Jepson eFlora

Editorial Policy

The Jepson Flora Project is committed to keeping its floristic resources as up-to-date as possible.

The first substantive update to the Jepson eFlora, released in July 2013, contained taxonomic revisions, deletions of some taxa from the flora, and inclusion of taxa that have been described or reported for California since publication of the second edition of The Jepson Manual (TJM2) (UC Press, 2012). A PDF supplement was prepared as a way to bring the printed book up to date with the eFlora. Treatments included in Supplement I are meant to supersede those in the printed Manual.

All revised treatments undergo rigorous editing before inclusion in the Jepson eFlora in a process similar to that used during production of TJM2.

Revisions to the eFlora are posted incrementally, with the first major revision posted in July, 2013. Revisions will continue to appear in the future as they complete the editorial process. Changes that are less substantive than those comprising a revision are made in the eFlora on an on-going basis and are listed on an errata page.

To contribute to the Jepson Flora Project or be involved in a revision, please contact Bruce G. Baldwin, Convening Editor,

The Contributors Guide to the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual and to the Jepson Flora Project is archived at this link: This guide benefitted from trial and error as well as advice from a substantial number of experienced Contributors to, as well as users of, TJM and TJM2. Even so, we continue to solicit comments and suggestions from Authors and are committed to finding mutually acceptable solutions to differences that may arise.

You can support the Jepson Flora Project, by joining the Friends of the Jepson Herbarium.