Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Letters of Carl A. Purpus -- 1907

Transcribed by Barbara Ertter

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Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 1/7/1907

[1907 Jan 07: 96-97]

Zacuapan 1/7 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received You letter and the papers this morning. I am so glad to learn, that Mrs. Brandegee is well again. I suppose the climate of San Francisco suits her better, than the San Diego one. I collect all plants again in fruit. The most of them I collected already. Of that Acrostichum I get lots, with the fruiting fronds to I hope. That ?Cibot. Schiden is a beauty.

I have been in the barranca de Santa Maria again to get Cereus grandifl. ?hanus for that medic. firm in New York. I got about 200 lib in two hours and made $80. 100 lib. are ordered. I also made an other interesting collection, [other side of same page] but nobody walks under palms unpunished as we say. I get perfectly covered with small ticks (?puisolillas) which are the most horrible vermin I ever met with. My whole body is covered with bites. It was surely a most horrid expereince.

Next wednesday I go down again to the hot sulphur springs where I was lately as I wrote You.

I would send You the plants if I have a bundle together, but I have to hire every time a man to take them to Huatusco. This is the reason I must send thm together to safe money. On my return from hot springs I send again.

I was very glad to hear, that Dr. Rose buys a set. Prof. Trelease buys one to.

One set is ordered for Bremen Germany and another on for Edinburgh.

Lately we received an acorn from the Mts. near Huatusco, which is the largest I ever saw. I was surprised.

I forgot to write You in my forgoing letter, that I was sent to collect plants and seeds for a large Arboretum in Germany to Canada British Columbia and the ?next ?year to the Northwest of the States. Many thanks for the paper. I write again, when I return from the springs.

I saw the most interesting forms? of Cereus Testudo in the Barranca Climbing up trees and hanging down about 10-15-20 feet. It was a sight.

I wonder in You are able to find out the names of the Quercus with that enormous acorns.

I may come across the tree some day. I correspond with the inspector of the bot. Garden San Jose' de Costa rica. Are You interested in plants from there?

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

Please send no more papers until I write again.

I have about 100 ferns You have not received yet.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 1/17/1907

[1907 Jan 17: 144-145]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

Vera Cruz 17/1 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I am back again from my last trip with a very interesting collection. I was away about 6 days.

I neglected to write You, that I published a great many articles for scientific paper in Germany for Cacteenkunde, Gartenflora for Globus, Kosmos, Natur u. Haus about Plant geografie Ethnologi, zoologi, also. I see by the not the Professor, that he wishes to know it.

Kindly send more papers.

I am going away by the middle of next month. First to Tehuacan and than to the west Coast. Kindly send me about $100 for next month.

I am just writing for the Vegetations bilder pictures of plantlife in all the countries of the globe, published by Prof. Dr. Schenk Darmstadt and Prof. Dr. Karsten Bonn. I wrote already about the flora of the San Francisco Mts, Arizona and also of the flora of the Southern Arizona region, and just now I write about the flora of Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. I took photos this last spring as You will know.

That Professor of the Agricult. College Tucson never answered my letter. He thinks ?no answer is also an answer.

I received a letter from a Dr. Edwards at Newark N.J. He wants Algae. Do You know of that Doctor? He seems to study Algae, Diatomac. etc.

I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are will.

I am just as well as ever.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.

N.b. I studied botany, Chemistry Physics, Toxicology, Minerology at the University. All these branches of Nat. Science a Pharmacist in Germany has to know. also Pharmacology.

Is not Oxylobus arbutifolius that small Composit shrub with white flowers which grows on rocks? (Ixtaccihuatl).


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 1/18/1907

[1907 Jan 18: 98-99]

Zacuapam 1/18 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I just got Your letter and the different things so kindly sent me. I thank You very much, also for the name Trichopilia tortilis. I collected it already without knowing the anme. You will find it amoung my plants, which I am going to send soon, but I got only a few in flower. I am just going through my plants, to get them off very soon. I You freeze up there, why don't You come south? but it is quite chilly here to now since yesterday. When I was at the Sulphur spring the heat was oppressive, of course that region is about 2000 feet lower than Mirador. I will look out for the ?mujeres but beware of the Mexican which are no account whatever.

I will send Algae and also Liverworts and Algae for Prof. Setchell. I commence sending next thrusday. We have only two mail days here, Monday and Thursday. That collection of plants was made by the father of Mr. Florentius Sartorius who is dead. He sent of course only common things.

so says Mr. Sartorius.

Yes, a good many German also belgain collectors have been here, I would have found more new plants if it was not for that.

I was very glad, that You called my attention to the Schoenocaulon. I will send it to the Professor in Germany to find out soemthing of his mediceinal properties.

The sepals of that Trichopilia are twisted. The scape is leafless. It is quite a showy little Orchid. I got mixed up about Clethra quercifolia and Arctostaphylos arguta from Ixtauihuatl and don't know which is which. Will You be so kind and send my a scrap of each, if possible.

I am through with my articles for the Vegetation picture and I am glad of it to, because I must work at my hay now.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 1/20/1907

[1907 Jan 30: 102-103]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

1/30 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Yours and Mrs. Brandegees letter this morning. I thank You very much for the names. The plants are all packed and ready to be sent but that postmaster has not sent me the labels yet, so Mr. Sartorius wrote to Mexico for them about 8 days ago. As soon as I got the labels I send the Herbar. Other flowers are coming up, which I had not collected yet.

The moss flora of Mexico must be very interesting. I sent plants to the bot. Garden Darmstadt packed in Mosses from here. They had sent them to a specialist in Helingfors (Finland) who wrote, that the mosses are very interesting and he was perfectly delighted to get them. I send today a package of liverworts for Prof. Setcehl. I send more next monday.

I am going away by the end of next month, first to Tehuacan to collect Cacti and than to Union in the state of Guerero ?but on north of Acapulco. I expect to make a fine collection there. Next fall I am going to Guatemala Coba'n West coast, perhaps first to Chiapas (Tapachula). i also intend to go to Costa Rica. I wish to collect Orchids for th bot. Garden which we are going to create here as I wrote you.

I hope You will find more new plants among the tough ones. It is allways good to have some new ones, because the Herbar is so much better and easier to sell.

I may go in to the high Mountains before I go to Union.

The east side of the Peak of Orizaba is not explored yet. Everybody ascends the Mountain from the plateau San Andres and Chalchicomula because it is easier to get there on account of the railroad.

Mrs. Brandegee thinks I was going to Br. Columbia, but no I have been there years ago.

I think of going to Columbia some day, but I seam th republic in South-America, which is a wonderful country to botanize in.

I am so glad that You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

You ought to be here now. We are having fine weather, just like spring. A little rain sometimes. I am going to send a small basket full of Succulents soon, also C. Testudo, C. pterogonum etc. I hope You can make out the name of that Oncidium I sent You as Sample. I have orders for about 1000 or more Orchids from here.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

I am glad I did not accept that position in Cuba

N.b. Did I sent You a Polypod. from Pachuca? I send always ferns to the lot. Garten Darmstadt to grow there, among them was a Polypod. which was new. It was sent to a specialist at Ba"le (Basel) Switzerland. He named it P. Purpusii. I was surprised!

I collected fruit of that Beaucarnea lately. I send it [to] Dr. Rose.It is a tree of enormous size sometimes like B. oedipus.

I lost my Orchid book written by an Englishman Williams. Would You be so kind and find w[h]ere I could get an other one


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 1/20/1907

[1907 Jan 20: 100-101]

Zacuapam, Huatusco 1/20 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I just received a letter from Mr. C. Sprenge Napels, who got the seeds of the most of the showy plants I collected on Mt Ixauihuatl. He wishes to have the names of the following named plants.

173 Gnaphalium

113 " a broadleaved.

154 Hevia flowers white.

148 " " rose red.

116 " " dark red.

174 " " incarnat.

107 " white

153 dark red high.

149 white

130 clinopodia?

114 rose red

231 white.


143 flower rose red

141 " "

105 white

150 Composit.

157 Verbesina.

I looked through all my labels but failed to find the names of those mentioned above. If possible, kindly give me the names soon, because Mr. Sprenger must put them in his pricelist, which he is going to publish soon.

I am through with my plants. I will send about 6-8 bundles, as soon as I have the declaration labels, which I ordered several weeks ago, but have not received yet.

Those Mexican officials are the worst set I ever saw.

I can't sent no Algae and Liverworts until next monday. It was raining so had, that I couldn't collect, and I also had to get ready with my plants. Our two high Peaks are covered with snow down to timberline, but I think the strom is over again. I am going to Tehuacan next month. After that I will visit the two Peaks and than go west. I may go also to Guatemala to collect especially Orchids. I have orders for 500 of one species which is valuable. Are plants from there good to sell to? If not I would only make a set for the University.

Hoping to hear soon from You

I am

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

N.b. Kindly tell me what Diphys. is so I can look for it.

I send You today flowers and leaves of and Oncidium of which I must have the name.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 2/14/1907

[1907 Feb 14: 104-105]

Zacuapam 14/II 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter this morning also the names for which I thank You very much. It is to bad, the Oncidium is not O. tigrinum. I think it does not grow here at all.

I am affraid Baron Tu"rckheim and that man Donnel Smith have cleaned out Guatemala pretty thoroughly and not many new plants could be found there. How is the West coast of Chiapas. Do You know anything about the flora there and if anybody has collected thre. If nobody has been there yet I may do better to collect there instead of going to Guatemala. I think I would get the same Orchids there to. Costa rica might be a good fild to get.

I think I know what Diphyse is. It is a small tree and has just come into pods. I think I had collected a few flowering specimens, which You will find in the new bundles. I have sent them away yesterday 6 in all. I hope they will reach You in good condition.

I am going to collect fruiting specimens of that Diphysos today. It grows here scattered around. A tree here and other one may be a mile off.

I am going to Tehuacan next thursday to collect Cacti for a large flower expostion in Mannheim Germany. The exposition will last from the 6 to 13th of June I mean of the Cacti.

I though the Stevias and Eupatorium were a badly mixed up set. I hope Prof. Robinson will be able to name them.

I received also two bundles of paper, for which I thank You very much. I expect I will need a good many on the west coast. Also for sending me that book from Germany, which arrived this morning.

Do You know if anybody has collected in the Sierra Madre of Durango and the neighboring states? My seed man wrote me to go north to collect seeds there. Seeds from the higher Mts. of showy plants could be sold easily and at good prices.

We are still having very cool weather. The two high Peak are covered with snow.

Do You know if Mr. Pringle has collected on Cerro de Perote? This Peak is one ?nearest high Mt. and is pretty close to Jalapa.

My address will be the same because I made my headquarters here.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 2/17/1907

[1907 Feb 17: 106-107]

Zacuapam II/17 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I send You today another samples with an Orchid, pressed flowers and fresh leaves, for the name. I think it is an Oncidium also. The flower is bright yellow dotted with brown. I hope You have received the bundles by this time. More are coming yet. I am going away to Tehuacan today, but my address will be the same.

I am going to collect Cacti in Tehuacan for exhibition in Germany. I think I wrote it to You already.

In the Sample You will find also pods of that Inga xalapensis. We expect to remain in Telmaca about 14 days.

I think we have three different Diphysas here, one with very corky bark. I have collected ?ten lately. They will come in the next bundle.

Please tell me the names of the Ipomoea soon. I do not know, if I have given them number or not. Of one I have only one specimens. It has a large purple flower. I collected seeds of all for Naples.

It will be a surprise to You to learn, that the city of Mexico was white with snow lately, also the surrounding country.

I hope You both are well. I myself enjoy an excellent health.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 3/18/1907

[1907 Mar 18: 108-109]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

18/III 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have to write You again a few lines. Enclosed please find a small draft. Kindly cash it for me and send me about $60 or 100 more soon. I have to make a trip up the Pico de Orizaba soon and may need the money.

Please write me soon, if You wish to have seeds or fruit of Beaucarnea Puspusi and oedipus. I collected lots of it. I sent some to Dr. Rose to today. I can't unterstand why Dr. Rose named a Cassia, which I found near Tehuacan C. MacDougaliana. What has McDougal to do with that discovery? I wonder. I soon send You Cacti Echeveriae from here and Tehuacan also Chamaedereae. Just now I am very busy in packing Orchids for Germany.

I have just got an order for Brassia verucosa (Orchid). I do not know, if the plant I collected is the right one. Will You be so kinad and give me a description of the flower of Brassia? The man says it was greenish with spotted with purple. Oncidium tigrinum does not grow here at all. It is to bad. May be I will find it farther south.

I guess I have told You all about my different exploration trips I am going to untertake soon. That high Sierra must be a fine field, although not a very safe one.

We are having very warm and dry weather, lots of plants are in flowr, which I did not collect yet. I soon will be after it again. The boxes for Europe have to be packed first.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 3/21/1907

[1907 Mar 21: 110-111]

Zamapam 21/III 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I just received Your letter of the 10th of march. I thank You very much for the names. That is a fine thing, that You find so many interesting plants among the last collection from here. I can get lots more of that new Genus (Composite). It was just coming into flower. Thats the reason I did not collect more of it. I knew, You wished the Composite with fruit.

I am packing Orchids, but will be through tomorrow, than collecting goes on again. I will find lots of fine plants yet, especially going up the Peak. That high Sierra near Tehuacan will also be an excellent field undoubtetly.

Yes, that Sida is a fine plant. I collected seeds of it to. I send moreof those Ipomoeae to, if possible. Ipomoea Marseti is still in bloom, but the others I expect not to find anymore. It is fearful dry especially in the lower country (Tierra Caliante). The Sulphur spring is in the Barranca Atlyac', half a days ride from here.

I expect the flora in this region is rich in good plants. I hardly think, that anybody has collected there. It is a great pity, I did not collect there earlier in season, after the rainy weather was over. I would have made a better collection yet. I hope to find more Apodantius jet, and other plants.

I have about 2 bundles of plants yet to send.

I can send them soon, because ?Amieros are going about every day with coffe to Huatusco. I go there myself soon, because I think it is a very promissing region. I went through there lately on horseback going to Tehuacan. I saw lots of plants, which don't grow about here, but I could not collect anything.

A fine place is also the region around Coseomatepu a small town (railroad station) on the foot of the peak. I hope Mr. Pringle does not get there before me. I allways goes to places immiadetly, when a new railroad opens.

I hope You are well and also Mrs. Brandegee.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Locations: Berkeley.  

Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 4/25/1907

[1907 Apr 25: 135-136]

Zacuapam 4[or 1]/25 1907]

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter this morning. Very many thanks for sending me the shoes. I am very glad to get them, because those shoes, which they wore in this country are of no account whatever. I will write You immiadetly when I get the shoes if the suit me, if not and You will buy me a pair in San Diego I will be thousand times obliged to You.

Only two (2) sets are ordered for Europe, so I think I will have sufficient material. I am so glad, that You and Mrs. Brandegee are well. I think the climate suits You much better in Berkeley.

Dr. Rose wrote me a few days ago. He wants to Beaucarnea--I mean the botanic. specimens. I hope You have received the plants, also the Chamaedoreae in good condition.

If the weather keeps on to be nice, I may go up the Peak yet, if not, later in fall. We had very hot weather and some frightful thundering and lightening, which I do not like at all.

I expect You read about that earthquake. We had it here to, but it did not do any damage. In the city several houses tumbled down. It was very bad in Guerero, as You know. The whole City of Chilpaningo is in ruins.

I am going into the Sierra of which I wrote You sometime next month. From there You will not get so much worthless ?truik, as I sent from here. It is a new field.

I send You more Succulents soon. I don;t know, if I dit sent You all, which I found here.

There is a kind of a standstill in the flora about here now. I expect I will not collect much more, except mosses and lichenes, which I have commenced collecting lately. I send You one or two bundles of plants more soon. One is in shape already. The plants do not dry so well now, because the rainy season is in sight and the air very moist. The sets for Europe can be made up with Ixtaccihuatl and Tehuacan plants. The will be very glad to get them. I send You a Mamillaria from here today, which is just coming into bloom.

My brother says Dr. Rose makes bad blunders in Cacti. It is a great pity Mrs. Brandegee did not take up the Cacti, or does she? He also says E. grandis was bad, it is E. helophorus.

My Cacti and Orchids I collected here on their way to Europe. I think I did not send You C. testudo and petogonus yet. Or did I?

Dr. Rose calls that Pilocereus with yello spines, which grows about TEhuacan P. chrysomallus, while it is P. chrysacanthus.

I expect You remember, that I did find a Piloc. in Mazatlan. I sent it to the Garden Darmstadt and they name it P. Purpusi. I expect I did not sent all the Principales yet, which grow about here.

I write You again, when the shoes arrive.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 5/6/1907

[1907 May 6: 114-115]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

6/V 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter this morning/ The shoes have not arrived yet, because they have to go through the ?Costumehouse. I was very glad to learn, that You received all the plants in good condition. Today I send one more Chamaedorea, which I think I did not send yet before. Either this or next week two more bundles of plants are coming. Among them some, which I did not sent yet. I believe we have about 10 different species of Chamaedorea. They are very hart to distinguish. It is very remarkable, that the Apodanthes were again ?umjeres. I think You are right aobut it, the male male flower drops off. I collected specimens from more than a dozen shrubs.

I have sent You a sample of a Pinus of which I like to get the name. It is I think not indigenous of this region, but grows about Huatusco also in the tierra caliente, so says Mr. Sartorius. I hope it is Pinus Montezuma, of which I must have seeds for Italy.

If the weather does not change I may make the trip up the Peak yet, if not after the rainy season is over. We are having very hot and dry weather, but it may change any time.

Two sets of all plants I collect in Mexico for Bremen and Vienna are ordered, but I think, could sell about four if I had them.

I will send more Succulents next thursday. I think I did not send Cereus Testudo yet. If You come to San Diego and will buy me a pair shoes as Marstons, I will be very thankful. Those shoes were the best I ever had. Anything in that store seems to be first class.

We received a catalogue of Mexican plants lately written by a Dr. Jose' Ramirez'. You are also mentioned in it. I was surprised to find Pseudotsuga Douglasii, Pinus Lambertiana, Pinus flexilis growing in Mexico. The first one in the state of Hidalgo. I hardly think, that this can be true.

Those mexican botanists are blunderers of the worst kind and don't know hardly anything about botany.

A good many plants are not dry yet or I would have sent them right away. It goes very slow in such a moist climate.

I expect to make a fine collection in the Sierra near Tehuacan.

Oncicdium sphaceolatum major is in bloom now. A perfect beauty. It is a pity that they can't get it to flower in Europe. It would be a fine plant for the greenhouse. I expect to find lots of fine Orchids in Guatemala.

I wrote to the head gardener Mr. Brade of the botan. Garden in San Jose' de Costa Rica. I hope he will collect specimens of that tree Mrs. Brandegee likes to have.

I may go there myself some day. I think it would pay.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 5/21/1907

[1907 May 21: 118-119]

Zacuapam 5/21 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

The shoes have not arrived yet. I think they are stolen or missent

I would be very glad if You would be kind enough to send me an other pair by express--it is safe--to Tehuacan, where I will be sometime in June.

Two bundles of Herbar specimens are ready again and I will send them this week yet.

I am going to quit collecting plants now in this region, with the exception of mosses. I think I got most anything from here any way.

We had rain here yesterday and the Peak of Orizaba is white with snow. With the other plants I will send You two different Crinum, which are cultivated here only for the name.

I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

I am glad to get to a cooler climate soon. It is not so hot, as it has been, but still very warm. The rainy season is close at hand.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 5/27/1907

[1907 May 27: 120-121]

Zacuapam 5/27 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter this morning. I have just sent two budnles of plants away, which come to late now, but it does not matter. The shoes have not come yet and are either lost or stolen, as I told You already. It is to bad.

Seor Del Moral from whose place I intend to explore the high Sierras near Tehuacan, wrties this morning, it was not advisable to go there during the rainy season. I do not know yet, if I will accept his advise or not. If I knew, that I could find some new plants yet I would go to Tehuacan any way and take in the foothills, but I am afraid the whole region is raked up pretty thoroughly. After that and when the rainy season is over, I could take in the Sierra. It is hard to tell what is best to do.

About here I could not collect much more except mosses, because I have raked up the whole region pretty well I think. The rainy season is approaching here to. We had a terrific electric storm day before yesterday and an other one is in sight today. There is the same weather every day, nice in the morning and a storm in the after noon.

Of that shrub, of which You have sent me a leaf, and of which You wish to have the fruit, we have two different species about here. One has smaller leaves almost smooth on both sides and the other with larger leaves tomentose on both sides. I have got the one with larger leaves yesterday in flower. The fruit of both is orang red sweet and eatable, but tastless.

I was surprised to learn, that Mrs. Brandegee stays out in the country so long, whe must enjoy it very much. It must be nice now up there. So much more pleasant, than here. We have very hot weather yet, but I will cool off soon.

Yes, I forgot to tell You, that the fruit of both shrub ripens late in summer.

Very sincerely Yours

Please send the bundles for Germany to the botanic. garden




Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 6/1/1907

[no date: 131]

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

Be sure, that I send You a fine plant of C. Amcaensis I send You also C. speciosus, that new Genus of Crassulaceae and yesterday I brought down Echeveria alpinia collected at 12-13000 feet, which I am going to send to.

El Riego is a great bathing place 1 mile from Tehuacan (west). St. Ana is 4-5 miles north of Orizaba. It is an Indian village and I believe is also called Aztacan, but I will inquire in Orizaba to be sure.

I have been looking for the big cocons all suturday after non, but failed to find them, will look again.

It will be of great interest to You to hear, that there is found here a caterpillar, which feeds in a gall! on a composite shrub perhaps Bacharis--this caterpillar is fried and eaten by the natives. I found that out on sunday, there was a party here from Ameca, which caught some of the worms, by spurting a little water into a hole in the gall, which made the worm come out. It is very interesting. I am going after the worms to and will try to get cocon for You. It is probably a Sesia. I expect to get eggs of a beautyful Papilio for You, which is feeding on Cerasus Capul.

I knew the diggers in California eat the caterpillar of ?Deilepila--I expect I spelled it wrong--but did not think those natives here would eat worms. The man I stay with eat them also. It is astonishing! how a white man can eat such things.

I hope Mr. Brandegee is coming.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.

Please excuse my bad writing, but I have a sore finger.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/5/1907

[1907 Jun 5: 132-133]

Tehuacan 5/7 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have to write You again, because I forgot to put the receipt in my letter. It is outrageous!

I wished very much my hay was dry, so I could start for the Sierra, because I can't do much in Tehuacan.

If I was in Esperanza it would be different! It is a better field than Tehuacan on account of the different floras, which come toghether on this place. I am very anxious to collect on the slopes of the Peak. It must be fine picking.

There is a sawmill below timberline. It belongs to a German. I expect to camp there for a few weeks, so to get everything from the higher region.

Dr. Rose has collected some on this Peak, but from an other side. He stayed in San Andres on the western side. I expect he did not take everything away.

We seem to get a very dry summer in Southern Mexico. Even in the tierra templada of Vera Cruz it rains little, so says Mr. Sartorius. He has planted 15000 little coffee trees, which need rain badly, otherwise they dry out. In Tehuacan it does not rain at all and in Esperanza very little.

I hope it is not to dry in the Sierra Mixteca were I am going.

I expect You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/6/1907

[1907 Jun 6: 122-123]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

6/6 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have just received Your two letters. I thank You most cordially for sending the shoes, which I need so badly. I will be off for Tehuacan sometime nest week. I am very much astonished about all those new plants. I did not expect such a success. I surely will do my very best to get first class specimens. I had some seeds collected of that Robinsonella but have sent it to Europe. It is a most beautyful shrub.

I will stay on a rancho in the Sierra. It belongs to Seor Del Moral who owns the whole country. It will be of great benefit to me to be able to collect around there without any hesitation.

Yes, Dr. Rose wrote me about that Bursera pannosa, but I surely did not expect to get a new one from here.

I have been out yesterday to collect a Bursera, but I am not quite sure, if it is not B. Purpusi. I got also a very interesting Croton, which be also new.

There are surely a good many plants about here, which I did not collect yet. I find it out almost dayly. I will try to get a few cuttings for You from that Robinsonella, which I hope will grow.

I will write You again from Tehuacan.

I hope You and Mrs Brandegee are well.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

N.b. I have an other bundle of plants ready to send, a good many mosses with fruit.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/9/1907

[1907 Jun 9: 124-125]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

6/9 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter this morning. I thank You very much for the name of that pine.

What do You think, the shoes have arrived this morning. It is a miracle! I like to know, where those shoes have been so long. It is a great wonder, they were not stolen.

I am very glad, the British Museum takes plants to. I will have plenty costumers now, and have to do my very best to please them.

I know a place, where there are lots of puffballs and will collect them tomorrow.

An other bundle of plants are ready to be sent away. I will send them this week yet.

I may start for Tehuacan next thursday if I can get ready. I have some Cacti to send yet to Philadelphia.

When ever You find fault with my specimens, please write me.

When I had nearly finished Your letter I remembered, that I expect a small box with photograph. plates to by mail. I wonder now very much, if the package does not contain those.

I write You again, when I know, if the package contains the shoes, or the plates.

I write You again from Tehuacan.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.

There are pines in the high Sierra where I am exploring this summer, but only at the summit. I am very anxious to know, what they are.

Two years ago I collected an Orchid on rocks near El Riego Tehucan. Please tell me the name of it. It has purple flowers.

I am very anxious to get to the new battlefield.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/16/1907

[1907 May 16: 116-117]

Zacuapam, Huatusco

5/16 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received Your letter this morning. The shoes have not arrived yet. I saw on the receipt Vera Cruz, but they are not there. I received a letter this morning from there. I am very much afraid, that the shoes are stolen. Among those mexican officials are some of the worst thieves in the country. Will You kindly write me, where You have sent the shoes? All packages have to go to Huatusco and every parcel has to be sent from there.

I thank You very much for the names. I collect mosses to now, but at present it is not the right time, because very few are in fruit. I will not send any mosses to Europe for identification. I think I can get that shrub of which You sent me a scrap in fruit. It is not plentiful here. I saw only a few specimens.

I have two more bundles to send soon. It is not necessary to hurry with the sets, if the instituttions, whcih ordered them are not.

Yes, I will collect the mosses for sale and hope to sell 10 sets or more. I collected a good many already.

I am very glad to learn, that Mrs. Brandegee is out botanizing. That shoes[sic], she is well. I think it is just the right climate for Mrs. Brandegee. It was to warm in San Diego and perhaps to dry to.

I am still collecting. There are a few plants, which I overlooked last year.

I expect I will not be able to make the trip up the Peak, first because I do not have the shoes and second, because it is raining there about every day. I think the rainy season is not far off.

I hope the shoes will come yet. I would be very glad.

I have to get ready for the trip to Tehuacan soon.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/17/1907

[1907 Jun 17: 126]

Zacuapam 6/17 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter of the 7th of June this morning. I was very glad to learn, that the two bundles of plants arrived safe. An other bundle the last one from here, will follow tomorrow. I leave for Tehucan tomorrow to. In Huatusco I will find out, if the parcel at the post office contains the shoes or not. Those You have sent to Tehuacan arrived there already.

The shrub, which You wish to have, is just in bloom and the fruit will be ripe in August, I expect. If I am not here Mr. Sartorius will send You the fruit.

I would be very glad, if You can put up a set for the British Museum to.

Sr. Sartorius just tells me, that the mexican paper says Japan was very made[sic] at the States on account of the action of the California people against theire subjects there. I hope very much uncle Sam will not back down before those Mongols. I am of the opinion, that not only the mongols of Asia, but also the mongols of Europe Italians Huns Poles a part of the Germans Catholics ought to be stopped flocking into the States. If the imigration from Europe keeps on, the way it does at present You Americans will in short time be out-numbered and the states will become a catholic country.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus



Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/20/1907

[1907 Jun 20: 127-128]

Esperanza 20 June 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I am here since Friday last week and go back to Tehuacan tomorrow. I was collecting in the hills around Esperanza and have made a fine collection, among the plants collected are about 8-10 different Crassulaceae and about as much Cacti. This morning I went down to Boca del Monte which is situated just above the rim of the Mountain chaine, which slopes down in very deep canons into the warmer moist region. I made a most interesting collection.

Among the many plants I found a Boraginac. with flowers just like Myosotis, but trailing on the ground. It is a most interesting little plant. I guess I collected more than 100 plants, also ?five Mamillaria on limestone rocks. I have a press jug full, two baskets full and a back full of plants. The hills about Esperanza are covered with flowers of most brilliant colors. It is beauty! I would not hurry back to Tehuacan, but I have made arrangements to start into the Sierra on the 5 of July.

I come back again after the rainy season, which has just set in here -- of course the rain is not half as bad as below--to collect on the slopes of the Peak of Orizaba. I am sure nobody has been there yet.

I expect Mr. Pringle was here, but I am not sure about it. I hope he has not been here.

I am out of paper (newspaper) and if You willsend me more to Tehuacan I will be very thankful to You. I feel more vigerous in this cool climate than below in that moist sultry air. It is cold here and windly. The place is about 8000 feet high and is an excellent station for different trips into the Mountains also up the Peak.

I hope You are well and also Mrs. Brandegee.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/23/1907

[1907 Jun 23: 129-130]

El Riego, Tehuacan 6/23 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have arrived here on Friday last week. I have found a letter here from Dr. Rose in which he has asked me to get that new Papilionac. Genus for him. After Ihad read the letter I went on to the hills behind the hotel and found it in flower, with small immature and almost ripe pods. I expect Dr. Rose will be glad to obtain the plant.

Going to the Plaza on saturday I found there for sale a most beautyful Crassulac. with large scarlet inside golden yellow flowers. I think it must be that new Genus Oliverella--I guess that's the name--of Dr. Rose's. I bought a specimen and will send cuttings to Mrs. Brandegee who asked me for the plant sometime ago. I expect Mrs. Brandegee will be glad to get the plant. I am going back to Esperanza for a few days to collect there. I think I saw there, that other new Crassulac. genus--I forgot the name of it--on rocks near Boca del Monte below Esperanza. I come back again to El Riego and leave for the Sierras in about 10 days.

I have found my shoes at the Express office. I was delighted. They are just what I wanted, but the shoes sent by mail are either lost or stolen.

If it is not to much trouble for You, kindly ask the Postmaster at Berkeley to trace up the parcel. The postmaster at Huatusco does not seem to do anything aoubt the matter. May be he kept the shoes for himself. I would not be surprised at all. I expect You need the receipts. I have sent them to that hombre and asked Mr. Sartorius, who is Postmaster at Zacuapam to have them returned. As soon, as I have them, I am going to send them to You. I thank You once more very much for the nice shoes.

Hoping to hear soon again from You

I am

very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 7/4/1907

[1907 Jul 4: 112-113]

Tehuacan Estado de Puebla 7/4 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I am back from Esperanza since yesterday. I am going in to the Sierra next week.

Enclosed, please find the recipts for the shoes. That ?postmaster in Huatusco did not do anything. These mexican officials are holy terrors.

Please send me, as soon, as possible $50 in check to Tehuacan, and $50 to Senor Florentino Sartorio Zacuapam. He has sent me $100 mex. and I will return that money immiadetly.

I am very busy. I must get my plants dry before I start for the Sierra. I collected a lot nice things.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 7/21/1907

[1907 Jul 21: 134]

San Luis Tultitlanapac, Puebla. 7/21 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I am here living in a rancho in the midst of the Sierra. The region is botaically very interesting. I have made already a very interesting collection and I am perfectly out of peper. I am going to send to Tehuacan tomorrow, which is about 7 hours horseback from here and hope to find several bundles of newspaper there.

The region is very rich in Crassulaceae. I found about 10 different species, the most interesting which I ever saw. One is a shrub about 6-8 feet high, an other one resembles a lettuce head. I also found a Beaucarnea, which is new to me. It resembles B. Purpusi but has large leaves and a corky bark. I discovered a good many very interesting Gonobolus. No botanist has been here yet, so I hope a great many new species will come out.

I hope the plants I have sent from Tehucan have reached You in good condition.

I have a good many dry plants already from here a collection of fresh ones to put put between paper today. I hope very much, that You were so kind and have sent me new papers.

It is a great pity, that I am so far from the Postoffice. The next one is about 6 leguas.

Very sincerely Yours,

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 7/28/1907

[1907 Jul 28: 137-138]

San Luis Tultitlanapa 28/7 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received Your letter with check also three bundles of paper. I thank You very much for Your kindness. I had not a sheet of paper left although I got a bundle of paper in Tehuacan. I am out collecting every day always finding something new.

I am about sure, that You will receive a great many new plants from here. It is a most interesting region and I would get more plants yet, if it was not for the drought, which is simply awful. A great many Annuals do not come up at all on account of the drought. While it is raining in the state of Vera Cruz very much, as Mr. Sartorius writes, it does not rain here at all or very little, not enough to settle the dust. It is to bad. Those poor Indians, which can raise nothing in these Mountains than a little Corn, get nothing at all. The milpas as the call their little patches are drying out rapidly. It is a great pity. I expect I wrote You, that I have found an Assistant in the person of the maestro de escuela his name is Vicente Franco. He is an Inidan almost pure I think, wuite intelligent and very serviceable. While he and his brother Luis also a very good an[d] serviceable fellow are collecting with me, his boy also an intelligent fellow of 14 year teaches school. I was surprised, when he showed me an english grammer and told me, that he was studying english. You must tell this to Miss Ora, she will surely be interested.

I was surprised to hear, that she is living with Mrs. Stockton in San Francisco. Kindly give both ladies my very best regards.

Yesterday I come back from a short trip and was very much surprised, as the Major domo presented me two leaves of a most beautyful Cycade, which I think is a Dion. I did not expect to find Dion here in these Mountains. Dion edule is very common in the state of Vera Cruz, but this here is a different one.

Tomorrow I take a two days trip into the lower country for examing a mine. I expect to get a fine collection of plants also. There are a great many plants especially shrubs and small trees, which also grow about Tehuacan, but I do not collect there. I must have already 2-300 species from here.

That Papilionac. which I collected near El Riego is not Dr. Rose's new genus, but a Diphysa.

I think I have here about 10 different Crassulaceae. It is the most interesting collection of this family, which I ever have made. The region is also very interesting geologically and ethnologically. On about every Cerro are ruins of buildings of the Aborigines, Zapotecas I think. I get a nice collection of curios (necklaces) together. I bought the whole collection of the maistro today for 5 pesos.

I found here in a Barranca a most interesting Pilocereus or Cephalocereus. It resembels Cephalocer. senilis very much. I have forgotten the name of it. Mrs. Brandegee will know I think.

My letter can not be sent until thurday, so I will be able to write You what I found on my trip.

I cam back from my trip down to the boundry of the State of Oaxaca (Rio de Santa Lucia). It was a highly interesting trip, but a very hard one to. The Mosquitoes were awful bad and the road horrible. I have made an interesting collecting. I saw the Cycadec. It is a beauty, but I failed to find mujeres, but got two undeveloped male cones.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 8/20/1907

[1907 Aug 20: 139-140]

Tehuacan 8/20 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

Coming back from my most interesting trip into the Sierra South west of Tehuacan, I have found Your letter at the casa of Senor Del Moral. I expect You recieved my letter in which I wrote You, that I received Your letter with check and also three bundles of Newspaper. I am just packing my collection of plants to send it away to morrow, so You must excuse me, when I write You only a short letter. I am very glad to learn, that the Postoffice is tracing my shoes, which fell into the hands of some Mexican ?ratero officail.

I hope You will find a good many new plants. Dr. Rose wrote me today, that he was very much interested in the region I was exploring botanicallly. He also says, that the Cycadee I found is a new Dion of his. I expect he has found it before me, but without cones. He asked me to send him bracts, which I have and the seeds, but I found ony one seed, which is very large. I come back to Tehuacan next spring to take an other trip into the same region.

I expect to go to Esperanza in about two three days.

Kindly address Your letters to this place. In October I expect to return to the Hacienda again. I will receive large orders for Orchidaceae, which I have to collect there.

I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are will. It is a main thing to be in good health.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purps. verto!

Please send me $50 mor to Esperanza Puebla


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 9/10/1907

[1907 Sep 10: 141]

Esperanza Puebla 10/9 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I come to write You a few lines again. I am moving up to the Sawmill to morrow morning. The owner sends down horses and mule to pack up my belongins, paper etc. I am going to have Pine seeds collected for an Italian firm in Pallanza (Lago Maggione) and need more money for the men to collect them. Excuse me therefore when I trouble You again for about $50 more, but please kindly write, if no more money is left, so I do not trouble You. I would ve very sorry. I have money at the bank in Germany, as You know.

These Pine seeds are bringing me a great deal money, because they are new, nobody has the Mexican pines yet in collection. I have sold the seeds of that beautyful Eryngium protafl. for over $100 U.S.C. I am going to make a big haul in seeds here to, especially with the Pentstemon and Silene laciniata, which go to England. Kindly tell me the names of all the plants I have marked. The seeds will bring me more money, that the scientific hay.

It is extremely cold here. I am afraid I will freeze to dead at the sawmill, which is 2000 feet higher.

My address will remain the same. Esperanza Pueabla. The place to which I am going is Atzitzintla. My friends here forward my mail to that place.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

Two more bundles of plants are coming soon. The plants are not quite dry yet.

I have paid the men though/ I have used three horses of my Mexican frined Senor Del Moral for 4 weeks, but he would not accept one Cent.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 10/14/1907

[1907 Oct 14: s.n.]

Zacuapam, Huatusco X/14 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received Your letter this morning. I was very surprised, that a had a new Maurandia and Trichostema. That was quite a successful journey. I am going back to the same region again in February as I wrote You. I take in also Northern Oaxaca. It is a great pity, that I did not remain there longer. Everybody told me, that in September the hills were covered with flowers in a wet season.

Will You or Dr. Rose name that new Dion? This Dion is a most valuable plant and I will be able to make lots of money out of it.

Col. Prain the Director of Kew Gardens has written me a very kind letter. He will take all new plants and seeds of such from Mexico. He likes to obtain seeds of Garcia nutans an Euphorbiac. plant--tree I believe--but I don't know, where it grows, perhaps the Tierra caliente.

Two more institutions in Germany have ordered set from Mexico, Berlin and Hamburg. I don't think, that I will have sufficient material to supply them. I must make about 11-12 sets now.

My brother is going to Turkestan and Manchuria next year, if You like to have something from there, please let me know.

I am very anxious to learn, if that Polemonium from Citlaltepetl is new.

The plants from there are not quite dry yet. We are having unusual moist not rainy weather and little sunshine. I have collected a great many mosses on Citlaltepetl, Esperanza and Boca del Monte. I am very anxious to get back to San Luis Tultitlanapa and I would not remain for a long time here, but I expect orders for Orchids which grow about here.

I thank You very much for the names. I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/4/1907

[1907 Nov 4: 142]

Zacuapam Huatusco XI/4 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee

I just received Your letter of the 20th of Octob. It is outrageous! That letter ought to have been here long ago. I hope You have received my latest letter from here in which I wrote You all I knew about that new Fouquieria. I am very much surprised and delighted about the many new species I have collected in the Sierra Mixteca. It is astonishing! I remember all the plants You mentioned in Your letter of which You like to have flowers. That new Capparid species hat only pods when I collected it. I will surely get flowers of it next spring also of all the other plants. It is a great pity I did not stay there longer until October at least. If I had known it was such an interesting region botanically I had stayed longer of course. I expect to get back to the same region in February, as I wrote You already.

I keep on collecting about here right along. I think I have written You, that I need two more sets for Hamburg and Berlin. Please do not sell the sets from the Sierra Mixteca until I send You more material from there.

Mr. Willard L. Baker of Mt. Sterling Illinois will send You $222 for me, please put the money into the bank for me. It comes from a brother who died last spring.

Kindly write me the names of all plants I have numbered. I must send a list to Col. Prain of Kew Garden.

I send to morrow two or three bundles of plants from Citlaltepetl and from ere by mail.

I was very glad to learn, that the two bundles of plants from Esperanza have arrived.

I expect to make a trip up the volcano from the east side. I hope to find a different flora there. The west and south side flora is more like the one of Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl.

Prof. Britton has not sent any money to me. It is perhaps advisable to remind him although I do not need the money at present.

Luis ?Fantanges has recieved the Orange trees in good shape. He was delighted and send You his very best thanks.

I will send You soon, also for Mrs. Brandegee a book (Vegetionsbilder) written by my brother and myself as a dedication.

I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.

N.b. I was delighted with that carricature of the Dalai lama of the so called catholic church. I showed it S. Sartorius who is also a freethinker. We both laughed heartely.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/11/1907

[1907 Nov 11: 143]

Zacuapam, Huatusco XI/11 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received Your letter this morning with names of plants enclosed. Accept my best thanks. After You have published that Fouquieria--please name it for me--I would like to publish it in Gardners Chronicle, where other plants of ornamental mertis will be published to. The Dion also. The Fouquieria does not flower on the top, but on the ends of all the branches from below to the top. Dr. Rose will not get to name it. I guess he would like to, but he has no material, except a very joung specimen, which does not show much.

I have send away two bundles of plants on friday. I hope they will reach You in good condition. Once bundle contains the plants from Citlaltepetl. Kindly give me the name of that Polemonium. Dr. Rose wrote, that he collected Polemoniums before in Mexico, so I expect it is not new. More plants are coming soon. Although I collected them before I must have the plants agains for my two new costumers.

That Passiflora was in my first collection from Esperanza with flowers. I am sure You have named it already. It has yellow flowers with purblish[sic] spots.

I am surprised that Prof. Britton and Rydberg have found new Geraniums in my Tehuacan specimens from two years ago.

I send today fruit of that Malpighias as Sample, which You thought might be a new genus.

I hope You have received that printed matter I sent You last week, it contains also a picture for Miss Ora.

I keep on collecting also mosses.

If You come across that Begonia from Boca del Monte, please send me the name. It was in the bundles You have received from Esperanza.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/18/1907

[1907 Nov 18: 146-147]

Zacuapam XI/18 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received a letter this morning from Dr. Rose. He wrote me, that the Dion will be named for me. I am very glad. Please write me if I shall send You the cone (male I think) I have. It is dry and can be sent now.

I will be very glad, if You will look throught the plants I sent You from Esperanza and from here (Citlaltepetl plants) and give me the names of those, which I have numbered. I am going to send You mor plants from here, also mosses.

Sometime ago You wrote me, that a great many plants have been collected about Mirador, which I do not have yet. Are they rare plants? There are a number of plants growing in the fields, (wweds), which I did not collect yet. Also quite a number of trees, but those are hard to get, because they are to high to obtain specimens of them. I did not collect much of the flora of the Barrancas Aroideae etc. yet. I think it is mostly common things. Kindly write me about it. I wil try to obtain everything from here, if it is of any value.

Mr. Sartorius has a most interesting tree in his garden. It is I think a Papilionac. The tree grows exactly like a fern and has not branches, but very large bipinnate leaves. It did not bloom yet. Could You find out, what it is, if I send You a part of the leave? The seed of the trees comes either from Venezuela or Brazil.

Mrs. Brandegee asked me some time ago for certain plants from Costarica. I have forgotten what it was. I am going to write to the Consul to San Jose', perhaps he will be able to get these plants fro Mrs. Brandegee. Some time ago I wrote to the Gardner of the botan. Garden, at San Jose' Costarica but he did not answer.

We are having bad weather, rain and cloudy. The road are in a horrible condidtion.

I am glad to get into a dry country again in February.

Among my Citlaltepetl plants You will find a Polemonium of which I like to have the name to.

I hope You and Mrs. Brandegee are well.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/21/1907

[1907 Nov 21: 148]

Zacuapam, Huatusco XI/21 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received You letter this morning. I was very glad to learn, that Prof. Britton has paid. I thank You very much for the names. Yes, I think I have to collect more material, as I have about a dozen costumers now for Herbar specimens.

I hope You have received the two bundles of plants, I sent some time ago. I think I wrote You, that Dr. Rose wrote me the Dion was named for me. I can't remember, that I have collected a Erythrina near San Luis Tultitlanapa. Do You not mean the Erythrina from esperanza? I expect to collect that Ipomoea some time below here. On the limits of the Tierra caliente and farther below I believe also, grows a Tree Ipomoea. It has flowers without leaves. I am going to collect it, when in bloom. Near San Luis I saw two Tree Ipomoeas, one I think is growing also near Tehuacan. I do not remember, that I saw a Tree Begonia about here, but there is a shrubby Begonia growing on rocks in Barrancas of Santa Maria, Barranca de Atlayac (Sulphur spring) etc.

I wonder how many new Genera Dr. Rose and Prof. Britton are locating[or creating?] yet?

I had a Alnus not Alnus Jorullensis--among my Popocatapetl plants. Can You tell me what species it is. I think I found the same Alnus on Citlatepetl but without fruit, so I did not collect it.

I will get all the Pines about Esperanza, when I go back to Tehuacan.

I saw a large number of trees along rio de Santa Lucia, which I did not collect. A great many of them I think are new.

The rain is over and we are having the finest spring-weather now, but it is very warm in the afternoon. I am still collecting and hope to get all the ferns, which I do not have yet.

Please write me of which plants I shall collect more material.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/25/1907

[1907 Nov 25: 149]

Zacuapam, Huatusco XI 15/1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

Enclosed please find that plant again, which You have named Tasconia[=Tacsonia]. I sent it from Amecameca two Years ago to You for identification. Kindly tell me the name of the plant as soon, as possible, as I could sell it for a nice amount of money. The plant, which looks like a Passiflora and is only cultivated in Amecameca does not grow there wild.

I have two more bundles of plants--mosses enclosed--to send. I will send them soon, before the insects are after them. It is a hard thing to keep dry plants here in this climate, if they do not mould they are eaten up by insects.

I will be after the ferns now. I expect there a great many about here, which I did not collect yet.

We are having fine spring weather now.

I read in the paper, that they had a fierce Cyclone and a water spout in Jose' del Cabo. Is it true? I expect You have heard about it to.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 11/28/1907

[1907 Nov 28: 150-151]

Zacuapam, Huatusco XI/28 1907

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have just received You letter with labells and the description of F. Purpusi enclosed. I thank You very much for the names. I was very glad to learn, that You received the Pamphlets and Photographs.

Please thank Prof. Dr. Setchal in my name for his compliment. I send the description off immiadetly for publishing in Gardners Chronicle. All the new plants, which are of floristic value, will be published there to, after You have published them in Zo. I think Maurandia and Trichostema are fine plants for ornamental purposes.

The name of the Cerro is Cerro de Gentile. The region is in Southwestern Puebla. It was a days ride from the rancho San Luis Tultitlanapa. That region is not explored yet, because I think it is hard to get there.

Kindly give me the name of that Orchid which I collected on rocks near El Riego. I had it among the plants from the Sierra Mixteca to. It has dark rose red flowers. The Indios (Mixtecos) call it Tlaquilosto.

I expect I never will receive th shoes, but hope to get what they were worth. It is outrageous! Such thieves!

I come to ask a question concerning inheritance. A brother died and left a life insurance. He had neither wife nor children, but brother and sisters. Can You tell me, if the half brothers or sisters are entitled to a share or not. I think the right brothers or sisters come first and if there are none, the insurance comes to the halfbrothers. Of course I don't know much about law in the States.

I have two bundles of plants to send again and I am still collecting. We are having fine weather.

I am very anxious to go into the Sierra Mixteca, but I can't at present, because I have to fill out a order for Orchids.

Dr. Rose says, that Sedum from the volcano (Citlaltepetl) was new.

The Dion Purpusi will be published to in Gardners Chronicla, but I think I have to ask Dr. Rose for the description.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

N.b. I hope You can tell me the name of that Tasconia, which I snet You. It could be sold readily for nice sum of dinnero.

I keep on collecting, collecting!

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Date and time this article was prepared: 6/7/2002 7:33:42 PM