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CCH1 New Features In-Development Progress Log


  Jepson eFlora

  1.  Updating Yellow Flags on eflora maps — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  2.  — (See CCH1 section below)

  3.  Redesign the Map Window — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  4.  — Add California Geologic Map overlay
     — Add the new version of Jepson Regions Map needed for the new Yellow Flag process

  5.  Develop a new Heath Bar script to interface with the new CCH1 
  6.  Develop a new Elevation Graph script to interface with the new CCH1 — On list for future retirement


  1.  Complete the Update Statistics process, number of specimens, georeferences, yellow flags, etc — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
  2.  Complete the Update History Archive process, including sorting by accession and annotation — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
  3.  Replace the CCH2 georeferences with CCH1 revised versions in maps — In Progress

  4.  — add Baldwin dataset georeferences (for example)

  5.  Restore Collector field standarization 

  6.  — revise Dick Moe's original table to be compatible with the new CCH1
     — merge with the Baldwin dataset collector standardizations & resolve duplicates

  7.  Create a new Brewer and Jepson Field notebooks lookup interface 
  8.  Develop a new Yellow Flagging process — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  9.  — Jepson Regions Map error revisions needed for new Yellow Flag process — In Progress

  10.  Redevelop the ability to use BerkeleyMapper to map the search results — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
  11.  Redevelop the Download Search Results interface — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
  12.  Redevelop the Download User survey interface (i.e. how are you using this data) — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
  13.  Redevelop the Georeference Polygon Search and Multi-Mapper interface to use the new CCH1 
  14.  Adding CA records from CCH2 EXCA (extra-California) herbaria — In Progress

  15.  —  UNLV - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
     —  OSC - Oregon State University Herbarium
     —  SOC - Southern Oregon University Herbarium

  16.  Adding CA records from other portals via GBIF — In Progress

  17.  —  Harvard* (A,AMES,ECON,GH)
     —  ARIZ* - University of Arizona Herbarium
     —  ASC* - Deaver Herbarium, Northern Arizona University
     —  ASU* - Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium
     —  BRY* - Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium(BRY-V)
     —  F* - Field Museum of Natural History
     —  MO* - Missouri Botanical Garden
     —  NY* - New York Botanical Garden Steere Herbarium
     —  PH - Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
     —  RENO - University of Nevada, Reno
     —  RM - Rocky Mountain Herbarium
     —  US - Smithsonian Institution
     —  UTC* - Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University
     —  UT* - Garrett Herbarium, University of Utah
     —  Y - Yale University Herbarium
    *Loaded in the orginal CCH1 pre-2018 as 'SEINET' records

CCH1 Feature Development Completed


  Jepson eFlora

  1.  Create a new map dataset that links the eflora to the new CCH1
  2.  Redesign the Map Window

  3.  — Redesign and optimize the map icons to eliminate lag on loading
     — Use optimized map icons that allow the retirement of the clustering map


  1.  Hartman script re-coded and dot maps now use all georeferenced specimens in the new CCH1 
  2.  New CCH2 member databases added in March

  3.  —  ELH - BLM, Eagle Lake Field Office Herbarium
     —  GDRC - Green Diamond Resource Co.
     —  KNFY - Klamath National Forest Herbarium
     —  LVNP - Lassen Volcanic National Park
     —  NCC - Sonoma State University Herbarium
     —  PPWD - Pepperwood Preserve
     —  PUA - Pacific Union College Hebarium
     —  SSRD - Salmon/Scott Ranger District, USFS
     —  STNF - Shasta-Trinity National Forest Herbarium
     —  THRI - Herbarium of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

  4.  Results page enhancement 

  5.  — restore ability to sort by first column (yellow & georef flags) 
     — Queries only show yellow flags in results if the box is checked on the search page 

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