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Photos are the heart of the species pages. We would very much appreciate your digital photos of seaweeds for this web site. You will be cited as photographer. Please send your contributions to:

UC is interested in accessioning historical collections that have labels with complete data (see below). We are also interested in accepting recent collections, especially from unusual parts of California or specimens documenting range extensions/changes. We must continue to document what is out there — and where.

If you are conducting research that involves California seaweeds, consider making voucher specimens to represent the species that studied or encountered. Many journals require vouchers and it is simply a good idea to leave evidence to support your work.

For DNA preservation for molecular work, portions removed before pressing can be air-dried in the dark overnight, then preserved in silica gel (desiccant granules) in small bags, with labels.

A name without a voucher is a rumor!

If you are considering a donation of specimens:

Kathy Ann Miller|Curator of Algae|University Herbarium|University of California at Berkeley|December 2016