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Clicking on a name will take you to the report from the Jepson Online Interchange

Obione cordulata JFP-1a
Obione lentiformis JFP-1a
Obione phyllostegia JFP-8a
Odontostomum JFP-15
Odontostomum hartwegii JFP-1
Oemleria JFP-15
Oemleria cerasiformis JFP-1
Oenanthe JFP-15
Oenanthe pimpinelloides JFP-8
Oenanthe sarmentosa JFP-1
Oenothera JFP-15
Oenothera alyssoides JFP-1a
Oenothera andina JFP-1a
Oenothera arcuata JFP-1a
Oenothera avita subsp. eurekensis JFP-1a
Oenothera biennis JFP-2
Oenothera bistorta JFP-1a
Oenothera bistorta var. hallii JFP-1a
Oenothera bistorta var. reedii JFP-1a_t
Oenothera bistorta var. veitchiana JFP-1a
Oenothera boothii JFP-1a
Oenothera boothii subsp. condensata JFP-1a
Oenothera boothii subsp. inyoensis JFP-1a
Oenothera breviflora JFP-8a
Oenothera brevipes JFP-1a
Oenothera californica JFP-1
Oenothera californica subsp. avita JFP-1
Oenothera californica subsp. californica JFP-1
Oenothera californica subsp. eurekensis JFP-1
Oenothera cardiophylla JFP-1a
Oenothera cardiophylla subsp. robusta JFP-1a
Oenothera cavernae JFP-1
Oenothera cespitosa JFP-1
Oenothera cespitosa subsp. crinita JFP-1
Oenothera cespitosa subsp. marginata JFP-1
Oenothera cespitosa var. crinita JFP-1a
Oenothera cespitosa var. longiflora JFP-1a
Oenothera cespitosa var. marginata JFP-1a
Oenothera chamaenerioides JFP-1a
Oenothera cheiranthifolia JFP-1a
Oenothera cheiranthifolia var. nitida JFP-1a
Oenothera cheiranthifolia var. suffruticosa JFP-1a
Oenothera claviformis JFP-1a
Oenothera claviformis subsp. funerea JFP-1a
Oenothera claviformis var. aurantiaca JFP-1a
Oenothera claviformis var. peirsonii JFP-1a
Oenothera contorta JFP-1a
Oenothera contorta var. epilobioides JFP-8a
Oenothera contorta var. flexuosa JFP-1a
Oenothera contorta var. pubens JFP-1a
Oenothera contorta var. strigulosa JFP-1a
Oenothera curtiflora JFP-2
Oenothera decorticans JFP-1a
Oenothera decorticans var. condensata JFP-1a
Oenothera decorticans var. decorticans JFP-1a
Oenothera decorticans var. desertorum JFP-1a
Oenothera decorticans var. rutila JFP-1a
Oenothera delessertiana JFP-2a_t
Oenothera deltoides JFP-1
Oenothera deltoides subsp. cognata JFP-1
Oenothera deltoides subsp. deltoides JFP-1
Oenothera deltoides subsp. eurekensis JFP-1a
Oenothera deltoides subsp. howellii JFP-1
Oenothera deltoides subsp. piperi JFP-1
Oenothera deltoides var. cineracea JFP-1a
Oenothera deltoides var. cognata JFP-1a
Oenothera deltoides var. deltoides JFP-1a
Oenothera deltoides var. howellii JFP-1a
Oenothera deltoides var. piperi JFP-1a
Oenothera dentata var. campestris JFP-1a
Oenothera dentata var. gilmanii JFP-1a
Oenothera dentata var. johnstonii JFP-1a
Oenothera dentata var. parishii JFP-1a
Oenothera deserti JFP-1a
Oenothera elata JFP-1
Oenothera elata subsp. hirsutissima JFP-1
Oenothera elata subsp. hookeri JFP-1
Oenothera flava JFP-1
Oenothera flava subsp. flava JFP-1a
Oenothera glazioviana JFP-2
Oenothera graciliflora JFP-1a
Oenothera guadalupensis JFP-1a
Oenothera guadalupensis subsp. clementina JFP-1a
Oenothera heterantha JFP-1a
Oenothera heterochroma JFP-1a
Oenothera heterochroma var. monoensis JFP-1a
Oenothera hookeri JFP-8
Oenothera hookeri subsp. angustifolia JFP-1a
Oenothera hookeri subsp. grisea JFP-1a
Oenothera hookeri subsp. montereyensis JFP-1a
Oenothera hookeri subsp. venusta JFP-1a
Oenothera hookeri subsp. wolfii JFP-1a
Oenothera jepsonii JFP-1a_t
Oenothera kernensis JFP-1a
Oenothera laciniata JFP-2
Oenothera leptocarpa JFP-1a
Oenothera longissima JFP-1
Oenothera micrantha JFP-1a
Oenothera micrantha var. exfoliata JFP-1a
Oenothera micrantha var. ignota JFP-1a
Oenothera micrantha var. jonesii JFP-1a
Oenothera multijuga var. parviflora JFP-1a
Oenothera munzii JFP-1a
Oenothera novae-scotiae JFP-unresolved
Oenothera odorata JFP-8
Oenothera ovata JFP-1a
Oenothera palmeri JFP-1a
Oenothera primiveris JFP-1
Oenothera primiveris subsp. bufonis JFP-1a
Oenothera primiveris subsp. primiveris JFP-1a
Oenothera pterosperma JFP-1a
Oenothera pubescens JFP-1
Oenothera refracta JFP-1a
Oenothera rosea JFP-3
Oenothera scapoidea JFP-8a
Oenothera scapoidea var. aurantiaca JFP-1a_t
Oenothera scapoidea var. purpurascens JFP-1a_t
Oenothera scapoidea var. seorsa JFP-8a_t
Oenothera scapoidea var. tortilis JFP-1a
Oenothera sinuosa JFP-2
Oenothera speciosa JFP-2
Oenothera speciosa var. childsii JFP-2a
Oenothera spiralis var. linearis JFP-unresolved
Oenothera stricta JFP-3
Oenothera stricta subsp. stricta JFP-3
Oenothera strigosa JFP-1a
Oenothera suffrutescens JFP-1
Oenothera tanacetifolia JFP-1a
Oenothera villosa JFP-1
Oenothera villosa subsp. strigosa JFP-1
Oenothera whitneyi JFP-1a_t
Oenothera wolfii JFP-1
Oenothera xenogaura JFP-2
Oenothera xylocarpa JFP-1
Olea JFP-15
Olea africana JFP-2a
Olea europaea JFP-2
Olea europaea subsp. europaea JFP-2a
Oleaceae JFP-16
Oligomeris JFP-15
Oligomeris linifolia JFP-1
Olneya JFP-15
Olneya tesota JFP-1
Olsynium douglasii JFP-1
Olsynium douglasii var. douglasii JFP-1
Olsynium grandiflorum JFP-1a
Onagraceae JFP-16
Oncosiphon pilulifer JFP-2
Onobrychis JFP-15
Onobrychis viciifolia JFP-2
Ononis JFP-15
Ononis alopecuroides JFP-6
Onopordum JFP-15
Onopordum acanthium JFP-2
Onopordum acanthium subsp. acanthium JFP-2
Onopordum illyricum JFP-2
Onopordum tauricum JFP-2
Ophioglossaceae JFP-16
Ophioglossum JFP-15
Ophioglossum californicum JFP-1
Ophioglossum pusillum JFP-1
Opuntia JFP-15
Opuntia X charlestonensis JFP-10
Opuntia X curvispina JFP-10b_t
Opuntia X demissa JFP-10_t
Opuntia X fosbergii JFP-1a
Opuntia X munzii JFP-1a
Opuntia X occidentalis JFP-1
Opuntia X vaseyi JFP-10b
Opuntia X wigginsii JFP-1a
Opuntia acanthocarpa JFP-1a
Opuntia acanthocarpa subsp. ganderi JFP-1a
Opuntia acanthocarpa var. coloradensis JFP-1a
Opuntia acanthocarpa var. major JFP-8a
Opuntia basilaris JFP-1
Opuntia basilaris var. basilaris JFP-1
Opuntia basilaris var. brachyclada JFP-1
Opuntia basilaris var. treleasei JFP-1
Opuntia bigelovii JFP-1a
Opuntia californica JFP-1a
Opuntia californica var. californica JFP-1a
Opuntia californica var. parkeri JFP-1a
Opuntia chlorotica JFP-1
Opuntia curvispina JFP-1
Opuntia echinocarpa JFP-1a
Opuntia echinocarpa var. major JFP-8a
Opuntia echinocarpa var. parkeri JFP-1a
Opuntia engelmannii JFP-1
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii JFP-1
Opuntia erinacea JFP-1a
Opuntia erinacea var. erinacea JFP-1a
Opuntia erinacea var. ursina JFP-1a
Opuntia erinacea var. utahensis JFP-1a
Opuntia ficus-indica JFP-2
Opuntia fosbergii JFP-1a
Opuntia fragilis JFP-1
Opuntia fragilis var. fragilis JFP-1a
Opuntia ganderi JFP-1a
Opuntia intricata JFP-1a_t
Opuntia kunzei JFP-unresolved
Opuntia leucotricha JFP-3
Opuntia littoralis JFP-1
Opuntia littoralis var. austrocalifornica JFP-1a
Opuntia littoralis var. littoralis JFP-1a
Opuntia littoralis var. piercei JFP-1a
Opuntia littoralis var. vaseyi JFP-1a
Opuntia microdasys JFP-2
Opuntia munzii JFP-1a
Opuntia oricola JFP-1
Opuntia parishii JFP-1a
Opuntia parryi JFP-1a
Opuntia phaeacantha JFP-1
Opuntia phaeacantha var. major JFP-1a
Opuntia polyacantha JFP-1
Opuntia polyacantha var. erinacea JFP-1
Opuntia polyacantha var. hystricina JFP-1
Opuntia polyacantha var. rufispina JFP-8
Opuntia prolifera JFP-1a
Opuntia pulchella JFP-1a
Opuntia ramosissima JFP-1a
Opuntia robusta JFP-3
Opuntia tomentosa JFP-8_t
Opuntia treleasei JFP-1a
Opuntia ursina JFP-1a
Opuntia vaseyi JFP-1
Opuntia wigginsii JFP-1a
Opuntia wolfii JFP-1a
Orchidaceae JFP-16
Orcuttia JFP-15
Orcuttia californica JFP-1
Orcuttia californica var. inaequalis JFP-1a
Orcuttia californica var. viscida JFP-1a
Orcuttia inaequalis JFP-1
Orcuttia mucronata JFP-1a
Orcuttia pilosa JFP-1
Orcuttia tenuis JFP-1
Orcuttia viscida JFP-1
Oreobroma congdonii JFP-1a
Oreocarya abortiva JFP-1
Oreocarya alpicola JFP-1a
Oreocarya confertiflora JFP-1
Oreocarya crymophila JFP-1
Oreocarya flavoculata JFP-1
Oreocarya glomerata JFP-1
Oreocarya hoffmannii JFP-1
Oreocarya humilis JFP-1
Oreocarya humilis subsp. humilis JFP-1
Oreocarya nubigena JFP-1
Oreocarya roosiorum JFP-1
Oreocarya schoolcraftii JFP-1
Oreocarya sobolifera JFP-1
Oreocarya subretusa JFP-1
Oreocarya tumulosa JFP-1
Oreocarya virginensis JFP-1
Oreonana JFP-15
Oreonana californica JFP-1a_t
Oreonana clementis JFP-1
Oreonana purpurascens JFP-1
Oreonana vestita JFP-1
Oreostemma alpigenum JFP-1
Oreostemma alpigenum var. andersonii JFP-1
Oreostemma elatum JFP-1
Oreostemma peirsonii JFP-1
Oreoxis alpina JFP-8a_t
Origanum JFP-15
Origanum X majoricum JFP-2
Origanum vulgare JFP-2
Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum JFP-2
Ornithogalum umbellatum JFP-4
Ornithopus JFP-15
Ornithopus pinnatus JFP-2
Ornithopus sativus JFP-2
Ornithopus sativus subsp. isthmocarpus JFP-2a
Ornithostaphylos JFP-15
Ornithostaphylos oppositifolia JFP-1
Orobanchaceae JFP-16
Orobanche JFP-15
Orobanche bulbosa JFP-1a
Orobanche californica JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. californica JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. condensa JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. feudgei JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. grandis JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. grayana JFP-1a
Orobanche californica subsp. jepsonii JFP-1a
Orobanche comosa var. vallicola JFP-1a
Orobanche cooperi JFP-1a
Orobanche cooperi subsp. cooperi JFP-1a
Orobanche cooperi subsp. latiloba JFP-1b
Orobanche corymbosa JFP-1a
Orobanche corymbosa subsp. corymbosa JFP-1a
Orobanche fasciculata JFP-1a
Orobanche hederae JFP-4
Orobanche ludoviciana JFP-unresolved
Orobanche ludoviciana var. arenosa JFP-unresolved
Orobanche parishii JFP-1a
Orobanche parishii subsp. brachyloba JFP-1a
Orobanche parishii subsp. parishii JFP-1a
Orobanche pinorum JFP-1a
Orobanche ramosa JFP-2a
Orobanche uniflora JFP-8
Orobanche uniflora var. purpurea JFP-1a
Orobanche uniflora var. uniflora JFP-8
Orobanche valida JFP-1a
Orobanche valida subsp. howellii JFP-1a
Orobanche valida subsp. valida JFP-1a
Orobanche vallicola JFP-1a
Orochaenactis JFP-15
Orochaenactis thysanocarpha JFP-1
Orogenia JFP-15
Orogenia fusiformis JFP-1a
Orthilia JFP-15
Orthilia secunda JFP-1
Orthocarpus JFP-15
Orthocarpus bicolor JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus bracteosus JFP-1
Orthocarpus brevistyla JFP-1a
Orthocarpus campestris var. succulentus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus cuspidatus JFP-1
Orthocarpus cuspidatus subsp. copelandii JFP-1
Orthocarpus cuspidatus subsp. cryptanthus JFP-1
Orthocarpus cuspidatus subsp. cuspidatus JFP-1
Orthocarpus densiflorus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus erianthus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus erianthus var. gratiosus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus erianthus var. inopinus JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus exsertus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus imbricatus JFP-1
Orthocarpus longispicatus JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus luteus JFP-1
Orthocarpus maculatus JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus mariposanus JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus micranthus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus noctuinus JFP-1a_t
Orthocarpus pachystachyus JFP-1
Orthocarpus purpurascens JFP-1a
Orthocarpus purpurascens var. latifolius JFP-1a
Orthocarpus purpurascens var. ornatus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus purpurascens var. pallidus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus rubicundulus JFP-1a
Orthocarpus venustus JFP-1a
Oryctes JFP-15
Oryctes nevadensis JFP-1
Oryza JFP-15
Oryza rufipogon JFP-3
Oryza sativa JFP-2
Oryzopsis exigua JFP-1a
Oryzopsis hymenoides JFP-1a
Osmadenia JFP-15
Osmadenia tenella JFP-1
Osmaronia bracteosa JFP-unresolved
Osmorhiza JFP-15
Osmorhiza berteroi JFP-1
Osmorhiza brachypoda JFP-1
Osmorhiza brachypoda var. fraterna JFP-1a_t
Osmorhiza chilensis JFP-1a
Osmorhiza depauperata JFP-1
Osmorhiza occidentalis JFP-1
Osmorhiza purpurea JFP-1
Osteospermum JFP-15
Osteospermum ecklonis JFP-2a
Osteospermum fruticosum JFP-2a
Osteospermum monstrosum JFP-2_p
Otholobium fruticans JFP-unresolved (possibly naturalized)
Ottelia JFP-15
Ottelia alismoides JFP-6
Oxalidaceae JFP-16
Oxalis JFP-15
Oxalis albicans JFP-8
Oxalis albicans subsp. californica JFP-1a
Oxalis albicans subsp. pilosa JFP-1a
Oxalis articulata subsp. rubra JFP-2
Oxalis bowiei JFP-3
Oxalis californica JFP-1
Oxalis corniculata JFP-2
Oxalis corniculata subsp. corniculata JFP-2a
Oxalis corniculata subsp. pilosa JFP-1a
Oxalis debilis subsp. corymbosa JFP-4
Oxalis fontana JFP-4
Oxalis hirta JFP-3
Oxalis incarnata JFP-2
Oxalis latifolia JFP-3
Oxalis laxa JFP-8
Oxalis micrantha JFP-2
Oxalis oregana JFP-1
Oxalis pes-caprae JFP-2
Oxalis pilosa JFP-1
Oxalis purpurea JFP-3
Oxalis radicosa JFP-8
Oxalis rubra JFP-2a
Oxalis suksdorfii JFP-1
Oxalis trilliifolia JFP-1
Oxypolis JFP-15
Oxypolis occidentalis JFP-1
Oxyria JFP-15
Oxyria digyna JFP-1
Oxystylis JFP-15
Oxystylis lutea JFP-1
Oxytenia acerosa JFP-1a
Oxytheca JFP-15
Oxytheca caryophylloides JFP-1a
Oxytheca dendroidea JFP-1
Oxytheca dendroidea subsp. dendroidea JFP-1
Oxytheca emarginata JFP-1a
Oxytheca luteola JFP-1a
Oxytheca parishii JFP-1a
Oxytheca parishii var. abramsii JFP-1a
Oxytheca parishii var. cienegensis JFP-1a
Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana JFP-1a
Oxytheca parishii var. parishii JFP-1a
Oxytheca perfoliata JFP-1
Oxytheca trilobata JFP-1a
Oxytheca watsonii JFP-1
Oxytropis JFP-15
Oxytropis borealis JFP-1
Oxytropis borealis var. australis JFP-1
Oxytropis borealis var. viscida JFP-1
Oxytropis deflexa JFP-1
Oxytropis deflexa var. culminis JFP-1a_t
Oxytropis deflexa var. sericea JFP-1
Oxytropis oreophila JFP-1
Oxytropis oreophila var. oreophila JFP-1
Oxytropis parryi JFP-1
Ozomelis diversifolia JFP-1
Ozomelis trifida JFP-1

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