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  1. RHAPHIDIUM Kützing
  2. RHAPHIDIUM (Kützing) Wille {Section of Ankistrodesmus}
  4. Rhaphidium aciculare A. Braun
  5. Rhaphidium aciculare A. Braun
  6. Rhaphidium angustum Bernard
  7. Rhaphidium bicaudatum A. Braun ex Kützing
  8. Rhaphidium biplex Reinsch
  9. Rhaphidium bosminae Virieux
  10. Rhaphidium braunii Naegeli ex Kützing
  11. Rhaphidium braunii var. convolutum [Chodat]
  12. Rhaphidium braunii var. lacustre Chodat
  13. Rhaphidium braunii f. majus ('major') Steinecke
  14. Rhaphidium braunii f. minus ('minor') Steinecke
  15. Rhaphidium chodatii ('chodati') Tanner-Füllemann
  16. Rhaphidium contortum (Thuret) Legnerová
  17. Rhaphidium convolutum (Corda) Rabenhorst
  18. Rhaphidium convolutum var. contortum (Thuret) Rabenhorst
  19. Rhaphidium convolutum var. lunare Kirchner
  20. Rhaphidium convolutum var. minutum (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  21. Rhaphidium difforme (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
  22. Rhaphidium duplex Kützing
  23. Rhaphidium duplex var. triplex Rabenhorst
  24. Rhaphidium falcatum var. fusiforme (Corda) Collins
  25. Rhaphidium falcula A. Braun ex Rabenhorst
  26. Rhaphidium fasciculatum Kützing
  27. Rhaphidium fasciculatum [var.] aciculare (A. Braun) Chodat
  28. Rhaphidium fasciculatum var. diffusum Reinsch
  29. Rhaphidium fasciculatum [var.] radiatum Chadat
  30. Rhaphidium fasciculatum [var.] spirale (Turner) Chodat
  31. Rhaphidium fasciculatum var. spirale (Turner) Chodat
  32. Rhaphidium fasciculatum [var.] stipitatum Chodat
  33. Rhaphidium fasciculatum var. turfosum [Chodat]
  34. Rhaphidium fasciculatum f. stipitatum Chodat
  35. Rhaphidium fractum W. West & G.S. West
  36. Rhaphidium longissimum Schröder
  37. Rhaphidium longissimum var. tropicum West & West
  38. Rhaphidium minutum Naegeli
  39. Rhaphidium mirabile (W. West & G.S. West) Lemmermann
  40. Rhaphidium nivale (Lagerheim) Chodat
  41. Rhaphidium pfitzeri Schröder
  42. Rhaphidium planctonicum Woloszynska
  43. Rhaphidium polymorphum Fresenius
  44. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. aciculare (A. Braun) Rabenhorst
  45. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. asymetricum Schmidle
  46. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. contortum (Thuret) Wolle
  47. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. duplex (Kützing) West & West
  48. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. falcatum (Corda) Rabenhorst
  49. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. fusiforme (Corda) Rabenhorst
  50. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. gracile Woloszynska
  51. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. incurvum Zacharias
  52. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. javanicum Woloszynska
  53. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. latum Woloszynska
  54. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. mirabile West & West
  55. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. mirabile Woloszynska
  56. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. mirabile Woloszynska
  57. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. radiatum (R. Chodat) Bernard
  58. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. serians Zacharias
  59. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. sigmoideum Rabenhorst
  60. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. spirale W. West & G.S. West
  61. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. spiroides Zacharias
  62. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. tumidum West & West
  63. Rhaphidium polymorphum var. turneri ('turnerii') West & West
  64. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum Chodat
  65. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum var. aciculare Chodat
  66. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum var. falciforme Chodat
  67. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum [var.] fusiforme Chodat
  68. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum var. gelifactum Chodat
  69. Rhaphidium pyrenogerum var. septatum Chodat
  70. Rhaphidium selenastrum Aleksenko
  71. Rhaphidium setigerum (Schröder) West & West
  72. Rhaphidium spirale W.B. Turner
  73. Rhaphidium spirochroma Reverdin
  74. Rhaphidium tjibodense Bernard
  75. Rhaphidium triplex "Rabenhorst"
  76. Rhaphidium turneri (West) Bernard
  77. Rhaphidium viretii ('vireti') Chodat
  79. Rhaphidogloea interrupta Kützing
  80. Rhaphidogloea manipulata Kützing
  81. Rhaphidogloea medusina Kützing
  82. Rhaphidogloea micans (Lyngbye) Kützing
  84. RHAPHIDONEMA 'Lagerheim'
  85. RHAPHIDOPHORA Long, Fuge & Smith
  86. Rhaphidophora elegans Long, Fuge & Smith CAS
  87. RHAPHIDOSPHAERA Pascher {section}
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