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Biodiversity data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (Accessed through CCH1 Data Portal,, 2024 March 01.

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CCH1 Portal. 2024. Biodiversity data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria ( Accessed on March 01).

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CCH1: Vascular Plants of California Search Page
Scientific Name Search ?  
   Select to search for only the entered name
    (leave unchecked to search all synonyms)

e.g.: Dudleya blochmaniae
        Dudleya blochmaniae insularis
        Quercus X alvordiana
Select to search hybrid formula names
   e.g.: Dudleya blochmaniae
        Juglans regia

Geographic Locality (select one only) ?  

     One or two-word, ordered locality search: ?  
     one or two words; the last word can be a partial word;
     results will search for these words in order, e.g.:
        Round Meadow returns only records with round and meadow in that order
        Mokel will return all records that have a word starting with 'Mokel'
        Mount Dana will search both 'Mount Dana', 'Mt. Dana' and other variants

     Multi-word, unordered, strict keyword search ?  
     up to three words in any order; strict search, whole words only, e.g.:
        Round Meadow will return records with round and meadow found in
         any part of the locality
        Mokelumne will only return records with this whole word present
        Mount Dana will return both 'Mount Dana', 'Mt. Dana', but will also
         return variants where these words are present in any order on the label

(default is all counties)

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Enable yellow flags  ?  
    (displays possible range discrepancies with yellow icons)

CNPS Inventory of Rare Plants  ?  
    (return only names in the California Native Plant Society Inventory)

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    Limit to cultivated-flagged specimens

Limit to specimens with coordinates  ?  

Limit to specimens without coordinates ?  

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    (returns only one record for each name)

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(default is all sources)

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(single-word search, last name only; e.g.: Muir;

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