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Chicago to Livingstone
Mr. Nelson took me on a drive to the Lachine Rapids of the St. Lawrence; visited Power Co's plant.
Took Grand Trunck from Montreal to Chcago through the prosperous farming country of Toronto; then into Michigan; the rolling wooded country all the way typical of the northern states. At Chicago it was "hottern blazes" in the Northwestern station sheds. Next day St. Paul, and across the Mississippi past Minneapolis out on to the broad wooded tracts of Minnesota interspersed with lakes
July 20, 1906.
and swamps; saw clumps of spruces and aspen, the latter especially abundant. Broad farming lands of Dakota with their crude towns on the railway lines. On July 21 we are following for over 200 miles the yellow waters of the Yellowstone; along its river bench backed by low bluffs and hills and the bottoms timbered with cottonwood. Sage-brush everywhere - the country not different in aspect from that on the C.P. (Central Pacific) or S.P. (Southern Pacific) in Utah or New Mexico. Stopped overnight in Livingstone and went on next morning to Gardiner. Not an
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