The University and Jepson Herbaria are home to multiple flora projects.

  • The Jepson eFlora is the primary product of the Jepson Flora Project. contains taxonomic treatments for native and naturalized vascular plants occurring in wildlands or otherwise outside of cultivation in California. Documented waifs and some agricultural weeds are also included.

  • The California Moss eFlora was originally based on three print publications and the previously unpublished moss taxonomic treatments by Dan Norris, but has since had many taxonomic additions. It also contains resources for beginner bryologists.

  • The California Seaweed eFlora is under construction In addition to updating Marine Algae of California (Abbott & Hollenberg 1976), it will provide a non-technical portal to help novices identify common seaweed species.

  • The Ecological Flora of California is a component of the Jepson Flora Project. Its aim is to provide a database of ecological information about the California flora.