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California Moss eFlora: Literature list

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Crundwell, A. C. and E. Nyholm. 1974. Funaria muhlenbergii and related European species. Lindbergia 2:222-229. |js|

Koch, L. F. 1950a. Mosses of California: an annotated list of species. Leaflets Western Botany 6:1-40. [Lists 317 taxa.] |js|

Smith, D. K. 1980. Funaria americana Lindb. in North America. The Bryologist 83:335-339. [F. americana from California is erroneous.] |js|

Yurky, P. 1990. A bryophyte flora of Marin County. M.S. thesis. San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA. |js|

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