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Laminaria setchellii Silva

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drawing of Laminaria setchellii
Sporophyte: Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 230, fig. 188 (habit, as L. dentigera); Druehl 1968, pl. II, fig. 7 (photo: habit), fig. 9 (photo: regeneration of blade), fig. 29 (photo: x-section, blade), pl. VII, fig. 43 (photo: x-section, stipe); Scagel 1967, p. 125, fig. 48 (habit); Setchell 1905a, figs. 19 -25 (regeneration of blade, as L. andersonii) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Alaska (Attu I. Aleutian Is.: Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 93; Yakutat Bay: Druehl 1969, p. 164) to Santa Barbara Co., California (Point Conception, Government Point: Silva 1957, p. 43); Channel Is. California (San Miguel I., Santa Rosa I., Santa Cruz I., San Nicolas I.: Silva 1957, p. 43); Baja Calif. (Punta Banda: Devinny 1978, p. 358, as L. dentigera); Punta Santo Tomas; Punta Cabras; 1 km south of Las Minas; Piedra Blanca; Punta San Isidro: R. Aguilar Rosas et al. 1984, p. 163) Display references
see Taxonomic Notes, p. 000; Druehl 1979b; Druehl 1968, p. 545; Druehl 1965, p. 26 Display references
Life History:
uninvestigated, but presumably alternation of heteromorphic phases, with a macroscopic sporophyte and microscopic gametophytes
Bhattacharya, Mayes et al. 1991 Display references
Hurd and Stevens 1997; Chess 1993; DeWreede et al. 1992; tom Dieck 1992; tom Dieck 1991; Foster et al. 1991, p. 249 (as L. dentigera); Watanabe and Harrold 1991, p. 127; Lüning 1990; North et al. 1990; Klinger and DeWreede 1988, p. 234; Foster and Schiel 1988; Foster et al. 1988, p. 32; Harrold et al. 1988, p. 134; Klinger and DeWreede 1988; Laur et al. 1988 (as L. dentigera); Lüning and Freshwater 1988, p. 312; Leigh et al. 1987, p. 1315; Breda and Foster 1985, p. 116; Foster and Schiel 1985, p. 26; Steinberg 1985 (as L. dentigera); Klinger 1984, p. 45; Breen et al. 1982, p. 15; Cowen et al. 1982, p. 191 (as L. dentigera); Druehl and Green 1982, p. 167; Sousa et al. 1981, p. 304; Pearse and Hines 1979, p. 83 (as L. dentigera); Druehl 1979b; Dayton 1975, p. 139; Devinny 1978, p. 358 (as L. dentigera); Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102; Markham 1973, p. 339; Druehl 1970, p. 239; Druehl 1969, p. 164; Paine and Vadas 1969a, p. 714; Paine and Vadas 1969b, p. 80; Widdowson 1965b, p. 1428; Scagel 1963, p. 48; Scagel 1961, p. 528; Northcraft 1948, p. 399 (as L. andersonii); Rigg and Miller 1949 (as L. andersonii); Doty 1946, p. 324 (as L. andersonii). Display references
Acrochaete geniculata, Dictyota binghamiae, Myrionema balticum, Porphyra gardneri , Streblonema evagatum
Cabello-Pasini et al. 2001; Cabello-Pasini et al. 2000; Cabello-Pasini and Alberte 1996; Qi et al. 1995; K. Schmitz 1982, p. 171 Display references
Khotimchenko et al. 2002 (as L. dentigera); Van Alstyne et al. 1999; Gerwick et al. 1993, p. 662; Proteau and Gerwick 1993; Ragan and Glombitza 1986, p. 188 (as L. dentigera); Whyte and Englar 1983, p. 163 Display references
Economic Applications:
Druehl and Boal 1981, p. 576 Display references

Pl=plurilocular; U=unilocular; S=sterile
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks, in the low intertidal and upper subtidal in moderately sheltered to fully exposed habitats. Scagel 1957, p. 97. Scagel 1973, p. 134. Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 94. Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
S xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Common, in upper subtidal and large tidepools, in exposed habitats. Doty 1947, p. 40. Sanborn and Doty 1947, p. 30. Doty 1946, p. 324. (all as L. andersonii). Markham and Celestino 1977, p. 258. Display references
U        xxxxxxxx
S x    xxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Common, in pools and in the low intertidal and upper subtidal of exposed rocky shores. Dawson 1965a, p. 17. Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal and subtidal in exposed habitats. Johansen 1966a, p. 102. Kjeldsen 1995, 23 (as L. dentigera). Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
S xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal and subtidal on very exposed coasts. Silva in UC. Kjeldsen 1995, 23 (as L. dentigera). Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
S xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, in pools and in the low intertidal on all rocky points; subtidal on vertical walls in groups; also in Macrocystis beds. Smith 1944, p. 137 (as L. andersonii). McLean 1962, p. 105. Pearse and Lowry 1974, p. 15. Display references
U            xxxxx  
S xxxxxxxxxxxx

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