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Ulva californica Wille

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drawing of Ulva californica
Ulva angusta Setchell et Gardner, Enteromorpha angusta (Setchell et Gardner) Doty, Ulva scagelii Chihara
Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 80, fig. 35 (habit); Chihara 1969a, p. 93, fig. 3: A, C (surface views, vegetative plant), B, D–F (x-sections, different portions of vegetative plant), G, H (surface view and x-section, male plant), I, J (male gametes), K, L (female gametes), M (syngamy, N–U (development of sporophyte from zygote), p. 95, fig. 4: A, B (surface view and x-section, sporophyte), C–F (zoospores), G–X (development of gametophyte from zoospore), p. 96, fig. 5: A, B (further development of gametophyte from zoospore), C, D (further development of sporophyte from zygote), p. 99, fig. 8: A–E (photos: habit, plants of various ages and seasons, including holotype of U. scagelii); Doty 1947, pl. 1, figs. 1–4, 6 (x-sections, various parts of plant), fig. 5 (surface view), pl. 2, figs. 6–10 (x-sections, various parts of plant); Setchell and Gardner 1920b, pl. 22 (photo: habit, type collection of U. angusta), pl. 26, fig. 1 (photomicrograph: surface view); Tanner 1986, p. 514, figs. 1–8 (habit, types and other representative specimens), p. 515, figs. 9–18 (photos: development of plants in culture), p. 516, fig. 19 (photos: development of plants in culture) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Alaska (Alaska Peninsula and Khantaak I., Yakutat Bay: Tanner 1986, p. 517); British Columbia (Vancouver: Chihara 1969a, p. 90; Departure Bay to Victoria, Vancouver I.: Tanner 1986, p. 517); Whidbey I., Wash. (Tanner 1986, p. 517); Oregon (Short Sand Beach, Tillamook Co.: Tanner 1986, p. 517; South Bay, Cape Arago, Coos Co. to Chetco Cove, Curry Co.: Doty 1947, p. 11); Humboldt Co., Calif. (Smith 1944, p. 45); Chadbourne Gulch near Westport, Mendocino Co. to Duxbury Reef, Marin Co., Calif. (Kjeldsen 1995, p. 12), including Bodega Head, Sonoma Co., Calif. (Johansen 1966a, p. 87); San Francisco, Calif. (Setchell and Gardner 1920b, p. 264); Moss Beach, San Mateo Co., Calif. (Setchell and Gardner 1920a, p. 283); Monterey Peninsula, Calif. (Pacific Grove: Doty 6065 in UC; Pebble Beach: Smith 1944, p. 45); San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. (San Simeon to Shell Beach: Sparling 1977, p. 30); Channel Is., Calif. (San Miguel I., Anacapa I., Santa Catalina I.: Murray and Littler 1989, p. 65; Santa Cruz I.: Apt et al. 1988, p. 40; San Clemente I.: Murray 1974, p. 39); throughout southern Calif. (Dawson 1959b, pp. 186, 188); Punta Bandera, Baja Calif. (L. Aguilar Rosas and Pacheco Ruiz 1986, p. 77) to Caleta de Campos, Michoacán (León et al. 1993, p. 199), including Gulf of California as far north as Bahía Kino, Sonora (Mendoza González and Mateo Cid, 1986, p. 419) Display references
Tanner 1986 Display references
Life History:
alternation of isomorphic phases, with the sporophyte producing quadriflagellate zoospores and unisexual gametophytes producing biflagellate anisogametes; male and female gametes capable of parthenogenetic development (Tanner 1986; Chihara 1969a; Smith 1947) Display references
R. Aguilar Rosas and Machado Galindo 1990, p. 188; Stewart 1989, p. 440; Foster et al. 1988, p. 35; Sousa 1984, p. 1923; Littler and Arnold 1982, p. 309; Seapy and Littler 1982; Littler 1981, p. 401; Sousa et al. 1981, p. 298; Littler 1980a; Thom 1980b, p. 105; Littler and Murray 1978, p. 588; Murray and Littler 1978; Seapy and Littler 1978, p. 298; Littler and Murray 1977, p. 11; Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102; Littler and Murray 1974b, p. 132; Murray and Littler 1974, p. 72; Rigg and Miller 1949 Display references
Wiltens et al. 1978, p. 2790 Display references

Repr                         Uncommon, on rocks in upper intertidal. Tanner 1986, p. 517. Scagel 1973, p. 131. Display references
Ster x      xxx  x      
Repr                         Common, in the upper and mid intertidal, growing in small patches on the tops and sides of the rocks. Doty 1947, p. 11. Display references
Ster        x  x          
Repr                         Uncommon, on rocks in upper intertidal. Kjeldsen 1995, pp. 11, 12. Display references
Ster x    xxxx          
Repr                         Uncommon, on rocks in upper intertidal in exposed habitats. Johansen 1966a, p. 87. Kjeldsen 1995, pp. 11, 12. Display references
Ster  xxxxxxxxxxx
Repr                         Rare, on rocks in low intertidal and subtidal in Macrocystis beds. Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102. Display references
Ster        xx            

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