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Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg
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  This article contains the 1940 Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg. I have attempted to reproduce the field notes as faithfully as possible while taking advantage of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. For details about the Field Notes, please see About the Field Notes."

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Field Notes

A. M. Alexander and L. Kellogg



March, 1940


March 20, 1940


Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

1940 1
29 Palms. San Bernadino Co. California
March 20

Locations: Banning. Indio.  

About 46 mi. east of Indio-Banning Hi. on south border of S. B. Co. Mohave Desert.17 old palms mark the spot that gives the place its name. The water does not come to the surface here as it does at the 29 Palms Inn. At the Inn are a number of young palms growing in moist ground in a thicket of willow, mes-quite, tules and grasses. A broad-leaved, succulent flat-growing plant covers much of the ground under the palms, said by our hostess to have been used for medicine by the Indians. We collected morning and afternoon south of the Inn for about a mile in sand and gravel open ground rising slightly towards the base of the hills. Common shrubs were Atriplex polycarpa, Franseria dumosa, Simmondsia, Larrea and Isomeris. Commonest plants, a species of Plantago, Eriogonum and Monoptilon, the latter bloom covering the ground in places
    852 Monoptilon bellioides (Gray) Hall
Very common.
    853 Dithyrea californica Harv.
    854 Antirrhinum filipes Gray
Found growing mostly in burro weed with blossoms on top of the bushes.
    855 Malacothrix glabiata
    856 Oenethera brevipes Gray
Quite common.
    857 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. and Gray

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif.2
    858 Rafinesquia neomexicana Gray
Growing up through burro weed, few in open ground.
    859 Simmondsia chinensis (Link.) Schneid.[Gilia stellata A. Heller]
    860 [Simmondsia chinensis (Link.) Schneid.
      Scattering shrubs, not all in Bloom
    861 Phacelia crenulata Torr. var. ambigua (Jones) Macbride
    862 Phacelia distans Benth. var. australis Brand
    863 Chaenactis Fremontii Gray
    864 Chorizanthe brevicorum Torr.
    865 Eriogonum reniforme Torr. & Frem. var. comasum Jones
Very common.
    866 Oligomeris linifolia (Vahl.) Macbr.
    867 Trichoptilium incisum Gray
Growing among rocks between washes.
    868 Lotus strigosus (Nutt.) Greene
Very common.
    869 Mentzelia involucrata Wats. var. megalantha Johnston
In rocky ground.
    870 Perityle Emoryi Torr.
Very common especially at base of hills among rocks.
    871 Eriophyllum Pringlei Gray
    872 Mimulus Biglovii Gray
Growing in profusion in sandy wash.
    873 Dalea Parryi Torr. and Gray.
On rocky edge of wash

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif.3
    874 Nama demisum Gray
Not very conspicuous.
    875 Ditaxis serrata (Torr.) Heller
    876 Echeveria saxosa (Jones) Nels. & Macbr
    877 Dalea mollis Benth. var mollisima (Rydb.) Munz
Very common.
    878 Mohavea confertiflora (Benth.) Heller
Found among rocks between washes. Flowers pale lemon, crimson dots on inner side of petals.
    879 Mentzelia albicaulis Dougl.
Not common.
    880 Amsinckia tessellata Gray
In sandy wash.
    882 Fagonia chilensis Hook & Arn. var. glutinosa (Veil) Johnston
On open flat.
March 21

Locations: Barker Dam. Little San Bernardino Mountains.  

Guest at the Inn took us for a drive to Barker Dam, 20 miles south of Inn in the Little San Bernadino (sic) Mts. across the line into Riverside Co., - winding desert road, open flats surrounded by giant granite boulders. The dam itself is a natural reservoir with some masonry at the lower end to raise the water level. As our time was short we collected hurriedly some of the plants found growing among the I boulders overlooking the lake or reservoir. Altitude at base of dam 4340 ft.

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms, S. B. Co., Calif.4
    883 Arabis perennans Wats.
    884 Oenothera micrantha Hornem. var. ?
Growing in seep.
    885 Mimulus guttatus DC.
Growing in seep.
    886 Mimulus guttatus DC.
    887 Penstemon (teretological)
In crevices of rock.
    888 Diplacus longiflorus Nutt.
Sticky shrub in dike among rocks.
    889 Phacelia vallis-mortae Voss
    890 Lotus rigidus (Benth.) Gray
Common among rocks.
    891 Forestiera neomexicana Gray.
Large shrub at parking place near dam. At this altitude cedars, pinyon and oak were noted.
      Walked south again to base of hills collecting in bed of big sandy wash and rocky side hill.
    892 Salvia columbariae
Quite common.
    893 B = Pectocarya platycarpha Munz & Johnson. Mixed: A & C = P. heterocarpa (I. M. Johnson) I. M. Johnston, det Barbara Veeno, 1977
Minute white flower, petals joined in tube.
    894 Erodium texanum Gray.
Only one found, growing under Larrea.
    895 Antirrhinum filipes Gray.
Growing in coarse grass. Specimen taken with grasses to show action of tendrils.

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

1940 5
29 Palms. S. B. Co. Calif. 
    896 Encelia farinosa Gray
    897 Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray.
From bush 40 in. high, 56 in. across in rocky side draw. Plants just coming into bloom.
    898 Physalis crassifolia Benth.
Among rooks in bed of wash. Some later seen in fruit.
    899 Mimulus Bigelovii Gray.
Growing to large size in bed of wash.
    900 Perityle Emoryi Torr.
Very common on slope of rocky hill.
    901 Emmenanthe penduliflora Benth.
Common on banks/tops of wash.
    902 Cryptantha
    903 Oenothera brevipes Gray.
Good growth in bed of wash from 2-3 ft. tall.
    904 Eriophyllum Wallacei Gray.
Common everywhere on higher ground than at the Palms.
    906 Lupinus sparsiflorus Benth.
Scattering examples in bed of wash.
    907 Aster abatus Blake.
Up rocky gully.
    910 Galium stellatum Kell. var. eremicum Hilend & Howell.
Among rocks on side hill.
    911 Ditaxis serrata (Torr.) Heller
On open gravelly ground.
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Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif6

Locations: Fortynine Palms Canyon.  

March 22

Mrs. Bateson takes us 7 mi. west and south of 29 Palms up a canyon whence a foot trail leads up the canyon to the top of a ridge and down to the bottom of the next canyon to 49 Palms, a group of close growing palms growing at a fork of the canyon. We climbed the ridge to get the view, collecting a few plants at the summit in the canyon bed and at the mouth of the canyon.

On trail to 49 Palms
    912 Fagonis chilensis Hook & Arn. var. glutinosa (Vail) Johnston.
Bush with light purple or lavender flowers.
    913 Mirabilis Bigelovii Gray.
In stream bed of canyon. Branches of bush bleached near base, spreading from center sticky, flower white.
    914 Rafinesquia neomexicana Gray.
Summit of ridge, quite abundant, growing in Hilaria rigida.
    915 Eschscholtzia minutiflora Wats. var. Darwinensis Jones.
Summit of ridge.
    916 Lepidium lasiocarpum Nutt. ?
Very common everywhere.
    917 Astragulus Nuttallianus DC.
Summit of ridge.
    918 Coreopsis californica (Nutt.) Sharsmith.
Quite abundant among Larrea.
    919 Phacelia vallis-mortae Voss
In stream bed of canyon.

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif7
    920 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia (Benth.) Greene var. bipinnatifida (Torr.) Constance
Taken under rock.

Locations: Morongo Valley.  

921 Phacelia campanularia Gray.
Some tall plants growing near mouth of canyon. Said to be very abundant in Morongo Valley. Leaves an indelible stain on fingers after handling it.
March 23
      Mrs. Bateson takes us west on highway looking for a plant with white flowers which she had once located at a certain spot. We find it at nine miles.
4 mi. W 29 Palms
    922 Nama demissum Gray
Quite common - sandy ground. Larrea principal shrub.
    923 Anisocoma acaulis Torr. & Gray
Quite common in this particular area of sandy ground.
    924 Dithyrea californica Harv.
Few seen.
    925 Chaenactis carphoelinia Gray
9 mi. W 29 Palms
    926 Oenothera micrantha Hornem. var. ?
    927 Layia glandulosa ( Hook.) Hook. & Arn.
Plant Mrs. B. was looking for. Only a few specimens found.
    928 Cryptantha circumcissa (Hook. & Arn.) Johnston

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif8
    929 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. & Gray
2 sheets of same plant.
    930 Baileya pleniradiata Harv. & Gray
Like 929 but without rays.
In sandy ground
    932 Cassia armata Wats.
One bush only seen in bloom.
    933 Stillingia linearifolia Wats.
Not common.
    934 Heliotropium curassavicim L
At 29 Palms Inn in grass under mesquite beginning to bloom.
P. M.
1 Mi. S of Inn, Big wash at base of hills
    935 Stylocline micropoides Gray
Quite common in bed of wash.
    936 Ditaxis serrata ( Torr.) Heller
Occasional specimen seen in gravel bed of big wash.
    937 Nemacladus rigidus Curran var. rubescens (Greene) Munz
Growing among rocks in bed of wash.
    938 Eriogonum Thomasii Torr.
    939 Draba cuneifolia Nutt. var. brevifolia Wats.
On south edge of bed of wash growing thickly under brush in restricted area.
    940 Eriogonum vimineum Dougl. subsp. nidularium (Cov.) Stokes

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif9
    940.1 Eriogonum reniforme Torrey & Frem. var. comosum Jones
    941 Monoptilon bellioides ( Gray) Hall
Open, stony ground.
    942 Chorizanthe brevicornu Torr.
Common everywhere in region about 29 Palms.
    943 Cryptantha
    944 Cryptantha
    945 Cryptantha pterocarya (Torr.) Greene var. cycloptera (Gre.) Macbr.
Collected at base of rocks at narrowing head of wash.
    946 Cryptantha virginensis ( Jones) Payson ?
    947 Cryptantha
Also at base of rocks.
    948 Muhlenbergia microsperma (DC.) Kunth.
Head of wash.
    949 Eriogonum fasciculatum Benth. subsp. polifolium (Bent.) Stokes
Among rocks.
    950 Phacelia crenulata Torr. var. ambigua (Jones) Macbride.
    951 Trixis californica Kellogg
One bush 24 in, high 18 in, across in bloom in rocky wash.
    952 Hofmeisteria pluriseta Gray
Coming into bloom.
    953 Euphorbia setiloba Engelm.
In sand among rocks.
    954 [Langlosia setosissima (T. & G.) Greene ssp. punctata (Coville) Timbrook, Timbrook 1978]
On slope above wash. Rocky ground

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif10
March 24
29 Palms Inn.
    955 Isomeris arborea Nutt. near var. augustata Pursh
Quite common shrub about here. Bloom advanced.
    956 Lepidium Fremontii Wats.
Common on the flats.
1 mi. S of 29 Palms
    958 Plantago insularis Eastw. var. fastigiata (Morris) Jepson
Commonest plant of this region.
    959 Dalea Parryi Torr. & Gray
Common in and near washes at base of hills.
    960 Euphorbia polycarpa Benth. var. hirtella Bois
    961 Euphorbia polycarpa Benth var. hirtella Bois
    962 Eschscholtzia minutiflora Wats.
Not many seen.
Sticky, flower white, changing to lavender
    964 Oenothera clavaeformis Torr. & Frem.
    965 Monoptilon bellioides (Gray) Hall
One specimen with double petals.
    966 Fagonia chilensis Hook. & Arn. var. glutinosa (Vail) Jtn.
Flowers light purple, small but showy.
    967 Trichoptilium incisum Gray
Growing in rocks.

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif11
Growing in wash at mouth of canyon. One other plant seen, nit in flower
    969 Perityle Emoryi Torr.
    970 Hyptis Emoryi Torr.
At mouth of rocky canyon coming into bloom.
    971 Phacelia crenulata Torr. var. vulgaris Brand.
A rank growing specimen with strong odor. Several thrifty plants noted in bottom of canyon.
    972 Nicotiana trigonophylla Duval
Several clumps seen in full flower
    973 Salvia mohavensis Greene
    974 Lotus rigidus (Benth.) Ore.
A coarse, rank growing plant. Numerous stems from single base. Roots in crevices of rocks in canyon stream bed.
    975 Notholaena Parryi DC. Eaton
A few seen under rocks.
    976 Mimulus Biglovii Gray
In sand near bank of canyon stream bed.
Quite a stand growing close to edge of canyon stream bed. Protected by rock
    978 Carex
In marshy ground at 29 Palms Inn.
March 25
      Spend morning in small area 2 mi. E of Inn. Open ground at base of low hills in valley

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif12
    979 Chaenactis carphoclinia Gray
Quite common plant growing in hard ground.
    980 Loeselastrum schottii (Torr.) Timbrook Timbrook 1978
Flower white or yellow. Three lobed corolla spotted at base with V lines of purple dots.
    981 Loeseliastrum matthewsii (Gray) Timbrook, Timbrook 1978
Fl ower larger than 980. Pink, three-lobed corolla with double V lines of dark pink white below with faint V lines of dots. Pink above. Not common, growing in hardpacked ground, open flat.
    982 Chenactis stevioides Hook & Arn.
Flower with pink center.
    983 Chaenactis carphoelinia Gray var. attenuatta (Gray) Jones [ C. Fremontii Gray]
Fleshy leaves and stem.
    984 Lupinus sparsiflorus Benth.
Always a scrubby looking plant. Flower blue, yellow spot on keel. dotted with dark yellow.
    985 Geraea canescens Torr. & Gray
Quite an area in bloom on lower flank of hill.
    986 Achyronychia Cooperi Torr. & Gray
Flat growing, flowers white.
    987 Eriogonum reniforme Torr. and Frem. var. comosum Jones
On hillside, stony ground.

Locations: Twentynine Palms.  

194029 Palms S. B. Co. Calif13
    988 Filago depressa Gray
Single specimen found.
    989 Langloisia setosissima (T. & G.) Greene ssp. punctata (Coville) Timbrook, Timbrook 1978
On stony hillside.
    990 Nemacladus rigidus Curran var. rubescens (Greene) Munz
On stony hillside yellow and pink dots on tip of 3 lobed petals. Other pair unmarked.
    991 Sphaeralcea rotundifolia (Gray) Jepson
What few we found had gone to seed on dry rocky hillside.
    992 Eriogonum Thomasii Torr.
Growing thickly on hillside giving a yellow cast to ground.
    993 Sidalcea neomexicana Gray var. parivflora (Gre.) Roush
In moist grassy ground at 29 Palms Inn near tules.
    994 Descurainia pinnata (Walt.) Britt. subsp. brachycarpon (Rich.) Detling
At Inn. Common Turning yellow and drying up in exposed places.
    995 Wislizenia refracta Engelm.
At Inn in sandy ground near or under mesquite.
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