Native California Roses

copyright Barbara Ertter, 2001

This website is an on-line monograph of native Rosa in California, prepared by the author of Rosa for The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. It will be updated as necessary to reflect significant new information and any resultant changed taxonomy. Intended for use by a broad audience, the site includes:

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The nine species of native roses currently recognized as occurring in California are arranged in the following three groups:

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Additional topics, lists, and tables:

Acknowledgements: Funding for field work, photographs, and digitization provided by the Lawrence R. Heckard Endowment Fund. The efforts of the curatorial staff at CAS/DS, HSC, NDG, NY, RSA, SD, and US are gratefully acknowledged, as are those of the University of California Botanical Garden, who have provided propagation facilities and tender loving care to my prickly charges. Special thanks go to Vern Yadon and Corky Matthews for field assistance in northern Monterey County; to David Chipping and David Keil in San Luis Obispo County; and to Cindy Burrascana with Rosa minutifolia. I am indebted to Christopher Baysdorfer and his students for undertaking preliminary macromolecular analysis of R. gymnocarpa.

Roses Rule!!

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