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Project personnel

Jepson Flora Project
David Ackerly, Curator for Ecology, Jepson Herbarium, UC Berkeley
Brent Mishler, Director, Jepson and University Herbaria, UC Berkeley
Bruce Baldwin, Curator, Jepson Herbarium, UC Berkeley

Scientific Advisory Board
Caroline Christian, Nature Conservancy
Todd Dawson, University of California Berkeley
Todd Keeler-Wolf, CA Dept Fish and Game
Jon Keeley, US Geological Survey, Sequoia-King's Canyon
Susan Mazer, UC Santa Barbara
Tom Parker, San Francisco State University
Marcel Rejmanek, UC Davis
Katy Suding, UC Irvine

Project staff
Dick Moe, Jepson Herbarium, UC Berkeley (database and web design)
Debbie Kelly, UC Berkeley (database design)
Reyes Tirado, UC Berkeley (post-doc, developed core traits list)
Sarah Lopus, UC Berkeley (student intern)

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