Barbara Ertter

Curator of Western North American Flora
Collections Manager
1001 Valley Life Sciences Bldg. #2465
Berkeley, CA 94720-2465


Curriculum Vitae

As a fourth-generation Idaho native, Dr. Barbara Ertter is a committed Westerner, whose ties to California include a '49er great-great-grandfather. After growing up in the sagebrush and ponderosa pine of southwestern and central Idaho, she attended [Albertson] College of Idaho. Her incipient interest in western floristics was solidified by being part of the group that discovered the botanical treasures of Leslie Gulch in eastern Oregon, under the tutelage of Patricia L. Packard, followed by two summers of vegetation mapping for the Idaho Fish & Game Department. She pursued this interest by choosing to work with the authors of Intermountain Flora, first with James L. Reveal in Maryland (M.S. on Oxytheca) and then with Arthur Cronquest at the New York Botanical Garden (Ph.D. on the Juncus triformis complex). Her return migration to the West began as curator at the University of Texas at Austin, where she oversaw the move of the herbarium to its current quarters. This expertise served her well when the westward pull brought her to Berkeley, where a renovation of the University and Jepson Herbaria had just begun, a process that would last 10 years and involve 3 separate herbarium designs and moves.

Barbara Ertter is Curator of Western North American Flora. She fields botanical queries directed to the herbarium from members of the University, the scientific community at large, and the general public. She served on the NSF Biotic Inventories panel in February 2000, was chair of the Rare Plant Scientific Advisory Committee of the California Native Plant Society, and president of the East Bay Chapter of CNPS in 2000-2001.

Ertter's research concentrates on four broad subjects:

Selected Publications (see long CV for full list) :

1980. A revision of the genus Oxytheca Nutt. (Polygonaceae). Brittonia 32: 70-102.

1986. The Juncus triformis complex. Mem. N.Y. Bot. Gard. 39: 1-90.

1989. Revisionary studies in Ivesia (Rosaceae: Potentilleae). Syst. Bot. 14: 231-244.

1992. A re-evaluation of Potentilla drummondii and P. breweri (Rosaceae), with the new species Potentilla morefieldii. Brittonia: 44: 429- 435.

1992. Neviusia cliftonii (Rosaceae: Kerriae), an intriguing new species from California. Novon 2: 285-289. (with J. Shevock and D. Taylor)

1993. A re-evaluation of the Horkelia bolanderi (Rosaceae) complex, with the new species Horkelia yadonii. Syst. Bot. 18: 137-144.

1993 [1992]. Floristic regions of Idaho. J. Idaho Acad. Sci. 28(2): 57-70. (with B. Moseley)

1995. The changing face of California botany. Madroño 42: 114-122.

1997. Annotated checklist of the East Bay Flora: native and naturalized vascular plants of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, California. Special Publication No. 3 of the California Native Plant Society, East Bay Chapter. 114 pp.

2000. Floristic Surprises in North America North of Mexico Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 87: 81--109.

Web Publications

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