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Editing the Original Field Notes
  This article describes the presentation of the Field Notes on the World Wide Web.

Editing the Original Field Notes

      In general, I have tried to reproduce the Field Notes to look as much as possible like the originals. There are, of course, some places where I have applied some editing.
  • Annie and Louise underline the entire species name and species authors, such as:

    Mimulus Bigelovii Gray var. cuspidatus Grant

    I have not reproduced the underline, but have used italics according to common present-day usage, so that the line above will be reproduced as:

    Mimulus Bigelovii Gray var. cuspidatus Grant

  • I have corrected some of Annie's and Louise's typing, such as:
    • (H.&.A.) has been corrected to (H. & A.)
    • ( Torr.& Frem.) has been corrected to (Torr. & Frem.)

  • Anything hand-written in the field notes has been reproduced in blue.

  • Any editor's comments have been entered in green.
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