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- For all questions, corrections, contributions, complaints about our sometimes questionable color scheme, or otherwise PLEASE CLICK HERE or simply send an email to:


Who we are:

- Andy Murdock ( is an almost-finished doctoral student at the University of California at Berkeley, and Anya Hinkle is a recent Ph.D. from Berkeley. This website started as a follow-up to an undergraduate research project of Andy's (or actually a side-project, to be precise), which was a flora checklist for the Gump Research Station property on Moorea. Anya was interested in making a web-based resource for future students in Moorea, as information on the flora of the South Pacific is hard to come by, especially when you're actually there. This website is the result of our collaboration and the assistance of many generous colleagues and total strangers who have given us photos and data along the way.


Contributing to this site:

- This site has always intended to be a work in progress; we always assumed that future UC Berkeley students lucky enough to spend the Fall semester on Moorea would continue to add content to this site. We were totally surprised when tourists and other complete strangers started sending us some rather wonderful photos and data. Please, continue to surprise us. We are typically sitting in an office in Berkeley lit by florescent lights, not tramping through the Tahitian rainforest as we would like to be, so we rely on others who are or have recently been tramping through the Tahitian rainforest to send us stuff. Thanks to all of you who do!

- If you have huge numbers of photos or large data files, please contact us before you send so we can work out the best way to get your data without jamming our invaluable email. Click on the link above or use the email address above to send us anything - the more info the merrier. We will be sure to credit you for your contribution.

- If it seems like the pages haven't changed in a long time, you are probably right. Andy is busy.


Use Policy:

- The photos and drawings on this website are the property of the credited photographer/artist, or, if no credit is given, the property of the authors of this site. Please feel free to use these pictures for any non-commercial purpose, but please cite the photographer/artist and this site if used in a publication of any sort. Text and data on this site are either from a cited secondary source or are the property and product of the authors of this site. If you wish to use our words, please cite our website as a source. Please contact us about commercial use of anything on this site - this information should be free and we would like to keep it that way.

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