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Ulva fenestrata Postels et Ruprecht

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drawing of Ulva fenestrata
Ulva fasciata f. expansa Setchell, U. expansa (Setchell) Setchell et Gardner
Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 82, fig. 38 (habit, as U. expansa), p. 83, fig. 39 (habit and x-section, vegetative plant, as U. lactuca), p. 84, fig. 40 (habit and x-section, vegetative plant, as U. lobata), p. 85, fig. 41 (habit, as U. rigida); Chihara 1969a, p. 89, fig. 1: A (surface view, vegetative plant), B (x-section, vegetative plant), C, D (male gametes), E, F (female gametes), G (syngamy), H–U (development of sporophyte from zygote), V–Z (parthenogenetic development of female gamete), p. 91, fig. 2: A (surface view, zoosporangial portion of plant), B (x-section, zoosporangial portion of plant), C (zoospores), D–O (development of gametophyte from zoospore), p. 98, fig. 7: A–G (photos: germination of zoospores); Doty 1947, pl. 2, fig. 3 (x-section, vegetative plant); Scagel 1966, pl. 29, figs. A, C (x-sections, vegetative plants), figs. B, D (surface views, vegetative plants), fig. E (habit), pl. 30 (as U. rigida), fig. A (habit), fig. B (surface view, vegetative plant), fig. C (x-section, vegetative plant), pl. 31, figs. A–H (development of juvenile plant from zoospore, as U. rigida), fig. I (habit), fig. J (surface view, vegetative plant), fig. K (x-section, vegetative plant) (figs. I–K as U. lactuca); Scagel 1967, p. 49, fig. 12:a (habit), b (x-section, vegetative plant), p. 51, fig. 13:a (habit), b (x-section, vegetative plant) (as U. lactuca); Smith 1947, p. 81, figs. 1–6 (x-sections and surface views, fertile gametophyte, as U. lobata), p. 82, figs. 14–20 (zoospore, anisogametes, zygotes, as U. lobata) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
St. Lawrence I., Bering Sea (Kjellman 1889, p. 53, as U. rigida), Pathfinder Rock, Norton Sound (Setchell and Gardner 1903, p. 209, as U. lactuca var. rigida), and Amchitka I., Aleutian Is., Alaska (Lebednik and Palmisano 1977, p. 360, as U. lactuca) to Bahía La Ventosa, Oaxaca (León Tejera and González González 1993, p. 497, as U. lactuca), including Channel Islands of California and Gulf of California as far north as Punta Peñasco, Sonora (Dawson 1944a, p. 202, as U. lactuca) Display references
Tanner 1979, p. 54 Display references
Life History:
alternation of isomorphic phases, with the sporophyte producing quadriflagellate zoospores and unisexual gametophytes producing biflagellate anisogametes; male and female gametes capable of parthenogenetic development (Tanner 1986; Tanner 1979; Chihara 1969a; Smith 1947, as U. lobata) Display references
Fong et al., 1997; Wheeler and Björnsäter 1992; Björnsäter and Wheeler 1990; R. Aguilar Rosas and Machado Galindo 1990, p. 188 (as U. rigida); Murray and Horn 1989, p. 462 (as U. lobata); Lüning and Freshwater 1988, p. 312; Horn et al. 1983, p. 84 (as U. lobata); Littler and Arnold 1982, p. 309 (as U. rigida and U. lobata); Price and Hylleberg 1982; Thom 1980a, p. 9 (as U. expansa and U. lactuca); Thom 1980b, p. 106 (as U. lactuca); Pomeroy and Levings 1980, p. 3 (as U. lactuca); Emerson and Zedler 1978, p. 317 (as U. rigida); Harrison 1978; Seapy and Littler 1978, p. 298 (as U. expansa); Foreman 1977, p. 479; Pomeroy and Stockner 1976, p. 1179 (as U. lactuca); Foster 1975b, p. 335 (as U. lobata); Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102 (also as U. lobata); Kjeldsen and Phinney 1972, p. 303 (as U. expansa); Paine and Vadas 1969a, p. 713 (as U. rigida); Paine and Vadas 1969b, p. 80 (as U. lactuca); R. Lee 1965b, p. 104 (as U. lobata), p. 119 (as U. lactuca); Widdowson 1965b, p. 1427 (as U. lobata); Northcraft 1948, p. 397 (as U. lobata); Smith 1947 (as U. lobata); Doty 1946, p. 326 (as U. lobata) Display references
Myrionema strangulans
Björnsäter and Wheeler 1990 Display references
Floyd and O'Kelly 1984, p. 114 (as U. expansa) Display references
Fujita et al. 1988 (as U. rigida); Quadir et al. 1979, p. 83 Display references
Khotimchenko et al. 2002 (as U. lactuca); M. Nelson et al. 2002 (as U. lobata); Vershinin and Kamnev 1996; de Jesus et al. 1989, p. 768 (as U. lactuca); Duncan and Harrison 1982, p. 446 (as U. lactuca); Dickson et al. 1979, p. 415; Saenko et al. 1978; Medcalf et al. 1975 (as U. lactuca); Medcalf et al. 1972 (as U. lactuca) Display references

Repr    xxxxxx         Common, on rocks, low intertidal and subtidal in fully sheltered to fully exposed habitats, including pools. Scagel 1957, p. 43. Scagel 1966, p. 59. Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 90. (Also as U. lactuca, U. lobata, U. rigida, and U. expansa.) Display references
Ster xxxxxxxxxxxx
Repr x    xxxx    x     Common, on boulders in low-lying mudflats and in gravel-bottomed pools. Doty 1947, p. 9, (as U. fenestrata), p. 10 (as U. lobata). Sanborn and Doty 1947 p. 19 (as U. lactuca), p. 24 (as U. expansa). Markham and Celestino 1977, p. 257. Display references
Ster x    xxxxxxx    
Repr                         Common, on molluscs and stones, in pools and on rocks of the mid and low intertidal and subtidal. Dawson 1965a, p. 8 (also as U. lactuca and U. lobata). Display references
Ster xxxxxxx    xx  
Repr    xxxxxxxxx   Uncommon, on rocks and wood in low intertidal pools and subtidal. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 12. Display references
Ster xxxxxxx          
Repr    xxxxxxxxxx Abundant, on rocks and wood in sheltered to exposed habitats in mid intertidal and subtidal. Johansen 1966a, p. 87. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 12. Display references
Ster xxxxxxxxxxxx
Repr                         Common, on rocks, shells, or other algae in pools or floating in protected waters throughout the intertidal; subtidal in Macrocystis beds. Smith 1944, pp. 45–47. Silva 1979, p. 341 (As U. lactuca , U. lobata, and U. rigida). Display references
Ster    xxxxxx  xxx
   xxxxx      xx

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