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  1. DICTYOCHA C.G. Ehrenberg
  2. DICTYOCHA [second card]
  3. DICTYOCHA C.G. Ehrenberg
  4. DICTYOCHA [second card]
  5. DICTYOCHA - -
  6. Dictyocha abnormis C.G. Ehrenberg
  7. Dictyocha abyssorum C.G. Ehrenberg
  8. Dictyocha aculeata C.G. Ehrenberg
  9. Dictyocha aculeata subsp. subaculeata D. Bukry
  10. Dictyocha aegea H. Stradner & A. Bachmann
  11. Dictyocha alta P.F. Ciesielski
  12. Dictyocha anacantha C.G. Ehrenberg
  13. Dictyocha anguinea P.F. Ciesielski & C.A. Shaw
  14. Dictyocha angulata J. D. Bukry
  15. Dictyocha antarctica H. Lohmann
  16. Dictyocha aperta G.D. Hanna
  17. Dictyocha apiculata (E.J. Lemmermann) J. Frenguelli
  18. Dictyocha apiculata var. inermis (E.J. Lemmermann) G. Deflandre
  19. Dictyocha arbutusensis J.D. Bukry
  20. Dictyocha arctios H.Y. Ling
  21. Dictyocha aspera (E.J. Lemmermann) J. Frenguelli
  22. Dictyocha aspera (E.J. Lemmermann) J.D. Bukry & J.H. Foster
  23. Dictyocha aspera ssp. clinata J.D. Bukry
  24. Dictyocha aspera ssp. martinii J.D. Bukry
  25. Dictyocha aspera var. pygmaea P.F. Ciesielski
  26. Dictyocha asteroides E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  27. Dictyocha ausonia G. Deflandre
  28. Dictyocha ausonia var. regularis (P. Carnevale) G. Deflandre
  29. Dictyocha bachmannii_('bachmanni') P. Dumitrica
  30. Dictyocha biapiculata (E.J. Lemmermann) G. Deflandre
  31. Dictyocha biapiculata var. constricta (P. Schulz-Danzig) G. Deflandre
  32. Dictyocha biapiculata var. lata G. Deflandre
  33. Dictyocha biapiculata var. minor (P. Schulz-Danzig) G. Deflandre
  34. Dictyocha biapiculata var. sectangularis (P. Schulz-Danzig) G. Deflandre
  35. Dictyocha binoculus C.G. Ehrenberg
  36. Dictyocha binoculus C.G. Ehrenberg
  37. Dictyocha bipartita C.G. Ehrenberg
  38. Dictyocha biternaria C.G. Ehrenberg
  39. Dictyocha boliviensis J. Frenguelli
  40. Dictyocha boliviensis f. binocolus J. Frenguelli
  41. Dictyocha boliviensis f. diplostaurus J. Frenguelli
  42. Dictyocha boliviensis f. distephanus J. Frenguelli
  43. Dictyocha boliviensis var. major J. Frenguelli
  44. Dictyocha boliviensis f. polyomma J. Frenguelli
  45. Dictyocha boliviensis f. triommata J. Frenguelli
  46. Dictyocha borealis C.G. Ehrenberg
  47. Dictyocha brachyacantha P. Dumitrica
  48. Dictyocha brevispina (E.J. Lemmermann) J.D. Bukry
  49. Dictyocha brevispina ssp. ausonia (G. Deflandre) J.D. Bukry
  50. Dictyocha byronalis J.D. Bukry
  51. Dictyocha calida H.S. Poelchau
  52. Dictyocha carentis (Z.I. Glezer) K. Perch-Nielsen
  53. Dictyocha cenostephania C.G. Ehrenberg
  54. Dictyocha challengeri E. Martini & C. Müller
  55. Dictyocha circulus C.G. Ehrenberg
  56. Dictyocha circulus [second card]
  57. Dictyocha compos C.G. Ehrenberg
  58. Dictyocha concavata P. Dumitrica
  59. Dictyocha concinna J.D. Bukry
  60. Dictyocha corona E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  61. Dictyocha coronata C.G. Ehrenberg
  62. Dictyocha crux C.G. Ehrenberg
  63. Dictyocha crux f. mesophthalma_('mesophtalma') (Ehrenberg) A. Bachmann
  64. Dictyocha curta H.Y. Ling
  65. Dictyocha cyrtoides E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  66. Dictyocha deflandrei J. Frenguelli
  67. Dictyocha deflandrei var. bicornuta Z.I. Glezer
  68. Dictyocha deflandrei var. completa Z.I. Glezer
  69. Dictyocha deflandrei f. corbisemoidea J. Frenguelli
  70. Dictyocha deflandrei f. hexagona J. Frenguelli
  71. Dictyocha deflandrei ssp. lobata J.D. Bukry
  72. Dictyocha deflandrei f. pentagona J. Frenguelli
  73. Dictyocha deflandrei f. producta Z.I. Glezer
  74. Dictyocha deflandrei ssp. producta (Z.I. Glezer) J.D. Bukry
  75. Dictyocha delicata (J.D. Bukry) J.D. Bukry
  76. Dictyocha delicata var. bisecta J.D. Bukry
  77. Dictyocha diadema E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  78. Dictyocha diommata C.G. Ehrenberg
  79. Dictyocha elata Z.I. Glezer
  80. Dictyocha elata Z.I. Glezer
  81. Dictyocha elata var. media Z.I. Glezer
  82. Dictyocha elata f. reducta Z.I. Glezer
  83. Dictyocha elegans C.G. Ehrenberg
  84. Dictyocha elliptica C.G. Ehrenberg
  85. Dictyocha elongata Z.I. Glezer
  86. Dictyocha eocaenica (A.I. Krotov) S. Locker & E. Martini
  87. Dictyocha epiodon C.G. Ehrenberg
  88. Dictyocha epiodon ssp. subaculeata (J.D. Bukry) T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  89. Dictyocha erebi C.G. Ehrenberg
  90. Dictyocha extensa (S. Locker) S. Locker & E. Martini
  91. Dictyocha fallacia K.E. Busen & S.W. Wise
  92. Dictyocha fibula C.G. Ehrenberg
  93. Dictyocha fibula C.G. Ehrenberg
  94. Dictyocha fibula f. aculeata (E.J. Lemmermann) A. Bachmann
  95. Dictyocha fibula var. aculeata E.J. Lemmermann
  96. Dictyocha fibula var. aspera E.J. Lemmermann
  97. Dictyocha fibula ssp. aspera (E.J. Lemmermann) P. Dumitrica
  98. Dictyocha fibula ssp. asymmetrica S. Locker & E. Martini
  99. Dictyocha fibula ssp. augusta J.D. Bukry
  100. Dictyocha fibula var. brevispina E.J. Lemmermann
  101. Dictyocha fibula f. constricta P. Schulz-Danzig
  102. Dictyocha fibula f. cornuoidea G. Deflandre
  103. Dictyocha fibula ssp. formicata J.D. Bukry
  104. Dictyocha fibula var. longispina E.J. Lemmermann
  105. Dictyocha fibula var. longispina E.J. Lemmermann
  106. Dictyocha fibula f. major R. Hovasse
  107. Dictyocha fibula f. major R. Hovasse
  108. Dictyocha fibula f. mesocenoidea G. Deflandre
  109. Dictyocha fibula var. messanensis (E.H.P.A. Haeckel) E.J. Lemmermann
  110. Dictyocha fibula f. spinosa E.J. Lemmermann
  111. Dictyocha fibula f. minor R. Hovasse
  112. Dictyocha fibula f. minor R. Hovasse
  113. Dictyocha fibula var. pentagona P. Schulz
  114. Dictyocha fibula ssp. perlaevis (J. Frenguelli) J.D. Bukry
  115. Dictyocha fibula var. pumila P.F. Ciesielski
  116. Dictyocha fibula f. rhombica P. Schulz-Danzig
  117. Dictyocha fibula var. rhombus (E.H.P.A. Haeckel) E.J. Lemmermann
  118. Dictyocha fibula f. rotundata P. Schulz
  119. Dictyocha fibula var. stapedia (E.H.P.A. Haeckel) E.J. Lemmermann
  120. Dictyocha fibula f. longispina E.J. Lemmermann
  121. Dictyocha fibuloides K.-I. Negoro
  122. Dictyocha fischeri J.D. Bukry
  123. Dictyocha formosa A. Bachmann
  124. Dictyocha fornix K. Möbius
  125. Dictyocha frenguellii G. Deflandre
  126. Dictyocha frenguellii var. carentis Z.I. Glezer
  127. Dictyocha frenguellii f. incerta Z.I. Glezer
  128. Dictyocha furcata A.P. Jousé
  129. Dictyocha glabra J. Frenguelli
  130. Dictyocha gracilis F.T. Kützing
  131. Dictyocha grandis P.F. Ciesielski & C.A. Shaw
  132. Dictyocha haliomma C.G. Ehrenberg
  133. Dictyocha hastata (E.J. Lemmermann) E.J. Lemmermann
  134. Dictyocha helix J.D. Bukry
  135. Dictyocha hemisphaerica C.G. Ehrenberg
  136. Dictyocha heptacanthus C.G. Ehrenberg
  137. Dictyocha hessii J.D. Bukry
  138. Dictyocha hexacantha P. Schulz-Danzig
  139. Dictyocha hexathyra C.G. Ehrenberg
  140. Dictyocha irregularis P. Carnevale
  141. Dictyocha japonica G. Deflandre
  142. Dictyocha japonica K.-I. Negoro
  143. Dictyocha katharinae T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  144. Dictyocha lamellifera Z.I. Glezer
  145. Dictyocha lamellifera var. constricta Z.I. Glezer
  146. Dictyocha lamellifera var. hastata Z.I. Glezer
  147. Dictyocha lamprodictya C.G. Ehrenberg
  148. Dictyocha lamprodictya C.G. Ehrenberg
  149. Dictyocha lingii_('lingi') P. Dumitrica
  150. Dictyocha lockeri T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  151. Dictyocha lockeri f. pentagona (A. Bachmann) P. Prema & T.V. Desikachary
  152. Dictyocha longa J.D. Bukry
  153. Dictyocha longa f. asymmetrica T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  154. Dictyocha longa var. paxilla J.D. Bukry
  155. Dictyocha macilenta G. Deflandre
  156. Dictyocha medusa E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  157. Dictyocha mesophthalma C.G. Ehrenberg
  158. Dictyocha messanensis E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  159. Dictyocha messanensis f. aspinosa S. Locker & E. Martini
  160. Dictyocha messanensis ssp. aspinosa (J.D. Bukry) S. Locker & E. Martini
  161. Dictyocha messanensis f. speculum (J. Frenguelli) S. Locker & E. Martini
  162. Dictyocha messanensis ssp. stapedia (E.H.P.A. Haeckel) S. Locker & E. Martini
  163. Dictyocha mucibabici L. Jerkovic
  164. Dictyocha mucibabici f. fibularis L. Jerkovic
  165. Dictyocha mucibabici f. transversa L. Jerkovic
  166. Dictyocha navicula C.G. Ehrenberg
  167. Dictyocha navicula C.G. Ehrenberg
  168. Dictyocha navicula f. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig
  169. Dictyocha navicula var. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig
  170. Dictyocha navicula var. biapiculata E.J. Lemmermann
  171. Dictyocha navicula f. constricta P. Schulz-Danzig
  172. Dictyocha navicula var. constricta P. Schulz-Danzig
  173. Dictyocha navicula var. minor P. Schulz-Danzig
  174. Dictyocha navicula f. minor P. Schulz-Danzig
  175. Dictyocha messanensis ssp. aculeata (E.J. Lemmermann) S. Locker & E. Martini
  176. Dictyocha navicula var. rectangularis_('rectangulare') P. Schulz-Danzig
  177. Dictyocha navicula var. trispinosa P. Schulz-Danzig
  178. Dictyocha neonautica J.D. Bukry
  179. Dictyocha neonautica var. cocosensis J.D. Bukry
  180. Dictyocha neonautica var. cocosensis J.D. Bukry
  181. Dictyocha obliqua Z.I. Glezer
  182. Dictyocha octonaria C.G. Ehrenberg
  183. Dictyocha octonaria [second card]
  184. Dictyocha octonaria f. cannopiloidea G. Deflandre
  185. Dictyocha ornata (J.D. Bukry) J.D. Bukry
  186. Dictyocha ornata ssp. africana J.D. Bukry
  187. Dictyocha panduriformis - -
  188. Dictyocha paradistephanus K. Tsumura
  189. Dictyocha pentagona (P. Schulz-Danzig) J.D. Bukry & J.H. Foster
  190. Dictyocha pentasterias C.G. Ehrenberg
  191. Dictyocha pentasterias C.G. Ehrenberg
  192. Dictyocha perfecta J.D. Bukry
  193. Dictyocha perlaevis J. Frenguelli
  194. Dictyocha ornamentum C.G. Ehrenberg
  195. Dictyocha perlaevis ssp. delicata J.D. Bukry
  196. Dictyocha perlaevis ssp. ornata J.D. Bukry
  197. Dictyocha perlaevis f. pentaradiata S. Locker & E. Martini
  198. Dictyocha polyactis C.G. Ehrenberg
  199. Dictyocha pons C.G. Ehrenberg
  200. Dictyocha ponticulus C.G. Ehrenberg
  201. Dictyocha precarentis J.D. Bukry
  202. Dictyocha pulchella J.D. Bukry
  203. Dictyocha pulchella var. inflata J.D. Bukry
  204. Dictyocha pumila (P.F. Ciesielski) J.D. Bukry
  205. Dictyocha pygmaea (P.F. Ciesielski) P. Dumitrica
  206. Dictyocha quadralta G.D. Hanna
  207. Dictyocha quadrangula (A. Bachmann) J.D. Bukry
  208. Dictyocha quadratum C.G. Ehrenberg
  209. Dictyocha quadria (Y.J. Mandra) E. Martini & C. Müller
  210. Dictyocha quinaria C.G. Ehrenberg
  211. Dictyocha recta (P. Schulz-Danzig) G. Deflandre
  212. Dictyocha regularis P. Carnevale
  213. Dictyocha retrospina G. Deflandre
  214. Dictyocha rhombica (P. Schulz-Danzig) G. Deflandre
  215. Dictyocha rhombus E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  216. Dictyocha rotata Z.I. Glezer
  217. Dictyocha rotundata A.P. Jousé
  218. Dictyocha rotundata var. secta Z.I. Glezer
  219. Dictyocha schauinslandii_('schauinslandi') (E.J. Lemmermann) J. Frenguelli
  220. Dictyocha schauinslandii f. trigona L. Jerkovic
  221. Dictyocha schauinslandii subsp. stradneri L. Jerkovic
  222. Dictyocha schauinslandii f. pentagona L. Jerkovic
  223. Dictyocha schulziana G. Deflandre
  224. Dictyocha septenaria C.G. Ehrenberg
  225. Dictyocha sirius C.G. Ehrenberg
  226. Dictyocha sirius C.G. Ehrenberg
  227. Dictyocha slavnicii_('slavnici') L. Jerkovic
  228. Dictyocha slavnicii f. cannopiloidea L. Jerkovic
  229. Dictyocha slavnicii ssp. naviculoidea L. Jerkovic
  230. Dictyocha slavnicii f. fibularis L. Jerkovic
  231. Dictyocha slavnicii f. heterospina L. Jerkovic
  232. Dictyocha slavnicii ssp. orbicularis L. Jerkovic
  233. Dictyocha slavnicii f. heterospina L. Jerkovic
  234. Dictyocha slavnicii f. cannopiloidea L. Jerkovic
  235. Dictyocha slavnicii f. heterospina L. Jerkovic
  236. Dictyocha socialis C.G. Ehrenberg
  237. Dictyocha soljanii ('soljani') L. Jerkovic
  238. Dictyocha soljanii f. transversa L. Jerkovic
  239. Dictyocha cannopilea J. Frenguelli, inval.
  240. Dictyocha specillum C.G. Ehrenberg
  241. Dictyocha speculum C.G. Ehrenberg
  242. Dictyocha speculum C.G. Ehrenberg
  243. Dictyocha speculum var. aculeata (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Frenguelli
  244. Dictyocha speculum f. aperta J. Frenguelli
  245. Dictyocha speculum var. coronata (P. Schulz-Danzig) J. Frenguelli
  246. Dictyocha speculum var. gracilis (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  247. Dictyocha speculum f. heptagona J. Frenguelli
  248. Dictyocha speculum f. longispina J. Frenguelli
  249. Dictyocha speculum f. minuta A. Bachmann
  250. Dictyocha speculum var. octonaria_('octonarius') (C.G. Ehrenberg) F.J. Taylor
  251. Dictyocha speculum f. pseudofibula J. Frenguelli
  252. Dictyocha speculum f. pseudofibula P. Schulz-Danzig
  253. Dictyocha speculum var. regularis (E.J. Lemmermann) J. Frenguelli
  254. Dictyocha sphaerica (K. Gemeinhardt) G. Deflandre
  255. Dictyocha splendens C.G. Ehrenberg
  256. Dictyocha stapedia E.H.P.A. Haeckel
  257. Dictyocha stapedia subsp. aspinosa D. Bukry
  258. Dictyocha stauracanthus C.G. Ehrenberg
  259. Dictyocha staurodon C.G. Ehrenberg
  260. Dictyocha staurodon var. medusa (E.H.P.A. Haeckel) E.J. Lemmermann
  261. Dictyocha staurodon f. minor P. Schulz-Danzig
  262. Dictyocha stella C.G. Ehrenberg
  263. Dictyocha stelliformis C.A. Shaw & P.F. Ciesielski
  264. Dictyocha stradneri_('stradnerii') L. Jerkovic
  265. Dictyocha subaculeata (J.D. Bukry) J.D. Bukry
  266. Dictyocha superstructa C.G. Ehrenberg
  267. Dictyocha subclinata J.D. Bukry
  268. Dictyocha tamarae J.D. Bukry
  269. Dictyocha tenella C.G. Ehrenberg
  270. Dictyocha torta E. Martini & C. Müller
  271. Dictyocha transenna J.D. Bukry
  272. Dictyocha transitoria G. Deflandre
  273. Dictyocha triacantha C.G. Ehrenberg
  274. Dictyocha triacantha var. apiculata E.J. Lemmermann
  275. Dictyocha triacantha f. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig
  276. Dictyocha triacantha f. minor P. Schulz-Danzig
  277. Dictyocha triacantha var. archangelskiana P. Schulz-Danzig
  278. Dictyocha triacantha var. hastata E.J. Lemmermann
  279. Dictyocha triacantha var. inermis E.J. Lemmermann
  280. Dictyocha triacantha f. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig
  281. Dictyocha triacantha f. minor Z.I. Glezer
  282. Dictyocha triacantha var. kasumiaurensis K.-I. Negoro
  283. Dictyocha triacantha var. recta P. Schulz-Danzig
  284. Dictyocha triacantha f. minor P. Schulz-Danzig
  285. Dictyocha triactis C.G. Ehrenberg
  286. Dictyocha triangula C.G. Ehrenberg
  287. Dictyocha trifenestra C.G. Ehrenberg
  288. Dictyocha trigona var. langhiana P. Carnevale
  289. Dictyocha triommata C.G. Ehrenberg
  290. Dictyocha tripartita J. Schumann
  291. Dictyocha tripyla C.G. Ehrenberg
  292. Dictyocha vanandelii J.D. Bukry & J.H. Foster
  293. Dictyocha vexativa J.D. Bukry
  295. Dictyochlorella globosa (A.A. Korshikov) P.C. Silva
  296. Dictyochlorella reniformis (A.A. Korshikov) P.C. Silva
  297. Dictyochlorella turkestanica Ergashev
  298. DICTYOCHLORIS W. Vischer
  299. Dictyochloris reticulata (E. Tschermak-Woess) H. Reisigl
  300. Dictyochloris fragrans W. Vischer
  301. DICTYOCHLORIS A.A. Korshikov
  302. Dictyochloris globosa A.A. Korshikov
  303. Dictyochloris reniformis A.A. Korshikov
  305. Dictyochloropsis irregularis T. Nakano & Y. Isagi
  306. Dictyochloropsis reticulata (E. Tschermak-Woess) E. Tschermak-Woess
  307. Dictyochloropsis splendida L. Geitler
  308. Dictyochloropsis splendida var. gelatinosa E. Tschermak-Woess
  309. Dictyochloropsis symbiontica E. Tschermak-Woess
  310. Dictyochloropsis symbiontica var. ellipsoidea Tschermak-Woess
  311. Dictyochloropsis symbiontica var. pauciautosporica E. Tschermak-Woess
  312. DICTYOCHROA H. Górka
  313. Dictyochroa ovalis H. Górka
  314. DICTYOCLAVATOR L.J. Grambast
  315. Dictyoclavator fieri (P. Donze) L. Grambast
  317. Dictyococcites abisectus (C. Müller) J.D. Bukry & S.F. Percival
  318. Dictyococcites antarcticus B.U. Haq
  319. Dictyococcites antillarum M. Black
  320. Dictyococcites bisectus (W.W. Hay, H. Mohler & M.E. Wade) J.D. Bukry & S.F. Percival, Jr.
  321. Dictyococcites burwellensis (M. Black) M. Black
  322. Dictyococcites callidus K. Perch-Nielsen
  323. Dictyococcites danicus M. Black
  324. Dictyococcites daviesii_('daviesi') (Haq) K. Perch-Nielsen
  325. Dictyococcites minutus (B.U. Haq) B.U. Haq, G.P. Lohmann & S.W. Wise, Jr.
  326. Dictyococcites onustus K. Perch-Nielsen
  327. Dictyococcites perplexus D.A. Burns
  328. Dictyococcites pulchra (R.N. Pienaar) R.N. Pienaar
  329. Dictyococcites scrippsae J.D. Bukry & S.F. Percival
  330. DICTYOCOCCUS A. Hansgirg
  331. DICTYOCOCCUS R. Gerneck
  332. Dictyococcus anomalus (E.J. James) W. Vischer
  333. Dictyococcus bradypodis (J.G. Kühn) R. Thompson
  334. Dictyococcus bradypodis R. Thompson
  335. Dictyococcus bradypodis (J.G. Kühn) D. Wujek & P. Timpano
  336. Dictyococcus cinnabarinus (E. Kol & F. Chodat) W. Vischer
  337. Dictyococcus engadinensis (E. Kol. & F. Chodat) W. Vischer
  338. Dictyococcus fragrans "W. Vischer"
  339. Dictyococcus fusisporus H. Reisigl
  340. Dictyococcus gametifer F.F.L. Chodat
  341. Dictyococcus gerneckii_('gernecki') J.N.F. Wille
  342. Dictyococcus helveticus (E. Kol & F. Chodat) W. Vischer
  343. Dictyococcus irregularis J.B. Petersen
  344. Dictyococcus minor (W. Schmidle) A.A. Pascher
  345. Dictyococcus mucosus A.A. Korshikov
  346. Dictyococcus pseudovarians A.A. Korshikov
  347. Dictyococcus terrestris (E. Kol & F. Chodat) W. Vischer
  348. Dictyococcus schumacherensis B. Metting
  349. Dictyococcus varians R. Gerneck
  350. DICTYOCYSTIS N.G. Lagerheim
  351. DICTYOCYSTIS (N.G. Lagerheim) J.N.F. Wille
  352. DICTYOGENIA J. G. Agardh
  353. DICTYOGENIA (J.G. Agardh) De Toni
  354. DICTYOGONIA J.G. Agardh
  355. DICTYOLAMPRA C.G. Ehrenberg
  356. Dictyolampra stella C.G. Ehrenberg
  357. DICTYOLITHUS H. Górka
  358. Dictyolithus elegans H. Górka
  359. Dictyolithus emendatus Lyul'eva
  360. Dictyolithus quadratus H. Górka
  361. Dictyolithus tenuis H. Górka
  362. Dictyolithus transversus Lyul'eva
  363. Dictyolithus verus Lyul'eva
  364. DICTYOMENIA R.K. Greville
  365. Dictyomenia angusta J.G. Agardh
  366. Dictyomenia conferta (D. Turner) W.H. Harvey
  367. Dictyomenia dorsifera (C.A. Agardh) R.K. Greville
  368. Dictyomenia fimbriata (D. Turner) R.K. Greville
  369. Dictyomenia fimbriata G.M. Martens
  370. Dictyomenia fraxinifolia (J.G. Agardh) J.G. Agardh
  371. {supplanted}
  372. Dictyomenia fraxinifolia var. madagascariensis (J.G. Agardh) G. Dickie
  373. Dictyomenia gracilis V. Martens
  374. Dictyomenia harveyana O.W. Sonder
  375. Dictyomenia harveyana var. flabelligera W.H. Harvey
  376. Dictyomenia interstincta J.G. Agardh
  377. Dictyomenia mamillaris (Lamx. ex C.A. Agardh) J. Decaisne
  378. Dictyomenia myriacantha F.T. Kützing
  379. Dictyomenia pectinella W.H. Harvey
  380. Dictyomenia prolifera (J.G. Agardh) J.G. Agardh
  381. Dictyomenia serrata (J.N. Suhr) J.G. Agardh
  382. Dictyomenia serrulata (J.V.F. Lamouroux) R.K. Greville
  383. Dictyomenia sonderi W.H. Harvey
  384. Dictyomenia sonderiana J.G. Agardh
  385. Dictyomenia spinulosa F.T. Kützing
  386. Dictyomenia spiralis (J.V.F. Lamouroux) O.W. Sonder
  387. Dictyomenia spiralis (J.V.F. Lamouroux) O.W. Sonder
  388. Dictyomenia stephensonii G.F. Papenfuss
  389. Dictyomenia tridens (D. Turner) R.K. Greville
  390. Dictyomenia volubilis (D. Turner) R.K. Greville
  391. Dictyomenia volubilis var. laxa Ku\*:tzing
  392. DICTYONEIS P.T. Cleve
  393. DICTYONEIS (P.T. Cleve) F. Schütt
  394. Dictyoneis areata A. Jurilj
  395. Dictyoneis clevei (J.J. Brun) J.J. Brun
  396. Dictyoneis commutata P.T. Cleve
  397. Dictyoneis hungarica (J. Pantocsek) J. Pantocsek
  398. Dictyoneis jamaicensis (R.K. Greville) P.T. Cleve
  399. Dictyoneis jamaicensis var. gigantea P.T. Cleve
  400. Dictyoneis lorkovicii A. Jurilj
  401. Dictyoneis marginata (F.W. Lewis) P.T. Cleve
  402. Dictyoneis marginata var. clevei J.H. Brun
  403. Dictyoneis marginata var. intermedia P.T. Cleve
  404. Dictyoneis marginata var. janischii (Castracane) P.T. Cleve
  405. Dictyoneis marginata var. maxima C.S. Boyer
  406. Dictyoneis marginata f. minor P.T. Cleve
  407. Dictyoneis marginata var. typica P.T. Cleve
  408. Dictyoneis mastogloidea (J. Pantocsek) P.T. Cleve
  409. Dictyoneis navicula P.T. Cleve
  410. Dictyoneis naviculacea P.T. Cleve
  411. Dictyoneis panduriformis (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  412. Dictyoneis pantocsekii P.T. Cleve
  413. Dictyoneis rugosa (J.A.J.C. Tempčre & J.J. Brun) P.T. Cleve
  414. Dictyoneis spectatissima (R.K. Greville) P.T. Cleve
  415. Dictyoneis subconstricta P.T. Cleve
  416. Dictyoneis thumii P.T. Cleve
  417. Dictyoneis tomasecii A. Jurilj
  418. DICTYONEMA C.A. Agardh
  419. DICTYONEMA F.T. Kützing
  420. Dictyonema excentricum C.A. Agardh
  421. Dictyonema fuscescens G.M. Martens
  422. Dictyonema membranaceum C.A. Agardh
  423. DICTYONEURON F.J. Ruprecht ex De Toni
  425. Dictyoneuropsis reticulata (D.A. Saunders) G.M. Smith
  426. DICTYONEURUM F.J. Ruprecht
  427. Dictyoneurum californicum Ruprecht
  428. DICTYOPHLAEA J.G. Agardh
  429. DICTOYPHORA J.G. Agardh
  430. DICTYOPHORA J.G. Agardh
  431. DICTYOPHORA (J.G. Agardh) F. Schmitz
  432. Dictyophora bunburyensis ('bunburyense') (J.G. Agardh) F. Schmitz
  433. DICTYOPHYCUS K.B. Korde
  434. DICTYOPHYCUS R. Ruedemann
  435. Dictyophycus gracilis R. Ruedemann
  436. Dictyophycus pseudotubulatus K.B. Korde
  438. Dictyophyton annulatum J. Hall
  439. Dictyophyton conradi J. Hall
  440. Dictyophyton fenestratum J. Hall
  441. Dictyophyton filitextile J. Hall
  442. Dictyophyton newberryi J. Hall
  443. Dictyophyton nodosum J. Hall
  444. Dictyophyton redfieldi J. Hall
  445. Dictyophyton rude J. Hall
  446. Dictyophyton tuberosum (T.A. Conrad) J. Hall
  447. DICTYOPSIS O.W. Sonder
  448. DICTYOPSIS J.G. Agardh
  449. Dictyopsis fimbriata O.W. Sonder
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