Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg 1940 Field Notes (Continued)  

Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg
Edited by Tom Schweich  

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  This article contains the 1940 Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg. I have attempted to reproduce the field notes as faithfully as possible while taking advantage of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. For details about the Field Notes, please see About the Field Notes."

April, 1940

Full Size Image Potrero Hills looking northwest from the bridge over Montezuma Slough at Beldons Landing.  

Locations: Potrero Hills.  

Suisun and Grisly Is. Ferry Road
Base of Potrero Hills
Solano Co. Calif.
April 4
    996 Collinsia sparsiflora Dougl.
Purple and white flower.
    997 Calandrinia caulescens H.B.K. var. Menziesii Gray.
Magenta fl. succulent leaves in large patches on hillside and in pasture fields.
    998 Orthocarpus erianthus Benth.
Abundant along road near ferry.
    999 Lasthenia glabrata Lindl.
Growing with Owl's clover.
    1000 Cotula coronopifolia L.
Abundant in wet places.
    1001 Erodium botrys Bertol. Erodium brachycarpam (Gedo.) Thallung. det. M. S. Taylor 1986
In grass along road.
    1002 Achyrachaena mollis Schauer.
    1003 Spergula arvensis L.
Small white flower, Leaves very small, in fascicles.
    1004 Spergularia macrotheca (Hornem.) Heynh.
White flower growing in marshy ground.
    1005 Lomatium utriculatum (Nutt.) C. & R.
On sidehill.
    1006 Sidalcea malvaeflora Gray
On sidehill.
    1007 Viola pedunculata T.& G.
In seep, sidehill.
    1008 Orthocarpus purpurascens Benth.
Large patch on hilltop.
1940Suisun–Rio Vista Road

April 11

    1009 Linnanthus rosea Hartw.
In field, low, wet spot.
    1010 Plagiobothrys (mature nutlets needed)

Locations: Bakersfield. Isabella. Kern River. Onyx. Walker Pass.  

Walker Pass, Kern Co. Calif.
April 12

From Bakersfield 50 miles to Isabella following up Kern R. through canyon. Isabella in long valley. Onyx at upper end. Start collecting at 3750 ft. alt. Conspicuous bush in full bloom - wild peach - from this point on nearly to summit of pass.
    1011 Prunus Andersonii Gray
Shrub 3 ft. high, full bloom.
    1012 Eriophyllum ambiguum Gray
    1013 Coreopsis Biglovii (Gray) Hall ! E. B. Smith 1979
    1014 Gilia exilis (?) (Gray) Abrams
    1015 Lotus strigosus (Nutt.) Greene
Common lower down.
    1016 Anisocoma acaulis Torr. & Gray
Full Size Image  

Locations: Walker Pass.  

Summit Walker Pass - 5250 ft.

A clump of Joshua trees on east slope just below summit. Bare, granite sand hillsides. A yellow bloom far up slope facing south.
    1017 Calyptridium monadrum Nutt. Cistanthe monandra (Nutt. in Torrey & A. Gray) Hershkolitz, Hershkolitz 1992.
Very common.
    1018 Phacelia Fremontii Torr.

Locations: Walker Pass.  

1940Walker Pass, Kern Co. Calif16
    1019 Phacelia Fremontii Torr.
    1020 Mentzelia albicaulis Dougl.
    1021 Cryptantha circumcissa (H. & A.) Jtn.
    1022 Astragalus ( Mature pods needed)
Walker Pass Road – E Summit 4870 ft.

Joshua trees along road, granite sand.
    1023 Linanthus aureus (Nutt.) Greene
    1024 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Johnstonii Munz
    1025 Eriophyllum Pringlei Gray
    1026 Erysimum asperum ( Nutt.) DC.
Walker Pass Road E of summit 4630 ft.
    1027 Haplopappus linearifolius DC. subsp. interior (Cov.) Hall. Ericameria linearifolia (DC.) Urbatsch & Wussow, det. Urbatsch 1979
In full bloom. First seen.
    1028 Arabis pulchra M. E. Jones
    1029 Lomatium mohavense C. & R.
Hardly out yet.

Locations: Inyokern.  

Inyokern, Kern Co. Calif.
    1030 Castilleia chromosa Nels. (Dupl. Det. F. W. Pennell 1945)
    1031 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Johnstonii Munz
    1033 Chaenactis Fremontii Gray
    1034 Pectocarya penicillata (H.& A.) A. DC. ! Barbara Veno, 1977
Inyokern 2400 ft. April 12

Open plains, sandy, many plants in bloom.

Locations: Inyokern.  

1940Inyokern Kern Co.17
    1035 Langlosia Mathewsii ( Gray) Greene Loeselastrum matthewsii (Gray) Timbrook, Timbrook 1978
Very common, some large specimens.
5 mi. E. Inyokern, Kern Co. 2330 ft.
April 13
    1036 Salvia carduacea Benth.
Quite common in spots along road to County line east.
    1037 Coreopsis californica ( Nutt.) Torr. & Gray. C. californica (Nutt.) Sharsmith, California race, E. B. Smith 1979.

Locations: Poison Canyon.  

Poison Canyon 1900 ft.

Salt stream with encrusted margins, Rocky outcrops separated by sand slopes.
    1038 Gilia filiformis Parry
Quite common when found.
    1039 Atrichoseris platyphylla Gray
Quite common.
    1040 Palafoxia linearis ( Cav.) Lag.
Infested with bugs. Seen in open valley.

Locations: Valley Wells.  

Valley Wells 5 mi. N. E. Trona
Inyo Co. Calif. April 13
    1041 Sphaeralcea rotundifolia Gray
In sand and gravel, scattered.
    1042 Malacothrix sonchoides (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray
Sand and gravel.
    1043 Eriophyllum Wallacei Gray
Sand and gravel.
    1044 Astragulus dispermus Gray
Flat growing, attracted by ants. For honey in flowers?

Locations: Valley Wells.  

1940Valley Wells Inyo Co. Calif18
    1045 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. & Gray
Large stands on east side of valley. They with eriogonum giving a yellowish green tinge to landscape in distance.
    1046 Mentzelia albicaulis Dougl.
    1047 Chaenactis macrantha D.C. Eat.
Single specimen seen.

Locations: Salt Canyon.  

April 14

Mouth of Salt Canyon, sandy flat. S, Trona S. B. Co. Calif.
    1048 Gilia leptomeria Gray var.?
Small white, pinkish tinge.
    1049 Monoptilon bellioides ( Gray) Hall
    1050 Astragulus Coulteri Benth.
Quite common.
    1051 Lupinus Shockleyi Wats.
    1052 Cleomella obtusifolia Torr. & Frem.
Seen again on road to Trona and Valley Wells.
    1053 Eriogonum angulosum Benth. subsp. maculatum (Heller) Stk.
    1054 Atriplex phyllostegia ( Torr.) Wats.
    1055 Amphipappus Fremontii Torr. & Gray
Among rocks in Salt Canyon. Seen again in Great Falls Canyon 7 mi. N. E. Trona and again at Stockwell Mine, Slate Range, Inyo Co.
    1056 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.
At bases of rocks, nearly dry.

Locations: Trona.  

19404 mi. N.E. Trona Inyo Co. Cal.19
    1057 Rafinesquia neomexicana Gray
By roadsides in sand.

Locations: Argus Mountains. Great Falls Canyon.  

Great Falls Canyon of Argus Mts.
Inyo Co. Calif.

The canyon heads up in precipitous granite cliffs, in large cleft of which a small stream trickles. Source of water for Trona. 20 ladders have been erected in the narrow opening in the cliffs to reach the summit.
7 mi. N Trona- Mouth of Canyon
    1058 Eriophyllum Pringlei Gray
    1059 Eriophyllum Wallacei Gray
Associated with several other species of bright yellow composites in sandy ground.
    1060 Chaenactis Fremontii Gray.
Straight leaves.
    1061 Chaenactis stevioides Hook & Arn. var. brachypappa ( Gray) Hall
Curly leaves.
    1062 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Johnstonii Munz
    1063 Eriophyllum ambiguum Gray
    1064 Coreopsis Bigelovii ( Gray) ) Hall ! E. B. Smith 1979
    1065 Microseris linearifolia (DC.) Schultz
In rocks on slope above sand wash.
    1066 Plerostegia drymarioides F.&.M.
    1067 Brickellia arguta Rob.
    1068 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia ( Benth) Greene var. bipinnatifida (Torr.) Constance

Locations: Argus Mountains. Great Falls Canyon.  

1940Great Falls Canyon20

Argus Mts. Inyo Co. Cal.
    1069 Cheilanthes viscida Davenp.
Same, under rocks.
    1070 Thysanocarpus laciniatus Nutt.
In rocks on slope.
    1071 Mirabilis Bigelovii Gray
    1072 Parietaria floridana Nutt.
    1073 Filago arizonica Gray
    1074 Eriophyllum ambiguum Gray
In rocks on slope above sand wash.
    1075 Gilia filiformis Parry
    1076 Stephanomeria exigua Nutt.?
    1077 Rafinesquia californica Nutt.
    1078 Eucrypta micrantha (Torr.) Heller
Same, sticky.
    1079 Draba cuneifolia Nutt.var. brevifolia Wats
    1080 Baeria microglossa (DC.) Greene
No rays.
Bases of cliffs. Gt. Falls Canyon
2773 ft.
    1081 Senecio monoensus Greene = S. douglasii var. moncensis (Greene) Jeps.
Tall composite. Specimens taken from one with stalks numbering 38 from base, average measurement 31 in.

Locations: Great Falls Canyon.  

Base of cliffs. Great Falls Canyon
Inyo Co. Calif. 2773 ft.
    1082 Phacelia vallis-mortae Voss.
Among rocks.
    1083 Lotus humistratus Greene
    1084 Linanthus dichotomus Benth
In sand.
    1085 Scrophularia occidentalis (Rydb.) Bickn.
In rocks several plants seen
Scrophularia multiflora Pennell, ined. (Dupl. Det. F. W. Pennell, 1945)
    1086 Pityrogramma triangularis (Kaulf.) Maxon
Among and under rocks.
    1087 Thysanocarpus laciniatus Nutt. var. Hitchcockii Munz
    1088 Carex
Growing in moist places up in the rocks in the big cleft of the precipice.
[There is a pencilled arrow pointing to the back of the previous page, which has the following notation:]
    1088.2 Amsinckia cf. tessellata Gray
    1089 Melica imperfecta Torr.
In moist bank of small stream in big cleft.
    1090 Mimulus guttatus DC.
Mimulus nasutus Greene (Dupl. Det. F. W. Pennell, 1945)
    1091 Montia perfoliata (Dorm) Haw.
    1092 Emmenanthe penduliflora Benth.
In sand, base of cliffs.
    1093 Pholistoma membranaceum ( Benth.) Constance
Under rocks.
    1094 Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (Harv. & Gray) Gray

Locations: Slate Mountains.  

April 16
9 mi. N. E. Trona Inyo Co. Calif.
Dry Wash Slate Mts. 2880 ft.
    1095 Delphinium amabile Tides
In dry wash and on north facing sand and gravel slope.

Locations: Slate Mountains.  

1940Slate Mts. Inyo Co. Calif..22
    1096 Gilia latiflora Gray var.?
    1097 Calycoseris Parryi Gray
    1098 Oenothera decorticans (H. & A.) Greene var. desertorum Munz
In dry bed and on north facing slope. Sand and gravel.
    1099 Oenothera brevipes Gray
    1100 Oenothera brevipes Gray
    1101 Oenothera clavaeformis Torr. & Frem.
    1102 Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray?
Mature carpels needed.
    1103 Mirabilis Bigelovii Gray
White flowers, hardly in bloom yet.

Locations: Stockwell Mine.  

Stockwell Mine 3240 ft. Slate Mts.
10 mi. N. E. Trona Inyo Co. Calif.
    1104 Mimulus Bigelovii Gray var. cuspidatus Grant
In dry wash above mine. Scarce.
    1105 Mohavea breviflora Cov. (Dupl. Det. F. W. Pennell, 1945)
In wash but more plentiful on rock and sand bank of wash. Flowers sulphur yellow Lower 3 lobed lip with streaks of red and 2 red dots on palate- varies much in size- thrifty plants with several.
    1106 Plantago insularis Eastw. var. fastigiata (Morris)
In arid draw.

Locations: Slate Mountains.  

1940Slate Mts. Inyo Co. Calif..23
    1107 Eriogonum deflexum Torr. subsp. Watsonii (T. & G.) Stokes Det. Susan G. Stokes
In wash- thrifty growing.
    1108 Castilleia chromosa A. Nels. (Dupl. Det. F. W. Pennell, 1945)
Small, narrow canyon above mine.
    1109 Oxytheca perfoliata Torr. & Gray
    1110 Gilia filiformis Parry
    1111 Anthirrhinum filipes Gray
Same. Growing from under rock and clinging to it.
    1112 Eucrypta micrantha ( Torr.) Heller
Small, narrow canyon.
    1113 Phacelia distans Benth. var. australis Brand
    1114 Phacelia crenulata Torr. var. ambigua (Jones) Macbride
    1115 Eriogonum reniforme Torr. & Frem. subsp. pusillum (Torr. & Gray) Stokes
Det. Stokes
    1116 Ephedra
    1117 Lotus tomentellus Greene?
On open ridge above small canyon in sand.
    1118 Lotus tomentellus Greene.
    1119 Lupinus concinnus Agardh. var. desertorum (Heller) C. P. Sm.
On open ridge.
    1120 Stephanomeria runcinata Nutt.
Wash above mine.

Small pencilled arrow pointing to the back of the previous page, which has the following notation:
= S. pauciflora (Torr.) A. Nels.


Locations: Slate Mountains.  

1940Slate Mts. Inyo Co. Calif..24
    1121 Galium stellatum Kell. var. eremicum Hilend, & Howell
      Common flowers in bloom - Chaenactis, purple Gilia, Oenothera, Cryptantha, Aster abatus.

Locations: Trona.  

South of Trona S.B. Co. Calif.
April 17
    1122 Oligomeris linifolia (Vahl.) Mackr.
By roadside at base of rock outcrop.

Locations: Salt Wells Canyon.  

1123 Stillingia linearifolia Wats.
Head of Salt Wells Canyon. S. B. Co. Cal.
    1124 Chorizanthe rigida (Torr.) Torr. & Gray
Growing in patches on arid rocky hillside.
    1125 Nama demissa
Sand hillside.
    1126 Chaenactis macrantha D.C. Eat.?
April 18
7 mi. N. E. Trona Inyo Co. Cal. 1800 ft.
    1127 Oenothera deltoides Torr. & Frem.
In sand, open valley.
    1128 Phacelia rotundifolia Torr.

Locations: Ophir Mine.  

Ophir Mine 2200 ft. Slate Mts. 8 mi. N. E.
Trona, Inyo Co. Calif.
    1129 Notholaena Parryi D.C. Eat.
Rocky hill- under rocks.
    1130 Eschscholtzia minutiflora Wats.
Wash above mine- common.
    1131 Haplopappus Cooperi (Gray) Hall?
In rocks above wash, Ophir Mine.

Locations: Slate Mountains.  

1940Slate Mts. Inyo Co. Calif..25
    1132 Orobanche Ludoviciana Nutt. var. latiloba Munz
Wash above mine, 3000 ft. bet. rocks. Flower purple, 2 yellow marks on lower 3- lobed lip.
    1133 Brickellia frutescens Gray ?
Growing in crevices on face of rock 3100 ft.
    1134 Mohavea breviflora Cov.
2 mi. e. Ophir Mine. A small stand on sidehill facing E, 3100 ft.
    1135 Malacothrix Clevelandii Gray

Locations: Ophir Mine.  

The following plants were taken in a deep, narrow, rocky, canyon, mostly on side facing N., in shade early in afternoon. Remains of an old trail leads up the canyon and was at some early time, used we think by pack animals taking out ore. Canyon about 2 mi. E of Ophir Mine reached within a mile by car up wash from mine. Plants in bloom in canyon, not collected Mallow, Larkspur, Perityle, small Gilia, Lotus, Argemone? Sysymbrium incisum, Cryptantha, Oenothera, Creosote.
    1136 Mentzelia albicaulis Dougl.
Only specimens seen.
    1137 Pholistoma membranaceum (Benth.) Constance
Under rocks.
    1138 Pterostegia drymanoides Fisch. & Mey.
    1139 Cryptantha decipiens (Jones) Heller?
    1140 Gilia latifolia Wats.
Very sticky- a stand on sandy bank facing S Canyon 2 mi. E. Ophir nine 3200 ft. Slate Mts. Inyo Co. Calif.

Locations: Slate Mountains.  

1940Slate Mts. Cal..26
    1141 Phacelia rotundifolia Torr.
Quite common in rocky bed of canyon.
    1142 Phacelia crenulata Torr. var. vulgaris Brand
Coming into bloom- pale purple flowers. A sticky, rank growing and strong smelling Phacelia.
    1143 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.
Under rocks on north facing side.
    1144 Nemacladus rigidus Curran var. rubescens (Gre.) Munz
White flowers, pink dots on point of lobes of the 3-lobed petal- taken together under rock, not noticed elsewhere.
    1145 Cheilanthus Covillei Maxon
Quite a number seen in crevices under rock.
    1146 Gilia filiformis Parry
At its best as far as we have seen in this canyon and plentiful among rocks in its bed.
    1147 Mirabilis Bigelovii Gray
Hardly in bloom yet.

Locations: Johannesburg.  

Trona and Johannesburg Road
San Bernadino Co. Calif.
April 19
    1148 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Johnstonii Munz
In sand, fl. yellow alt. 3200 ft. Field of Coreopsis in bloom.
1940 27
    1149 Coreopsis Californica (DC) Gray Has 2 hard-written notations: 1. = C. californica (Nutt.) H. K. Sharsm., 2. C. californica (Nutt.) Sharsmith California race E. B. Smith 1979
Quite common.
    1150 Gilia
Growing thickly by roadside. Large blue flower.

Locations: Kramer Junction. Red Mountain.  

Road to Kramer from Red Mt.
[Undoubtedly this is present day U. S. Highway 395.]
    1151 Coreopsis calliopsidea (DC) Gray. ! E. B. Smith, 1979
Growing thickly in cleared ground 2770 ft.
    1152 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Parishii (Abrams) Munz
Sandy ground
    1153 Chaenactis stevioides H&A det. Stockwell
    1154 Layia glandulosa (Hook.) Hook. & Arn.

Locations: Barstow.  

April 20
7 mi. E of Barstow
    1155 Dyssodia Cooperi Gray
Gravel. Flower dark orange. Strong odor.
32 mi. E. Barstow 1780 ft.
Sandy basin in lava flow
    1156 Sphaeralcea angustifolia var. cuspidata Gray
    1157 Malvastrum exile Gray
    1158 Rafinesquia neomexicana Gray

Locations: Pisgah.  

Pisgah 2100 ft.
Sandy basin in lava flow.
    1159 Langlosia Loeselastrum matthewsii (Gray) Timbrook. Timbrook 1978
    1160 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. & Gray

Locations: Ludlow.  

Ludlow 1760 ft.
    1161 Parosela molissima Gray
Flat growing plant near highway. Keel white, banner purple, yellow at the back.

Locations: Location Anchor: "CAOldDadMtns" not found in tblLocations  

Unusual abundant growth of Gerea canescens along the road. Field of it seen on the W slope of Old Dad Mt.

Locations: Amboy. Needles.  

Amboy 615 ft.
    1162 Psathryotes ramossisima (Torr.) Gray
Quite common in restricted locality.
      Porophyllum gracilis along road for miles

Locations: Chambless.  

3 mi. W Chambless 765 ft.
    1163 Chaenactis carphoclinia Gray
Specimens preserved all from one plant.

Locations: Danby.  

Summit bet. Chambless and Danby 1195 ft.
[Probably Cadiz Summit]
    1164 Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene var. aspera Greene
In gravel.
    1165 Stephanomeria exigua Nutt.
[Small pencilled arrow pointing to back of previous page, which has the following notation:]
= S. pauciflora (Torr.) A. Nels.
    1166 Krameria Grayi Rose & Painter
19 mi. N. W. Needles 2195 ft.
    1167 Encelia frutescens Gray
Large bushes.
15 mi N. W. Needles E slope 2000 ft.
    1168 Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus Gray
Few seen.
1940   29
April 21
    1169 Funastrum hirtellum (Gray) Schlecter
Climbing 6 ft. high in smoke tree. 7.7mi. S Needles. Several vines in full bloom seen along road.

Locations: Lubeck Pass.  

1170 Philostrophe Cooperi (Gray) Greene
Lubeck Pass. 14.4 mi. S Needles 1650 ft. About 2 ft. high, round. Few bushes seen.
17.3 mi, S. Needles 1850 ft.
Stony ground.
    1171 Calycoseris Wrightii Gray

Locations: Cross Roads. Parker Dam. Whipple Mountains.  

We follow the Power Line road to the Parker Dam to go to Crossroads. 52 mi, leaving the Needles- Vidal highway at 20.7 mi. S Needles. The road crosses many washes coming from the Whipple Mts. and 10 miles of it is up and down deep canyons
    1172 Eriogonum inerme (Wats.) Jepson
Very common on the dry, rocky hillsides.
3 1/2 mi. from highway 1700 ft.
    1173 Brandegea Bigelovii (Wats.) Cogn.
Climbing dead brush. Gopher workings in wash.
14 mi. on Power Line Rd. 800 ft.
In rocky, hot hills. Temperature in car 95°
    1174 Haplopappus spinulosus (Pursh) var. Gooddingi (Nels.) Blake
In rocks. Common plant along road.
1940 Power Line Road 30
    1175 Eucnide urens Parry
Growing among rocks.
      Some Mohavea confertiflora in these rocky hills but nearly dry.
3.8 mi. on Power Line Rd.
Wide wash
    1176 Cercidium floridum Benth
Several large trees in full bloom.
      Wash from Whipple Mts. 24 mi. on Power Line Rd. Water comes to the surface in places. Rank growth of Perityle Emoryi & Hyptis. Saw several quail.
    1177 Phacelia
Fl. pure white.
    1178 Oenothera cardiophylla Torr.
Several in wash. Fl. orange, fading to red.
    1179 Lepidium virginicum L. var. pubescens
Specimens from plant growing in a bush. Those in the open much smaller.
    1180 Filago californica Nutt.
Few seen.
    1181 Gilia
Pinkish lavender flowers.
    1182 Phacelia
Fl. pale blue. strong odor, Plant sticky leaving stain.
    1183 Phacelia
Lavender flowers.
    1184 Conyzia Coulteri Gray
Only plant in blossom.

Photographs on the back of page 30.
Full Size Image "Cliff Ravines," cut to left of bluff.     Cliff Ravines, cut to left of bluff
Full Size Image Looking down from "Cliff Ravines" Whipple Mts. Calif. Apr 22, 1940     Looking down from "Cliff Ravines"
Whipple Mts. Calif.
Apr 22, 1940
1940   31
    1185 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. integrifolia Wats.?
Some large dried specimens seen in open bed of wash.

Locations: Parker Dam.  

Deep canyon Power Line Rd. to Parker Dam. Water in canyon.
    1186 Mimulus nasutus Greene
Growing among tules. Flower small yellow series of red spots on palate. Plants 1½-3ft tall.
April 22

Locations: Cliff Ravines. Cross Roads.  

We are told at Crossroads that heavy rain last Sept. resulted in early blooming of flowers in Dec. & Jan and that we are here in between seasons! We notice an unusual flowering of the Palo Verde of both species in the washes and on the stony hillside. Perityle Emoryi has made a tremendous growth and become a prey to hordes of grasshoppers. Our purpose in coming here was to secure more specimens of Teucrium glandulosum. We climbed higher in the Cliff Ravine today than we did last year. Saw several beautiful plants in bloom. The locality is well protected from wind and sun.

Locations: Cliff Ravines. Copper Basin. Gene Wash.  

Cliff Ravine 1450 ft. W of the Copper Basin and Gene Wash Rd.
Full Size Image Teucrium glandulosum Kellogg, Specimen no 1188     1188 Teucrium glandulosum Kellogg
A climb of 350 ft. to where the Teucrium begins. Made 7 sheets from one plant, growing under Cat's claw next a high rock and surrounded by Crossosoma, Sphaeralcea and Thamnosma. The plant, an old perennial with long, prostrate branches from which sprang upright flowering shoots. Other Teucriums seen had long flowering stems radiating from a common center. Plants were isolated, some growing in the open among rocks. Flowers of those most exposed to sunlight were white, those in shade the greater part of the day were pale purple with parallel lines of dots of darker purple on the palate and purple veining inside the wings. Flowers softly pubescent.

Locations: Cliff Ravines. Whipple Mountains.  

Cliff Ravine
Whipple Mts.

Photograph on the back of page 31.
Full Size Image Teucrium glandulosum Kellogg, Specimen no 1188     Teucrium glandulosum Kellogg
Specimen no. 1188.

Locations: Cliff Ravines. Whipple Mountains.  

Cliff Ravine
Whipple Mts.
    1188.1 Teucrium glandulosum Kellogg
    1189 Phacelia cf. pedicillata Gray
Few straggling specimens seen.
    1190 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.?
    1191 Penstemon pseudospectabilis M. E. Jones
Among the rocks. Seeded specimen from bottom of ravine.
    1192 Mentzelia puberula Darlington
High up the ravine.
    1193 Notholaena Parryi D. C. Eat.
Same under rocks.
    1194 Oenothera cardiophylla Torr.
Here and there in the ravine
    1195 Thamnosma montana Torr. & Frem.
Large bush with a multitude of branches.
    1196 Salvia mohavensis Greene
More in fresh bloom than on May 5 last year.

Locations: Copper Basin Lake. Whipple Mountains.  

Copper Basin Lake 1000 ft.
    1197 Penstemon pseudospectabilis M. E. Jones
On bank above lake- all plants gone to seed.
    1198 Ditaxis lanceolata (Benth.) Pax. & Hoffm.
Several plants in flower seen.
    1199 Mentzelia multiflora Gray
Taken among rocks near road.

Locations: Copper Basin Lake.  

1 mi. S. Copper Basin Lake 1100 ft.
    1200 Cercidium microphyllum (Torr.) Rose & Johnston
Palo verde of the small leaf dominant here. Bloom a lighter yellow and more open and feathery than Floridanus.

Locations: Cross Roads.  

5-7/10 mi. N. Crossroads
Flat near Colorado R.
    1201 Nama
Quite plentiful.
    1202 Aster canescens Pursh
Rank growth near highway. Large patches in bloom.
    1203 Hymenoxys chrysanthemoides DC. var. excurrens Ckll.
Large patches in bloom.
    1204 Viguiera deltoides Gray var. Parishii (Greene) Vasey & Rose.

Locations: Bowmans Wash. Copper Basin Lake.  

April 23
N. W. side of Copper Basin Lk. 1000 ft.
Reached by Bowman Wash Rd. 11 mi.

Few plants by the lake in bloom compared with May 5 of last year. Tamarix gallica now flourishing where we had found other things. Saw the dried plants of Malvestrum rotundifolia, Oenothera contorta var., Langloisia setossima, Mohavea confertiflora, Monoptilon, Nama and others which must have bloomed early, following the September rains. Two plants in bloom on this visit, Dalea Parryi and Dalea mollis var. mollissisima. The latter raises its branches from the ground as it matured. Found grasshoppers in swarms.

Locations: Copper Basin Lake.  

Copper Basin Lk.
    1205 Ditaxis serrata (Torr.) Heller
Several specimens seen.
    1206 Peucephyllum Schottii Gray
Branches radiating from the center and hanging down.
    1207 Oenothera contorta Dougl. var. flexuosa (Nels.) Munz
Only specimens seen.
    1208 Calycoseris Wrightii Gray
    1209 Lycium Andersonii Gray
Growing under Palo Verde trees.
    1210 Viguiera deltoides Gray var. Parishii (Greene) Vasey & Rose
    1211 Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray
Large rounded bushes with long, slender, graceful flowering stems. Fl. small. Several large plants in bloom along the road to the lake.

Locations: Cross Roads.  

1212 Coldenia Palmeri Gray?
Sand dunes above Colorado R. N Crossroads. Last Year May 5 this plant was not in bloom. Fl. pinkish, lower half of tube yellow.
Full Size Image Spring Wash, Whipple Mts. where plants were collected Apr 21, 25, 26, 27 & 28, 1940  

Locations: Spring Wash. Whipple Mountains.  

Spring Wash, Whipple Mts. where plants were collected Apr 21, 25, 26, 27 & 28, 1940
Full Size Image "Spring Wash"looking west.  

Locations: Spring Wash.  

Spring Wash, Looking west.

Locations: Cross Roads.  

5.7 Mi. N Crossroads
    1213 Gaura parviflora Dougl.
On flat near the river. Large bush with several tall flowering spikes. A few plants Heliotropium curassavicum on the flat.

Locations: Cross Roads.  

    1214 Tribulus terrestris L.
Only specimen seen.

Locations: Cross Roads.  

Crossroads, S. B. Co. Cal. 350 ft.
April 24
    1215 Oenothera contorta Dougl. var. flexuosa (Nels.) Munz
In the village.
April 25
    1216 Mohavea confertiflora (Benth.) Heller
Power Line Rd. 13 Mi. S. Needles &
Vidal Hi. 750 ft. S. B. Co.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

Spring Wash 950 ft. N.E. side
Whipple Mts. S. B. Co.
    1217 Mirabilis Bigelovii Gray
Growing among rocks under Hyptis and climbing up in it.
    1218 Franseria dumosa Gray
Hanging over rock.
    1219 Dyssodia porophylloides Gray
Fl. dark orange. Plant 18 in. high Strong odor.
    1220 Mimulus nasutus Greene
A thicket of Mimulus growing in a seep width 48 in. height 24 to 27 in.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

1940 Spring Wash 36
April 26

Locations: Whipple Mountains.  

We came over to the wash yesterday to make camp, hoping to reach some of the higher summits of the Whipple Mts. on foot. Followed up a canyon today to a ridge beyond which descent was impossible. As far as we can tell a range of hills parallels the main rrange, separated by a deep canyon. Owing as I said before to the early rains many plant specimens had matured. One, a Lotus, in the wash, measured 21" across. The commonest plant of the whole region is Perityle Emoryi. Hyptis Emoryi is a close second, growing very tall in the washes - in full bloom just now. What with Paloverde in bloom, as it has not been for years, the hum of bees is heard constantly. They begin their work at 4:30 a.m.! Other common plants of the washes are Encelia farinosa, past its bloom, Franseria dumosa and a variety of composites.
    1221 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.
In canyon emptying into Spring Wash.
    1222 Notholaena Parryi D. C. Eat.
April 27

Spend morning and afternoon collecting down the wash which cuts through some rough, rocky hills for the distance of ¼ mi. or more. Water comes to the surface, runs for a short distance, at intervals and finally disappears altogether at within ¼ mi.
Full Size Image Spring Wash, Whipple Mts. Calif.  

Locations: Spring Wash.  

Spring Wash, Whipple Mts. Calif.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

Spring Wash
      Some miners we met said it rained here in Jan. & Feb. last, every two weeks. From the looks of drift wood against the trees a big stream must have flowed through the wash. The miners also told us the water dried up by May or June. Polywogs are in the pools and small toads are hopping around in all the moist places. While nearly all the annuals which evidently bloomed early this year have dried up, we secured green specimens of most of them.
    1223 Argemone platyceras Link. & Otto.
Specimens from one plant.
    1224 Lotus salsuginosus Greene var. brevivexillus Ottley
Common plant of the wash. Dried out in most cases.
    1225 Filago Californica Nutt.
Quite common.
    1226 Hofmeisteria pluriseta Gray
From one plant. Several plants seen in rocks at edge of wash.
    1227 Nemacladus edge var. rubescens (Greene) Munz
From under rock. Fl.white. Upper 3-lobed petal red-tipped, lower 2-lobed joined, faintly pink. Only specimen seen.
    1228 Hugelia
Several seen- wide spreading in moist ground.
    1229 Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene
Has coarse, white prickly hairs. Fl. dull orange.
1940   37a
Full Size Image Spring Wash  

Locations: Spring Wash.  

Spring Wash

Locations: Spring Wash.  

1940 Spring Wash 38
    1230 Penstemon pseudospectabilis M. E. Jones
Not common, growing in middle of wash.
    1231 Arabis perennaris Wats.?
Fl. small, pink. All others seen dried up.
    1232 Oenothera contorta Dougl. var. flexuosa (Nels.) Munz
Quite common.
    1233 Gilia
Flower pink, speckled dark pink on under side of petals. Must have been quite common from the many dried plants seen.
    1234 Circium mohavense (Greene) Jepson?
From one plant, few plants seen.
    1235 Gnaphalium chilense Spreng.
From one plant 30" high, coming into bloom.
    1236 Lygodesmia exigua Gray
Several large plants seen.
    1237 Gilia
Fl. white, 2 red stripes at base of each petal. Several dried specimens seen.
    1238 Plantago insularis Eastw. var. fastigeata (Morris) Jepson
Very responsive to moisture. Covers dry slopes 1" to 2" high.
    1239 Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene
Large, rounded bush, many blooms.
    1240 Nicotiana trigonophylla Dunal
    1241 Nama
Only one seen.
    1242 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.
Many dried plants seen.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

1940 Spring Wash 39
    1243 Oenothera chamaenerioides Gray
    1244 Cryptantha
Bushy, sticky plant Fl. white 3½ mm.
    1245 Gilia
In open wash, only one seen.
April 28

Collected down the wash again below the road.
    1246 Langloisia
Fl. pale blue with darker blue lines. Several dried specimens seen.
    1247 Trichoptilium incisum Gray
Taken in dry stony ground just above floor of wash. Only one seen.
    1248 Allionia incarnata L. var. Villosa (Standl.) Munz

Locations: Earp.  

1249 Parosela mollissima Rydb.
Common plant this season. Noted along highway for several miles after leaving Earp. Pink dots on either side of keel and on banner. Specimen taken from one plant which had innumerable branches.
    1250 Cryptantha
Fl. white 4 mm. Think some of the plants in the wash suffered from too much moisture.
    1251 Gnaphalium palustre Nutt.
    1252 Gilia
Specimens from one plant.
    1253 Sterile specimen Young plants of Dalea spinosa
Psorothamnus spinosus (Gray) Barneby, det. Duane Isely 1987.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

1940 Spring Wash
Whipple Mts.
    1254 Antirrhinum filipes Gray
Rooted under a rock and climbing out over ground- one other specimen seen, dried.
    1255 Haplopappus spinulosus (Pursh) DC var. Gooddingii (Nels.) Blake = H. gooddingii
Quite common.
    1256 Cruciferae
In shade of rock, growth not normal compared with stocky dead specimens in the open in the wash.
    1257 Acacia Greggii Gray (Senegalis Greggii Britt & Rose)
Common, in full bloom.
    1258 Stephanomeria exigua butt.
A few bushes seen.
Has small pencilled arrow pointing to back of previous page, which points to the following notation:
= S. pauciflora (Torr.) A. Nels.
    1259 Bebbia juncea (Benth.) Greene var. aspera Greene
Flower dull orange. Saw one plant measuring 4 feet across.
    1260 Parietaria floridana Nutt.
Climbing bushes in moist places.
    1261 Krameria Grayi Rose and Painter
In full bloom.
    1262 Stylocline micropoides Gray
A few dried plants seen.
    1263 Muhlenbergia microsperma (DC.) Kunth
Seen in several places in the wash.
    1264 Leaves for determination of a fast growing tall plant, reddish color from straight red dish lines. Beginning, to branch. One plant as high as 10 ft.

Locations: Spring Wash.  

1940 Spring Wash
Whipple Mts.
    1265 Cercidium microphyllum (Torr.) Rose & Jtn.
Of the two species of Paloverde this one appears to be the only one in this wash. Bloom heavy, a swarm of bees in every tree.
    1266 Conyzia Coulteri Gray
A few coming into bloom.
    1267 Chaenactis carphoclinia Gray
Only green one seen.
      List of plants noted in the wash at about 950 ft. alt. but not collected

Quite common

More common in dry canyons and on dry slopes

Lupinus sparsiflora
Large dried specimens. Seen also on road to highway

Chrysothamnus sp.
Not yet in bloom.

Asclepias subulata
Large growth, many stalks.

Dyssodia sp.
Few seen.

Oligomeris linifolia
Common, dried.


Sphaeralcea sp.
Quite common.

Salvia columbarieae
Dried ones only.


Locations: Whipple Mountains.  

1940 Whipple Mts. 42
      Lycium Andersonii
No flowers as yet, Common.

Mentzelia involucrata
Few, dried ones.

Mirabilis Bigelovii

Mimulus Bigelovii
3 plants seen, rather small.

Gallium sp.
One only.

Hyptis Emoryi
Common, in full bloom.

Perityle Emoryi
Large hedges of it.

Viguiera sp.


Locations: Spring Wash.  

April 30

Canyon 1 mi. in straight line E of Spring Wash. Narrow with precipitous walls and rocky bed. Found water about ¼ mi. above road, which we followed up for several hundred yards to what seemed its source, as vegetation became scanty and dry above it
    1268 Eriogonum fasciculatum Benth. var. foliololosum (Benth.) Torr. & Gray
One bush growing among rocks near stream
    1269 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. integrifolia Wats.
Young, green plant. Large dried ones seen
    1270 Chorizanthe brevicornu Torr.
Few seen.
    1271 Parietaria floridana Nutt.
Climbing in Hyptis Emoryi, common in damp places.

Locations: Whipple Mountains.  

1940 Whipple Mts. 43
    1272 Mimulus Bigelovii Gray
On rocky slope just above bed of canyon.
    1273 Viguiera deltoides Cray, var. Parishii (Green) Vasey & Rose
Several large bushes in flower.
    1274 Mimulus nasutus Greene
Growing in clumps in moist sand, nearly all gone to seed and dry. Small yellow fl. 11-13 mm.
    1275 Phacelia
Few seen.
    1276 Phacelia
Mixed in with dead plants of same.
    1277 Notholaena Parryi D. C. Eat.
Under rock near water.
    1278 Mentzelia involucrata Wats.
From one plant.
    1279 Oenothera chamaenerioides Gray?
Few seen.
    1280 Atrichoseris platyphylla Gray
Single specimen.
    1281 Trixis californica Kell.
Not common.
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