These pages originally displayed data from nearly 70,000 of Dan Norris's 110,000 bryophyte specimens, and 25,000 of Jim Shevock's specimens (Shevock's first set is at CAS but most are duplicated at UC), as well as specimens databased by Paul Wilson at California State University at Northridge. These data included many specimens that were not yet added to the UC Herbarium database at the time. A NASF digitizing grant has funded the databasing of most of these specimens to the Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria portal (; 99,976 specimens), and funded databasing new records from other current collectors, including Brent Mishler and the Bryolab graduate students. Not all of the records added to the Bryophyte Portal are currently in the UC Herbarium database (; 100,924 specimens). Efforts and underway to combine these two databases such that both portals display the entire UC bryological collection. In the future this page may be reactivated and combined with the California Moss eFlora(, enabling all California moss specimens in the Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria portal to be searchable and linked to the Moss eFlora.

Dan Norris (left) and Jim Shevock, central Sierra, 2003

For other information about UC bryophytes see

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