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The University Herbarium at UC Berkeley houses a world-renowned collection of marine algae emphasizing the seaweeds of California and the Pacific Coast. The Herbarium also hosts the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation, including its nomenclatural database, the Index Nominum Algarum, and superb library of rare literature. This premier research and education facility develops and maintains many online resources and welcomes requests for information from the international community as well as visitors to UC.


Pelagophycus old image
W.A. Setchell & H.D. Johnstone, San Pedro, California,
late 1800s with Pelagophycus porra
P.C. Silva
Paul Claude Silva (1922 - 2014)
Pelagophycus new image
          Pelagophycus porra, in situ, Point Loma, California.

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Kathy Ann Miller (Curator of Algae) and Richard L. Moe (Silva Curator, Emeritus).