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  1. RHAPHONEIS C.G. Ehrenberg
  2. RHAPHONEIS {info: admin}
  3. Rhaphoneis (C.G. Ehrenberg) F. Schütt
  4. Rhaphoneis adamantea G. Andrews
  5. Rhaphoneis affinis A. Grunow
  6. Rhaphoneis africana C.G. Ehrenberg
  7. Rhaphoneis amphiceros (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg
  8. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. angularis (K.E. Lohman) W.W. Wornardt
  9. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. antarctica H.F. Van Heurck
  10. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. californica A. Grunow
  11. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. constricta P. Schulz
  12. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. cruciata (C. Janisch & G.L. Rabenhorst) P.T. Cleve
  13. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. crucifera (F. Kitton) E.J.F. Wood
  14. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. elegans N. Foged
  15. Rhaphoneis amphiceros f. irregularstrigona A. Jurilj
  16. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. leptoceros (C.G. Ehrenberg) E. O'Meara
  17. Rhaphoneis amphiceros f. linearis E.A. Gonzalves & H.P. Gandhi
  18. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. major P.T. Cleve
  19. Rhaphoneis amphiceros f. mecsekensis M. Hajós
  20. Rhaphoneis amphiceros f. minor A. Grunow
  21. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. pentagona P.T. Cleve
  22. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. rhombica A. Grunow
  23. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. tetragona A. Grunow
  24. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. triangularis P.T. Cleve
  25. Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. trigona A. Grunow
  26. Rhaphoneis amphiceros f. typica P.T. Cleve
  27. Rhaphoneis angularis K.E. Lohman
  28. Rhaphoneis angulata J. Fenner
  29. Rhaphoneis angusta C.G. Ehrenberg
  30. Rhaphoneis angustata J. Pantocsek
  31. Rhaphoneis angustata var. szakalensis J. Pantocsek
  32. Rhaphoneis archeri E. O'Meara
  33. Rhaphoneis asiatica J.-J. Brun
  34. Rhaphoneis atlantica G.W. Andrews
  35. Rhaphoneis australis H.L. Smith
  36. Rhaphoneis belgica A. Grunow
  37. Rhaphoneis belgica var. elongata A. Grunow
  38. Rhaphoneis belgica var. intermedia A. Grunow
  39. Rhaphoneis bicuneata A. Grunow
  40. Rhaphoneis bilineata A. Grunow & P.T. Cleve
  41. Rhaphoneis bilineata f. contracta A. Grunow
  42. Rhaphoneis bilineata f. elliptica A. Grunow
  43. Rhaphoneis bilineata f. lancettula A. Grunow & P.T. Cleve
  44. Rhaphoneis bilineata f. protracta P.T. Cleve
  45. Rhaphoneis biseriata A. Grunow
  46. Rhaphoneis boeckii (C.G. Ehrenberg) L.W. Bailey
  47. Rhaphoneis boeckii (C.G. Ehrenberg) L.W. Bailey
  48. Rhaphoneis boryana J. Pantocsek
  49. Rhaphoneis caballeroi F. Azpeitia Moros
  50. Rhaphoneis caduceus (C.G. Ehrenberg) H.F. Van Heurck
  51. Rhaphoneis capensis A.W.F. Schmidt
  52. Rhaphoneis capitata G.W. Andrews
  53. Rhaphoneis castracanei_('castracanii') A. Grunow
  54. Rhaphoneis clavata G.W. Andrews
  55. Rhaphoneis cocconeides H.J. Schrader
  56. Rhaphoneis cocconeiformis (A.W.F. Schmidt) G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  57. Rhaphoneis cocconeis C.G. Ehrenberg
  58. Rhaphoneis crozieri_('crozierii') L.W. Bailey
  59. Rhaphoneis crucifera (F. Kitton) R. Hagelstein
  60. Rhaphoneis debyi J. Pantocsek
  61. Rhaphoneis delicatula J. Pantocsek
  62. Rhaphoneis diamantella G.W. Andrews
  63. Rhaphoneis digitus C.G. Ehrenberg
  64. Rhaphoneis discoides R. Subrahmanyan
  65. Rhaphoneis dissita C.G. Ehrenberg
  66. Rhaphoneis dubia A. Grunow, inval.
  67. Rhaphoneis elegans (J. Pantocsek & A. Grunow) G.D. Hanna
  68. Rhaphoneis elegantula F. Hustedt
  69. Rhaphoneis elliptica C.G. Ehrenberg
  70. Rhaphoneis elliptica Castracane
  71. Rhaphoneis ('Raphoneis') elliptica A.P. Jousé
  72. Rhaphoneis elliptica A.P. Jousé
  73. Rhaphoneis elliptica H.J. Schrader
  74. Rhaphoneis elongata G.W. Andrews
  75. Rhaphoneis entomon C.G. Ehrenberg
  76. Rhaphoneis fasciata C.G. Ehrenberg
  77. Rhaphoneis fasciolata C.G. Ehrenberg
  78. Rhaphoneis fatula K.E. Lohman
  79. Rhaphoneis fluminensis A. Grunow
  80. Rhaphoneis foliacea C.G. Ehrenberg
  81. Rhaphoneis fossilis_('fossile') (A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  82. Rhaphoneis fragilaroidea R.M. Patrick
  83. Rhaphoneis fuchsii J. Pantocsek
  84. Rhaphoneis fusiformis G.W. Andrews
  85. Rhaphoneis fusus C.G. Ehrenberg
  86. Rhaphoneis gangetica C.G. Ehrenberg
  87. Rhaphoneis gemmifera C.G. Ehrenberg
  88. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. biharensis J. Pantocsek
  89. Rhaphoneis gemmifera f. brevis J. Pantocsek
  90. Rhaphoneis gemmifera f. curta A. Grunow
  91. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. elegans J. Pantocsek & A. Grunow
  92. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. moravica A. Grunow
  93. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. neogradensis J. Pantocsek & A. Grunow
  94. Rhaphoneis gemmifera f. major J. Pantocsek
  95. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. parce-punctata J. Pantocsek & A. Grunow
  96. Rhaphoneis gemmifera var. subtilior J. Pantocsek
  97. Rhaphoneis granulata R.M. Patrick
  98. Rhaphoneis gratiosa M. Hajós
  99. Rhaphoneis grossepunctata F. Hustedt
  100. Rhaphoneis grunowii (J. Frenguelli) N.I. Hendey
  101. Rhaphoneis harrisonii (W. Smith) E. O'Meara
  102. Rhaphoneis hauckii A. Grunow
  103. Rhaphoneis hungarica J. Pantocsek
  104. Rhaphoneis indica C.G. Ehrenberg
  105. Rhaphoneis inflata F. Hustedt
  106. Rhaphoneis intermedia M. Hajós
  107. Rhaphoneis ischaboensis (A. Grunow) D. Mertz
  108. Rhaphoneis ischaboensis var. angusta D. Mertz
  109. Rhaphoneis ischaboensis var. linguiformis D. Mertz
  110. Rhaphoneis ischaboensis var. lippa D. Mertz
  111. Rhaphoneis itaparicana C. Zimmermann
  112. Rhaphoneis japonica Castracane
  113. Rhaphoneis jonesii E. O'Meara
  114. Rhaphoneis kinkeri_('kinkerii') J. Pantocsek
  115. Rhaphoneis kronowetteri_('kronowetterii') C.G. Ehrenberg
  116. Rhaphoneis laevigata C.G. Ehrenberg
  117. Rhaphoneis laevis C.G. Ehrenberg
  118. Rhaphoneis lanceolata C.G. Ehrenberg
  119. Rhaphoneis lancettula A. Grunow
  120. Rhaphoneis lancettula var. juetlandica A. Grunow
  121. Rhaphoneis lepta H.-J. Schrader
  122. Rhaphoneis leptoceros (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg
  123. Rhaphoneis liburnica A. Grunow
  124. Rhaphoneis linearis C.G. Ehrenberg
  125. Rhaphoneis linearis A. Grunow
  126. Rhaphoneis lorenziana A. Grunow
  127. Rhaphoneis lorenziana var. minor J. Pantocsek
  128. Rhaphoneis luciana B.J. Cholnoky
  129. Rhaphoneis lumen J.-J. Brun
  130. Rhaphoneis lusitanica G.L. Rabenhorst
  131. Rhaphoneis maculata P.T. Cleve
  132. Rhaphoneis maeotica (I.V. Milovanova) V.S. Sheshukova-Poretzkaja & Z.I. Glezer
  133. Rhaphoneis magnapunctata G.W. Andrews
  134. Rhaphoneis mammalis Castracane
  135. Rhaphoneis margaritalimbata D. Mertz
  136. Rhaphoneis margaritata G.W. Andrews
  137. Rhaphoneis marginata A. Grunow
  138. Rhaphoneis marginata P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow
  139. Rhaphoneis marginulata P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow
  140. Rhaphoneis mascarenae M.H. Giffen
  141. Rhaphoneis mediopunctata var. matraensis M. Hajós
  142. Rhaphoneis mediterranea A. Grunow
  143. Rhaphoneis mertzi M. Hajós
  144. Rhaphoneis mica M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  145. Rhaphoneis minutissima F. Hustedt
  146. Rhaphoneis miocenica H.J. Schrader
  147. Rhaphoneis mirabunda M.H. Giffen
  148. Rhaphoneis moluccensis C.G. Ehrenberg
  149. Rhaphoneis moorii E. O'Meara
  150. Rhaphoneis moravica (A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  151. Rhaphoneis morsiana A. Grunow
  152. Rhaphoneis nana C.G. Ehrenberg
  153. Rhaphoneis nitida (W. Gregory) A. Grunow
  154. Rhaphoneis nitida A.W.F. Schmidt
  155. Rhaphoneis nitida f. trigona F. Azpeitia Moros
  156. Rhaphoneis nodulifera (E. Grove & G. Sturt) A.W.F. Schmidt
  157. Rhaphoneis obesa G.D. Hanna
  158. Rhaphoneis obesula G.D. Hanna
  159. Rhaphoneis obesula f. trigona M. Hajós
  160. Rhaphoneis oregonica C.G. Ehrenberg
  161. Rhaphoneis oregonica C.G. Ehrenberg
  162. Rhaphoneis orientalis N.I. Hendey
  163. Rhaphoneis ossiformis H.J. Schrader
  164. Rhaphoneis ovalis O.S. Korotkevich
  165. Rhaphoneis ovalis O.S. Korotkevich
  166. Rhaphoneis parallelica H.-J. Schrader
  167. Rhaphoneis parcepunctata (J. Pantocsek & A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  168. Rhaphoneis parilis G.D. Hanna
  169. Rhaphoneis parvula G.W. Andrews
  170. Rhaphoneis perspicua V.S. Sheshukova-Poretzkaja
  171. Rhaphoneis petropolitana A. Grunow
  172. Rhaphoneis pinnularia J.A. Tempčre & J.-J. Brun
  173. Rhaphoneis pretiosa C.G. Ehrenberg
  174. Rhaphoneis pretiosa var. belgica A. Grunow
  175. Rhaphoneis psammicola R.Z. Riznyk
  176. Rhaphoneis quarnerensis A. Grunow
  177. Rhaphoneis quarnerensis var. major P.T. Cleve
  178. Rhaphoneis rhombica (A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  179. Rhaphoneis rhomboides C.G. Ehrenberg
  180. Rhaphoneis rhomboides N.I. Hendey
  181. Rhaphoneis rhombus (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg
  182. Rhaphoneis rhombus var. amazonica A. Grunow
  183. Rhaphoneis rhombus var. dubia A. Grunow
  184. Rhaphoneis rhombus var. intermedia J. Pantocsek
  185. Rhaphoneis robustata H.J. Schrader
  186. Rhaphoneis rostrata C.G. Ehrenberg
  187. Rhaphoneis sachalinensis V.S. Sheshukova-Poretzkaja
  188. Rhaphoneis scalaris C.G. Ehrenberg
  189. Rhaphoneis ('Raphoneis') schulzii N.V. Anissimowa
  190. Rhaphoneis scutelloides A. Grunow
  191. Rhaphoneis scutellum C.G. Ehrenberg
  192. Rhaphoneis scutula G.W. Andrews
  193. Rhaphoneis setacea C.G. Ehrenberg
  194. Rhaphoneis simbirskiana A. Grunow & J. Pantocsek
  195. Rhaphoneis similis F. Hustedt
  196. Rhaphoneis simonsenii ('simonseni') D. Mertz
  197. Rhaphoneis suborbicularis E. O'Meara
  198. Rhaphoneis subtilissima J. Pantocsek
  199. Rhaphoneis superba (C. Janisch) A. Grunow
  200. Rhaphoneis surirella (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow
  201. Rhaphoneis surirella var. australis A.F. Meunier
  202. Rhaphoneis surirella var. ceylanica (P.T. Cleve) N. Foged
  203. Rhaphoneis surirella var. grunovii J. Frenguelli
  204. Rhaphoneis surirelloides R. Simonsen
  205. Rhaphoneis szakalensis J. Pantocsek
  206. Rhaphoneis tatsunokuchiensis I. Koizumi
  207. Rhaphoneis tenuis F. Hustedt
  208. Rhaphoneis tiltilensis J. Frenguelli
  209. Rhaphoneis triangularis M. Hajós
  210. Rhaphoneis wetzelii_('wetzeli') D. Mertz
  211. RHEXINEMA L. Geitler
  212. Rhexinema erumpens (T.R. Deason & H.C. Bold) K.H.O. Printz
  213. Rhexinema terrestris 'Fritsch & John'
  214. RHINOMONAS D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee
  215. Rhinomonas fragarioides (R.W. Butcher) D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee
  216. Rhinomonas fulva (R.W. Butcher) D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee
  217. Rhinomonas lateralis (R.W. Butcher) D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee
  218. Rhinomonas pauca D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee
  219. Rhinomonas reticulata (I.A.N. Lucas) G. Novarino
  220. Rhinomonas reticulata var. atrorosea (D.R.A. Hill & R. Wetherbee) G. Novarino
  221. Rhinomonas reticulata var. compressa G. Novarino
  222. Rhinomonas reticulata var. elenaeana G. Novarino
  223. RHIPIDION G. Targioni-Tozzetti
  224. RHIPIDION G. Targioni-Tozzetti
  225. RHIPIDIPHYLLON F. Heydrich
  226. Rhipidiphyllon cladophoroides W.J. Gilbert
  227. Rhipidiphyllon nigrescens Y. Yamada
  228. Rhipidiphyllon reticulatum (E. Askenasy) F. Heydrich
  229. RHIPIDIPHYLLUM F. Heydrich
  230. Rhipidisiphon nigrescens "Y. Yamada" {err. cit.}
  232. Rhipidodendron huxleyi {info}
  233. Rhipidodendron huxleyi W.S. Kent
  234. Rhipidodendron splendidum F. Stein
  235. RHIPIDODESMIS A. Gepp & E.S. Gepp
  236. Rhipidodesmis caespitosa (J.G. Agardh) A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  237. RHIPIDOLITHON V.F. Schiffner
  238. RHIPIDONEMA Mattirolo
  239. Rhipidonema erectum (M.J. Berkeley) P.A. Saccardo
  240. RHIPIDOPHORA F.T. Kützing
  241. RHIPIDOPHORA (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  242. Rhipidophora abbreviata (C.A. Agardh) F.T. Kützing
  243. Rhipidophora anglica F.T. Kützing
  244. Rhipidophora australis F.T. Kützing
  245. Rhipidophora borealis F.T. Kützing
  246. Rhipidophora craticula J.P.F.C. Montagne
  247. Rhipidophora crystallina F.T. Kützing
  248. Rhipidophora dalmatica F.T. Kützing
  249. Rhipidophora dalmatica var. oedipus (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow
  250. Rhipidophora elongata F.T. Kützing
  251. Rhipidophora grandis F.T. Kützing
  252. Rhipidophora grandis var. arachnoidea F.T. Kützing
  253. Rhipidophora meneghiniana F.T. Kützing
  254. Rhipidophora nubecula F.T. Kützing
  255. Rhipidophora oceanica F.T. Kützing
  256. Rhipidophora oceanica var. flabellata F.T. Kützing
  257. Rhipidophora oedipus F.T. Kützing
  258. Rhipidophora paradoxa (H.C. Lyngbye) F.T. Kützing
  259. Rhipidophora paradoxa var. meneghiniana (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow
  260. Rhipidophora paradoxa var. oceanica (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow
  261. Rhipidophora paradoxa var. superba (Kützing) Grunow
  262. Rhipidophora superba F.T. Kützing
  263. Rhipidophora tenella Kützing
  264. Rhipidophora tincta (C.A. Agardh) Ralfs
  265. RHIPIDOSIPHON J.P.F.C. Montagne
  266. Rhipidosiphon floridensis D.S. Littler & M.M. Littler
  267. Rhipidosiphon javensis J.P.F.C. Montagne
  269. Rhipidothamnion secundum J.M. Huisman
  270. RHIPILIA Kützing
  271. Rhipilia andersonii G. Murray
  272. Rhipilia crassa A.J.K. Millar & G.T. Kraft
  273. Rhipilia diaphana W.R. Taylor
  274. Rhipilia fungiformis A.B. Joly & Y. Ugadim
  275. Rhipilia geppii W.R. Taylor
  276. Rhipilia longicaulis F.T. Kützing
  277. Rhipilia micronesica Y. Yamada
  278. Rhipilia nigrescens E. Coppejans & W.F. Prud'homme van Reine
  279. Rhipilia nigrescens E. Coppejans & W.F. Prud'homme van Reine
  280. Rhipilia orientalis A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  281. Rhipilia penicilloides A.D.R. N'Yeurt & D.W. Keats
  282. Rhipilia polydactyla N. Pike
  283. Rhipilia pusilla (H.B.S. Womersley) S.C. Ducker
  284. Rhipilia rawsonii ('rawsoni') G. Dickie
  285. Rhipilia sinuosa W.J. Gilbert
  286. Rhipilia tenaculosa A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  287. Rhipilia tomentosa F.T. Kützing
  288. Rhipilia tomentosa f. typica A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  289. Rhipilia tomentosa f. zonata A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  290. RHIPILIELLA G.T. Kraft
  291. Rhipiliella verticillata G.T. Kraft
  292. RHIPILIOPSIS A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  293. Rhipiliopsis aegyptiaca A.H. Nasr
  294. Rhipiliopsis aegyptiaca A.H. Nasr
  295. Rhipiliopsis carolyniae G.T. Kraft
  296. Rhipiliopsis echinocaulos (A.B. Cribb) M.S. Farghaly in G.T. Kraft
  297. Rhipiliopsis gracilis G.T. Kraft
  298. Rhipiliopsis howensis G.T. Kraft
  299. Rhipiliopsis madagascariensis M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  300. Rhipiliopsis millarii G.T. Kraft
  301. Rhipiliopsis mortensenii (F.C.E. Břrgesen) M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  302. Rhipiliopsis moruroaensis M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  303. Rhipiliopsis multiplex G.T. Kraft
  304. Rhipiliopsis novae-caledoniae M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  305. Rhipiliopsis peltata (J.G. Agardh) A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  306. Rhipiliopsis profunda (N.J. Eiseman & S.A. Earle) J.N. Norris & S.M. Blair
  307. Rhipiliopsis reticulata (C. van den Hoek) M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  308. Rhipiliopsis robusta H.B.S. Womersley
  309. Rhipiliopsis stri (S.A. Earle & J.R. Young) M.S. Farghaly & M.G. Denizot
  310. Rhipiliopsis yaeyamensis (T. Tanaka) G.T. Kraft
  311. Rhipiliopsis yaeyamensis (T. Tanaka) G.T. Kraft
  312. RHIPOCEPHALUS F.T. Kützing
  313. Rhipocephalus oblongus (J. Decaisne) F.T. Kützing
  314. Rhipocephalus phoenix (J. Ellis & D. Solander) F.T. Kützing
  315. Rhipocephalus phoenix f. brevifolius_('brevifolia') A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  316. Rhipocephalus phoenix f. longifolius_('longifolia') A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  317. Rhipocephalus phoenix f. typica A. Gepp & E.S.B. Gepp
  318. RHIPOZONIUM F.T. Kützing
  319. RHIPOZONIUM F.T. Kützing
  320. Rhipozonium desfontainii (J.V.F. Lamouroux) F.T. Kützing
  321. Rhipozonium lacinulatum F.T. Kützing
  322. RHIZASPIS H.L. Skuja
  323. Rhizaspis assymmetrica B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  324. Rhizaspis brasiliana B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  325. Rhizaspis fontinalis B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  326. Rhizaspis granulata H.L. Skuja
  327. Rhizaspis majacacae B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  328. Rhizaspis malayana B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  329. Rhizaspis minuta B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  330. Rhizaspis mitriformis B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  331. Rhizaspis montana B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  332. Rhizaspis simplex H.L. Skuja
  333. Rhizaspis stagnalis B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  334. Rhizaspis stigmata B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  335. Rhizaspis subsalsa B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  336. Rhizaspis subtropica B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  337. Rhizaspis violacea B.V. Skvortzov & M. Noda
  338. RHIZASTER A.A. Pascher
  339. Rhizaster crinoides A.A. Pascher
  341. Rhizellobiopsis eupraxiae (Zaks) R. Hovasse
  342. RHIZENTERON P. Dangeard
  343. Rhizenteron saxatile P. Dangeard
  344. Rhizenteron tuberculosum (P. Dangeard) P. Dangeard
  345. RHIZOCHLORIS A.A. Pascher
  346. Rhizochloris arachnoides N. Carter
  347. Rhizochloris congregata H. Ettl
  348. Rhizochloris lilloensis W. Conrad
  349. Rhizochloris mirabilis A.A. Pascher
  350. Rhizochloris mirabilis var. conradii H. Kufferath
  351. Rhizochloris nodulariae A.S. Bursa
  352. Rhizochloris solitaria A.S. Bursa
  353. Rhizochloris stigmatica A.A. Pascher
  354. Rhizochloris tatrica J. Sieminska
  355. RHIZOCHROMULINA D.J. Hibberd & M.-J. Chretiennot-Dinet
  356. Rhizochromulina marina D.J. Hibberd & M.-J. Chretiennot-Dinet
  358. Rhizochrysidopsis vorax L. Geitler
  359. RHIZOCHRYSIS A.A. Pascher
  360. Rhizochrysis crassipes A.A. Pascher
  361. Rhizochrysis dofleinii B. Fott
  362. Rhizochrysis gracillima E.C.L. Naumann
  363. Rhizochrysis limnetica G.M. Smith
  364. Rhizochrysis major E.C.L. Naumann
  365. Rhizochrysis microphaea A.A. Pascher
  366. Rhizochrysis mikrophaea A.A. Pascher
  367. Rhizochrysis nobilis H.L. Skuja
  368. Rhizochrysis planktonica (A.A. Pascher) A.A. Pascher
  369. Rhizochrysis polymorpha E.C.L. Naumann
  370. Rhizochrysis scherffelii A.A. Pascher
  371. Rhizochrysis scherffelii var. major S. Villeret
  372. Rhizochrysis tetragena H.L. Skuja
  373. RHIZOCLADIA P.F. Reinsch
  374. Rhizocladia repens P.F. Reinsch
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