFP-2
Lysimachia thyrsiflora JFP-1
Lythraceae JFP-16
Lythrum JFP-15
Lythrum californicum JFP-1
Lythrum hyssopifolia JFP-2
Lythrum portula JFP-2
Lythrum salicaria JFP-2
Lythrum sanfordii JFP-1a
Lythrum tribracteatum JFP-2

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