Botany Lunch


Format Change: Botany Lunch is currently completely online via Zoom. Invitations are sent weekly via the Botany Lunch Google Group. Sign yourself up using Berkeley bConnected (, or if you are off campus contact Brent Mishler,

Botany Lunch will resume in-person meetings when the UC Berkeley Campus returns to normal operations.

Talks are already filling up for Fall 2021. Please contact Bruce Baldwin, if you are interested in giving a talk.


Spring 2021 schedule
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Jan. 12  Valerie Eviner, University of California, Davis.
     Addressing plant restoration and conservation challenges in California‚Äôs grasslands under a changing environment.


Jan. 29  Scott Armbruster, Portsmouth University & University of Alaska.
     Pollination accuracy leads to assemblage rules, but probably not reproductive isolation, in Western Australian triggerplant (Stylidiaceae) communities.


Feb. 5  Jason (Jay) Sexton, University of California, Merced.
     Do species ranges have rules? Using knowledge of species ranges to develop adaptive conservation strategies in plants.


Feb. 12  Alejandra Vasco, Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
     From the field to the lab, leaf evolution and development in the fern genus Elaphoglossum.


Feb. 19  Julie Kierstead, US Forest Service.
     Botanizing the Trinity Ultramafic Sheet, a geologic feature within the Klamath Ranges with its own suite of endemic flora.


Feb. 26  Matt Guilliams, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
     Fruits, nuts, and family relationships: phylogenetic and taxonomic studies of some horticultural crop plants and their wild relatives.


Mar. 5  Adriana Hernandez, Cornell University.
     Population genetics and floral trait evolution across the landscape in Calochortus venustus (Liliaceae).


Mar. 12  Andrew Thornhill, University of Adelaide.
     The South Australian State Herbarium Bryophyte DigiVol Project.


Mar. 19  Eric LoPresti, Oklahoma State University.
     The ecology and evolution of sticky plants.


Mar. 26  No Botany Lunch. Academic and Administrative Holiday, Spring Recess


Apr. 2  Billy Hoyer, US Navy, San Nicolas Island.


Apr. 9  Kyle Christie, Michigan State University & Northern Arizona University
      Cryptic diversity in California jewelflowers.


Apr. 17  Carolin Frank, University of California, Merced.
     Biogeography of the subalpine conifer foliar microbiome.


Apr. 23  Javier Jauregui, University of California, Berkeley


Apr. 30  Mick Song, University of California, Berkeley


May 7  OPEN.


May 14  OPEN.