Kathy Ann Miller

Curator of Algae

My engagement with seaweeds began as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley during a summer course at the Bodega  Marine Lab in 1976.  Don Kaplan was my major professor for my PhD at UC Berkeley.  Paul Silva has been my valued mentor for 30 years; I am making every effort to care for the University Herbarium's splendid collection of seaweeds as he did for more than 50 years (https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/CPD/algal_research.html).

The California seaweed flora is my main focus.  I've collected extensively throughout California, with a strong emphasis on the California Channel Islands, where I've worked since 1983 with Jack Engle, supported by the Tatman Foundation (Ephraim, WI).  I am currently updating the book that has taught me so much, Abbott & Hollenberg's Marine Algae of California (1976), in our current California Seaweed eFlora project.  I'm also interested in additions to our seaweed flora — non-native species introduced to our harbors by mariculture and shipping.  

Teaching has been important to me, especially field courses for the Jepson Workshop program and at University of New Hampshire/Cornell University's Shoals Marine Laboratory in the Gulf of Maine, University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratories and the University of Southern California's Wrigley Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island.  

I work with ecologists who are monitoring the California coast in a changing world:
REEF Check California

I am a morphologist in the era of molecules. I am lucky to share UC's specimens and to enjoy collaborations with brilliant people who have wonderful molecular laboratories, including: Sung Min Boo and his students (Chungnam University, Korea), Jeffery Hughey (Hartnell College, Salinas, CA), Paul Gabrielson (U. North Carolina), Patrick Martone (University of British Columbia, Canada), Jim Coyer (formerly at U. Groningen, the Netherlands), Hwan Su Yoon (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea) and Hiroshi Kawai (Kobe University, Japan).


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