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cones sticking over the branches presents a singular appearance. The cones stick very tightly and it is some trouble to get them off. A cone broken away by the botanists pick usually brings a chunk of the wood of the branch with is, be it either dead or alive.
The tree does not seem to shed anything willingly - even last year's clusters of male cones are still on the trees.
The squirrels eat away the scales from many cone axes to get at the seeds. It is the gray squirrel.
February 1900.

Bishop Pine: - Pinus muricata.
Measurements at 4 feet from the ground.

Number 1 ---9 feet -- 40 feet high.
Number 2 --- 8 1/2 feet -- 50 feet high.
(These two are trees with widespreading branches)

Number 500, Pinus muricata - series of cones illustrating variation in size and shape.


-Pine. Sells best
Eucalyptus next best
Cypress Third

The woodsmen who are now taking out trees on the grounds are privileged to sell the wood. Miss Madge Robinson thinks that the selection of trees to be cut is influenced by the wood-choppers - 2/12/1900

"Pine" = Monterey Pine.
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