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    Outline of the Flora of the Neighbourhood of Godalming    






In bringing the Flora of God-
alming and its neighbourhood before
the notice of botanists, it is necessary
that the limits of the district should
be clearly defined, and that the
geological features which present
themselves should be noticed: for the
outline of the latter. I have availed my
self principally of Dr. Mantell’s Memoir
in Brayley’s “History of Surrey”.

Extent and Boundary.
The tract of country about to be
illustrated is comprised within a square,
the sides of which are about eight miles
in extent, having Godalming for the centre;
every portion of the district is therefore
within a moderate walk of the town.
The chalk ridge, well known as the
Hog’s Back, running east and west, has
been taken in part as the northern bound
-ary; a narrow slip of London clay
on the north side of this range, is, how-
ever included within the district, as