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    Welcome to the Charterhouse School Herbarium    

Welcome to the Charterhouse School Herbarium homepage. This small but historically significant herbarium of plants, algae and fungi dating back to the late eighteenth century is mostly from the British Isles and is maintained separately within the University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley. Despite the physical location away from Charterhouse School, this site is dedicated to digital access to this unique and exciting collection which aims to push the boundaries of 'virtual collections' and promote greater understanding of the flora of the British Isles and beyond. Our goal is to demonstrate collections preservation, conservation, documentation and bioinformatics to the best of our ability, and use these methodologies to maintain the original integrety and context of these botanical collections and associated data. Learn more about this collection by following the links on the left hand menu. Questions and advice about the collections are welcome and should be addressed to The Keeper, Charterhouse School Herbarium.