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1. Leafletsfruits glabrous to sparsely long-soft-hairy; flower 1–2 per  ..... T. gracilis

1' Leaflets, pedicels, fruits long-soft-hairy; flowers generally 2–5 per node

2. Plant 8–25 dm; stem stout

3. Fruit , straight; lower pedicels 2–4 mm;  lateral veins 12–16; WTR (Santa Ynez Mtns) ..... T. macrophylla

3' Fruit , curved; lower pedicels 4–8 mm; leaflet lateral veins 18–24; KR, NCoRO ..... T. robusta

2' Plant 3–8 dm; stem slender, ascending to erect ..... T. californica

4. Stipules  to widely ovate; inflorescence bracts < 15 mm wide; leaflet hairs not ; NCo, NCoR, CW ..... var. californica

4' Stipules  to ovate; inflorescence bracts < 6 mm wide; leaflet hairs appressed; CaR, WTR, s PR (San Diego Co.), MP

5. Leaflet silvery, hairs straight; CaR, WTR, MP ..... var. argentata

5' Leaflet velvety, hairs ± wavy; s PR (San Diego Co.) ..... var. semota



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