Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Letters of Carl A. Purpus -- 1905

Transcribed by Barbara Ertter

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Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 2/6/1905

[1905 Feb 06: 36]

Robinson House [stationery]

Chihuahua, Mexico 6/II 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I have arrived here day before yesterday. We leave this evening for Torreon and Viesca. We did not stop at Benson because we would have to buy a expensiv ticket, which did not pay at all.

I sent you today by mail a small cigar box full of Cacti from here. Please five me the names of that Mamill. and also of the Echinocactus.

I made a small collection of plants here a Draba a Rives and a few other plants.

Yesterday we had a windstorm. Today it snows. The winter seem to ve very sever in Mexico.

The snow is very deep on Popocatepetl and snowslides are so frequent, that the Indians took to flight so the paper says.

Please write me to Viesca if You have sent letters to Benson. Kindest regards to Mr. Brandegee and Miss Ora.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus

We saw Mr. McLean? and he came to see me at the hotel. I will try to get him a position in Mexico.


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 3/5/1905

[1905 Mar 05: 38] Parras, Coahuila, Mex.

5/III 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I am in Parras now as You will see. I was in the Sierra near Parras several times and have made a fine collection, all my paper is in use. I have also visited the Sierra near Pata Salana twice. I collected the Palm, which I found last spring and found another palm with blusih gray (glaucous) leaves. I have found no fruit, only buds of the coming flower. I collected lots of that beautyful Cowania, also seeds for Your garden. The Sierra here and those Sierras near Pata Salana would be a fine place for You to explore in about July, August, September. The flora is highly interesting. I have also found Leuchtenbergia principio in the Sierra near Parras. It was quite a surprise to me, because I neve expected to find that rare plant near Parras. Near Pata Salana I discovered a Mamillaria snowy white single growing. I have a good many dry plants already. I wonder if the cheapest way is to send them by mail. That new Echeveri I descovered here is E. turgida Rose a beautyful plant. I send You specimens. I also collected that Cercocarpus, which I found in full bloom. I expect Mr. Brandegee is in San Francisco, because he does not answer my letters. I have sent he a small box of Cactus specimens. I was surprised to find in the Sierra a Ptelea.

Please forward my mail to Parras Hotel G. Walther. The hotel is one of the best in Mexico. Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

Dr. Walther is a siusse. Mrs. Walter comes from Texas. They are very nice people.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 3/17/1905

[1905 Mar 17: 39]

Salto de agaua, Amecameca 17.III 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have just received Your letter and three bundles of papers for which I thank You very much. Those new Dasylirion are the ones I have sent You and You sent them to Dr. Rose. I have sent You two, the third D. Purpusi I did not collect, because I had neither flower nor fruit. I hope to find it in flower going to Tebuacan again. It resemble D. oedipus but has broader leafs, less ?iflated--I don't know if this is the right specimen--trunk and the leaf bent over.

I was sorry to learn, that Grabendorfer is dead. Requiescat in pace. I wonder what had ailed him.

I do not know yet, if I shall send the plants by mail or express. The collection is a very large one, therefore it may be just as cheap to send it by express. Kindly [last word on front side of paper]

It is unusual to see it rain here so late in season. I had the finest weather when I was ascending Popocatapetl. I have found another Sedum. Those Crassul. which I do not dry I send You with the Cereus. Did I send You that Crassulac. from Temiguilapan, which looks like moss? Pringle found it to, near San Juan del rio, but I got it first.

I hope Mrs. Brandegee is well.

I am very well and strong. I would not have been able to ascend Popocatapetl and feel like a man of forty. I guess the climate makes it. I have quit eating meat and am living on vegetables, fruit, eggs, peas etc. I think it is altogether a mistake to east to much meat.

I hope to hear from You soon again.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

Please remember me to Salgado if You see him again.

22/XII I could not get the letter off until today. Just received two more bundles of paper. Very many thanks. I expect I will send the plants by express. I asked today for the rates.


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 3/22/1905

[1905 Mar 22: 41] Parras, Coahuila, Mexico

22/III 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I just received Your letter and mail enclosed. Very many thanks. I will not send any Cacti to Dr. Rose to be named, and I may not send him any at all. I have not heard from him for about three weeks and do not care at all, because I am not anxious to sell Cacti to him, because I will get very little anyway, so it does not pay at all. I send all Cacti to Your. I will make a large shipment and expect to send them by express, also the ?Hebor, which I think will be best. I send the box to Mr. Woodside at Juarez and ask him to forward same to You. I pay express to Juarez. As far as I Know I can send 11 Pf. to the States by mail.

Two of the Mamill. had milky juice which I set You. One from here with snowy white wool and another one from Chihuahua, which I think is M. Heyderi. Those white Mamill. from the Sierra de Pata Salana are beautyful. I send You all. There are three of them. One looks like an Echinocactus and has beautyful large dark carmine red flowers. I found only one specimen of LEuchtenbergia so far. It is very remarkable. I expect I wrote You about that wonderful form of Echo. pilosus. I also found a smal Echinocer. it resembles Echinoce. procumbens but has long grayish brown spines. I send You specimens. I also found another Echeveria, which I think is new. I send specimens.

I was surprised to learn, that Mr. Brandegee has gone to the desert. I expect he will make a fine collection there, as they had so much rain. It is astonishing, that You had such torrential rains, this will be beneficial for the ?totpolas or what You call them, near the Normal school, which would be all dead now, if it had not rained. I expect a letter (registered) with chieck from Mons. De Laet. It was sent on the 25th of Feb to San Diego. Kindly forward the letter immediately, because I am short of money.

I go from here to Zacuapan Huatasco Vera Cruz. I received a very Kind invitation from Mr. Sartorias, who has Caffee plantation there. He writes, the flora was wonderfull. Please aske Mr. Brandegee if he would not like to come down to. The place is on the foot of the peak of Orizaba, not far from Cordoba and 4000 feet high.

I also thought Eupato. Purpusi was a good species. I Know You and Mr. Brandegee are very careful in naming new plants.

I was surprised to find in the Sierra a Juniperus only about5-6 feet high. An other one I found in the Sierra de Pata Salana, but as a tree. I hope to be able to send You a good many eggs of moths. I have not seen any so far.

I have nothing to do with Hockdorffer anymore. I loaned him money and he tries to get out of it, the way it looks. Please forward all mail to Parras until I write again.

Very sincerely Your friend,

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 3/25/1905

[1905 Mar 25: 43]


Parras, Coahuila

Mexico 25/III 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

Will You Kindly ask Mr. Brandegee, if he will not help me out with $50 but it must be immiadetly[sic]. Morns. De Lact has sent me a check of $150 or 200 U. Currency on the 25th of Feb, which I have not received yet, my brother was also going to send on of $75 or 100. I do not know what has become of the letters which I think have been registered and sent to San Diego. If Mr. Brandegee could help me out with $150 I would send him the check of Mons. De Lact, but if You have received letter (registered) and have forwarded it, please send no money.

I go from here to Zacuapan as I wrote You and hope Mr. Brandegee will come to. M. Sartorius to whom I had a letter of recomandation by Prof. Karsten Bonn has offered me a house on his Coffe plantation. I have not heard from Dr. Rose for several weeks. I believe that man Hochdorffer and his infamous woman, whom he has met on the steamer going to Germany are intriguing against me, especially as the[y] are just crazy to into the collecting business.

The have or she has written to a friend of mine Prof. ?Demuke at New Jersey and offered him Cacti. The Professor has sent me the letter and list. In the letter she says Our references are Dr. Purpus etc. and Mr. Frantz De Laet who won first prize at at the Du"sseldorf exposition ?upon our shipment of Arizona and Mexican Cacti. What do you think of such impudence? Our shipment and using my name without permission? I wrote to Prof. Trelease about a new Yucca I found here but never received an answer, which is very suspicious. He always answered. I am afraid that infamous woman is trying to spoil my reputation to get me out of the way.

The scoundrel owes me several hundert dollars, and I gave him themoney to go with me to Germany, he was treated at my brothers like a relative and now both of them are doing their best to rum me down. What do you think of such an outfit?

Did they wirte You for my address?

Please answer me immiadetly[sic].

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 3/30/1905

[1905 Mar 30: 44]



MEXICO 30/3 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I received a telegram 2 days agao and a letter today, that Mons. De Lact has sent fr. 2000 to Viesca, which I dit not receive yet. Please send me no money, because I do not need it. I received also a letter from Dr. Rose. He takes four specimens of Cacti 2 for Washington and 2 for New York Bot. Garden. I expect I have been mistaken about the Hochdorffers. I don't think, they did anything wrong except telling Prof. ?Demcke a story to induce him to buy the Cacti. I will forgive him and his wife for that.

I hope he will pay me back the money he owes me, as he did not answer until now I was of the opinion he was going to cheat me out of it. As soon, as I have my money I send You the plants (6 bundles) and the Cacti. Dr. Rose shall not name them, if You have time to do so.

I go from here to ?Ixuciquilpan and than to Zacuapan Huatusco and hope Mr. Brandegee will come to and stay with me all summer.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus.


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 4/6/1905

[1905 Apr 06: 45]



MEXICO 6/4 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I have just received Your letter with check $150 and I expect You are in possession of my letter in which I wrote You not to send money, because Mons. De Lact has sent fr 2000 in a registered letter to Viesca. Those 2000 have not arrived yet, so I do not know what to think. You know registered letters are always liable to be opened by thieves, so I would not be surprised, if my letter was not opened. I wrote to the baco Nacional in Mexico not to accept the Check until they hear from me. I think it was the best I could do. Providentia est ?niate sapientiae! I thank Mr. Brandegee most cordially for his kindness. Afriend in need is a friend indeed. I keep the check here for a few days, does the check , which Mons. De Laet has sent come soon, I send beck Mr. Brandegees not indorsed, if not I send You those 2000 and You may keep it for me until I need it. I think this will be best.

I am very very sorry, that Mr. Brandegee does not come to Zacuapan and that You will stay in the north and leave Mr. Brandegee alone.

I received a very kind letter from Prof. Trelease. He was in Mexico and lately in Saltillo. He says I am very sorry to learn, that You are in Parras if I had know it I would have come over to met You and see the Yucca you found. He ordered Yuccas and Agaves and takes also Cacti.

Dr. Rose wrote again yesterday. He also takes Cacti for the Museum and New York bot. Garden. I have 8-10 bundles of plants mostly from the Sierra de Parras. I expect Mr. Brandegee will find some good plants among them. I will send them soon, also the Cacti. Sir Thomas Hanbury has ordered fr. 500 worth of Succulents, and may order more yet. I ams sure Mr. Brandegee would have enjoyed the country in Zacuapan, because it is botanically highly interesting. I go aslo to Oaxaca and Chiapas. I will receive letters from Mr. Sartorius to friends in those states.

I am not quite sure about Hochdorffer yet and if that woman of his does not try to injure me. Mons. De Laet writes, that he took Cacti from him collected in Arizona, because he was a friend of mine, otherwise he had not. Dr. Rose says the Echeveria I found here, may not be E. turgida. I guess he does not know himself, which is which. Please sen all letters to Parras. If I am not here any more Dr. Walther will forward them to me. I go to Ixuciquilipan first to get Piloc. ?senilis.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 4/23/1905

[1905 Apr 23: 46]

Pachuca 23/4 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I beg to excuse me for not sending the check back yet. I have made the mistake to put my pocket book in chich I kept the check in my trunk instead of putting it in my ?grip and found it out when it was to late. To be not bothered with that heavy trunk and to safe money I left it at the depot. I also left the trunk at the depot in San Luis Potosi, where I stopped for a few days. As soon, as I can get to my trunk I send the check back. I received the money all right from Mons. De Laet. I found some fine Echeverias in the Mountains south of San Luis Potosi of which I send You to, soon by mail. I also found there a Echinoca. with a beautyful flower growing on rocks. I pressed specimens for You. I was very much surprised to found a succulent ?Orchis growing on rocks in a can~on near town (Pachuca). I also found very interesting Sedums about Pachuca and this morning I made a trip into the Mountains. I found a very interesting Cercocarpus with leafs like an Alnus, also different other things. The general flora is not out yet, because the rainy season has not commenced yet. I have sent You a box of Herbar plants by way of Juarez and enclosed Cacti to. I paid the freight to Juarez.

Please address letters to Zacuapan Huatusco state of Vera Cruz.

I am exceedingly sorry about that check business.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus.

N.b. I have an other small bundle of Parras plants yet, which I am going to send by mail.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 6/24/1905

[1905 Jun 24: 47]

Tehuacan estado de Puebla

24/6 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter and was glad to hear from You. I expected Mrs. Brandegee would be in San Francisco by this time. Yes Your ought to be here helping to collect, but of course Mrs. Brandegee has to travel to once in while because she gets restless in San Diego and does not feel well there in summer.

I am in Tehuacan as You see and not yet around the peak. It is raining so much there now, that I could not do a thing there. I have to wait until the rainy season is over. It is raining here to all most every day. It is a nuisance, because my plants do not dry very well. The flora about Tehuacan is very interesting. There are any amount of different schrubs, but as most of them are very scrubby they don't make good specimens. The Perennials are less abundnat and annuals have not come to bloom yet.

I expect there was nothing new among my plants collected near Parras, but I hope they can be sold.

I may go to Oaxaca from here soon, as I think making a still better collection there.

Please address letters care of Guill. Boesch Apartado 12 Orizaba.

Yours very truly

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 8/7/1905

[1905 Aug 07: 48-49]

Ixuiquilpan Hidalgo 7, 8 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I am in Ixuiquilpan, as You see. Dr. Rose who has been with me for aobut 14 days left for Pachuca and Mexico last saterday. Although I enjoyed his company very much I think it is better he collects somewhere else. This is alltogether a new country and if Dr. Rose has stayed here, he of course would have got all the new plants to, which is of great disadvantage to You and much so for me, because he collected large quantitites, which I think he has for exchange. Dr. Rose thinks I ought to collect here about 100 new plants and more. We have already got about a dozen, which are new, also a new Arracacia, which Rose is going to name for me.

I have already 4 bundles of dry plants. Dr. Rose says my driers were of no account. He ordered 300 for me in Washington, which I expect will be here soon. He intends to stay in Mexico until September. He has his oldest son and an assistent with him.

I expect to go from here to Zacuapan a country, which is also new, it has been visited by Ehrenberg, but that is a good many years ago.

If I do not go to Zacuapan to stay for a while with Mr. Sartorius who has a coffee and sugar plantation there I make a trip to Colombia to collect Orchids next winter. Dr. Rose told me, that Mr. Rusby had been there collecting and I am going to write to him for information. I expect You know Mr. Rusby to.

Dr. Rose has been collecting around the peak of Orizaba. He says the flora is like all the flora in the high Mountains, but thinks there might be some new plants to be found yet. He also told me, that several other botanists had visitied that Mountain.

I think it may be better I stay here for a while yet.

If You receive mail for me, please forward it to Ixuiquilpan care of L. Pl. Northey.

I stay at the hotel, but board with Mr. and Mrs. Northey, who are english. Dr. Rose told me, that Pringle has ?raked up the coutnry around Tehuacan so thoroughly, that nothing new is to be found there.

I wished I had known this sooner.

Yours very sincerely

C. A. Purpus

I hope Mrs. Brandegee is well.


Locations: MineralKing.  

Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 8/23/1905

[1905 Aug 23: 50-51]

Ixuiquilpan Hidalgo 23/8 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter with postal cards enclosed yesterday. I thank You very much for sending my mail. The most of my letter come to Parras and Orizaba.

I expect to remain here for a few weeks yet and go from here to Ixtauihuatl.

The winter I think of spending at Zacuapan near Huatusco. Dr. Rose told me this region was not visited by botanist for many jears, so expect to make a fine collection there.

Dr. Rose went to Iquala Guerero but dit not remian long, because he says it was very hot. He know very little about Cacti and I can't see how he is able to write a book about them. They collect wagon loands of plants and in that respect are worse than sheep. He carries about six presses with him and a pile of driers. It is a good thing for me, he has left. I expect Mr. Pringle is right, he cleans out the Cacti to. It is therefore a good thing, that there are a good many in Mexico. I knew, that Mr. Pringle is here. Dr. Rose wrote it to me. I hope You will be able to come to Mexico to and go with me to Ixtauihuatl and Zacuapan. I was very much surprised to learn that Mrs. Brandegee is in Mineral King my old stamping ground. I expect she will enjoy this trip immensely and will also profit by it.

I am still collecting rare and interesting plants about here and hope to be able to send You 20-30 new ones.

If you write to Mrs. Brandegee kindly ask here for the address of that nursery in San Francisco. I am going to have several hundert plants of Laelia majalis to sell, which I will offer to that firm. I also would like to have some seeds of Acer glabrum, which is found about Mineral King. Mrs. Brandegee perhaps has a chance to collect them for me.

I am in a very dry country and long to see the high Mountains.

I may got to Pachuca soon. I left my trunk there with most of my dry plants which I intend to send You from there by mail, which I think is the cheapest. I have 6 bundles of plants from here.

Enclosed please find a clip of the Mexican Herald. Here You can read of the great botanist Lemmon, who comes to Mexico to study the forest trees in the Sierra Madre del Sur.

Hoping to hear soon from You again, I am

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.

N.B. Please tell me the botanic name of that Plumeria from here. I collected seeds of it for Naples.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 9/30/1905

[1905 Sep 30: 52]

Salto de agua, Amecameca 30/9 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I have received Your lettera and Mrs. Brandegees day before yesterday I also got the bundle of papers and the other two bundels You have sent to Ixauiquilpan. My friend Mr. Northey had forwarded them to Ameca. In Mexcio even Newspapers are forwarded it is different from the states.

I thank You ver much for the paper. I need it badly, because I will have a large collection. The flora is not the same, as it has been in spring. There are different planst now in bloom, which I have not collected yet. In the higher region I have not been yet, but will go tomorrow. I wished You could come down. Tyou could get a room int eh house and also a bed, perhaps with a mattress. The place is about 3 miles from Ameca in a beautyful barranca, behind the house there is a waterfall therefore "salta de agua". The climate is wonderfull especially now at the close of the rainy season. The nights are cold, but it does not freeze. We are about 8000 feet high.

Around the house therea are a mass of Salvia fulgens, which are in bloom in about 2 weeks I think, also a nice composite with white flowers, which I do not know. The Mts. are wonderfully clear and it is a sight to see them. I am going to collect a great many different ferns, I expect there are about 50 or 60 different species in this region.

The man Mr. Sundermann is living with a mexican woman and has three children small yet. He is very accomodating. He has a small ?library.

I hope You are coming.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.

I write again soon. I come to thee station for You if You com down.


Carl A. Purpus to Townsend Brandegee, 10/10/1905

[1905 Oct 10: 53]

Salto de agua Amecameca

10/X 1905

Dear Mr. Brandegee!

I received Your letter and two bundles of paper on sunday. Very many thanks. I was surprised to hear, that I have found a new Gochnatia near Tehuacan. I hardly thought to find new plants there, because Mr. Pringle raked up that country very thoroughly as Dr. Rose told me.

Yes of course I remember Gochnatia. I collected it near the rancho of ?Lercadio Cesana and near San Pablo. I have been close to the line of perpetual snow yesterday I made an other interesting collection, but got into a hailstorm and had to take refuge in a cave, instead of botanizing. That rainy spell is a nuisance and I wished it was over. To explore the higher regions thoroughly it is necessary to camp above timberline. There are lots of caves, so a tent is not necessary at all. I have spoken already to a man to take me into the Mountains and I am just waiting for You to take part.

Most of the alpine plants are sitll in bloom, and there are any amount of Gnaphaliums, Antennarias etc, which I dit not collect 2 years ago. Too collect the spring flora it is necessary to be here again in Feb. and march-April. I hope You are coming.

We have beautyful weather today and I am in hopes that rainy spell is over.

Very sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 10/14/1905

[1905 Oct 14: s.n.]

Amecameca 14/X 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I have just received Your letter Mr. Bakers enclosed. That is a fine present. I wrote immiadetly to Mr. Baker telling him I was very glad to get orders for Mexican seed Samples.

Today I have been out to get the eggs of that beautyful Papilio for You. Pressing Agave Americana I saw lots of large white eggs of a Moth? and collected those to. I am going to send them as samples with this letter. There is a larvae (Catapillar) feeding on Agave, which is also eaten by the natives, perhaps it comes out of those eggs. The[y] fry the worms in oil. The man says the [y] taste like brains. Mercy! but still it is very interesting. You can easy raise the worms on Agave and Cherry leaves (Papilio). I can send You hunderts of the Agave eggs if You have any use for them.

Would You sell some of the moths for me? or is it to much trouble for You?

I have found a fine Caterpillar on Quercus light green with very bad stinging hairs. I got about a dozen. I am having quite a colony of worms about here now. On cherry, oak and Buddleia. Some of my Ixuiquilpan caterpillars are making cocons I had but 5 left.

I am not moving yet, not until December. How could I leave such a flora behind? I expect I will never get through here. I have been out today and found a dozen plants which are entirely new to me. It is astonishing!

I wished You were here, You would not be crowded in this beautyful wilderness. We are still having thunderstorms, which annoy me very much.

[end of page; next page unkown]

[after 65, but obviously to Mrs., not Mr. Brandegee: 66]

I got a letter from Dr. Rose the same time. I hope he will give me credit for that Nolina. What does Mr. Brandegee think of that little succulent plant from Ixuiquilpan? Rose think it was a Crassulac. He says Pringle found it near San Juan de Rio just before he left for Washington. I found it sooner so I must have Credit for it.

Please send not more paper now until I am in Zacuapan. I received a bundle with Your letter. Many thanks! I hope You have recieved all my letters I wrote about a half a dozen.

So Mrs. Barrows is increasing the family to. The woman of the man I stay with is going to settle down poco poco. He is afraid, she might get two at once. He has three already.

I have collected about 200-300 species already. I expect I get 400 or more. I am working from morning till night that miserable wet weather is preventing the plants from drying. I change dryers every day. I have to get them dry on my charcoal stove which is a nuisance.

I hope to hear from You soon again.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus.

The Whip poor Will has returned to us from the north and is calling every night. Whip poor Will, whip poor Will!


Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 12/26/1905

[1905 Dec 26: 54-55]

Salto de agua, Amecameca 26/XII 1905

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I have got the Cereus Amer. at last. I am so glad, that I can send it to You sometime this week. I have to go down myself. I send the Cacti in a basket, also all the Crassulac. from this region. My dry plants, I am going to send by express. It is better You send them by mail. I have to pack three days and my time is to precious for that. I am working the whole pelasant day and also a part of the night. I have to go up Popocatepetl again to take Vegetation picture in the high alpine region, also on Ixtauihuatl for a large scientific work (Vegetation of the world) by three German Professors. I have send Crassul. lately to Dr. Rose and he has given me the names. He made a new species of that Altamironoa I found on Popocatepetl, while I am sure it is the same as that on Ixtauihuatl.

That infamous scoundrel Hochdorffer and his woman are doing me an enormous amount of damage in Germany. They offer Cacti almost for nothing and do all they can to injure me. The woman wrote me a letter sometime ago, which I did not answer, now she is so mad, that she could bite a file in two. It was kind of a flattering deceitful writing. She wrote me, she had a fair widow for me and all such truck. I was disgusted and will have nothing to do with that infamous hag anymore.

I send You also the cocons in the same basket.

We have rain again. Nobody ever saw it rain so much this time of the year.

I am still botanizing with all might. Some plants are out of bloom and others are coming into it.

The peaches and pears are in bloom, although we had very cold nights lately--2o Cels.

I have found a beautyful Desmodium or near related to it. It has rose red flowers and is a fine shrub.

I pressed a good many Stevias, because they vary so much in flower and leaves. The man has made me a wooden press and You find my specimens first class. I have found two very interesting Crassul. in the higher region. I send them as Herbar specimens and as living ones. I wish I could go down into the ?Tiersa calienta now, where it is much warmer, but I can't just now.

I asked Dr. Rose, where he got that Oliverella, but he did not tell me yet, although he wrote me lately. It is jolleousy I think, but I have to be on good terms with that man on account of my sets, he could do lots of damage.

I hope you are well, aslo Mr. Brandegee. I send You my best wishes to N-year also Mr. Brandegee and Your nieces.

Very sincerely Your friend

C. A. Purpus ?in haste!

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