California Moss eFlora: Synonyms

Appendix IV: synonyms and excluded names

The history and application of scientific names applied to California mosses can be traced in part back to Hampe (1860), Sullivant (1864), Lesquereux (1868), Watson (1880) and Lesquereux and James (1884). This appendix lists the former names that have been used in the botanical literature for mosses attributed from California. Alternative circumscriptions not selected in the current catalogue are also provided.

Acaulon muticum (Hedwig) Müller Hal. =A. rufescens
Acaulon muticum (Hedwig) Müller Hal. var. rufescens (A. Jaeger) Crum = A. rufescens
Acaulon rubrum Grout = A. rufescens
Acrocladium cuspidatum (Hedwig) Lindberg = Calliergonella cuspidata
Aloina aloides (Schultz) Kindberg =A. ambigua
Aloina aloides (Schultz) Kindberg var. ambigua (Bruch & Schimper) Craig in Grout = A. ambigua
Aloina pilifera (De Notaris) Crum & Anderson =A. bifrons
Aloina rigida var. pilifera (Bruch & Schimper) Limpricht = A. bifrons
Alsia abietina Sullivant = Dendroalsia abietina
Alsia californica var. flagellifera (Renauld & Cardot) Sullivant =A. californica
Alsia circinalis Sullivant & Kingman = Dendroalsia abietina
Alsia longipes Sullivant & Lesquereux = Bestia longipes
Amblystegiella jungermannioides (Bridel) Giacomini = Platydictya jungermannioides
Amblystegium americanum Grout = Conardia compacta
Amblystegium compactum (Müller Hal.) Austin = Conardia compacta
Amblystegium irriguum (Hooker & Wilson) Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = Hygroamblystegium tenax
Amblystegium riparium (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper = Leptodictyum riparium
Amblystegium riparium var. trichopodium (Schultz) Bruch & Schimper = Leptodictyum humile
Amblystegium tenax (Hedwig) C. Jensen = Hygroamblystegium tenax
Ambystegium trichopodium (Schultz) Hartman = Leptodictyum humile
Amphoridium californicum Lesquereux & James =Amphidium californicum
Anacolia aristifolia Flowers in Grout = A. menziesii
Anacolia menziesii var. baueri (Hampe) Flowers in Grout = A. baueri
Anisothecium varium (Hedwig) Mitten (misapplied for California). See Dicranella howei
Anoectangium californicum Howe = Amphidium californicum
Anoectangium obtusifolium (Brotherus & Paris) Grout = Molendoa sendtneriana
Anomobryum filiforme (Dickson) Solms-Laubach in Rabenhorst = A. julaceum
Anomodon californicum Lesquereux = Triquetrella californica
Antitrichia californica var. ambigua Renauld & Cardot = A. californica
Antitrichia curtipendula (Hedwig) Bridel (in California) = A. gigantea
Antitrichia curtipendula var. gigantea Sullivant & Lesquereux = A. gigantea
Arctoa blyttii (Bruch & Schimper) Grout = Kiaeria blyttii
Arctoa falcata (Hedwig) Grout = Kiaeria falcata
Arctoa starkei (Weber & Mohr) Grout = Kiaeria starkei
Atractylocarpus stenocarpus (Wilson) Zander = Campylopodiella stenocarpa
Atrichum oerstedianum (Müller Hal.) Mitten (in California) = A. undulatum
Atrichum undulatum var. selwynii (Austin) Grout = A. selwynii
Barbula acuta (Bridel) Bridel = Didymodon rigidulus
Barbula amplexa Lesquereux = Syntrichia amplexa
Barbula arctocarpa Lesquereux = Didymodon vinealis
Barbula atrovirens Schimper = Tortula atrovirens
Barbula bakeri Cardot & Thériot = Didymodon vinealis
Barbula bolanderi Lesquereux = Syntrichia bolanderi
Barbula brachyphylla Sullivant = Didymodon brachyphyllus
Barbula brevipes Lesquereux = Tortula brevipes
Barbula chloronotos (Bridel) Bridel = Crossidium squamiferum
Barbula cylindrica (Taylor) Schimper = Didymodon insulanus
Barbula fallax Hedwig = Didymodon fallax
Barbula flexifolia Hampe = Didymodon insulanus
Barbula guepinii Schimper = Tortula guepinii
Barbula inermis Müller Hal. = Tortula inermis
Barbula insulana De Notaris = Didymodon insulanus
Barbula laevipila Bridel = Syntrichia laevipila
Barbula latifolia (Bruch ex Hartman) Hübener = Syntrichia latifolia
Barbula macrotricha Cardot & Thériot = Tortula brevipes
Barbula muelleri Bruch & Schimper = Syntrichia princeps
Barbula platyneura Müller Hal. & Kindberg = Pseudocrossidium revolutum
Barbula rigidula Schimper = Didymodon rigidulus
Barbula rubiginosa Mitten = Didymodon occidentalis
Barbula ruralis Hedwig = Syntrichia ruralis
Barbula semitorta Sullivant = Didymodon vinealis
Barbula subfallax Müller Hal. = Didymodon insulanus
Barbula subulata (Hedwig) P. Beauvois = Tortula subulata
Barbula vinealis Bridel = Didymodon vinealis
Barbula virescens Lesquereux = Didymodon insulanus
Bartramia fontana Hedwig = Philonotis fontana
Bartramia glauco‑viridis Müller Hal. & Kindberg = B. pomiformis
Bartramia menziesii Turner = Anacolia menziesii
Bestia breweriana (Lesquereux) Grout = Isothecium cristatum
Bestia breweriana var. howei (Kindberg) Grout = Isothecium cristatum
Bestia breweriana var. lutescens Lesquereux & James = Isothecium cristatum
Bestia cristata (Hampe) L. Koch = Isothecium cristatum
Bestia holzingeri (Renauld & Cardot) Brotherus = Bryolawtonia vancouveriensis
Bestia occidentalis (Sullivant & Lesquerux) Grout = Bryolawtonia vancouveriensis
Bestia vancouveriensis (Kindberg) Wijk & Margadant = Bryolawtonia vancouveriensis
Blindia acuta var. flexipes Renauld & Cardot = B. acuta
Blinda flexipes (Renauld & Cardot) Kindberg = B. acuta
Brachythecium albicans var. occidentale Renauld & Cardot = B. albicans
Brachythecium bestii Grout = B. reflexum
Brachythecium californicum (Lesquereux) Jaeger = Scleropodium californicum
Brachythecium collinum var. idahense Renauld & Cardot = B. velutinum
Brachythecium curtum (Lindberg) Limpricht = B. oedipodium
Brachythecium erythrorrhizon var. suberythrorrhizon (Renauld & Cardot) Grout = B. venustum
Brachythecium lamprochryseum Müller Hal. & Kindberg = B. frigidum
Brachythecium latifolium Kindberg = B. nelsoni
Brachythecium pacificum Jennings = B. asperrimum
Brachythecium petrophilum Williams = B. venustum
Brachythecium starkei (Bridel) Bruch & Schimper var. explanatum (Bridel) Mönkemeyer = B. rutabulum
Brachythecium subasperrimum Cardot & Thériot = B. frigidum
Brachythecium suberythrorrhizon Renauld & Cardot = B. venustum
Brachythecium velutinum var. venustum (De Notaris) Arcangeli =B. venustum
Brachythecium washingtonianum Eaton in Grout = B. asperrimum
Braunia californica Sullivant = Pseudobraunia californica
Bryum albicans (Wahlenberg) Roehling = Pohlia wahlenbergii
Bryum angustirete Kindberg = B. algovicum
Bryum argenteum var. lanatum (P. Beauvois) Hampe = B. lanatum
Bryum atwateriae Müller Hal. = B. miniatum
Bryum bigelovii Sullivant = Pohlia ludwigii
Bryum bolanderi Lesquereux = Pohlia bolanderi
Bryum californicum Sullivant = B. bicolor
Bryum ceruum (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper = B. uliginosum
Bryum cirrhatum Hoppe & Hornschuch = Bryum lisae
Bryum crudum Schreber = Pohlia cruda
Bryum crassirameum Renauld & Cardot = B. pseudotriquetrum
Bryum creberrimum Taylor = B. lisae
Bryum commutatum Watson = Pohlia drummondii
Bryum cuspidatum (Bruch & Schimper) Schimper = B. lisae
Bryum dichotomum Hedwig = B. bicolor
Bryum duvallii Voit = B. weigelii
Bryum firmum Schreber = B. pseudotriquetrum
Bryum flagellosum Kindberg = B. pseudotriquetrum
Bryum hendersonii Renauld & Cardot = B. canariense
Bryum inclinatum (Bridel) Sturm = B. amblyodon
Bryum intermedium Bridel (misapplied for California). See B. lisae
Bryum lisae var. cuspidatum (Bruch & Schimper) Margadant = B. lisae
Bryum lonchocaulon Müller Hal. = B. lisae
Bryum microerythrocarpum Müller Hal. & Kindberg = B. subapiculatum
Bryum nutans var. bicolor (Hoppe & Hornschuch) Bruch & Schimper = Pohlia nutans
Bryum nudicaule Lesquereux = Pohlia drummondii
Bryum obconicum Hornschuch = B. capillare
Bryum occidentale Sullivant & Lesquereux = B. capillare
Bryum pendulum (Hornschuch) Schimper = B. algovicum
Bryum polymorphum Bruch & Schimper = Pohlia elongata
Bryum provinciale Philibert = B. canariense
Bryum pyriforme Hedwig = Leptobryum pyriforme
Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. bimum (Bridel) Liljeblad = B. bimum
Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. crassirameum (Renauld & Cardot) Lawton = B. pseudotriquetrum
Bryum sandbergii Holzinger = Roellia roellii
Bryum sanguilentum Renauld & Cardot = B. capillare
Bryum stenotrichum Müller Hal. = B. amblyodon
Bryum subdrepanocladum Cardot & Thériot = B. capillare
Bryum subrotundum Bridel = B. pallescens
Bryum tortifolium Funck in Bridel = B. cyclophyllum
Bryum tozeri Greville = Epipterygium tozeri
Buxbaumia indusiata Bridel = B. viridis
Calliergon stramineum (Bridel) Kindberg = Straminergon stramineum
Camptothecium aeneum (Mitten) Jaeger = Homalothecium aeneum
Camptothecium aeneum var. dolosum (Renauld & Cardot) Grout = Homalothecium aeneum
Camptothecium alsioides Kindberg = Homalothecium arenarium
Campththecium amesiae Renauld & Cardot = Homalothecium pinnatifidum
Camptothecium arenarium (Lesquereux) Jaeger = Homalothecium arenarium
Camptothecium dolosum Renauld & Cardot = Homalothecium aeneum
Camptothecium lutescens (Hedwig) Schimper in Bruch & Schimper (in California) = Homalothecium fulgescens
Camptothecium lutescens var. fulgescens (Mitten ex Müller Hal.) Persson =Homalothecium fulgescens
Camptothecium lutescens var. occidentale Renauld & Cardot = Homalothecium fulgescens
Camptothecium megaptilum Sullivant = Trachybryum megaptilum
Camptothecium nevadense Lesquereux = Homalothecium nevadense
Camptothecium nitens (Hedwig) Schimper = Tomentypnum nitens
Camptothecium nuttallii (Wilson) Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = Homalothecium nuttallii
Camptothecium nuttallii var. stoloniferum Lesquereux = Homalothecium nuttallii
Camptothecium pinnatifidum (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Sullivant = Homalothecium pinnatifidum
Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus (Bridel) Hedenäs = Campylium chrysophyllum
Campyliadelphus polygamus (Schimper in Bruch & Schimper) Kanda = Camplium polygamum
Campyliadelphus stellatus (Hedwig) Kanda = Campylium stellatum
Campylium polygamum var.fluitans Grout =C. polygamum
Campylopus atrovirens De Notaris (misapplied for California). See C. schmidii
Campylopus aureus Boscherelle & La Coste = C. schmidii
Catharinea callibryon Ehrhart = Atrichum undulatum
Catharinea undulata (Hedwig) Weber & Mohr = Atrichum undulatum
Ceratodon purpureus var. conicus (Hampe) Husnot = C. purpureus
Ceratodon purpureus var. xanthopus Sullivant = C. purpureus
Chenia leptophylla (Müller Hal.) Zander = Leptophascum leptophyllum
Chenia rhizophylla (Sakai) Zander = Leptophascum leptophyllum
Claopodium leuconeuron Sullivant & Lesquereux = C. whippleanum
Claopodium whippleanum var. leuconeuron (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Grout = C. whippleanum
Cratoneuron commutatum (Bridel) Roth = Palustriella commutata
Crossidium desertorum Holzinger & Bartram = C. crassinerve
Crossidium erosum Holzinger & Bartram = C. crassinerve
Crossidium griseum (Juratzka) Juratzka = C. squamiferum
Crossidium spatulaefolium Holzinger & Bartram = C. aberrans
Crossidium squamiferum var. pottioideum (De Notaris) Mönkemeyer = C. squamiferum
Desmatodon avenaceus Kingman = Tortula obtusifolia
Desmatodon californicus Lesquereux = Tortula atrovirens
Desmatodon convolutus (Bridel) Grout = Tortula atrovirens
Desmatodon glacialis Funck ex Bridel = Tortula glacialis
Desmatodon guepinii Bruch & Schimper = Tortula guepinii
Desmatodon hendersonii (Renauld & Cardot) Grout = Didymodon tophaceus
Desmatodon heimii (Hedwig) Mitten = Hennediella heimii
Desmatodon latifolius (Hedwig) Bridel = Tortula euryphylla
Desmatodon latifolius var. muticus (Bridel) Bridel = Tortula glacialis
Desmatodon leucostoma (R. Brown) Berggren = Tortula leucostoma
Desmatodon nervosus Kingman = Tortula atrovirens
Desmatodon nervosus var. edentulus Bruch & Schimper = Tortula atrovirens
Desmatodon obtusifolius (Schwägrichen) Schimper = Tortula obtusifolia
Desmatodon plinthobius Sullivant & Lesquereux = Tortula plinthobius
Desmatodon sprengelii (Schwägrichen) Williams = Plaubelia sprengelii
Desmatodon stomatodontus (Cardot) Williams = Plaubelia sprengelii
Desmatodon suberectus (Hooker) Limpricht = Tortula leucostoma
Desmatodon systylius Schimper = Tortula systylia
Dichelyma falcatum (Hedwig) Myrin var. uncinatum (Mitten) Lawton = D. uncinatum
Dichelyma swartzii Lesquereux = Warnstorfia fluitans
Dichodontium pellucidum var. fagimontanum (Bridel) Kindberg = D. pellucidum
Dicranoweisia crispula (Hedwig) Milde (misapplied for California). See D. contermina
Dicranoweisia crispula (Hedwig) Milde var. contermina (Renauld & Cardot) Grout = D. contermina
Dicranella rubra Lindberg (misapplied for California). See D. howei
Dicranella varia (Hedwig) Schimper (misapplied for California). See D. howei
Dicranum heteromallum Hedwig = Dicranella heteromalla
Dicranum palustre Bachelot de la Pylaie = Dicranella howei
Dicranum strictum Schleicher ex Mohr (misapplied for California). See Orthodicranum tauricum
Dicranum subulatum Hedwig = Dicranella subulata
Dicranum tauricum Sapehin = Orthodicranum tauricum
Dicranum varium Hedwig (misapplied for California). See Dicranella howei
Dicranum virens var. compactum Bruch & Schimper = Oncophorus virens
Dicranum virens var. serratum Bruch & Schimper = Oncophorus virens
Didymodon acutus (Bridel) Saito = D. rigidulus
Didymodon australasiae var. umbrosus (Müller Hal.) Zander = D. umbrosus
Didymodon columbianus Hermann & Lawton = Bryoerythrophyllum columbianum
Didymodon mexicanus Bescherelle = D. rigidulus
Didymodon mexicanus var. subulatus Thériot & Bartram = D. rigidulus
Didymodon recurvirostris (Hedwig) Jennings = Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum
Didymodon rigidulus var. icmadophila (Schimper ex Müller Hal.) Zander = D. rigidulus
Didymodon rigidulus var. subulatus (Thériot & Bartram) Zander = D. rigidulus
Didymodon rubellus Bruch & Schimper = Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum
Didymodon trifarius (Hedwig) Bridel = D. luridus
Didymodon vinealis var. brachyphyllus (Sullivant in Whipple) Zander = D. brachyphyllus
Didymodon vinealis var. flaccidus (Bruch & Schimper) Zander = D. insulanus
Didymodon vinealis var. luridus Hornschuch = D. luridus
Didymodon vinealis var. nicholsonii (Culmann) Zander = D. nicholsonii
Didymodon vinealis var. rubiginosus (Müller Hal.) Zander = D. occidentalis
Ditrichum cylindricus (Hedwig) Grout = Trichodon cylindricus
Drepanocladus aduncus var. knieffii (Bruch & Schimper) Mönkemeyer = D. aduncus
Drepanocladus aduncus var. polycarpus (Blandow) Warnstorf forma capillifolius (Warnstorf) Mönkemeyer = D. capillifolius
Drepanocladus exannulatus (Bruch & Schimper) Warnstorf = Warnstorfia exannulata
Drepanocladus fluitans (Hedwig) Warnstorf = Warnstorfia fluitans
Drepanocladus polygamus (Bruch & Schimper) Hedenäs = Campylium polygamum
Drepanoocladus revolvens (Swartz) Warnstorf = Limprichtia revolvens
Drepanocladus sendtneri (Schimper ex Müller Hal.) Warnstorf (in California) = D. sordidus
Drepanocladus uncinatus (Hedwig) Warnstorf = Sanionia uncinata
Drepanocladus vernicosus (Mitten) Warnstorf = Hamatocaulis vernicosus
Dryptodon patens (Hedwig) Bridel = Grimmia ramondii
Encalypta vulgaris var. muticus Bridel = E. vulgaris
Encalypta vulgaris var. rhaptocarpa (Schwägrichen) Lawton = E. rhaptocarpa
Enthostodon muehlenbergii (Turner) Fife = Funaria muhlenbergii
Entosthodon templetoni Schwägrichen = E. attenuatus
Ephemerum serratum var. angustifolium Bruch & Schimper = E. serratum
Ephemerum serratum var. minutissimum (Lindberg) Grout = E. serratum
Eurhynchium brittoniae Grout = Kindbergia oregana
Eurhynchium colpophyllum Sullivant = Scleropodium colpophyllum
Eurhynchium diversifolium Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = E. pulchellum
Eurhynchium oreganum (Sullivant) Jaeger = Kindbergia oregana
Eurhynchium praelongum (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper = Kindbergia praelonga
Eurhynchium praelongum var. stokesii (Turner) Dixon = Kindbergia praelonga
Eurhynchium praelongum var. californicum Grout = Kindbergia praelonga
Eurhynchium pulchellum var. barnesii (Renauld & Cardot) Crum, Steere, & Anderson = E. pulchellum
Eurhynchium riparioides (Hedwig) P. Richards = Platyhypnidium riparioides
Eurhynchium rusciforme (Bridel) Milde = Platyhypnidium riparioides
Eurhynchium serratum (Hedwig) Kindberg = Steerecleus serrulatus
Eurhynchium stokesii (Turner) Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = Kindbergia praelonga
Eurhynchium strigosum (Weber & Mohr) Schimper = E. pulchellum
Eurhynchium substrigosum Kindberg in Macoun & Kindberg = E. pulchellum
Eurhynchium substrigosum var. scabrisetum Grout = E. pulchellum
Fabronia ciliaris ssp. gymnostoma (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Grout = F. ciliaris
Fabronia gymnostoma Sullivant & Lesquereux in Sullivant = F. ciliaris
Fabronia octoblepharis Schwägrichen = F. ciliaris
Fissidens cristatus Wilson ex Mitten = F. dubius
Fissidens julianus (Montagne) Schimper = F. fontanus
Fissidens limbatus Sullivant = F. crispus
Fissidens limbatus var. ensiformis Grout = F. bryoides
Fissidens milo-bakeri L. Koch = F. curvatus
Fissidens rufulus Bruch & Schimper (misapplied for California). See F. ventricosus
Fontinalis antipyretica var. gigantea Sullivant = F. gigantea
Fontinalis antipyretica var. mollis (Müller Hal.) Welch in Grout = F. mollis
Fontinalis antipyretica var. oregonensis Renauld & Cardot = F. chrysophylla
Fontinalis antipyretica var. patula (Cardot) Welch in Grout = F. antipyretica
Fontinalis californica Sullivant = F. antipyretica
Fontinalis duriaei Schimper = F. hypnoides
Fontinalis hypnoides Hartman var. duriaei (Schimper) Husnot = F. duriaei
Fontinalis kindbergii Renauld & Cardot = F. howellii
Fontinalis mercediana Lesquereux = F. neomexicana
Fontinalis nitida Lindberg & Arnell = F. hypnoides
Fontinalis patula Cardot = F. antipyretica
Funaria bolanderi (Lesquereux) Holzinger in Brotherus = Entosthodon bolanderi
Funaria calcarea Wahlenberg = F. muhlenbergii
Funaria californica Sullivant & Lesquereux = Entosthodon californicus
Funaria convoluta Hampe = F. hygrometrica
Funaria hibernica (Hooker) Boulay = F. muhlenbergii
Funaria hygrometrica var. convoluta (Hampe) Grout = F. hygrometrica
Funaria hygrometrica var. utahensis Grout = F. hygrometrica
Funaria mediterranea Lindberg = F. calcarea
Funaria muehlenbergii var. lineata Grout = F. muehlenbergii
Funaria muehlenbergii var. patula Bruch & Schimper = F. muehlenbergii
Funaria rubriseta Bartram = Entosthodon rubrisetus
Funaria tusconi Bartram = Entosthodon tusconi
Grimmia ancistrodes Durieu de Maisonneuve in Montagne = G. trichophylla
Grimmia affinis Hornschuch = G. longirostris
Grimmia agassizii (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Lesquereux & James = Schistidium agassizii
Grimmia alpestris var. manniae Müller Hal. = G. caespiticia
Grimmia alpicola Hedwig = Schistidium agassizii
Grimmia alpicola var. dupretii (Thériot) Crum = Schistidium dupretii
Grimmia alpicola var. rivularis (Bridel) Brotherus = Schistidium rivulare
Grimmia apocarpa Hedwig (misapplied for California). See Schistidium apocarpum (see Appendix II)
Grimmia apocarpa var. ambigua (Sullivant) Grout (misapplied for California). See Schistidium apocarpum (see Appendix II)
Grimmia apocarpa var. conferta (Funck) Sprengel = Schistidium confertum
Grimmia apocarpa var. gracilis (Schleicher) Weber & Mohr (misapplied for California). See Schistidium apocarpum (see Appendix II)
Grimmia apocarpa var. pulvinata (Hedwig) Grout = Schistidium pulvinatum
Grimmia apocarpa var. tenerrima Nees, Hornschuch, & Sturm (misapplied for California) See Schistidium apocarpum (see Appendix II)
Grimmia atricha Müller Hal. & Kindberg = Schistidium atrichum
Grimmia brevirostris Williams = G. hamulosa
Grimmia californica Sullivant in Whipple = G. lisae
Grimmia calyptrata Hooker in Drummond = Coscinodon calyptratus
Grimmia catalinensis Bartram = G. ovalis
Grimmia cinclidodontea Müller Hal. in Röll = Schistidium cinclidodonteum
Grimmia commutata Hübener = G. ovalis
Grimmia conferta Funck = Schistidium confertum
Grimmia curvata (Bridel) DeSloover = G. ramondii
Grimmia decipiens auct (misapplied for California). See G. trichophylla
Grimmia dupretii Thériot = Schistidium dupretii
Grimmia flaccida (De Notaris) Lindberg = Schistidium flaccidum
Grimmia hartmanii Schimper (misapplied for California). See G. anomala
Grimmia hartmanii var. anomala (Hampe) Mönkemeyer = G. anomala
Grimmia heterophylla Kindberg in Macoun = Schistidium heterophyllum
Grimmia heterosticha Howe = Racomitrium heterostichum
Grimmia leucophaea Greville = G. laevigata
Grimmia maritima Turner = Schistidium maritimum
Grimmia muhlenbeckii Schimper = G. trichophylla
Grimmia nevii Müller Hal. ex Mohr = Racomitrium aciculare
Grimmia occidentalis Lawton = Schistidium occidentale
Grimmia pacifica Lawton = Schistidium cinclidodonteum
Grimmia raui Austin = Jaffueliobryum raui
Grimmia scouleri Müller Hal. = Scouleria aquatica
Grimmia sessitana De Notaris (excluded for California). See G. reflexidens
Grimmia tenera Zetterstedt = Schistidium tenerum
Grimmia tenerrima Renauld & Cardot = G. reflexidens
Grimmia trichophylla var. brachycarpa De Notaris = G. lisae
Grimmia trichophylla var. meridionalis Müller Hal. = G. trichophylla
Grimmia trichophylla var. muhlenbeckii (Schimper) Husnot = G. trichophylla
Grimmia watsoni Lesquereux & James = G. trichophylla
Grimmia wrightii (Sullivant in Gray) Austin = Jaffueliobryum wrightii
Gymnostomum aeruginosum Small (misapplied for California). See Gymnostomum calcareum
Gymnostomum calcareum var. perpusillum Sullivant = G. calcareum
Gymnostomum recurvirostre Hedwig = Hymenostylium recurvirostre
Harpidium exannulatum (Schimper in Bruch & Schimper) C. E. O. Jensen = Warnstorfia exannulata
Hedwigia albicans Lindberg (misapplied for California). See H. detonsa, H. stellata
Hedwigia albicans var. detonsa Howe = H. detonsa
Hedwigia ciliata (Hedwig) P. Beauvois (misapplied for California). See H. detonsa, H. stellata
Hedwigia ciliata var. detonsa (Howe) Paris = H. detonsa
Heterocladium aberrans Renauld & Cardot = H. procurrens
Heterocladium heteropteroides Best = H. macounii
Heterocladium heteropteroides var. filescens Best = H. macounii
Heterophyllium haldanianum (Greville) Kindberg = Callicladium haldanianum
Homalothecium aureum (Spruce) Robinson (misapplied for California). See H. pinnatifidum
Homalothecium megaptilum (Sullivant) H. Robinson = Trachybryum megaptilum
Homalothecium nitens (Hedwig) H. Robinson = Tomentypnum nitens
Homalothecium nuttallii var. hamatidens Kindberg = H. nuttallii
Homalothecium nuttallii var. tenue Kindberg = H. nuttallii
Husnotiella palmeri Cardot = Didymodon revolutus
Husnotiella pringlei Cardot = Didymodon tophaceus
Husnotiella revoluta Cardot = Didymodon revolutus
Husnotiella revoluta var. palmeri (Cardot) Thériot = Didymodon revolutus
Hydrogrimmia mollis (Bruch & Schimper) Loeske =Grimmia mollis
Hygroamblystegium irriguum (Hooker & Wilson) Loeske = H. tenax
Hygrohypnum dilatatum (Wilson) Loeske = H. duriusculum
Hygrohypnum palustre Loeske = H. luridum
Hygrohypnum smithii var. goulardii (Schimper) Wijk & Margadant = H. cochlearifolium
Hymenostomum inoperculatum Crum = Weissia inoperculata
Hymenostomum tortile (Schwägrichen) Bruch & Schimper = Weissia condensa
Hyophila stanfordensis (Steere) Smith & Whitehouse = Hennediella stanfordensis
Hypnum aduncum Hedwig = Drepanocladus aduncus
Hypnum aggregatum Mitten = Isothecium cristatum
Hypnum arcticum Sommerfelt in Wahlenberg = Hygrohypnum smithii
Hypnum arenarium Lesquereux = Homalothecium arenarium
Hypnum asperrimum Mitten ex Müller Hal. = Brachythecium asperrimum
Hypnum bestii (Renauld & Bryhn) Renauld & Bryhn = Hygrohypnum bestii
Hypnum bigelovii Sullivant = Porotrichum bigelovii
Hypnum brewerianum Lesquereux = Isothecium cristatum
Hypnum caespitosum Wilson = Scleropodium cespitans
Hypnum californicum Lesquereux =Scleropodium californicum
Hypnum collinum Schleicher ex Müller Hal. =Brachythecium collinum
Hypnum colpophyllum Sullivant = Scleropodium colpophyllum
Hypnum commutatum Hedwig = Palustriella commutata
Hypnum crispifolium Hooker = Claopodium crispifolium
Hypnum denticulatum Hedwig = Plagiothecium denticulatum
Hypnum exannulatum var. cochleae Austin = Warnstorfia exannulata
Hypnum hillebrandi Lesquereux = Brachythecium collinum
Hypnum illecebrum Schwägrichen = Scleropodium touretii
Hypnum lutescens Hedwig = Homalothecium fulgescens
Hypnum myosuroides Hedwig = Isothecium myosuroides
Hypnum nevadense Lesquereux = Homalothecium nevadense
Hypnum nuttallii Wilson = Homalothecium nuttallii
Hypnum ochraceum Turner ex Wilson = Hygrohypnum ochraceum
Hypnum oreganum Sullivant = Kindbergia oregana
Hypnum pinnatifidum Sullivant = Homalothecium pinnatifidum
Hypnum populeum Hedwig = Brachythecium populeum
Hypnum praelongum Hedwig = Kindbergia praelonga
Hypnum pseudo-arcticum Kindberg = Hygrohypnum luridum
Hypnum riparium Hedwig = Leptodictyum riparium
Hypnum rusciforme Hedwig = Platyhypnidium riparioides
Hypnum sendtneri Müller Hal. (misapplied for California). See Drepanocladus sordidus
Hypnum serpens Hedwig =Amblystegium serpens
Hypnum strigosum Hedwig = Eurhynchium pulchellum
Hypnum uncinatum Hedwig = Sanionia uncinata
Hypnum undulatum Hedwig = Buckiella undulata
Hypnum vallum Lesquereux = Brachythecium asperrimum
Hypnum whippleanum Sullivant = Claopodium whippleanum
Isopterygium borrerianum (Müller Hal.) Lindberg = Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Isopterygium elegans (Bridel) Lindberg = Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Isopterygium pulchellum (Hedwig) Jaeger = Isopterygiopsis pulchella
Isopterygium seligeri (Bridel) Dixon in C. Jensen = Herzogiella seligeri
Isothecium brewerianum (Lesquereux) Kindberg in Macoun = I. cristatum
Isothecium howei Kindberg = I. cristatum
Kindbergia brittoniae (Grout) Ochyra = K. oregana
Kindbergia praelonga var. stokesii (Turner) Ochyra = K. praelonga
Leersia rhapdocarpa (Schwägrichen) Lindberg = Encalypta rhaptocarpa
Leersia trachymitria (Ripart) Holzinger in Coville = Encalypta rhaptocarpa
Leptodictyum trichopodium (Schultz) Warnstorf = L. humile
Leptodon circinnatus Sullivant = Dendroalsia abietina
Leptotrichum schimperi Lesquereux = Ditrichum schimperi
Lescuraea incurvata var. gigantea Lawton = L. incurvata
Lescuraea incurvata var. tenuiretis (Culmann) Lawton = L. incurvata
Lescuraea radicosa var. compacta (Best) Lawton = L. radicosa
Lescuraea radicosa var. denudata (Kindberg) Lawton = L. radicosa
Lescuraea radicosa var. pallida (Best) Lawton = L. pallida
Leskeella tectorum (Bridel ex Hagen) = Pseudoleskeella tectorum
Leucolepis menziesii (Hooker) Steere ex L. Koch = L. acanthoneura
Limnobium bestii (Renauld & Bryhn) Holzinger = Hygrohypnum bestii
Limnobium palustre Bruch & Schimper = Hygrohypnum luridum
Merceya latifolia Kindberg = Crumia latifolia
Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana (Funck in Hooker) Loeske (misapplied for California). See M. elongata
Mildeella bryoides Howe = Tortula protobryoides
Mniobryum albicans (Wahlenberg) Limpricht = Pohlia wahlenbergii
Mniobryum longibracteatum (Brotherus in Röll) Brotherus = Pohlia longibracteata
Mniobryum wahlenbergii (Weber & Mohr) Jennings = Pohlia wahlenbergii
Mnium affine Blandow ex Funck (misapplied for California). See Plagiomnium ellipticum
Mnium affine var. rugicum (Laurer) Bruch & Schimper = P. rugicum
Mnium cuspidatum Hedwig = Plagiomnium cuspidatum
Mnium glabrescens Kindberg = Rhizomnium glabrescens
Mnium insigne Mitten = Plagiomnium insigne
Mnium longirostrum Bridel = Plagiomnium rostratum
Mnium lycopodioides Schwägrichen (in North America) = Mnium ambiguum
Mnium medium Bruch & Schimper = Plagiomnium medium
Mnium menziesii (Hooker) Müller Hal. = Leucolepis acanthoneura
Mnium nudum Williams = Rhizomnium nudum
Mnium orthorrhychum auct. plur. = M. thomsonii
Mnium perssonii T. Koponen = Rhizomnium magnifolium
Mnium pseudopunctatum Bruch & Schimper = Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum
Mnium punctatum Hedwig = Rhizomnium punctatum
Mnium punctatum var. elatum Schimper = Rhizomnium magnifolium
Mnium rostratum Schrader = Plagiomnium rostratum
Mnium rugicum Laurer = P. rugicum
Mnium venustum Mitten = Plagiomnium venustum
Neckera menziesii Hooker in Drummond = Metaneckera menziesii
Neckeradelphus menziesii (Hooker) Steere = Metaneckera menziesii
Octodiceras fontanum (Bachelot de la Pylaie) Lindberg = Fissidens fontanus
Octodiceras julianum (A. P. de Candolle) Bridel = Fissidens fontanus
Oligotrichum lyellii (Mitten) Lindberg = Meiotrichum lyallii
Oncophorus jenneri (Schimper) Williams = Cynodontium jenneri
Orthotheciella varia (Hedwig) Ochyra =Amblystegium varium
Orthotrichum coulteri Lesquereux = O. tenellum
Orthotrichum cupulatum var. jamesianum (Sullivant in Watson) Lawton = O. pellucidum
Orthotrichum cylindrocarpum Lesquereux in Jaeger = O. tenellum
Orthotrichum epapillosum Lawton & Hermann = O. euryphyllum
Orthotrichum jamesianum Sullivant ex James in Watson = O. pellucidum
Orthotrichum kingianum Lesquereux = O.laevigatum
Orthotrichum laevigatum var. kingianum (Lesquereux) Grout = O. laevigatum
Orthotrichum laevigatum forma macounii (Austin) Lawton & Vitt = O. laevigatum
Orthotrichum lyellii var. howei Renauld & Cardot = O. lyellii
Orthotrichum lyellii var. papillosum (Hampe) Sullivant = O. papillosum
Orthotrichum microblepharum Schimper = O. pylaisii
Orthotrichum roellii Venturi in Röll = O. laevigatum
Orthotrichum rupestre var. globosum (Lesquereux) Grout = O. rupestre
Orthotrichum sturmii Hoppe & Hornschuch = O. rupestre
Orthotrichum tenellum var. coulteri Lesquereux = O. tenellum
Orthotrichum texanum var. globosum Lesquereux = O. texanum
Palustriella falcata (Bridel) Hedenäs (for California) = P. commutata
Phascum cuspidatum var. americanum Renauld & Cardot = P. cuspidatum
Phascum hyalinotrichum Cardot & Thériot = Stegonia hyalinotricha
Philonotis fontana var. americana (Dismier) Flowers = P. Americana
Philonotis fontana var. caespitosa (Juratzka) Schimper = P. caespitosa
Philonotis fontana var pumila Bridel = P. tomentella
Physcomitrella californica Crum & Anderson = P. readeri
Physcomitrella patens var. californica (Crum & Anderson) Tan = P. readeri
Physcomitrella patens ssp. readeri (Müller Hal.) Tan = P. readeri
Physcomitrium megalocarpum Kindberg = P. pyriforme
Physcomitrium megalocarpum var. californicum (Britton) Grout = P. californicum
Physcomitrium turbinatum (Michaux) Britton = P. pyriforme
Plagiomnium rugicum (Laurer) T. Koponen = P. ellipticum
Plagiothecium elegans (Hooker) Sullivant =Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Plagiothecium pulchellum (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper = Isopterygiopsis pulchella
Plagiothecium roeseanum Bruch & Schimper = P. cavifolium
Plagiothecium seligeri (Bridel) Lindberg = Herzogiella seligeri
Plagiothecium striatellum (Bridel) Lindberg = Herzogiella striatella
Plagiothecium sylvaticum (Bridel) Bruch & Schimper = P. denticulatum
Plagiothecium sylvaticum var. roeseanum (Bruch & Schimper) Lindberg = P. cavifolium
Plagiothecium undulatum (Hedwig) Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = Buckiella undulata
Plaubelia sprengelii var. stomatodonta (Cardot) Zander = P. sprengelii
Pleuridium alternifolium var. howei Renauld & Cardot = P. subulatum
Pleuridium bakeri Cardot & Thériot = P. acuminatum
Pleuridium bakeri var. elongatum Cardot & Thériot = P. acuminatum
Pleuridium bolanderi Müller Hal. ex Jaeger = P. acuminatum
Pleuridium californicum Grout = P. acuminatum
Pleuridium stramineum Lesquereux ex Austin = P. acuminatum
Pogonatum alpinum (Hedwig) Röll = Polytrichastrum alpinum
Pogonatum alpinum var. brevifolium (R. Brown) Bridel = Polytrichastrum alpinum
Pogonatum laterale Bridel = P. contortum
Pohlia acuminata Hoppe & Horschuch = P. elongata
Pohlia cucullata (Schwägrichen) Lindberg = P. obtusifolia
Pohlia elongata Hedwig var. greenii (Bridel) Shaw = P. elongata
Pohlia filiformis (Dickson) Andrews in Grout = Anomobryum julaceum
Pohlia gracilis (Schleicher ex Bruch & Schimper) Lindberg = P. filum
Pohlia schleicheri Crum = P. filum
Pohlia tozeri (Greville) Delogne = Epipterygium tozeri
Polytrichadelphus lyallii Mitten = Meiotrichum lyallii
Polytrichastrum alpinum var. septentrionale (Swartz) G. Smith = P. alpinum
Polytrichastrum alpinum var. sylvaticum (Menzies) G. Smith = P. alpinum
Polytrichastrum formosum (Hedwig) G. Smith = Polytrichum formosum
Polytrichastrum longisetum (Swartz ex Bridel) G. Smith = Polytrichum longisetum
Polytrichastrum lyallii (Mitten) G. Smith = Meiotrichum lyallii
Polytrichum alpinum Hedwig = Polytrichastrum alpinum
Polytrichum gracile Small = P. longisetum
Polytrichum lyellii (Mitten) Kindberg = Meiotrichum lyallii
Polytrichum norvegicum Hedwig = P. sexangulare
Porothamnium bigelovii (Sullivant) Fleischer in Brotherus = Porotrichum bigelovii
Porotrichum neckeroides (Hooker) Williams = Thamnobryum neckeroides
Pottia arizonica Warehouse in Grout = Microbryum starckeanum
Pottia arizonica var. mucronulata Warehouse in Grout = Microbryum starckeanum
Pottia bryoides (Dickson) Mitten = Tortula protobryoides
Pottia davalliana (Small in Drake) C. Jensen = Microbryum davallianum
Pottia fosbergii Bartram = Microbryum starckeanum
Pottia heimii (Hedwig) Hampe = Hennediella heimii
Pottia latifolia (Schwägrichen in Schultes) Müller Hal. = Stegonia latifolia
Pottia latifolia var. pilifera (Bridel) Muller Hal. = Stegonia pilifera
Pottia minutula (Schwägrichen) Fürnrhr ex Hampe = Microbryum davallianum
Pottia starckeana (Hedwig) Müller Hal. = Microbryum starckeanum
Pottia subsessilis Bridel = Pterygoneurum subsessile
Pottia texana Warehouse in Grout = Microbryum davallianum
Pottia truncata Hedwig = Tortula truncata
Pseudisothecium myosuroides (Bridel) Grout = Isothecium myosuroides
Pseudisothecium stoloniferum (Bridel) Grout = Isothecium stoloniferum
Pseudisothecium stoloniferum var. cardotii (Kindberg) Grout = Isothecium cardotii
Pseudisothecium stoloniferum var. myurellum (Kindberg) Grout = Isothecium myosuroides
Pseudocrossidium revolutum (Bridel in Schrader) Zander (misapplied for California). See P. obtusulum
Pseudoleskea atrovirens (Dickson) Bruch & Schimper = Lescuraea patens
Pseudoleskea denudata (Kindberg) Best var. holzingeri Best = Lescuraea radicosa
Pseudoleskea oligoclada Kindberg = Lescuraea incurvata
Pseudoleskea patens (Lindberg) Kindberg = Lescuraea patens
Pseudoleskea radicosa (Mitten) Lesquereux & James = Lescuraea radicosa
Pseudoleskea radicosa var. pallida Best = Lescuraea pallida
Pseudoleskea rigescens (Wilson) Lindberg = Lescuraea stenophylla
Pterogonium gracile var. californicum Renauld & Cardot = P. gracile
Pterogonium gracile var. duplicato-serratum (Hampe) Lesquereux = P. gracile
Pterygophyllum lucens (Hedwig) Bridel = Hookeria lucens
Racomitrium canescens var. epilosum (H. Müller ex Milde) G. Jones in Grout = R. ericoides
Racomitrium canescens var. ericoides (Weber ex Bridel) Mönkemeyer = R. ericoides
Racomitrium heterostichum var. affine (Weber & Mohr) Lesquereux = R. affine
Racomitrium heterostichum var. alopecurum Hübener = R. affine
Racomitrium heterostichum var. macounii (Kindberg in Macoun) Jones = R. macounii
Racomitrium heterostichum var. microcarpum (Hedwig) Bridel = R. microcarpum
Racomitrium heterostichum var. occidentale Renauld & Cardot = R. occidentale
Racomitrium heterostichum var. ramulosum (Lindberg) Grout = R. microcarpum
Racomitrium heterostichum var. sudeticum (Funck) Grout = R. sudeticum
Racomitrium patens (Hedwig) Hübener = Grimmia ramondii
Rhizomnium perssonii T. Koponen = R. magnifolium
Rhynchostegiella compacta (Müller Hal.) Loeske = Conardia compacta
Rhynchostegium riparioides (Hedwig) Cardot = Platyhypnidium riparioides
Rhynchostegium rusciforme Bruch & Schimper = Platyhypnidium riparioides
Rhynchostegium serrulatum (Hedwig) Jaeger = Steerecleus serrulatus
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrum var. californicus Renauld & Cardot = R. triquetrus
Roellia lucida L. Koch = R. roellii
Rosulabryum capillare (Hedwig) Spence = Bryum capillare
Schistidium alpicola (Hedwig) Limpricht = S. rivulare
Schistidium alpicola var. rivulare (Bridel) Limpricht = S. rivulare
Schistidium ambiguum Sullivant (misapplied for California) See S. apocarpum (see Appendix II)
Scleropodium apocladum (Mitten) Grout = S. cespitans
Scleropodium caespitosum (Wilson) Bruch & Schimper = S. cespitans
Scleropodium caespitosum var. sublaeve Renauld & Cardot = S. cespitans
Scleropodium cespitans var. sublaeve (Renauld & Cardot) Wijk & Margadant = S. cespitans
Scleropodium illecebrum Schimper in Bruch & Schimper = S. touretii
Scleropodium touretii var. colpophyllum (Sullivant) Lawton = S. colpophyllum
Scopelophila latifolia (Kindberg) Renauld & Cardot = Crumia latifolia
Scorpidium revolvens (Swartz) Rubers = Limprictia revolvens
Sphaerangium muticum (Hedwig) Schimper =Acaulon rufescens
Sphagnum acutifolium Ehrhart ex Schrader = S. capillifolium
Sphagnum auriculatum Schimper (in California) = S. lescurii
Sphagnum capillifolium var. tenellum (Schimper) Crum = S. rubellum
Sphagnum cymbifolium (Ehrhart) Hedwig = S. palustre
Sphagnum plumulosum Röll = S. subnitens
Sphagnum recurvum var. brevifolium (Lindberg ex Braithwaite) Warnstorf = S. fallax
Sphagnum recurvum var. tenue Klinggräff = S. angustifolium
Sphagnum rigidum var. compactum Bridel = S. compactum
Sphagnum subsecundum var. rufescens (Nees & Hornschuch) Hübener = S. lescurii
Sphagnum subsecundum var. contortum (Schultz) Hübener = S. contortum
Stableria gracilis (Bruch & Schimper) Lindberg in Braithwaite = Orthodontium gracile
Stableria gracilis var. californica Howe = Orthodontium gracile
Stokesiella oregana (Sullivant) H. Robinson = Kindbergia oregana
Stokesiella praelonga (Hedwig) H. Robinson = Kindbergia praelonga
Stroemia obtusifolia (Bridel) Hagen = Orthotrichum obtusifolium
Thamnium holzingeri Renauld & Cardot = Bryolawtonia vancouveriensis
Thamnium leibergii Britton = Thamnobryum neckeroides
Thamnobryum leibergii (Britton) Renauld & Cardot = T. neckeroides
Timmia megapolitana Hedwig var. bavarica (Hessler) Bridel = T. bavarica
Timmiella flexiseta (Bruch) Lindberg = T. crassinervis
Timmiella flexiseta var. vancouveriensis (Brotherus) Grout = T. crassinervis
Timmiella vancouveriensis Brotherus in Röll = T. crassinervis
Tortella tortelloides (S. W. Greene) Robinson (for California) = T. alpicola
Tortula acaulon (Hedwig) Zander = Phascum cuspidatum
Tortula amplexa (Lesquereux) Steere = Syntrichia amplexa
Tortula angustata Howe = T. subulata
Tortula atherodes Zander = Phascum cuspidatum
Tortula aurea Bartram = Pseudocrossidium crinitum
Tortula bartramii Steere in Grout = Syntrichia bartramii
Tortula bistratosa Flowers = Syntrichia caninervis
Tortula bolanderi (Lesquereux) Howe = Syntrichia bolanderi
Tortula caninervis (Mitten) Brotherus = Syntrichia caninervis
Tortula desertorum Brotherus = Syntrichia caninervis
Tortula elata (Müller Hal.) Durieu de Maisonnueve = Didymodon vinealis
Tortula ericaefolia Lindberg =Aloina ambigua
Tortula intermedia (Bridel) De Notaris = Syntrichia ruralis
Tortula laevipila (Bridel) Schwägrichen = Syntrichia laevipila
Tortula laevipila var. meridionalis (Schimper) Wijk & Margadant = Syntrichia laevipila var. meridionalis
Tortula membranifolia Hooker = Crossidium squamiferum
Tortula montana Mitten = Syntrichia ruralis
Tortula norvegica (Weber) Wahlenberg ex Lindberg = Syntrichia norvegica
Tortula obtusissima (Müller Hal.) Mitten = Syntrichia obtusissima
Tortula pagorum (Milde) De Notaris = Syntrichia pagorum
Tortula papillosissima (Coppey) Brotherus = Syntrichia papillosissima
Tortula princeps De Notaris = Syntrichia princeps
Tortula rhizophylla (Sakai) Iwatsuki & Saito = Leptophascum leptophyllum
Tortula ruraliformis (Bescherelle) Ingham (misapplied in California) = Syntrichia ruralis
Tortula ruralis (Hedwig) Gärtner et al. = Syntrichia ruralis
Tortula ruralis var. crinita De Notaris = Syntrichia ruralis
Tortula ruralis var. hirsuta (Venturi) Paris = Syntrichia papillosissima
Tortula stanfordensis Steere = Hennediella stanfordensis
Tortula subulata var. angustata (Schimper) Limpricht = T. subulata
Tortula vectensis Reese = Leptophascum leptophyllum
Tortula williamsii Bartram = Scopelophila cataractae
Trichostomopsis australasiae (Hooker & Greville) Robinson = Didymodon australasiae
Trichostomopsis brevifolia Bartram = Didymodon australasiae
Trichostomposis diaphanobasis (Cardot) Grout = Didymodon australasiae
Trichostomopsis fayae Grout = Didymodon australasiae
Trichostomopsis umbrosus (Müller Hal.) Robinson = Didymodon umbrosus
Trichostomum anomalum Bruch & Schimper = Timmiella anomala
Trichostomum cylindricum (Bruch) Müller Hal. = Oxystegus tenuirostris
Trichostomum flavo-virens var. crassinerve (Hampe) Lesquereux & James = Timmiella crassinervis
Trichostomum flexipes Bruch & Schimper = Timmiella crassinervis
Trichostomum rigidulum (Hedwig) Turner = Didymodon rigidulus
Trichostomum tenuirostre (Hooker & Taylor) Lindberg = Oxystegus tenuirostris
Trichostomum tophaceum Bridel = Didymodon tophaceus
Triquetrella papillata (Hooker f. & Wilson) Brotherus (in California) = T. californica
Ulota crispa (Hedwig) Bridel (in California) = Ulota obtusiuscula
Ulota crispa (Hedwig) Bridel var. alaskana (Cardot & Thériot) Grout = Ulota crispa
Vesicularia amphibola (Mitten) Brotherus = V. vesicularis
Webera albicans Schimper = Pohlia wahlenbergii
Webera bolanderi (Lesquereux) Lesquereux & James = Pohlia bolanderi
Webera commutata Schimper = Pohlia drummondii
Webera cruda (Hewig) Fürnrohr = Pohlia cruda
Webera nudicaulis Lesquereux & James =Pohlia drummondii
Webera polymorpha (Hoppe & Hornschuch) Schimper = Pohlia elongata
Webera tozeri (Greville) Schimper = Epipterygium tozeri
Weissia cirrata Hedwig = Dicranoweisia cirrata
Weissia euteiches Zander = W. condensa
Weissia glauca Bartram = W. andersoniana
Weissia tortilis Sprengel = W. condensa
Weissia viridula Hedwig = W. controversa
Zygodon californicus Hampe ex Müller Hal. = Amphidium californicum
Zygodon lapponicus (Hedwig) Bruch & Schimper = Amphidium lapponicum
Zygodon viridissimus (Dickson) Bridel = Z. rupestris
Zygodon vulgaris (Malta) Nyholm = Zygodon rupestris