Hartman Maps History

At the 2010 Missouri Botanical Garden workshop to promote the idea of digitizing and aggregating US herbarium specimen records, a CCH cumulative record map created by Dick Moe was displayed by several speakers. Ron Hartman asked him at one point to display the records in such a way that the map would better convey collecting effort. The maps below are updated versions of Dick Moe's revised designs based on Hartman's request.

Consortium of California Herbaria Records with Coordinates

These are maps of CCH records that have coordinates (think of it as an autogeograph). In the map at the right the pixels are colored according to the number of collections at an approximate location, giving a visual representation of collecting effort.

Note that this represents well over two thirds of the specimens in the CCH herbaria: 1882440 out of 2313930.
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blue pixels: 1 or 2 records, green pixels: 3 or 4 records, yellow pixels: 5-16 records, red pixels: 17-32 records, black pixels: > 32 records,
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