Featuring California vascular plant data from the Consortium of California Herbaria and other sources

CCH1 New Features In-Development Progress Log


  Jepson eFlora

  1.  Revising and loading illustrations that needed updated due to Revisions 9-11 — In Progress
  2.  Redesign the Map Window — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  3.  — Add California Geologic Map overlay
     — Add the new version of Jepson Regions Map needed for the new Yellow Flag process

  4.  Develop a new Heath Bar script to interface with the new CCH1 
  5.  Develop a new Elevation Graph script to interface with the new CCH1 — being redeveloped to interface with the new CCH1 hybrid database


  1.  Replace the search database with a hacker-resistent hybrid-version, the main database is still in MariaDB  — In Progress
  2.  The search and list page is being further redesigned due to recent hacker and web crawler attacks overloading the CCH1 server — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in progress
  3.  The first "F" column (Flag Color/Checkbox) on the Results page needs to be re-activated
  4.  Sorting on the Results page is current disabled due to this server overload emergency
  5.  Downloading Search Results is currently disabled to this server overload emergency
  6.  Complete the Update Statistics process, number of specimens, georeferences, yellow flags, etc — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in progress
  7.  Complete the Update History Archive process, including sorting by accession and annotation — In Progress
  8.  Replace the CCH2 georeferences with CCH1 revised versions in maps — In Progress

  9.  — add Baldwin dataset georeferences (for example)

  10.  Locality field standardization to increase percent of positive search results — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  11.  Restore Collector field standardization 

  12.  — revise Dick Moe's original table to be compatible with the new CCH1
     — merge with the Baldwin dataset collector standardizations & resolve duplicates

  13.  Create a new Brewer and Jepson Field notebooks lookup interface 
  14.  Develop a new Yellow Flagging process — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress

  15.  — Jepson Regions Map error revisions needed for new Yellow Flag process — In Progress

  16.  Redevelop the ability to use BerkeleyMapper to map the search results — In Progress
  17.  Redevelop the Download Search Results interface — In Progress
  18.  Redevelop the Download User survey interface (i.e. how are you using this data) — In Progress
  19.  Redevelop the Georeference Polygon Search and Multi-Mapper interface to use the new CCH1 — In Progress
  20.  Adding CA records from CCH2 EXCA (extra-California) herbaria — In Progress

  21.  —  UNLV - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
     —  OSC - Oregon State University Herbarium
     —  SOC - Southern Oregon University Herbarium

  22.  Adding CA records from other portals via GBIF — In Progress

  23.  —  Harvard* (A,AMES,ECON,GH) — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
     —  ARIZ* - University of Arizona Herbarium
     —  ASC* - Deaver Herbarium, Northern Arizona University
     —  ASU* - Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium
     —  BRY* - Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium(BRY-V)
     —  F* - Field Museum of Natural History
     —  MO* - Missouri Botanical Garden
     —  NY* - New York Botanical Garden Steere Herbarium — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
     —  PH - Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
     —  RENO - University of Nevada, Reno
     —  RM - Rocky Mountain Herbarium
     —  US - Smithsonian Institution — Prototype live, further testing and debugging in Progress
     —  UTC* - Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University
     —  UT* - Garrett Herbarium, University of Utah
     —  Y - Yale University Herbarium
    *Loaded in the orginal CCH1 pre-2018 as 'SEINET' records

CCH1 Feature Development Completed


  Jepson eFlora & ICPN

  1.  County distribution maps from the ICPN now read live from the current version of CCH1
  2.  Updating Yellow Flags on eflora maps
  3.  Create a new map dataset that links the eflora to the new CCH1
  4.  Redesign the Map Window

  5.  — Redesign and optimize the map icons to eliminate lag on loading
     — Use optimized map icons that allow the retirement of the clustering map


  1.  Downloading Search Results in Excel-compatible CSV text format has been re-developed
  2.  The CCH1 database has been moved to Maria DB
  3.  Hartman script re-coded and dot maps now use all georeferenced specimens in the new CCH1 
  4.  New CCH2 member databases added in 2022

  5.  —  ELH - BLM, Eagle Lake Field Office Herbarium
     —  GDRC - Green Diamond Resource Co.
     —  KNFY - Klamath National Forest Herbarium
     —  LVNP - Lassen Volcanic National Park
     —  NCC - Sonoma State University Herbarium
     —  PPWD - Pepperwood Preserve
     —  PUA - Pacific Union College Hebarium
     —  SSRD - Salmon/Scott Ranger District, USFS
     —  STNF - Shasta-Trinity National Forest Herbarium
     —  THRI - Herbarium of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

  6.  Results page enhancement 

  7.  — restore ability to sort by first column (yellow & georef flags) 
     — Queries only show yellow flags in results if the box is checked on the search page 

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