Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg 1940 Field Notes (Continued)  

Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg
Edited by Tom Schweich  

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  This article contains the 1940 Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg. I have attempted to reproduce the field notes as faithfully as possible while taking advantage of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. For details about the Field Notes, please see About the Field Notes."

July, 1940

1940   100

Locations: Hidden Forest.  

July 1
Hidden Forest
    1812 Silene .Andersonii Clokey (but the calyx retorsely pubescent and non-glandular and calyx lobes acute)
Above Wiregrass Spring in rocky draw 7800 ft. Not common. A few plants seen at 7700 ft. and on back bone of Sheep Mts. June 25 at 8700 ft. all still in bud. Fl. pinkish when first open.
    1813 Solidago trinervata Greene
Above spring 7800 ft. Seen here and under yellow pine near camp, beginning to head up.
July 2

Locations: Tonopah.  

Break camp this morning, driving as far as Tonopah. Day very hot, between 90 & 100 deg.
1940   100a
Full Size Image Deadmans Canyon  

Locations: Deadman Canyon.  

Deadman's Canyon.

Locations: Sheep Range.  

1940 Sheep Mts. Nev.101
    1814 Woodsia oregana D. C. Eaton
In hollow in rock, soil very dry, Deadman's Canyon, 7500 ft.
    1815 Compositae (immature)
Rooted in wall of rock about 5 ft. above floor of canyon, 6300 ft.
Full Size Image Deadmans Canyon.  

Locations: Deadman Canyon.  

Deadman's Canyon
1940   101a
Full Size Image Corn Creek Ranch, Nevada  

Locations: Corn Creek Ranch.  

Corn Ck. Ranch, Nev.
Full Size Image Approaching Goldfield, Nevada, July 2, 1940.  

Locations: Goldfield.  

Approaching Goldfield, Nev. July 2, 1940
1940  .101b
Full Size Image On road to Casa Diablo Mountains, Mono County, California, July 3, 1940.  

Locations: Casa Diablo Mountains.  

On road to Casa Diablo Mts., Mono Co., Calif. July 3, 1940.
1940 Mono County, California102
July 3

Locations: Benton Station. Bridgeport. Casa Diablo Mountains. Leavitt Meadows. Tonopah.  

From Tonopah, Nev., today we drive to Leavitt Meadows, Mono Co. Calif. on the west fork of the Walker River. From Benton Station we crossed the Casa Diablo Mts. to the main highway up the valley to Bridgeport, turning off at 17 miles to the Sonora Pass Rd. and stopping at Leavitt Mds. to stay over the 4th. Made several stops to collect plants on the way.

Locations: Casa Diablo Mountains.  

Casa Diablo Mt.
    1816 Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. sp. stellatum (Benth.) var. polypodum (Sm.) St.
At 7750 ft. common
    1817 Eriogonum microthecum Nutt. (Yellow flowered form.)
Growing with above, not as common.
    1818 Purshia tridentata D. C.
Common shrub thru these mountains.
    1819 Stephanomeria exigua Nutt.
Few miles West of above, across divide on open flat covered with Artemisia alt. 7600 ft
    1820 Hugelia filifolia (Nutt. ) Jeps. = Eriastrum filifolium (Nutt. ) Wook. & Standl.
Same location.

Locations: Casa Diablo Hot Springs. Whitmore Tub.  

1821 Tetradymia canescens DC.
Highway between Whitmore Tub Tub and Casa Diablo Hot Springs, 7150 ft. :not yet in full bloom.

Locations: Mono Lake.  

1822 Leptodactylon Nuttallii (Gray) Rydb.
Highway South Mono Lake under Jeffrey pine 7700 .ft.
    1823 Eriogonum latifolium Smith ssp. nudum (Dougl.) St.
Same location.
1940 Mono County, California103
    1824 Eriophyllum lanatum (Pursh.) Forbes var. integrifolium (Hook.) Smiley (E. monoense Rydb.) Det. L. Constance 1940.
Hignway. at 8000 ft. in Jeffrey pine.
    1825 Lupinus Breweri Gray
Same location, common.
    1826 Leptodactylon pungens (Torr.) Nutt.
Same location.
    1827 Penstemon speciosus Dougl.
Same location under Jeffrey pine.
    1828 Eriogonum spergulinum Gray
Same location in the open.

Locations: Bridgeport.  

12 miles N Bridgeport 7400 ft.
    1829 Cirsium acaulescens (Gray) Jepson.
Fl. purple, cluster in center, of flat - growing thistle on edge of marsh.
    1830 Penstemon
Same location.

Locations: Leavitt Meadows.  

July 4
Leavitt Meadows 7100 ft. on Sonora Pass Rd.
    1831 Penstemon breviflorus Lindl. ssp. glabrisepalus Keck
Several clumps on rocky bank along road. Fl. white with red lines.
    1832 Eupatroium occidentale Hook.
Fl. pink, growing among rocks, few plants seen.
    1833 Eriogonum elatum Dougl.
Fl. white, stamens pink, sagebrush flat above river bank.
1940   103a
Full Size Image Summit, Sonora Pass, California, July 5, 1940.  

Locations: Sonora Pass.  

Summit Sonora Pass. Calif. July 5, 1940.

Locations: Leavitt Meadows.  

1940 Mono County, California.
Leavitt Meadows
    1834 Helenium Hoopesii Gray
River bank under willow.
    1835 Potentilla gracilis Dougl.   Det. B. C. Johnston, 1980
    1836 Orthocarpus
Same. fl. white, pistil black.
    1837 Artemesia vulgaris L. subsp. discolor (Dougl.) Hall = A. ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. incompta (Nutt.) Keck
River bank.
    1838 Thelypodium brachycarpum Torr.
Same location. Few seen.
P. M. W fork Walker R. 6800 ft
    1839 Aster leucanthemifolius Greene.
In Artemisia.
    1840 Kelloggia galioides Torr.
Under Cercocarpus.
    1841 Monardella odoratissima Benth.
Above river in Artemesia.

Locations: Leavitt Meadows.  

Leavitt Meadows
    1842 Collinsia parvifolia Dougl.
River bank, flower light blue and white.
    1843 Polygonum Douglasii Greene
Fl. white; green, slender plant.
    1844 Phlox gracilis (Dougl.) )Hook
Same location. Flower white or pink.
    1845 Collomia linearis Nutt.
Same location.
    1846 Mimetanthe pilosa (Benth.) Greene
Fl. yellow, river bank.
    1847 Phlox gracilis (Dougl.) Hook.
Same location. Flower small, pink.
1940   104a
Full Size Image Summit, Sonora Pass, California Full Size Image Summit, Sonora Pass, California  

Locations: Sonora Pass.  

Summit Sonora Pass, Calif.

Locations: Sonora Pass.  

1940 Summit Sonora Pass Calif.
9624 ft. Mono County
July 5
      Collected on east edge or slope of Pass. A few lodgepole pine on summit, otherwise open ground, mellow soil, with a variety of plants in bloom. Backward ones were species of Astragalus and Compositae. Snow banks S of divide, above timber line on high rocky slopes.
    1848 Anemone baldensis L.
On open ground, coming into bloom.
    1849 Valeriana sylvatica Banks V. californica Heller [det. L. T. Dempster, 1972]
Same location, Quite common.
    1850 Ribes lentanthus Gray var. lasianthum (Greene) Jepson
A good sized patch.
    1851 Phlox Douglasii Hook.
Open ground, common.
    1852 Eriogonum incanum T. & G.
Same location, only one seen.
    1853 Calyptridium umbellatum (Torr.) Greene
Same, common.
    1854 Lomatium nevadense (Wats.) Coult. & Rose
Same location.
    1855 Monardella odoratissima Benth.
Same location.
    1856 Gilia aggregata (Pursh.) Spreng.
Same location.
    1857 Aster canescens Pursh.?
Same location.
    1858 Crepis capillaris (L.) Wallr.
1940   105a
Full Size Image West slope Sonora Pass, California, July 5, 1940. Full Size Image West slope Sonora Pass, California, July 5, 1940.  

Locations: Sonora Pass.  

West slope Sonora Pass, Calif. July 5, 1940.

Locations: Sonora Pass.  

1940 Summit Sonora Pass 106
    1859 Valeriana sylvatica Banks
A large clump gone to seed, one next to it in full flower.
    1860 Castilleia Breweri Fer.
Open ground.
    1861 Eriophyllum lanatum (Pursh.) Forbes var. integrifolium (Hook.) Smiley (E. monoense Rydb.) Det. Lincoln Constance ,1940.
Same location.
    1862 Crepis occidentalis Nutt.
Open ground.
    1863 Penstemon newberryi Gray
W slope of Sonora Pass 9100 ft. Growing among granite boulders.

Locations: Montezuma Slough.  

1940 Montezuma Slough, Solano County Calif.
July 21

Locations: Grizzly Island.  

1864 Lotus corniculatus L. (L. tenuis Walsat. & Kit.)
In salt grass along edge of irrigation ditch, Lot 8, Grizzly Island. 3 specimens from one plant.
    1865 Eryngium articulatum Hook.
Bank of Montezuma Slough at Grizzly Island ferry.
Tide land.
    1866 Helenium Bigelovii Gray   H. puberulum D. C.
Same location.
    1867 Lythrum californicum Torr. & Gray   July 23
    1868 Potentilla Anserina L. July 23
    1869 Grindelia paludosa Greene
On Grizzly Island, bank of slough. Stem 3 ft. long, leaves thick.
Still in bloom November 21 when last seen. G. M. A.
    1870 Stachys albens Gray
Same. Flower white with crimson streaks. Dense growth.
    1871 Lathyrus Jepsoni Greene July 23   L. jepsonii jepsonii det. S. Broich, Ore. St., 1982
Same situation. Long runners, large pink banner.
August 5
    1872 Lotus americana (Nutt.) Bisch.   = L. purshianus (Benth.) Clem. & Clem.
Same location, spreading plant, branches 3-3 ft. long. Flowers yellowish.
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August 13

Locations: Tuolumne River.  

1873 Zauschneria californica Presl.
Tuolumne River, Pit Valley.

Locations: Grizzly Island.  

August 27
Grizzly Is. Solano County, California
    1874 Hibiscus Trionum L.
On cultivated ground petals sulphur yellow, center dark purple. Outer edge of petals on left side, perilla purple.
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