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Issue Number Date Topics Author
Vol 30, No 1 Spring-2020 Curator’s column: California plant extinction Bruce G. Baldwin
John Gill Lemmon: Andersonville Survivor and Notable California Botanist  Kelly Agnew
CNPS and UC Berkeley Collaborate to Add Lepidoptera Host Plant Information to Dennis Mudd
Undergraduate Research Apprentices Gain Research Tools and Plant Knowledge  Carol Wilson
Distinguished scholars visit the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation to study invasive seaweeds from the Galapagos Islands Kathy Ann Miller
Endowment funds provide key support for collections and research
Jepson eFlora Revision 7
Staff Updates on the Workshop Program
Bier Kraichak receives Thailand’s 2019 Young Scientist Award
Jepson Manual illustrations used for new living wall installation
Memorial, Honorific, and Endowment Gifts
COVID-19 Update
2020 Members’ Night Announcement
Vol 29, No 2 Fall-2019 Director’s Column: The University and Jepson Herbaria at Botany 2019 in Tucson, Arizona Brent D. Mishler
Welcome Home! A prodigal seed collection returns to the Jepson Herbarium after more than a quarter century away Ed Guerrant and David Ackerly
The UC Botanical Garden’s Point Arena Floristic Project Holly Forbes
Lifetime Member’s Annual Event
Continuing Studies on Evolution and Diversity of Chaenactis and Hulsea (Compositae) Bruce G. Baldwin
New to the Jepson eFlora: Pop-up Definitions & Images Jason Alexander
An Update on our NSF Digitalization Grants
How We Spent our Summer – Digitizing Fossil Ferns! Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith and Ixchel Gonzalez-Ramirez
A New Face in the Herbarium
The Jepson Herbarium on YouTube
2019 Workshops – Year in Review
Curatorial Volunteers Needed at the University and Jepson Herbaria!
Vol 29, No 1 Spring-2019 Curator’s Column: Don Kyhos’s legacy in California botany Bruce G. Baldwin
In Appreciation: A new endowment fund established by Rudi Schmid Staci Markos
Upcoming changes in the Consortium of California Herbaria Jason Alexander
Conservation of the California flora: New insights from big data Matthew Kling
Special Event for Lifetime and Sustaining members: Trip to The Cedars, with Roger Raiche
A special night celebrating our members - September 22, 2018
Jepson eFlora Revision 6
William Setchell pipe collection featured in Hearst Museum exhibit Amy Kasameyer
Upcoming releases in our new series The Jepson Videos: Visual Guides to the Plants of California
Recognizing Lifetime Members, and Memorial, Honorific, and Endowment Gifts
Cal Day Announcement
Vol 28, No 2 Fall-2018 Director’s Column: Taking Digitization to a New Level at the University and Jepson Herbaria Brent D. Mishler
TED Comes to the Herbaria Carl Rothfels
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces: Keir Wefferling, Carrie Tribble, Dori Contreras, Joyce Chery, and Ixchel González-Ramírez
Tucker Curator of Lichenology, University Herbarium
Friends of the Jepson Herbarium 2018 Members’ Night
2018 Workshop Year In Review
Vol 28, No 1 Spring-2018 Curator’s Column: Cryptic diversity revisited Bruce G. Baldwin
Bob Berman's generous gift to Herbaria Futures
The changing funding landscape of the Herbaria Brent D. Mishler
Jepson eFlora Revision 5 (December 2017)
Revision 5 reveals more of the diversity of North American Orobanchaceae root parasites Alison Colwell
Critical access and storage for a unique collection of mistletoes
Increased UV radiation, because of decreased ozone, significantly affects conifer reproduction
The Jepson Videos: Visual guides to the plants of California
News from the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation
Recognizing Lifetime Members, and Memorial and Honorific Gifts
Vol 27, No 2 Fall-2017 Director’s Column: notes on XIX International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen, China Brent D. Mishler
New endowment supporting fern research and curation established by Alan and Joan Smith
Donation of Banks' Florilegium, historical botanical prints Staci Markos
Baja California flora website now available Judy Gibson
Lifetime Member annual event led by Kate Mawdsley
Bruce Baldwin student, Adam Schneider, begins Postdoctoral position at University of Toronto
Herbaria videos available online
Larry Heckard Endowment Fund 2017 award recipients, Forrest Freund, Isaac Marck, and Michael Song
A newly established endowment fund - the Bryophyte Curation fund
Fungal collections at UC consolidated and rehoused Andrew Doran
2017 Workshop Year In Review
Spaces Available in Jepson Workshops
Vol 27, No 1 Spring-2017 Curator's Column: Revisiting species richness and endemism across California. Bruce G. Baldwin
In Memoriam, Benito C. Tan
Walking with Wildflowers; Citizen Science along the Pacific Crest Trail. Nicholas Kooyers and Benjamin Blackman
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces: graduate students Isaac Mark and Mick Song
Jepson eFlora Revision 4 summary
Burning for Food Sovereignty; the Klamath Basin Tribal Food Security Project. Edith Friedman
Digitizing microfungi at the University Herbarium Else C. Vellinga
Genus of marine algae named after Dr. Kathy Ann Miller. Richard Moe
A special night celebrating our members, with Dr. Shirley Tucker and Dr. Larry St. Clair
Tucker Curator of Lichenology established
The Jepson Manual included in the wedding ceremony of longtime members Ken and Dee Himes
Recognizing Lifetime Members, and Memorial, Honorific, and Special Gifts
New bryophyte curation fund, honoring Benito Tan and Dan Norris
Botanical Artists Visit the Herbaria Ingrid Jordon-Thaden and Amy Kasameyer
Vol 26, No 1 Spring-2016 Curator’s Column: Museomics Reveals Secrets of the Dead Bruce G. Baldwin
Regional dichotomous keys now available for the Jepson eFlora (KeyBase) David Baxter and Niels Klazenga
The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition: Supplement III Bruce G. Baldwin
Unveiling John Muir’s Herbarium (JOMU) Andrew S. Doran
An Unexpected Fossil Flora Barbara Ertter
Graduate Student News: Two students in the Baldwin lab receive Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants from NSF: William A. Freyman and Adam Schneider
iDigBio (Integrated Digitized Biocollecitons) workshop Amy Kasameyer
Updating the Vascular Plant Checklist of the Crooked Creek Station, UC White Mountain Research Center Dylan Neubauer
Summary of changes made in Revision 3 of the Jepson eFlora, December 2015
Announcement of Lifetime member hike in Sonoma County
Memorial, Honorific, and Special Gifts
Spaces Available in Jepson Workshops!
Vol 26, No 2 Fall-2016 Director’s Column: A new, comprehensive grant to study multiple dimensions of biodiversity in dryland mosses Brent D. Mishler
A Lasting Legacy for Lichens: Dr. Shirley Tucker and the The Tucker Lichenology Fund will support a new position, the Tucker Curator of Lichenology Amy Kasameyer and Richard L. Moe
Bruce Baldwin has received The Robert Allerton Award for Excellence in Tropical Botany, one of the highest honors bestowed by the National Tropical Botanical Garden.
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces, a New Biodiversity Informatics Manager: Dr. Jason A. Alexander
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces, New Research Associates: Drs. Carol A. Wilson and Clyde L. Calvin
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces, Silva Center Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. GaHun Boo
The Herbaria Welcome New Faces, the New Coordinator, Public Programs: Allyson Ayalon
Award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to rehouse the library and archives of the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation facilitates the use of native plants in drought-tolerant landscaping and small-scale restoration projects
Karuk Tribal Herbaria Opening
2016 Workshop Year In Review
Honoring Jeanne Marie Acceturo's many years of excellent service as the Public Programs Manager
Highlights for Fall 2016 Botany Lunch
Vol 26, No 1 Spring-2016 Curator’s Column: Museomics Reveals Secrets of the Dead Bruce G. Baldwin
Regional dichotomous keys now available for the Jepson eFlora (KeyBase) David Baxter and Niels Klazenga
The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition: Supplement III Bruce G. Baldwin
Unveiling John Muir’s Herbarium (JOMU) Andrew S. Doran
An Unexpected Fossil Flora Barbara Ertter
Graduate Student News: Two students in the Baldwin lab receive Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants from NSF: William A. Freyman and Adam Schneider
iDigBio (Integrated Digitized Biocollecitons) workshop Amy Kasameyer
Updating the Vascular Plant Checklist of the Crooked Creek Station, UC White Mountain Research Center Dylan Neubauer
Summary of changes made in Revision 3 of the Jepson eFlora, December 2015
Announcement of Lifetime member hike in Sonoma County
Memorial, Honorific, and Special Gifts
Spaces Available in Jepson Workshops!
Vol 25, No 2 Fall-2015 Director’s Column: Sex and the Single Moss Brent D. Mishler
Introducing Carl Rothfels
Grant Received to Digitize Our Historic Slide Collection of Botanical Images!
Revisions of Geographic Subdivision Boundaries for Klamath and Cascade Ranges Julie Kierstead Nelson and Len Lindstrand III
Newly discovered species of maidenhair fern Layne Huiet
The Livermore tarplant steps toward official state protection Heath Bartosh
Welcome new graduate students: Javier Jáuregui-Lazo and Jenna T. Baughman
2015 Workshop Year In Review
New Jepson eFlora display
Reunion of Herbaria Alumni
Lifetime Member’s Annual Event
2015 award recipients for The Lawrence R. Heckard Fund and The Robert Ornduff Fellowship
Vol 25, No 1 Spring-2015 Curator’s Column: Revisiting Origins of California Flora Bruce G. Baldwin
Richard Beidleman: From the Field to the Archives Amy Kasameyer, Herbaria Archivist
The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition: Supplement II Thomas J. Rosatti
Summary of changes made in Revision 2 of the Jepson eFlora, December 2014 Thomas J. Rosatti
Documenting our most important specimens: 7th Global Plants meeting, Panama Andrew Doran
Volunteers at the Jepson Herbarium
First Ever Graduates of the Jepson Herbarium’s California Naturalist Certification Talk about Their Motivation Diana Rohini LaVigne
Two new NSF grants for fungal collections at UC Brent D. Mishler
The Consortium of California Herbaria now serving 2 million specimen records David Baxter
Herbarium Botanists Visit Chile for Collaborative Studies With Chilean Scientists Brent Mishler, Bruce Baldwin, and David Ackerly
Welcome New Members of the Mishler Lab, Andrew Thornhill and Caleb Caswell-Levy
Member's Night with Dr. Peter Raven
Memorials and Special Gifts
Planned giving for a lasting impact
Vol 24, No 2 Fall-2014 Special Director's Column: 2014 Asa Gray Award Winner: Alan Smith Chelsea D. Specht
Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award: Jeanne Marie Acceturo
New grant to digitize specimens collected in Baja California
Brent Mishler selected as a BIDS Senior Fellow
Announcing a New UC/JEPS Specimen Search Portal David Baxter
Jeff Greenhouse estate gift
Library Receives Generous Donation of Books
New Book Highlights California Bees
Lifetime Members meet for their first-annual event
Experiences of a Visiting Fulbright Scholar from Sri Lanka Lilani Senaratna
In Memoriam: Paul C. Silva Richard L. Moe
California plant and pollen collection Shih-Yi (Winnie) Hsiung
Grad Student News: Matt Guilliams has accepted a position at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Amy Kasameyer Elected Second VP, CBHL
2014 Workshop Year in Review

Vol 24, No 1 Spring-2014 Director's Column: Phylogenetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Endemism in the California Flora: A new NSF-funded initiative Brent D. Mishler
The Jepson Herbarium Workshop Program turned 20 Jeanne Marie Acceturo
The California Seaweed eFlora Kathy Ann Miller
Linking UC resources to better understand future climatic change Erin C. Riordan
Exploring quillwort diversity of the Sierra Jeff Benca
Second revision of the California lichen catalog Richard L. Moe
NSF Grant Received for Digitizing Macroalgae
In Memoriam — Roderick Park: A Personalized Remembrance Brent D. Mishler
Herbaria Updates: Grad students Ekaphan (Bier) Kraichak and Abigail Moore, and research associate Benito C. Tan
Modern herbarium resource for bryological studies in Wyoming Yelena Kosovich-Anderson
Heckard Awards

Vol 23, No 2 Fall-2013 Curator's Column: Unending Synthesis Bruce G. Baldwin
Asa Gray Award Announcement Mark P. Simmons
Research Associate, Jennifer Sowerwine, receives $4 million award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
New, fully updated edition of the East Bay Checklist Barbara Ertter
Andrew Doran Receives an Oleg Polunin Award
Welcome New Staff and Graduate Students: David Baxter, Will Freyman, and Adam Schneider
The Lawrence R. Heckard Summer Fellowship for the Jepson Flora Project Genevieve Walden
The Wieslander Vegetation Type Map Project: A Resource for Studying California's Flora Patrick McIntyre and Sarah Hinman
Specimens from Beatrix Farrand's Garden On Display in Maine Lois Stack
UC/JEPS Research Associate receives award from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Stephen Sharnoff
2013 Workshop Year In Review

Vol 23, No 1 Spring-2013 Director's Column: Introducing the New California Moss eFlora Brent D. Mishler
Updates from the Center for Phycological Documentation Kathy Ann Miller
Herbaria Futures Meets its First Challenge Brent D. Mishler
Welcome Ingrid Jordon-Thaden
A New Molecular Method That is Transforming Phylogenetic Studies: Next Generation Sequencing
The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition: Supplement I Thomas J. Rosatti
Heckard Awards
Pacific Crest Trail Guide Justin West
Paul Silva's 90th Birthday
New Facilities for the Jepson Library and Archives Amy Kasameyer
Thank you to Microscope Donors

Vol 22, No 2 Fall-12 Curator's Column: The Jepson eFlora Bruce G. Baldwin
Botanizing Brooks Island Andrew Doran and Dean Kelch
Speciesism and the Future of Humanity - Sawyer Seminar
Three New Grants
New Fundraising Campaign
The Herbarium Effect: Grad Student News
Grady Webster Award for Elizabeth Zacharias and Bruce Baldwin
2012 Workshop Year In Review
Floristic Record for North America Alan Smith

Vol 22, No 1 Spring-12 Director's Column: New Methods for Biodiversity Assessment: A Sabbatical Report Brent D. Mishler

St. John Family Gift to Archives Kelly Agnew

Jepson Manual: Announcements

The story of two California botanists' recent long-distance dispersal to Chile Matt Guilliams and Michael Park

Cal Weed Mapper

News From the Collections: UC Type Specimen Images Now Hosted by JSTOR

Vol 21, No 2&3 Fall-11 Director's Column: Herbaria Data Go Mainstream Brent D. Mishler

Wonderful News! The Jepson Manual, Second Edition is at the printer

The Seed Plant Tree of Life: An Update Anna Larsen

Field Work in Southernmost Chile Jim Shevock

Graduate Student News: Ben Carter awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG)

Archive News

In Memory of Dr. Isabelle Tavares

Visitors From Iraq: Kurdish Delegation Visits UC/JEPS Barbara Ertter

2011 Workshop Year In Review

The Importance of Planned Giving

What took so long? The Jepson Manual, Second Edition in press

Vol 21, No 1 Winter-11 Director's Column: Digitizing Pacific Coast Seaweeds Brent D. Mishler

The Consortium of California Herbaria received a landmark grant from the National Science Foundation

Jepson Manual Update Bruce G. Baldwin

Ferns of Hawai'i Joan Eiger Gottlieb

Insects of the Algodones Dunes Tom Zavortink and Lynn Kimsey

Mary Bowerman Award Recipients: Michael Park and David Gowen Barbara Ertter

Grindelia — Still a Complex Genus! Abby Moore

Thank you Peter Stekel!

Cal Day Announcement

Campaign for the New Teaching Lab is Under Way!

Vol 20, No 3 Fall-10 Curator's Column: Continuing Discoveries in California Floristics Bruce G. Baldwin

The Bay Area Early Detection Network — An Exciting New Collaboration

Distinguished Sabbatical Visitors Investigate California Plants: Joachim W. Kadereit and Gudrun Kadereit

Digital Photographic Leaf Venation Enhancement: Investigating Fossil Plants from the Eocene Douglas Creek Arch Flora Bruce Handley

Mike Park Awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant from NSF

The Story of How UC/JEPS Gained a Collection of ~12,000 Mistletoes Job Kuijt

Recent Books and Discoveries: Franciscan Manzanita Rediscovered, California Mosses, Magnificent Chinese and American Redwood

Welcome Jeanne Marie Acceturo, Public Programs Coordinator

Welcome Amy Kasameyer, Archivist, and More About the Archives

Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria (CNALH)

2010 Workshop Year In Review

Vol 20, No 1&2 Summer-09 Director's Column Brent D. Mishler

"Beginnings" at UC Merced Staci Markos

The Napa County Flora Jake Ruygt

New and Improved Illustrations for The Jepson Manual Linda Ann Vorobik

Adventures in Baja California Chris DiVittorio

Plants and People: 2009 Awards from the Lawrence R. Heckard Fund of the Jepson Herbarium; In Memorium Larry Abers

Vol 19, No 3 Winter-09 Curator's Column: Update on the second edition of The Jepson Manual Bruce G. Baldwin

Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Building a New Research Environment Andrew Doran

Taxonomic studies on Californian Orthotrichum Ricardo Garilleti and Francisco Lara

Welcome Cecile Shohet, Public Education Coordinator

Welcome Doug Goldman, Scientific Editor
second edition of The Jepson Manual

At Home in the Wild: An Exploration of the Life and Work of Ynes Mexia Kathryn Davis

Consortium of California Herbaria reaches 1 million records!

Vol 19, No 2 Oct-08 California's Changing Climate David Ackerly

Director's Column: Teaching and Research on Moorea (French Polynesia) at the Gump Research Station Brent D. Mishler

The Horticultural Herbarium, More Than Just Garden Collections Andrew Doran

New TJM2 treatments online

Graduate Student Research: Ben Carter, Christopher DiVittorio, Matt Guilliams, Christopher Hobbs, Ekaphan (Bier) Kraichak, Nathan Kraft, and Susan Tremblay

Anna Larsen, Farewell

New Bryophyte Database

2008 Weekend Workshops in Review

Vol 19, No 1 May-08 Curator's Column: California's Amazing Hawaiian Flora Bruce Baldwin

Willis Linn Jepson's Field Books Now Online! Richard L. Moe

Evolutionary Diversification of the California Clarkias Kathleen Kay

New Funding from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Vol 18, No 3 Jan-08 Director's Column: Recent Herbaria Retirees Continue Research Efforts Brent D. Mishler

Visiting Iranian officials seek to enhance scientific exchange with UC botanists Staci Markos

New Zealand Ferns - A Jepson Herbarium Workshop Joan Eiger Gottlieb

New Research at the University Herbarium: Professor Paul Wilson of Cal State Northridge, Don R. Reynolds, Research Botanist, Mo-Mei Chen, Research Associate, Bryophyte collecting in Costa Rica by Dan Norris

From Berkeley to San Luis Obispo Cynthia Perrine

Donald Kaplan, In Memoriam

Lawrence R. Heckard Fund Awards

Vol 18, No 1 & 2 Sep-07 News from the Collections: The Charterhouse Herbarium Andrew Doran

Welcome! Anna Larsen New Education Coordinator Staci Markos

An update from the Consortium of California Herbaria Sula Vanderplank

Awards and Honors: Dr. Bruce Baldwin, Abby Moore, Eric Harris

New Staff: Edith Summers, Rob Preston, and Scott Simono

TJM2 treatments for public viewing

Thank you to recent donors

Congratulations to our Herbaria graduate students: Danica Harbaugh, Eric Harris, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Bianca Knoll, Anna Larsen, Andrew Murdock, and Elizabeth Zacharias

2007 Weekend Workshops in Review

Consortium of California Herbaria, planning workshop in Asilomar

Cal Day Activities at the University and Jepson Herbaria

Vol 17, No 3 Mar-07 Director's Column: Bryophyte Biology Brent D. Mishler

Announcing the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation

New Faces in the Herbaria: Rachel Brush, Rebecca Guenther, Petra Foerster, and Marcus Lehnert

Cal Day 2007 Schedule

Jepson Herbarium Reception and Auction Photos

Vol 17, No 2 Sep-06 Curator's Column: Advances in California Floristics Bruce G. Baldwin

Chelsea Specht, Assistant Professor, New Curator of Monocots

New National Science Foundation Funding for Vernal Pool Research

Herbarium Graduate Students: Vicente Garcia, Danica Taylor Harbaugh, Anna Larsen, Eric SJ Harris, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Andrew Murdock, Bianca Knoll, Abby Moore, Michael Park, Stephanie Stuart, Rebecca Welch, and Elizabeth H. Zacharias

Moss 2006, an international meeting hosted at UC Berkeley

Forest Service Funding for Geo-referencing

Botany 2006, awards and honors: Danica Harbaugh and Alan R. Smith

2006 Weekend Workshop in review

Herbarium visit to Rockpile Ranch and Vineyard June 2006

Vol 17, No 1 Jun-06 Special Curator's Column: Curator of Ecology David Ackerly

Welcome! Andrew Doran, New Administrative Curator

Jepson Flora Project Update: Introducing the Ecological Flora of California

Cal Day Review

Revised Catalog of Lichens, Lichenicoles, and Allied Fungi in California Shirley C. Tucker and Bruce D. Ryan

Research Botanists from the University Herbarium make major contributions to the Flora of North America North of Mexico Alan Smith, John L. Strother

Vol 16, No 3 Jan-06 Director's Column: Genomics and the Modern
Brent D. Mishler

In Memoriam: Mary Leolin Bowerman 1908 - 2005 Barbara Ertter

Jepson Flora Project Update: Chris Meacham Joins the Project Cynthia Perrine

Miss Louise Kellogg, excerpted from On Her Own Terms Barbara Stein

Harriet Walker Kim Kersh

Vol 16, No 2 Sep-05 Curator's Column: New Ph.D. students:
Michael Park and Abigail Moore
Bruce G. Baldwin

Some thoughts on the rediscovery of Eriogonum truncatum Michael Park

Jepson Manual Update: Attempting to Quantify the Changes Expected for TJM2 Thomas J. Rosatti, Scientific Editor

Weekend Workshops Year in Review (2004 - 2005)

Vol 16, No 1 Apr-05 Jepson Manual Update Margriet Wetherwax

DeCew's Online Guide to Marine Algae Richard L. Moe

Consortium of California Herbaria Staci Markos

Phylogeny and ecological radiation of the true thistles, genus Cirsium: A grant to Bruce Baldwin and Dean Kelch from the National Science Foundation

Vol 15, No3 Dec-04 A Quantum Leap in Cryptogams! The herbarium of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County moves to UC Berkeley Brent Mishler

Participant's Perspective: Adventures with Arctostaphylos Larry Loeher

Profile of Layne Huiet

The Pteridophytes of Mexico, announcement

Jepson Flora Project update

Sponsoring a genus in the second edition of The Jepson Manual, stories from three supporters

Vol 15, No 2 Sep-04 Curator's Column: TJM2 Update Bruce G. Baldwin

Profiles of Curatorial Volunteers (Anna Foley, David Gowen, Nancy Hillyard, Mildred Petersen & Clara Stern, Tom Schweich, Felicitas Titus, and Dorothy Frantz) Barbara Ertter

Iran-California Botanical Expedition of 2004 Fosiee Tahbaz

Two Million and Growing Barbara Ertter

Weekend Workshops Year in Review (2004)

Vol 15, No 1 Jun-04 Director's Column: Graduate Student Research (Kirsten Fisher, Doug Stone, Anya Hinkle, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Zacharias, Vincente Garcia, Eric Harris, Anna Larsen, Danica Harbaugh, and Andy Murdock) Brent D. Mishler

Jepson Flora Project Staff (Jeff Greenhouse, Staci Markos, Richard Moe, Tom Rosatti, and Margriet Wetherwax) Bruce G. Baldwin

Jepson Horticultural Database

Plant Identification Services Provided by The Jepson Herbarium

Vol 14, No 2 Jan-04 Curator's Column: Tarweeds and Silverswords Bruce G. Baldwin

California Bryophytes: A Status Report

Lemmons and Poppies Richard Beidleman

In Memoriam: Wayne Roderick John Game

NSF grant awarded to Bruce Baldwin

Welcome Cynthia Perrine, Coordinator of Public Programs

Jepson Flora Project update

Vol 14, No 1 Jun-03 Director's Column: New Collaborations and Elecronic Resources Brent D. Mishler

Special Feature: Botanical Travels to Iran Barbara Ertter

Book Announcements: Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area and Tarweeds and Silverswords