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 CCH1 Polygon Search Tool

This tool is useful for searching CCH1 by a pre-defined, rectanglar polygon as displayed on the CCH1 Georeference Progress Map.

There are two versions of this map on this page, each can be displayed by clicking on the respective checkbox

The color of the pixels on the map corresponds with the number of specimens found within that area:
BLUE: 1 or 2 records.
GREEN: 3 or 4 records.
YELLOW: 5-16 records.
RED: 17-32 records.
BLACK: >32 records.

Clicking on an area on the map will search CCH1 by the geographic coordinates of the surrounding pre-defined rectangle. The CCH1 Search Results page will then pop-up. The user may examine or download the specimen data.

To start, check one of the options below. Next, mouse over the map that is displayed and click once to select the surrounding rectangle:

   If you want full specimen records:
Open the Full Record Map

CCH1 Georeference Progress Map for Full Records

   If you only want a list of names, not all the records:
Open the List map

CCH1 Georeference Progress Map for Species Lists

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