Jepson eFlora: Phylogenetic Index

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  • (1) Lycophytes (often superficially moss-like but with thicker scale-like leaves and axillary sporangia that are often borne in cones)
  • (2) Ferns (most with sporangia borne on abaxial leaf surfaces, a few with sporangia on modified leaf segments or in hard sporangium cases), and Equisetum (with whorled scale leaves and sporangia grouped in terminal cones)
  • (3) Gymnosperms (with seeds generally produced in cones of various forms)
  • (4) Nymphaeales (aquatic, rhizomed; cotyledons 2; some or all leaf blades floating; flower 1, bisexual, parts spirally arranged or in 3s; pollen aperture 1)
  • (5) Magnoliids (terrestrial, often scented from ethereal oils; cotyledons 2; flower parts generally spirally arranged or in 3s; pollen aperture)
  • (6)Ceratophyllales (Ceratophyllum)
  • (7)Eudicots (cotyledons 2; flower parts generally in 4s or 5s; pollen apertures 3+)
  • (8)Monocots (cotyledon 1; leaf veins generally parallel from base or midrib; flower parts generally in 3s; pollen aperture 1)
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