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Gardiner to Norris Basin
attractive place. Stage to Mammoth Hot Springs where we visited the great Jupiter Terrace. The cascade-like caclereous [sic. calcareous] formation with the pools on top are certainly very beautiful. Passed Silver Gate and Golden Gate. Over night at Willow Park. Next morning the attractions were the Obsidian Cliff, Roaring Mountain (a whole mountain side broken out in steam jets and hot springs) a strikingly desolate sight with the dead pines standing amongst them. Devils' fry Pan. Then Norris Basin (Black growler, making a most fearful and hideous noise) White-lead Pot, and Devil's Ink Pot. The latter is the most interestng thus far.
July 22, 1906.
No. 2511. Potentilla fruticosa L. Shrub in swamp, 2 to 3 ft. h.
No. 2512. Gilia(Dactylophyllum) Linanthus septentrionalis
Fls.[flowers] white. Wet ground.
No. 2513. Collomia linearis Nutt. Fls. pink. Wet ground.
No. 2514. Penstemon. Fls. blue. Lower lip larger, the palate hairy. Upper lip recurving-erect.
No. 2515. Gayophytum
No. 2516. Valeriana. Swamp
No. 2517. Saxifraga oregana Howell (arnoglossa)
[2517 too fragemntary (discarded) RCB 5/27/66]
No. 2518. Eriogonum. E. umbellatum var. subalpinum Sage-brush hills. Pale-straw yellow a cream-color; almost white.
No. 2519. Juniper. Near Gibbon Falls, Gibbon River, 1 to 3ft. h. sprawling or ascending.
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