working list prepared by Barbara Ertter, 2001

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Nomenclatural synonyms provided in the following working list address ONLY the identity of the type specimen, which serves as the concrete basis for a particular name. Many problematic names have been applied at various times to populations for which the synonyms given here are incorrect as currently circumscribed.

Abbreviations used:
IF= Intermountain Flora
PNW= Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest
HT = holotype, IS = isotype
Herbarium abbreviations are as in Index Herbariorum.

See History for information of cited rose specialists (e.g., Rydberg, Erlanson).

R. abietorum Greene, 1912: Coville & Applegate s.n.--Lake of the Woods, Klamath Co., OR, 25 Jul 1897 (HT: US380319!) = gymnocarpa (lacking peduncle glands)

R. adenocarpa Greene, 1912: Piper s.n., Mt Grayback in SW OR, 15 Jun 1904 (HT: US527765!; fragment at NY!) = hips of spithamea, but prickles and leaflet shape of bridgesii

R. aldersonii Greene, 1903: Alderson s.n.--Witch Cr, San Diego Co. (HT: NDG) = californica

R. amplifolia Greene, 1912: Applegate s.n.--Fish Lake, Jackson Co, OR, 18 Jun 1898 (HT: US381523!) = gymnocarpa with unusually large leaflets

R. aschersoniana Crepin ined., not taken up by Rydb.

R. bidenticulata Rydb., 1918: Eastwood 1389--Castella, Shasta Co., CA, 24 Jul 1912 (HT: Arnold Arb) = californica var. bidenticulata fide Erlanson

R. boland[e]ri Greene, 1912: Bolander--Oakland Hills (HT: US45934!; IS: US!) = spithamea X gymnocarpa? (sepals persistent but hips glabrous, aspect of spithamea)

R. brachycarpa Rydb., 1917: McClatchis s.n.--Temescal Canyon near Elsinore (HT: NY!) = californica

R. breweri Greene, 1912: Brewer 828--San Jose, Camp 48, 30 Aug (HT: US320924!) = californica or nutkana

R. bridgesii Crepin ex Rydb., 1917: Bridges 62 (K, B), California

R. brownii Rydb., 1917: H.E. Brown 349--Mt Shasta (HT: NY!; IS: MO! NY! US!) = inland form of nutkana

R. californica Cham. & Schldl., 1827: Chamisso & Schlechtendal--San Francisco

R. californica var. glabra Crepin, 1876

R. californica glabrata Parish: Parish 2481--Cushenberry Sprs (HT: DS!) [= R. mohavensis Parish, 1902, non R. californica glabrata Crepin] = woodsii ultramontana

R. californica var. glandulosa Crepin, 1876

R. californica petersiana C. Meyer, 1847 = californica (hairy form)

R. californica var. ultramontana S.Wats., 1876: Watson 349--e side Sierra Nevada (NY 415919, NY 415918; discussion by NH in IF) [= R. ultramontana (Wats.) Heller, 1904] = woodsii ultramontana

R. calvaria Greene, 1912: Greene s.n.--Calaveras Big Trees, Jun 1889 (HT: NDG11192!) = bridgesii

R. chrysocarpa Rydb., 1917: Rydberg & Garrett 9302--Allen Canyon Utah (HT: NY!) [paratype from Dutch Flat, Placer Co., Dudley s.n., 1909] = woodsii ultramontana

R. copelandii Greene, 1912: Copeland [Baker 3875]--Mt Eddy, Siskiyou Co., CA (HT: NDG11152!; ISO: CAS! MO! NY! US!) = pisocarpa

R. corymbiflora Rydb., 1918: Eastwood 1404--between Pitt & Baird, Shasta Co., 25 Jul 1912 (HT: Arnold Arb.; IS: NY!) = pisocarpa?

R. covillei Greene, 1912: Coville s.n.--Naylor, Klamath Co., OR, 22 Sep 1902 (HT: US415341!; fragment at NY! = aff. gymnocarpa, but sepals not deciduous

R. crenulata Greene, 1912: Hall & Chandler 171--Pine Ridge, Fresno Co. (HT: US!; IS: MO! NY! UC!) = bridgesii

R. dasypoda Greene, 1912: Copeland [Baker 3874]--Siskiyou Co. (HT: US528469!) = gymnocarpa

R. davyi Rydb., 1917: Davy 263--Saratoga, Santa Clara Co. (HT: NY!) = californica or nutkana

R. delitescens Greene, 1912: Greene s.n.--Siskiyou Mts in OR boundary, 3 Sep 1889 (HT: NDG11146!) = californica

R. dudleyi Rydb., 1917: Dudley 3388--Converse Basin, Fresno Co. (HT: DS) =bridgesii

R. durandii Crepin, 1975: E.Hall 146--Oregon, 1871. = nutkana nutkana, fide PNW (but IS? at MO is nutkana)

R. eastwoodii Rydb., 1918: Eastwood 2100--Sisson, Siskiyou Co, CA, 4 Sep 1912 (HT: Arnold Arb.; IS: CAS! NY!) = pisocarpa

R. fendleri Crepin, 1876: Fendler 210--NM [used by Watson to refer to ultramontana from CA]= woodsii woodsii, fide IF [“the form with glandular-toothed leaflets”]

R. glaucodermis Greene, 1912: Jepson--Shasta Springs, Siskiyou Co., 1894 (HT: US480045!; IS at JEPS!) = gymnocarpa

R. granulata Greene, 1912: Brewer--San Luis Obispo Co., Apr 1861 (HT: US320920; fragment at NY!) = spithamea var.?

R. gratissima Greene, 1891: Greene s.n.--mts of Kern Co. (NY! see discussion in IF) = californica or woodsii ultramontana

R. greenei Rydb., 1917: Greene s.n.--Santa Cruz Island (HT: US45935!) = californica

R. gymnocarpa Nutt. in Torr. & Gray, 1840: Nuttall s.n.--Oregon (NY!)

R. gymnocarpa var. pubescens S. Watson, 1876: Gray--Wawona = bridgesii

R. hartwegiana Crepin, olim.; not taken up by Rydb.

R. johnstonii Rydb.: Johnston 2050 [? NY sheet is 2054]--Upland, San Bernardino Valley (HT: NY; NY 335713; NY 335712) = californica

R. leucopsis Greene, 1912: H.E. Brown 99--sage plains of SE OR, [near Wagontire] Lake Co., 29 Sep 1896 (HT: US283078!; IS at NY!) = gymnocarpa, with challenge to locality in IF

R. macounii Greene, 1899: 3 syntypes from WY & Can [specimen annotated with this name by Erlanson from Incline, NV] = woodsii woodsii, fide NH & PNW

R. macounii Rydb., 1906 (C0) [non R. macounii Greene, fide Rydb.] = woodsii, fide Rydb.

R. minutifolia Engelm. in Parry, 1882 (NY)

R. muriculata Greene, 1912: Coville s.n.--Woodland, Cowlitz Co., WA, 15 Jul 1898 (HT: US38003!; IS: US!) = nutkana

R. myriaden[i]a Greene, 1912: Coville & Applegate s.n.--Huckleberry Mt, Jackson Co. OR (HT: US380588! IS: NY!) = aff. gymnocarpa?

R. myriantha Carr., 1865: cult. spp. from CA = californica fide Erlanson (straight prickles)

R. nutkana Presl, 1849: Haenke s.n.--Nootka Sound

R. nutkana var. hispida Fernald, 1894: syntypes Watson 124, Piper 1540

R. nutkana var. microcarpa Crepin, olim., 1876 (p. 45) = pisocarpa]

R. oligocarpa Rydb., 1918: Eastwood 945--Goose Valley, Shasta Co., CA (HT: Arnold Arb.; IS: NY!) = gymnocarpa X woodsii?

R. pilifera Rydb., 1917: Bolander s.n.--San Francisco (HT: NY!) = californica

R. pinetorum Heller, 1904: Heller 6817--Pacific Grove (HT: BKL! in NY; IS: NY!)

R. piscatoria Greene, 1912: Elmer--Pescadero, San Mateo Co., CA (HT: US665810!; IS: NY! UC!) = gymnocarpa

R. pisocarpa A. Gray, 1872: E. Hall s.n.--Oregon (possible IS at NY!)

R. pringlei Rydb., 1917: Pringle s.n.--Siskiyou Co. (HT: NY!; IS: US!) = pisocarpa

R. prionota Greene, 1912: Heller 5858--Mt Sanhedrin, Lake Co, CA (HT: US416864!; IS: MO! NY) = gymnocarpa

R. puberulenta Rydb., 1917: Rydberg & Garrett 9705--Montezuma Cyn E of Monticello, UT (HT: NY!) [Rydb. 1918 includes CA in range] = woodsii ultramontana

R. pyrifera Rydb., 1917: Sandberg et al. 871--Lake Pend d’Oreille, ID (HT: NY!; IS: US!) = woodsii ultramontana, fide IF & PNW

R. rivalis Eastw., 1905: Eastwood s.n.--Laytonville [see discussion in Rydb., 1917] = pisocarpa

R. rotundata Rydb., 1917: Heller 10520--mts west of Franktown, Nevada (HT: NY!; IS: US!) = woodsii ultramontana (X gymnocarpa?)

R. san[c]tae-crucis Rydb., 1917 [c added in Rydb. 1918]: Greene s.n.--Santa Cruz Island, 1886 (HT: NDG) = californica w/ straight prickles

R. sonomensis Greene, 1891 or 1897: Greene, Sonoma Co., Petrified Forest, 1883 (NY!) = spithamea

R. spithamea S.Watson, 1880: Rattan s.n.--Trinity River

R. spithamea var. solitaria L.F.Hend., Rhodora 33: 204. 1931: Henderson 13238--road from Diamond Lake to North Umpqua River, Douglas Co., OR, 9 July 1930 (HT: ORE) = bridgesii

R. spithamea var. subinermis Engelm., 1881: Engelmann--Fresno Big Trees (HT: MO1798985!) = bridgesii

R. walpoleana Greene, 1912: Walpole s.n.--Ashland, OR, 9 Sep 1899 (HT: US 401173! [& 401286]) = eglanteria

R. woodsii Lindl., 1820: Missouri River

R. yainacensis Greene, 1903: Austin s.n.--Yainax Indian Res., s OR (HT: NDG; fragment at NY!) = bridgesii?