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General Information

    Telephone: (510) 642-2465
     Collections Manager, e-mail:

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    Research Associates and Other Affiliates
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All telephone numbers in this directory are in
Area Code 510 unless specified otherwise.

Mailing Address

    University of California, Berkeley
    University and Jepson Herbaria
    1001 Valley Life Sciences Building # 2465
    Berkeley, CA 94720-2465

Telephone Numbers

    University Herbarium: (510) 642-2465
    Jepson Herbarium: (510) 643-7008
    FAX: (510) 643-5390

Administrative Information
Berkeley Natural History Museums (510) 642-6968

Research Curators

Ackerly, David Curator of Ecology 643-6341
Alpert, Peter Curator of Clonal Plants
Baldwin, Bruce G. Curator of the Jepson Herbarium 643-7008
Blackman, Benjamin Curator of Plant Adaptation 664-7807
Blonder, Benjamin Curator of Macroecology 644-5339
Bruns, Tom Curator of Fungi 642-7987
Carlson, Tom Curator of Ethnobotany 642-4468
Dawson, Todd Curator of Plant Ecophysiology 642-6090
Doran, Andrew S. Curator of Cultivated Plants 642-2465
Ertter, Barbara Curator of Western North American Flora
Fine, Paul Curator of Neotropical Flora 643-3889
Looy, Cindy Curator of Gymnosperms 642-1607
Miller, Kathy Ann Curator of Algae 643-7007
Mishler, Brent D. Director, Curator of Bryophytes 642-6810 or
Rothfels, Carl Curator of Ferns and Lycophytes 643-0633
Rushworth, Catherine Curator of Plant Population Biology
Simms, Ellen Curator of Symbiosis
Smith, Alan R. Curator of Pteridophytes 643-1000
Sowerwine, Jennifer Curator of Food Plants
Specht, Chelsea D. Curator of Monocots 642-5601
Strother, John L. Curator of Compositae 642-7890
Taylor, John W. Curator of Fungi 642-5366
Whiteman, Noah K. Curator of Plant-Animal Coevolution 664-7545


Alexander, Jason Biodiversity Informatics Manager 664-4899
Andersen, Roxanne Administrative Assistant 643-7008
Baldwin, Bruce G. Jepson Research Programs;
Convening Editor,
Jepson Flora Project
Kasameyer, Amy Archivist 642-2465
Kersh, Kim Curatorial Associate 642-2465
Markos, Staci Assistant Director for Development and Outreach 643-7008
Mishler, Brent D. Director; Curator of Bryophytes; Research on Green Plant Phylogenetics 642-6810 or
Nosratinia, Sonia Department Safety Coordinator;
Mishler Lab Manager;
Rothfels Lab Manager
Penny, Ana Curatorial Associate 642-2465
Rosatti, Thomas J.* Editor, Jepson Flora Project 643-3036
Smith, Alan R.* Curator of Pteridophytes 643-1000
Strother, John L.* Curator of Compositae 642-7890
Wessa, Bridget SRA; Baldwin Lab Manager;
MPL Manager
Wetherwax, Margriet Curatorial Associate 643-7008

Graduate Students

Baughman, Jenna T. Mishler Lab
Bruenn, Riva Specht Lab
Castro Escobar, Betsabé D. Fine Lab
Caswell-Levy, Caleb Mishler Lab
Chery, Joyce Specht Lab
Damasco, Gabriel Fine Lab 642-7693
Freund, Forrest Rothfels Lab
Freyman, William Baldwin Lab
Guevara, Juan Fine Lab
Jauregui Lazo, Javier Mishler Lab
Kauppinen, Seth Fine Lab
Kling, Matt Ackerly Lab
Madsen, Tom Mishler Lab 643-9556
Marck, Isaac Baldwin Lab
Martinez-Gomez, Jesus Specht Lab
Oldfather, Meagan Ackerly Lab
Olliff-Yang, Rachael Ackerly Lab
Papper, Prahlada Ackerly Lab
Song, Michael Rothfels Lab
Tremblay, Susan Mishler Lab 643-9556
Tribble, Carrie Specht Lab
Welch, Rebecca Mishler Lab; Simms Lab 642-2465
Weitz, Michael Ackerly Lab

Research Associates and Other Affiliates

Bartosh, Heath
Calvin, Clyde L.
Clines, Joanna
Colwell, Alison E. L.
Flores-Pedroche, Francisco 643-7007
Game, John 527-7855
Harbaugh, Danica 642-2465
Greenhouse, Jeffrey
Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid
Kelch, Dean
Larsen, Anna
Miller, John M. 642-2465
Moe, Richard L. 642-2465
Morin, Nancy
Murdock, Andy 642-6810
Painter, Elizabeth
Park, Michael 642-2465
Rushworth, Cathy 642-4468
Schmid, Rudolf 525-0439
Sharnoff, Steve
Shevock, James R. 642-2465
Tahbaz, Fosiee
Thornhill, Andrew
Vorobik, Linda 520-2423
Wilson, Carol
Zacharias, Elizabeth 642-2465

Trustees of the Jepson Herbarium

Burnside, Beth
Jones, Russell
Mishler, Brent D. (ex officio)
Taylor, John W.