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Clicking on a name will take you to the report from the Jepson Online Interchange

Habenaria dilatata JFP-8
Habenaria elegans var. elata JFP-1a
Habenaria leucostachys var. virida JFP-1a
Hackelia JFP-15
Hackelia amethystina JFP-1
Hackelia bella JFP-1
Hackelia brevicula JFP-1
Hackelia californica JFP-1
Hackelia cusickii JFP-1
Hackelia floribunda JFP-1
Hackelia micrantha JFP-1
Hackelia mundula JFP-1
Hackelia nervosa JFP-1
Hackelia setosa JFP-1
Hackelia sharsmithii JFP-1
Hackelia velutina JFP-1
Hainardia JFP-15
Hainardia cylindrica JFP-2
Halimium lasianthum JFP-4
Halimodendron JFP-15
Halimodendron halodendron JFP-4
Halimolobos JFP-15
Halimolobos jaegeri JFP-1
Halimolobos virgata JFP-1a
Halodule JFP-15
Halodule beaudettei JFP-6a
Halodule wrightii JFP-6
Halogeton JFP-15
Halogeton glomeratus JFP-2
Haloragaceae JFP-16
Haloragis JFP-15
Haloragis erecta JFP-3_t
Hamamelidaceae JFP-16
Haplopappus apargioides JFP-1a
Haplopappus arborescens JFP-1a
Haplopappus ericoides subsp. blakei JFP-1a_t
Haplopappus eximius subsp. peirsonii JFP-1a
Haplopappus greenei JFP-1a
Haplopappus linearifolius JFP-1a
Haplopappus occidentalis JFP-1a
Haplopappus palmeri subsp. pachylepis JFP-1a
Haplopappus paniculatus var. stenocephalus JFP-1a_t
Haplopappus phyllocephalus JFP-unresolved
Haplopappus squarrosus subsp. stenolepis JFP-1a
Harmonia JFP-15
Harmonia doris-nilesiae JFP-1
Harmonia guggolziorum JFP-1
Harmonia hallii JFP-1
Harmonia nutans JFP-1
Harmonia stebbinsii JFP-1
Harpagonella JFP-15
Harpagonella palmeri JFP-1
Harpagonella palmeri var. palmeri JFP-1a
Hasseanthus blochmaniae subsp. brevifolius JFP-1a
Hasseanthus blochmaniae subsp. insularis JFP-1a
Hasseanthus nesioticus JFP-1a
Hastingsia JFP-15
Hastingsia alba JFP-1
Hastingsia serpentinicola JFP-1
Hazardia JFP-15
Hazardia brickellioides JFP-1
Hazardia cana JFP-1
Hazardia detonsa JFP-1
Hazardia obtusa JFP-1a
Hazardia orcuttii JFP-1
Hazardia squarrosa JFP-1
Hazardia squarrosa var. grindelioides JFP-1
Hazardia squarrosa var. obtusa JFP-1
Hazardia squarrosa var. squarrosa JFP-1
Hazardia stenolepis JFP-1
Hazardia whitneyi JFP-1
Hazardia whitneyi var. discoidea JFP-1
Hazardia whitneyi var. whitneyi JFP-1
Hebe JFP-15
Hebe X franciscana JFP-9
Hebe speciosa JFP-9
Hecastocleis JFP-15
Hecastocleis shockleyi JFP-1
Hedeoma JFP-15
Hedeoma drummondii JFP-1
Hedeoma nana JFP-1
Hedeoma nana subsp. californica JFP-1
Hedera JFP-15
Hedera algeriensis JFP-2a
Hedera canariensis JFP-2
Hedera helix JFP-2
Hedera helix subsp. canariensis JFP-2a
Hedera helix subsp. helix JFP-2a
Hedera hibernica JFP-8
Hedychium flavescens JFP-3
Hedypnois JFP-15
Hedypnois cretica JFP-2a
Hedypnois rhagadioloides JFP-2
Helenium JFP-15
Helenium amarum JFP-2
Helenium amarum var. amarum JFP-2
Helenium autumnale JFP-1
Helenium autumnale var. grandiflorum JFP-1a
Helenium autumnale var. montanum JFP-1a
Helenium bigelovii JFP-1
Helenium bolanderi JFP-1
Helenium puberulum JFP-1
Helenium tenuifolium JFP-2a
Helianthella JFP-15
Helianthella californica JFP-1
Helianthella californica subsp. californica JFP-1a
Helianthella californica subsp. nevadensis JFP-1a
Helianthella californica subsp. shastensis JFP-1a
Helianthella californica var. californica JFP-1
Helianthella californica var. nevadensis JFP-1
Helianthella californica var. shastensis JFP-1
Helianthella castanea JFP-1
Helianthemum JFP-15
Helianthemum greenei JFP-1a
Helianthemum scoparium JFP-1a
Helianthemum scoparium var. vulgare JFP-1a
Helianthemum suffrutescens JFP-1a
Helianthus JFP-15
Helianthus annuus JFP-1
Helianthus annuus subsp. jaegeri JFP-1a
Helianthus annuus subsp. lenticularis JFP-1a
Helianthus annuus var. macrocarpus JFP-1a
Helianthus bolanderi JFP-1
Helianthus californicus JFP-1
Helianthus ciliaris JFP-2
Helianthus cusickii JFP-1
Helianthus exilis JFP-1a
Helianthus gracilentus JFP-1
Helianthus inexpectatus JFP-1
Helianthus maximilianii JFP-9_t
Helianthus niveus JFP-1
Helianthus niveus subsp. canescens JFP-1a
Helianthus niveus subsp. tephrodes JFP-1
Helianthus nuttallii JFP-1
Helianthus nuttallii subsp. nuttallii JFP-1
Helianthus nuttallii subsp. parishii JFP-7
Helianthus petiolaris JFP-2
Helianthus petiolaris subsp. canescens JFP-1
Helianthus petiolaris subsp. petiolaris JFP-2
Helianthus petiolaris var. canescens JFP-1a
Helianthus tuberosus JFP-4
Helianthus winteri JFP-1
Helichrysum petiolare JFP-2
Heliconia JFP-15
Heliconiaceae JFP-16
Heliomeris JFP-15
Heliomeris hispida JFP-6
Heliomeris longifolia JFP-8
Heliomeris multiflora JFP-1
Heliomeris multiflora var. multiflora JFP-4_t
Heliomeris multiflora var. nevadensis JFP-1
Heliotropium JFP-15
Heliotropium amplexicaule JFP-2
Heliotropium convolvulaceum JFP-1
Heliotropium convolvulaceum var. californicum JFP-1
Heliotropium convolvulaceum var. convolvulaceum JFP-8
Heliotropium curassavicum JFP-1
Heliotropium curassavicum var. oculatum JFP-1
Heliotropium europaeum JFP-2
Heliotropium procumbens JFP-8
Heliotropium procumbens var. procumbens JFP-8
Helipterum roseum JFP-2_t
Helminthotheca echioides JFP-2
Hemieva ranunculifolia JFP-1
Hemitomes JFP-15
Hemitomes congestum JFP-1
Hemitomes pumilum JFP-1a
Hemizonella JFP-15
Hemizonella minima JFP-1
Hemizonia JFP-15
Hemizonia angustifolia var. barclayi JFP-1a_t
Hemizonia arida JFP-1a
Hemizonia clementina JFP-1a
Hemizonia congesta JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. calyculata JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. clevelandii JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. congesta JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. leucocephala JFP-1a
Hemizonia congesta subsp. lutescens JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. luzulifolia JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. tracyi JFP-1
Hemizonia congesta subsp. vernalis JFP-1a
Hemizonia conjugens JFP-1a
Hemizonia corymbosa JFP-1a
Hemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosa JFP-1a
Hemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephala JFP-1a
Hemizonia fasciculata JFP-1a
Hemizonia fitchii JFP-1a
Hemizonia floribunda JFP-1a
Hemizonia halliana JFP-1a
Hemizonia hispida JFP-1a
Hemizonia increscens JFP-1a
Hemizonia increscens subsp. foliosa JFP-1a
Hemizonia increscens subsp. increscens JFP-1a
Hemizonia increscens subsp. villosa JFP-1a
Hemizonia kelloggii JFP-1a
Hemizonia leucocephala JFP-1a
Hemizonia lobbii JFP-1a
Hemizonia macradenia JFP-1a
Hemizonia minthornii JFP-1a
Hemizonia mohavensis JFP-1a
Hemizonia multicaulis subsp. vernalis JFP-1a_t
Hemizonia obconica JFP-1a
Hemizonia pallida JFP-1a
Hemizonia paniculata JFP-1a
Hemizonia paniculata subsp. foliosa JFP-1a
Hemizonia parryi JFP-1a
Hemizonia parryi subsp. australis JFP-1a
Hemizonia parryi subsp. congdonii JFP-1a
Hemizonia parryi subsp. parryi JFP-1a
Hemizonia parryi subsp. rudis JFP-1a
Hemizonia pentactis JFP-1a
Hemizonia pungens JFP-1a
Hemizonia pungens subsp. laevis JFP-1a
Hemizonia pungens subsp. maritima JFP-1a
Hemizonia pungens subsp. pungens JFP-1a
Hemizonia pungens subsp. septentrionalis JFP-1a
Heracleum JFP-15
Heracleum lanatum JFP-1a
Heracleum maximum JFP-1
Herissantia JFP-15
Herissantia crispa JFP-1
Herniaria JFP-15
Herniaria hirsuta JFP-2
Herniaria hirsuta subsp. cinerea JFP-2a
Herniaria hirsuta subsp. hirsuta JFP-2a
Herniaria hirsuta var. cinerea JFP-2
Herniaria hirsuta var. hirsuta JFP-2
Hesperevax JFP-15
Hesperevax acaulis JFP-1
Hesperevax acaulis var. acaulis JFP-1
Hesperevax acaulis var. ambusticola JFP-1
Hesperevax acaulis var. robustior JFP-1
Hesperevax caulescens JFP-1
Hesperevax sparsiflora JFP-1
Hesperevax sparsiflora var. brevifolia JFP-1
Hesperevax sparsiflora var. sparsiflora JFP-1
Hesperidanthus JFP-15
Hesperidanthus jaegeri JFP-1
Hesperis JFP-15
Hesperis matronalis JFP-2
Hesperocallis JFP-15
Hesperocallis undulata JFP-1
Hesperochiron JFP-15
Hesperochiron latifolius JFP-1a
Hesperochiron nanus JFP-1
Hesperochiron pumilus JFP-1
Hesperocnide JFP-15
Hesperocnide tenella JFP-1
Hesperocyparis JFP-15
Hesperocyparis abramsiana JFP-1
Hesperocyparis abramsiana var. abramsiana JFP-1
Hesperocyparis abramsiana var. butanoensis JFP-1
Hesperocyparis bakeri JFP-1
Hesperocyparis forbesii JFP-1
Hesperocyparis goveniana JFP-1
Hesperocyparis macnabiana JFP-1
Hesperocyparis macrocarpa JFP-1
Hesperocyparis nevadensis JFP-1
Hesperocyparis pigmaea JFP-1
Hesperocyparis sargentii JFP-1
Hesperocyparis stephensonii JFP-1
Hesperolinon JFP-15
Hesperolinon adenophyllum JFP-1
Hesperolinon bicarpellatum JFP-1
Hesperolinon breweri JFP-1
Hesperolinon californicum JFP-1
Hesperolinon clevelandii JFP-1
Hesperolinon congestum JFP-1
Hesperolinon didymocarpum JFP-1
Hesperolinon disjunctum JFP-1
Hesperolinon drymarioides JFP-1
Hesperolinon micranthum JFP-1
Hesperolinon serpentinum JFP-1b
Hesperolinon sharsmithiae JFP-unresolved
Hesperolinon spergulinum JFP-1
Hesperolinon tehamense JFP-1
Hesperomecon JFP-15
Hesperomecon filiformis JFP-1a_t
Hesperomecon linearis JFP-1
Hesperostipa JFP-15
Hesperostipa comata JFP-1a
Hesperostipa comata subsp. comata JFP-1a
Hesperostipa comata subsp. intermedia JFP-1a
Hesperoyucca JFP-15
Hesperoyucca whipplei JFP-1
Heteranthemis JFP-15
Heteranthemis viscidihirta JFP-2
Heteranthera JFP-15
Heteranthera dubia JFP-1
Heteranthera limosa JFP-2
Heteranthera rotundifolia JFP-4
Heterocodon JFP-15
Heterocodon rariflorum JFP-1
Heterodraba JFP-15
Heterodraba unilateralis JFP-1a
Heteromeles JFP-15
Heteromeles arbutifolia JFP-1
Heteromeles arbutifolia var. arbutifolia JFP-1a
Heteromeles arbutifolia var. cerina JFP-1a
Heteromeles arbutifolia var. macrocarpa JFP-1a
Heteropogon JFP-15
Heteropogon contortus JFP-2
Heterotheca JFP-15
Heterotheca camphorata JFP-unresolved
Heterotheca echioides JFP-1a
Heterotheca echioides var. bolanderi JFP-1a
Heterotheca echioides var. bolanderioides JFP-unresolved
Heterotheca echioides var. echioides JFP-1a
Heterotheca grandiflora JFP-1
Heterotheca monarchensis JFP-1
Heterotheca oregona JFP-1
Heterotheca oregona var. compacta JFP-1
Heterotheca oregona var. oregona JFP-1
Heterotheca oregona var. rudis JFP-1
Heterotheca oregona var. scaberrima JFP-1
Heterotheca psammophila JFP-1a
Heterotheca sessiliflora JFP-1
Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderi JFP-1
Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. echioides JFP-1
Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. fastigiata JFP-1
Heterotheca sessiliflora subsp. sessiliflora JFP-1
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioides JFP-unresolved
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. camphorata JFP-unresolved
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. echioides JFP-1a
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. fastigiata JFP-1a
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. sanjacintensis JFP-unresolved
Heterotheca sessiliflora var. sessiliflora JFP-1a
Heterotheca shevockii JFP-1
Heterotheca subaxillaris JFP-1
Heterotheca subaxillaris subsp. latifolia JFP-1
Heterotheca villosa JFP-1
Heterotheca villosa var. hispida JFP-1a
Heterotheca villosa var. minor JFP-1
Heterotheca villosa var. scabra JFP-1
Heterotheca villosa var. shevockii JFP-1a
Heterotheca villosa var. villosa JFP-8
Heuchera JFP-15
Heuchera abramsii JFP-1
Heuchera alpestris JFP-unresolved
Heuchera brevistaminea JFP-1
Heuchera caespitosa JFP-1
Heuchera chlorantha JFP-8
Heuchera cylindrica JFP-1
Heuchera cylindrica var. alpina JFP-1a
Heuchera cylindrica var. ovalifolia JFP-unresolved
Heuchera duranii JFP-1a
Heuchera elegans JFP-1a
Heuchera hemisphaerica JFP-1a_t
Heuchera hirsuta JFP-1a_t
Heuchera hirsutissima JFP-1
Heuchera lithophila JFP-1a_t
Heuchera maxima JFP-1
Heuchera merriamii JFP-1
Heuchera micrantha JFP-1
Heuchera micrantha var. diversifolia JFP-1a
Heuchera micrantha var. erubescens JFP-1a
Heuchera micrantha var. hartwegii JFP-1a
Heuchera micrantha var. macropetala JFP-1a
Heuchera micrantha var. micrantha JFP-1a
Heuchera micrantha var. pacifica JFP-unresolved
Heuchera parishii JFP-1
Heuchera parvifolia JFP-1
Heuchera pilosella JFP-1a_t
Heuchera pilosissima JFP-1
Heuchera pilosissima var. hemisphaerica JFP-unresolved
Heuchera pilosissima var. pilosissima JFP-1a
Heuchera pringlei JFP-unresolved
Heuchera rubescens JFP-1
Heuchera rubescens f. ambigua JFP-1a_t
Heuchera rubescens var. alpicola JFP-1a
Heuchera rubescens var. glandulosa JFP-1a
Heuchera rubescens var. rydbergiana JFP-1a
Heuchera rubescens var. versicolor JFP-1a
Hibiscus JFP-15
Hibiscus californicus JFP-1a
Hibiscus denudatus JFP-1
Hibiscus lasiocarpos JFP-1
Hibiscus lasiocarpos var. occidentalis JFP-1
Hibiscus moscheutos JFP-8
Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. lasiocarpos JFP-1a
Hibiscus trionum JFP-2
Hieracium JFP-15
Hieracium albiflorum JFP-1
Hieracium argutum JFP-1
Hieracium aurantiacum JFP-3
Hieracium bolanderi JFP-1
Hieracium gracile JFP-1a
Hieracium gracile subvar. densifloccum JFP-1a_t
Hieracium gracile var. detonsum JFP-1a
Hieracium gracile var. gracile JFP-1a
Hieracium greenei JFP-1
Hieracium horridum JFP-1
Hieracium nudicaule JFP-1
Hieracium parryi JFP-1
Hieracium scouleri JFP-1
Hieracium scouleri var. nudicaule JFP-1a
Hieracium scouleri var. scouleri JFP-1a
Hieracium triste JFP-1
Hierochloe JFP-15
Hierochloe hirta JFP-1a
Hierochloe hirta subsp. arctica JFP-unresolved
Hierochloe occidentalis JFP-1a
Hierochloe odorata JFP-1a
Hilaria jamesii JFP-1
Hilaria rigida JFP-1
Hippuris JFP-15
Hippuris vulgaris JFP-1
Hirschfeldia JFP-15
Hirschfeldia incana JFP-2
Hoffmannseggia JFP-15
Hoffmannseggia glauca JFP-1
Hoffmannseggia microphylla JFP-1
Hoheria populnea JFP-4
Hoita JFP-15
Hoita hallii JFP-1a
Hoita macrostachya JFP-1
Hoita orbicularis JFP-1
Hoita strobilina JFP-1
Holcus JFP-15
Holcus lanatus JFP-2
Holcus mollis JFP-2
Hollisteria JFP-15
Hollisteria lanata JFP-1
Holmgrenanthe petrophila JFP-1
Holocarpha JFP-15
Holocarpha heermannii JFP-1
Holocarpha macradenia JFP-1
Holocarpha obconica JFP-1
Holocarpha obconica subsp. autumnalis JFP-1a
Holocarpha obconica subsp. obconica JFP-1a
Holocarpha virgata JFP-1
Holocarpha virgata subsp. elongata JFP-1
Holocarpha virgata subsp. virgata JFP-1
Holodiscus JFP-15
Holodiscus discolor JFP-1
Holodiscus discolor var. cedrorum JFP-1
Holodiscus discolor var. delnortensis JFP-1a
Holodiscus discolor var. discolor JFP-1
Holodiscus discolor var. glabrescens JFP-1
Holodiscus discolor var. microphyllus JFP-1
Holodiscus dumosus var. cedrorum JFP-1a
Holodiscus microphyllus JFP-1a
Holodiscus microphyllus var. glabrescens JFP-1a
Holodiscus microphyllus var. microphyllus JFP-1a
Holodiscus saxicola JFP-1a
Holosteum JFP-15
Holosteum umbellatum JFP-2
Holosteum umbellatum subsp. umbellatum JFP-2
Holozonia JFP-15
Holozonia filipes JFP-1
Hookera rosea JFP-1a
Hooveria JFP-15
Hooveria parviflora JFP-1
Hooveria purpurea JFP-1
Hooveria purpurea var. purpurea JFP-1
Hooveria purpurea var. reducta JFP-1
Hordeum JFP-15
Hordeum arizonicum JFP-1
Hordeum brachyantherum JFP-1
Hordeum brachyantherum subsp. brachyantherum JFP-1
Hordeum brachyantherum subsp. californicum JFP-1
Hordeum bulbosum JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Hordeum californicum JFP-1a
Hordeum depressum JFP-1
Hordeum intercedens JFP-1
Hordeum jubatum JFP-1
Hordeum jubatum subsp. jubatum JFP-1
Hordeum marinum JFP-2
Hordeum marinum subsp. gussoneanum JFP-2
Hordeum marinum subsp. marinum JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Hordeum murinum JFP-2
Hordeum murinum subsp. glaucum JFP-2
Hordeum murinum subsp. leporinum JFP-2
Hordeum murinum subsp. murinum JFP-2
Hordeum pusillum JFP-8_t
Hordeum stebbinsii JFP-2a
Hordeum vulgare JFP-3
Hordeum vulgare var. trifurcatum JFP-3a
Hordeum vulgare var. vulgare JFP-3a
Horkelia JFP-15
Horkelia bolanderi JFP-1
Horkelia bolanderi var. marinensis JFP-1a
Horkelia brownii JFP-1a
Horkelia californica JFP-1
Horkelia californica subsp. californica JFP-1a
Horkelia californica subsp. dissita JFP-1a
Horkelia californica subsp. frondosa JFP-1a
Horkelia californica var. californica JFP-1
Horkelia californica var. elata JFP-1
Horkelia californica var. frondosa JFP-1
Horkelia chaetophora JFP-1a
Horkelia chandleri JFP-1a
Horkelia clevelandii JFP-1
Horkelia clevelandii var. clevelandii JFP-1
Horkelia congdonis JFP-1a
Horkelia congesta JFP-1
Horkelia congesta subsp. nemorosa JFP-1a
Horkelia congesta var. nemorosa JFP-1
Horkelia cuneata JFP-1
Horkelia cuneata subsp. cuneata JFP-1a
Horkelia cuneata subsp. puberula JFP-1a
Horkelia cuneata subsp. sericea JFP-1a
Horkelia cuneata var. cuneata JFP-1
Horkelia cuneata var. puberula JFP-1
Horkelia cuneata var. sericea JFP-1
Horkelia daucifolia JFP-1
Horkelia daucifolia subsp. daucifolia JFP-1a
Horkelia daucifolia subsp. latior JFP-1a
Horkelia daucifolia var. daucifolia JFP-1
Horkelia daucifolia var. indicta JFP-1
Horkelia flavescens JFP-1a
Horkelia fusca JFP-1
Horkelia fusca subsp. capitata JFP-8
Horkelia fusca subsp. parviflora JFP-1a
Horkelia fusca subsp. pseudocapitata JFP-1a
Horkelia fusca subsp. tenella JFP-1a
Horkelia fusca var. brownii JFP-1
Horkelia fusca var. parviflora JFP-1
Horkelia fusca var. pseudocapitata JFP-1
Horkelia fusca var. tenella JFP-1
Horkelia glandulosa JFP-1a
Horkelia hendersonii JFP-1
Horkelia hispidula JFP-1
Horkelia howellii JFP-1
Horkelia marinensis JFP-1
Horkelia mollis JFP-1a
Horkelia parryi JFP-1
Horkelia pulchra JFP-1a_t
Horkelia rydbergii JFP-1
Horkelia scandularis JFP-1a
Horkelia sericata JFP-1
Horkelia tenuiloba JFP-1
Horkelia tridentata JFP-1
Horkelia tridentata subsp. flavescens JFP-1a
Horkelia tridentata subsp. tridentata JFP-1a
Horkelia tridentata var. flavescens JFP-1
Horkelia tridentata var. tridentata JFP-1
Horkelia truncata JFP-1
Horkelia tularensis JFP-1
Horkelia wilderae JFP-1
Horkelia yadonii JFP-1
Horkeliella JFP-15
Horkeliella congdonis JFP-1
Horkeliella purpurascens JFP-1
Hornungia JFP-15
Hornungia procumbens JFP-2
Horsfordia JFP-15
Horsfordia alata JFP-1
Horsfordia newberryi JFP-1
Hosackia JFP-15
Hosackia argophylla var. decora JFP-1a_t
Hosackia crassifolia JFP-1
Hosackia crassifolia var. crassifolia JFP-1
Hosackia crassifolia var. otayensis JFP-1
Hosackia gracilis JFP-1
Hosackia haydonii JFP-1a
Hosackia incana JFP-1
Hosackia oblongifolia JFP-1
Hosackia oblongifolia var. cuprea JFP-1
Hosackia oblongifolia var. oblongifolia JFP-1
Hosackia pinnata JFP-1
Hosackia procumbens JFP-1a
Hosackia rosea JFP-1
Hosackia stipularis JFP-1
Hosackia stipularis var. ottleyi JFP-1
Hosackia stipularis var. stipularis JFP-1
Hosackia yollabolliensis JFP-1
Howellanthus dalesianus JFP-1
Howellia aquatilis JFP-1
Howellia limosa JFP-1a
Howelliella ovata JFP-1a
Hugelia eremica JFP-1a_t
Hugelia hooveri JFP-1a_t
Hugelia virgata JFP-1a_t
Hugelia virgata var. pygmaea JFP-unresolved
Hulsea JFP-15
Hulsea algida JFP-1
Hulsea brevifolia JFP-1
Hulsea californica JFP-1
Hulsea californica subsp. inyoensis JFP-1a
Hulsea heterochroma JFP-1
Hulsea mexicana JFP-1
Hulsea nana JFP-1
Hulsea vestita JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. callicarpha JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. gabrielensis JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. inyoensis JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. pygmaea JFP-1
Hulsea vestita subsp. vestita JFP-1
Hulsea vestita var. callicarpha JFP-1a
Humulus JFP-15
Humulus americanus JFP-2_t
Humulus lupulus JFP-2
Humulus lupulus var. lupulus JFP-2a
Humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus JFP-2a
Hunnemannia fumariifolia JFP-3
Hutchinsia JFP-15
Hutchinsia procumbens JFP-1b
Hyacinthaceae JFP-16
Hyacinthus orientalis JFP-3
Hydastylus borealis JFP-1a
Hydastylus brachypus JFP-1a
Hydastylus californicus JFP-1a
Hydastylus elmeri JFP-1a
Hydastylus longipes JFP-1a
Hydastylus rivularis JFP-1a
Hydrangeaceae JFP-16
Hydrilla JFP-15
Hydrilla verticillata JFP-2
Hydrocharitaceae JFP-16
Hydrocotyle JFP-15
Hydrocotyle moschata JFP-4
Hydrocotyle prolifera JFP-1a
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides JFP-1
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides JFP-4
Hydrocotyle umbellata JFP-1
Hydrocotyle verticillata JFP-1
Hydrocotyle verticillata var. verticillata JFP-1a
Hydrophyllum JFP-15
Hydrophyllum alpestre JFP-1
Hydrophyllum capitatum JFP-8
Hydrophyllum capitatum var. alpinum JFP-1a
Hydrophyllum fendleri JFP-1
Hydrophyllum fendleri var. albifrons JFP-1
Hydrophyllum occidentale JFP-1
Hydrophyllum tenuipes JFP-1
Hydrophyllum tenuipes var. viride JFP-1a
Hymenoclea JFP-15
Hymenoclea monogyra JFP-1a
Hymenoclea salsola JFP-1a
Hymenoclea salsola var. fasciculata JFP-1a
Hymenoclea salsola var. patula JFP-1b
Hymenoclea salsola var. pentalepis JFP-1a
Hymenoclea salsola var. salsola JFP-1a
Hymenopappus JFP-15
Hymenopappus filifolius JFP-1
Hymenopappus filifolius var. eriopodus JFP-1
Hymenopappus filifolius var. lugens JFP-1
Hymenopappus filifolius var. megacephalus JFP-1
Hymenopappus filifolius var. nanus JFP-1
Hymenopappus wrightii var. viscidulus JFP-1a
Hymenothrix JFP-15
Hymenothrix dissecta JFP-1
Hymenothrix loomisii JFP-3
Hymenothrix wrightii JFP-1
Hymenoxys JFP-15
Hymenoxys acaulis JFP-1a
Hymenoxys acaulis var. arizonica JFP-1a
Hymenoxys cooperi JFP-1
Hymenoxys cooperi var. canescens JFP-1a
Hymenoxys cooperi var. cooperi JFP-1a
Hymenoxys hoopesii JFP-1
Hymenoxys lemmonii JFP-1
Hymenoxys odorata JFP-1
Hyparrhenia JFP-15
Hyparrhenia hirta JFP-2
Hypericaceae JFP-16
Hypericum JFP-15
Hypericum anagalloides JFP-1
Hypericum androsaemum JFP-3
Hypericum calycinum JFP-2
Hypericum canariense JFP-2
Hypericum concinnum JFP-1
Hypericum formosum JFP-8
Hypericum formosum var. scouleri JFP-1a
Hypericum hookerianum JFP-3
Hypericum mutilum JFP-2
Hypericum mutilum subsp. mutilum JFP-2
Hypericum perforatum JFP-2
Hypericum perforatum subsp. perforatum JFP-2
Hypericum scouleri JFP-1
Hypericum scouleri subsp. scouleri JFP-1a
Hypochaeris JFP-15
Hypochaeris glabra JFP-2
Hypochaeris radicata JFP-2
Hyptis JFP-15
Hyptis emoryi JFP-1a

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