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  1. DICTYOPTERIS Lamouroux
  2. DICTYOPTERIS Lamouroux (cont.)
  3. DICTYOPTERIS Lamouroux \{also on card: series by Trevisan\}
  4. Dictyopteris acrostichoides (J. Agardh) Bornet
  5. Scanning error
  6. Dictyopteris ambigua (Clemente) J. Cremades
  7. Dictyopteris areolata Schousboe
  8. Dictyopteris areschougia (J. Agardh) O.C. Schmidt
  9. Dictyopteris australis Sonder in sched.
  10. Dictyopteris australis (Sonder) Askenasy
  11. Dictyopteris australis f. karachiensis Nizamuddin & Saifullah
  12. Dictyopteris camiguinensis Tanaka
  13. Dictyopteris cokeri (Howe) Taylor
  14. Dictyopteris complanata Schousboe
  15. Dictyopteris crassinervia (Zanardini) O.C. Schmidt
  16. Dictyopteris delicatula Lamouroux
  17. Dictyopteris diaphana Taylor
  18. Dictyopteris dichotoma (Suhr) Levring
  19. Dictyopteris dichotoma (Suhr) O.C. Schmidt
  20. Dictyopteris divaricata (Okamura) Okamura
  21. Scanning error
  22. Dictyopteris elongata Lamouroux
  23. Dictyopteris fucoides Tanaka
  24. Dictyopteris gracilis Womersley
  25. Dictyopteris hauckiana Möbius
  26. Dictyopteris hoytii W. R. Taylor
  27. Dictyopteris integerrima Zanardini
  28. Dictyopteris iyengarii ('iyengeri') Anand
  29. Dictyopteris jamaicensis W. R. Taylor
  30. Dictyopteris johnstonei Gardner
  31. Dictyopteris jolyana Oliveira Filho & Furtado
  32. Dictyopteris justii Lamouroux
  33. Dictyopteris kermadecensis (Cotton) O.C. Schmidt
  34. Dictyopteris latiuscula (Okamura) Okamura
  35. Dictyopteris latiuscula (Okamura) Okamura
  36. Dictyopteris ligulata (Suhr) O.C. Schmidt
  37. Dictyopteris longifolia Papenfuss ined.
  38. Dictyopteris longifolia Papenfuss ined.
  39. Dictyopteris macrocarpa (Aresch.) O.C. Schmidt
  40. Dictyopteris membranacea (Stackhouse) Batters
  41. Dictyopteris muelleri (Sonder) Reinbold
  42. Dictyopteris muelleri ('Mülleri') Sonder in sched.
  43. Dictyopteris nigricans Womersley
  44. Dictyopteris papenfussii Tanaka
  45. Dictyopteris pardalis (Harvey) May
  46. Dictyopteris plagiogramma (Montagne) Vickers
  47. Scanning error
  48. [supplanted] Dictyopteris polypodioides (Desfontaines) Lamouroux
  49. Dictyopteris polypodioides var. angustifrons Montagne
  50. Dictyopteris polypodioides var. minor (Lamouroux) Duby
  51. Dictyopteris prolifera Lamouroux nom. nud.
  52. Dictyopteris punctata Noda
  53. Dictyopteris repens (Okamura) Børgesen
  54. Dictyopteris serrata 'Lamouroux'
  55. Dictyopteris serrata (Areschoug) Hoyt
  56. Dictyopteris serrulata Lamouroux
  57. Dictyopteris tripolitana Nizamuddin
  58. Dictyopteris undulata E. M. Holmes
  59. Dictyopteris woodwardia (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  60. Dictyopteris zonarioides Farlow
  61. Dictyopteris zonarioides Farlow
  62. DICTYOPYXIDIA Eisenack
  63. Dictyopyxidia circulata Clarke & Verdier
  64. Dictyopyxidia punctata K.P. Jain
  65. DICTYOPYXIS Ehrenberg
  66. DICTYOPYXIS (Ehrenberg) Ralfs \{also on card: [section or subgenus of] Pyxidicula\}
  67. DICTYOPYXIS Cookson & Eisenack
  68. Dictyopyxis areolata Cookson & Eisenack
  69. Dictyopyxis brevis Greville (CAS)
  70. Dictyopyxis cruciata (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
  71. Dictyopyxis cylindrus Ehrenberg
  72. Dictyopyxis hellenica (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
  73. Dictyopyxis lens (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (CAS)
  74. Dictyopyxis reticulata (Valensi) Sarjeant (CAS)
  75. Dictyopyxis scarabaeus Ehrenberg (CAS)
  76. Dictyopyxis subtilis Ehrenberg (CAS)
  77. Dictyopyxis urceolaris (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (CAS)
  78. DICTYOSIPHON Greville
  79. DICTYOSIPHON J. E. Areschoug \{also on card: subgen. of Dictyosiphon\}
  80. DICTYOSIPHON \{also on card: sections or subgenera by J. E. Gray\}
  81. DICTYOSIPHON \{also on card: subgenera by J. E. Areschoug\}
  82. Dictyosiphon chordaria Areschoug
  83. Dictyosiphon chordaria f. bahusiensis J. E. Areschoug
  84. Dictyosiphon chordaria f. bahusiensis Areschoug
  85. Dictyosiphon chordaria f. dumontioides Rosenvinge
  86. Dictyosiphon chordaria f. simpliciusculus_('simpliciuscula') J.E. Areschoug
  87. Dictyosiphon chordaria f. simpliciusculus ('simpliciuscula') J. E. Areschoug
  88. Dictyosiphon corymbosus Kjellman
  89. Dictyosiphon corymbosus f. abbreviatus ('abbreviata') Kjellman
  90. Dictyosiphon corymbosus f. elongatus ('elongata') Kjellman
  91. Dictyosiphon ekmanii ('Ekmani') J. E. Areschoug
  92. Dictyosiphon fasciculatus J.D. Hooker & Harvey
  93. Dictyosiphon filiformis Reinke
  94. Dictyosiphon filiformis (Foslie) De Toni
  95. Dictyosiphon finmarkicus ('finmarkicum') Foslie
  96. Dictyosiphon flaccidus J. E. Areschoug subsp. foeniculaceus (Reinke)
  97. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus (Hudson) Greville
  98. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. americanus Collins
  99. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. americanus Collins
  100. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. filiformis Reinke
  101. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. filiformis (Reinke) Reinke
  102. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. flaccida (J. E. Areschoug) Reinke
  103. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus subsp. hispidus Kjellman
  104. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus subsp. hispidus Kjellman
  105. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. hispidus (Kjellman) Collins
  106. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus var. subarticulatus J. E. Areschoug
  107. Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus f. typicus ('typica') Kjellman
  108. Dictyosiphon fragilis Harvey ex Kützing
  109. Dictyosiphon hippuroides (Lyngbye) Kützing
  110. Dictyosiphon hippuroides f. flaccidus ('flaccida') Strömfelt
  111. Dictyosiphon hippuroides f. flagellaris Strömfelt
  112. Dictyosiphon hippuroides f. fragilis (Harvey) Kjellman
  113. Dictyosiphon hippuroides f. stenocladus ('stenoclada') Strömfelt
  114. Dictyosiphon hippuroides f. typicus ('typica') Kjellman
  115. Dictyosiphon hirsutus (Skottsberg) Pedersen
  116. Dictyosiphon hispidus (Kjellman) Kjellman
  117. Dictyosiphon laminariae (Lyngbye) J. E. Gray
  118. Dictyosiphon lyallii (Hooker f. & Harvey) Kützing
  119. Dictyosiphon macounii Farlow
  120. Dictyosiphon macounii W.G. Farlow
  121. Dictyosiphon mesogloia J. E. Areschoug
  122. Dictyosiphon mesogloia J. E. Areschoug
  123. Dictyosiphon mesogloia J. E. Areschoug
  124. Dictyosiphon pusillus (Carmichael) Areschoug
  125. Dictyosiphon ramellosus (J. Agardh) Trevisan
  126. Dictyosiphon simplex Lenormand in litt.
  127. Dictyosiphon sinicola Gardner
  128. Dictyosiphon tasmanicus ('tasmanicum') Sonder
  129. Dictyosiphon tenuis Setchell & Gardner
  130. DICTYOSPHAERIA Decaisne
  131. DICTYOSPHAERIA Decaisne ex Endlicher
  132. DICTYOSPHAERIA \{also on card: sections by Tseng & C.F. Chang\}
  133. Dictyosphaeria australis Setchell
  134. Dictyosphaeria bokotensis Yamada
  135. Dictyosphaeria cavernosa (Forssk.) Børgesen
  136. Dictyosphaeria cavernosa var. bullata Børgesen
  137. Dictyosphaeria enteromorpha Montagne & Millardet
  138. Dictyosphaeria favulosa (C. Agardh) Decaisne
  139. Dictyosphaeria favulosa (C. Agardh) Decaisne ex Endlicher
  140. Dictyosphaeria intermedia Weber-van Bosse
  141. Dictyosphaeria intermedia var. solida Nasr
  142. Dictyosphaeria mutica Yamada
  143. Dictyosphaeria ocellata (Howe) Olsen-Stojkovich
  144. Dictyosphaeria sericea Harvey
  145. Dictyosphaeria setchellii Børgesen
  146. Dictyosphaeria spinifera Tseng & C.F. Chang
  147. Dictyosphaeria ulvacea Kützing
  148. Dictyosphaeria valonioides Zanardini
  149. Dictyosphaeria vanbosseae ('van Bosseae') Boergesen
  150. Dictyosphaeria versluysii ('Versluysi') Weber-van Bosse
  152. Dictyosphaeridium deflandrei W. Wetzel
  154. Dictyosphaeridium eniseicum Timofeev
  155. Dictyosphaeridium tungusum Timofeev
  156. Dictyosphaeridium vittaforme Timofeev
  158. Dictyosphaeriopsis palatina Schmidle
  160. Dictyosphaeriopsis fluviatilis Hindák
  162. DICTYOSPHAERIUM \{also on card: sections by Wille\}
  163. Dictyosphaerium anomalum Korshikov
  164. Dictyosphaerium botrytella Komárek & Perman
  165. Dictyosphaerium chlorelloides (Naumann) Komárek & Perman
  166. Dictyosphaerium coacervatum A. Comas González
  167. Dictyosphaerium densum Hindák
  168. Dictyosphaerium ehrenbergianum Nägeli
  169. Dictyosphaerium ehrenbergianum f. minus Beck-Mannagetta
  170. Dictyosphaerium ehrenbergianum var. minutum W. West
  171. Dictyosphaerium ehrenbergianum var. minutum W.R. Taylor
  172. Dictyosphaerium ehrenbergianum var. uliginosum Kaiser
  173. Dictyosphaerium elegans Bachmann
  174. Dictyosphaerium elongatum F. Hindák
  175. Dictyosphaerium globosum P. Richter
  176. Dictyosphaerium granulatum Hindák
  177. Dictyosphaerium hitchcockii Wolle
  178. Dictyosphaerium incipiens Deason
  179. Dictyosphaerium indicum Iyengar & Ramanathan
  180. Dictyosphaerium minutum J.B. Petersen
  181. Dictyosphaerium oviforme Lagerheim
  182. Dictyosphaerium planctonicum Tiffany & Ahlstrom
  183. Dictyosphaerium primarium Skuja
  184. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum H. C. Wood
  185. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum var. minimum Bachmann
  186. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum var. minutum Deflandre
  187. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum var. nanum Ermolaeva
  188. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum var. oviforme (Lagerheim) Grove, Bristol, & Carter
  189. Dictyosphaerium pulchellum var. ovatum Korshikov
  190. Dictyosphaerium pusillum Steinecke
  191. Dictyosphaerium regulare Svirenko
  192. Dictyosphaerium reniforme Bulnheim
  193. Dictyosphaerium reniforme {err. cit.}
  194. Dictyosphaerium reniforme f. majus_('major') W.B. Turner
  195. Dictyosphaerium simplex Korshikov
  196. Dictyosphaerium simplex Skuja
  197. Dictyosphaerium skujae Philipose
  198. Dictyosphaerium sphagnale Hindák
  199. Dictyosphaerium subsolitarium Van Goor
  200. Dictyosphaerium terrestre Fritsch & John
  201. Dictyosphaerium tetrachotomum Printz
  202. Dictyosphaerium tetrachotomum var. fallax Komárek
  203. Dictyosphaerium tetrachotomum var. minutum Komárek