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with or without dead horizontally spreading branches below.
The most interesting feature to him who observes more narrowly are the cones which persist on the trees for so very many years and are finally forced off by the growth increase in diameter or gradually weather away.
Cones on the trees, two years old are spreading horizontally, there being I notice, 3 in a whorl. When about 4 years old they are declined more or less and in extreme age are often quite [deflexed].
February 1900

There is a young and quite extensive forest covering the northern and northeasterly slopes [in] the hills, to be seen from the grade of the Point Reyes Lighthouse road just after it leaves Tomales Bay and on up to the summit (500 feet) of the grade. There must be a square mile of forest not mixed, but not continuous - a big patch here and there and a burned area between with clusters and lines of old trees scattered about or solitary.
A dead tree, leafless but with the clusters of dead
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